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100+ Russian Dog Names – the Coolest Soviet Puppy Name Ideas!

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russian dog name ideas and meanings

From one of the biggest and most enigmatic countries in the world, here you have our list of Russian dog names. Perhaps you and your dog are Russian, or perhaps you love Soviet puppy names, our list should surpass your expectations!

You can use our list to name Slavic dogs like the Borzoi or the hairy South Russian Ovcharka, or if you want your dog to represent a specific trait from this fabulous country.

In any case, just explore what we have in store for you. You are going to find the perfect name, guaranteed, especially since we have direct suggestions for you! Russia is also made up of a lot of snow so white dog names would be a great source of cool ideas.

Russian Puppy Names Inspired by Powerful Words

Russian is a language that sounds strong. And evidently, it is also full of powerful words that make excellent Soviet puppy names. Below, you will find the picks that we considered to be the fittest.

If you think your dog is the greatest, then why do not you name it Maxim? It means “the greatest”, and therefore, it makes an ideal choice. It is a great idea for any dog that enjoys a strong presence.

Is your dog as strong, intrepid and decisive as a lion? Then you should name it Ruslan, which means “lion” in Slavic. It would be a great name for the Chow Chow, the Leonberger and the Tibetan Mastiff, which look like lions.

Is your dog a canine conqueror? Then you will love our next suggestion, Viktor. It means “conqueror” in Russian, and it would be an ideal name for breeds with dominant and territorial behaviors such as Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzer, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

The previous breeds also represent warriors, and therefore, the name Boris would be a great choice, because it means “fighter” in Russian. Your pet will fit it perfectly, as long as it is fierce and brave. It would be a great choice for a guard dog.

Have a strong female puppy? Then you should name it Valeriya, which means strong. The beauty of this name resides in its meaning and its feminine nature, which blend perfectly well, to bring your dog an outstanding name.

List of Russian Dog Names

Here are several options of russian dog names for you to choose from:

  • Adelina
    A figure skater from Russia.
  • Alexie
  • Alina
  • Aliona
  • Altai
    A place in Russia.
  • Anastasia
  • Anatoly
  • Anna
    Hannah in Russian.
  • Anton
    A famous playwright from in Russia.
  • Anya
    Anna in Russian.
  • Artur
    Arthur in Russian.
  • Baikal
    A lake in Russia.
  • Blini
    Russia's answer to a crepe.
  • Bolshoi
  • Boris
  • Borsht
    A traditional Russian soup.
  • Brosno
    Lake in Eastern Russia.
  • Caspian
    Largest body of water.
  • Catherine
    One of Russia’s most famed rulers.
  • Cosmonaut
    Original Russian astronauts.
  • Czar
    Emperor in Russian.
  • Danil
    Daniel in Russian.
  • Danya
    Gift of God in Russian.
  • Darya
    Darius in Russian.
  • Dennis
    Dionysus in Fench.
  • Dmitry
    Follower of Demeter in Russian.
  • Ekaterina
  • Elbrus
    Tallest mountain in Russia.
  • Elena
    Helen in Russian.
  • Elizaveta
    Elizabeth in Russian.
  • Evgena
  • Evgeny
    Eugene in Russian.
  • Faina
  • Fedoisa
    God's gift.
  • Fyodor
    God’s gift.
  • Grigory
    A legendary figure from Russia.
  • Igor
    A famous Russian composer.
  • Illia
    My Lord is God.
  • Irina
    Irene in Russian.
  • Ivan
    John in Russian.
  • Katia
    Variation of Ekaterina.
  • Kazak
    Skilled at military training.
  • Kazan
    A city in Russia.
  • Kirill
  • Kissel
    A well-known Russian dessert.
  • Kodiak
    An island in Russian.
  • Konstantin
    Christian saint.
  • Kremlin
    White house version in Russia.
  • Ksenia
  • Leo
    One of history’s greatest writers.
  • Lubov
  • Makar
  • Maksim
    Greatest in Russian.
  • Maria
    Mary in Russian.
  • Marina
    Of the sea.
  • Masha
    Variation of Maria.
  • Maxim
  • Mechta
  • Mikhail
    Michael in Russian.
  • Mir
  • Misha
    Nickname for Mikhail.
  • Moscow
    Russia's largest city and capital.
  • Natalia
  • Nikita
  • Nina
  • Oksana
    Praise for God.
  • Oleg
  • Olga
  • Onega
    A lake.
  • Paskha
    A traditional Russian cheese dish.
  • Pavel
    Paul in Russian.
  • Pelmeni
    A Russian dish.
  • Polina
    Paul in Russian.
  • Putin
    A famous Russian personality.
  • Pyotr
    A celebrated composer.
  • Raisa
  • Rodion
    Hero’s song.
  • Ruble
    Russia’s currency.
  • Ruslan
  • Sabaka
  • Serafima
    Fiery one.
  • Sergie
  • Sochi
    A costal city.
  • Sputnik
  • Stanislav
  • Stepan
    Stephen in Russian.
  • Sushki
    A dessert.
  • Svetlana
  • Vadik
    Ruler in Russian.
  • Vadim
    Either 'aniseed' or 'ruler'.
  • Valeriya
  • Vera
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
    Famous prince.
  • Vodka
    Alchoholic beverage.
  • Yaroslav
    Bright fame or glory.
  • Yozhik
  • Yul
    A Russian actor.
  • Yulia
    Julia in Russian.
  • Yuri
    First person to travel space.
  • Zakhar
    God remembered.
  • Zefir
    Marshmallow in Russia.

Russian Names for Puppies by Beautiful Words

Just like there are plenty of powerful words, we also have tons of beautiful words that make for excellent Russian puppy names. Let us show you the best suggestions from our list, along with specific recommendations on how to pick the right name.

If you think your dog is peaceful, then you could name it Mir, which means “peace” in Russian. We like this name because, on top of having a beautiful meaning, it is short, sweet and beautiful. You cannot go wrong.

Our next suggestion is Mechta, which means “dream”. What can be more beautiful than dreaming? This name has both a strong meaning and a nice music to it. Therefore, it is a solid choice for sleepy dog breeds like the Pug, the St. Bernard or the Olde English Bulldogge.

Faina is another great choice, which means “light”. We recommend it because its meaning is cool and it is short and feminine. Therefore, it is the perfect name for a female puppy of bright and lively nature.

Fyodor also makes an excellent name, because it means “God’s gift”. Having such a powerful meaning, it would be a perfect choice for any male puppy, especially if its breed is known for being brave and strong like the Cane Corso, the Boxer, or the Bull Terrier.

Like our previous suggestion, you should also consider Makar, which means “blessed” in soviet languages. It is a choice that inspires hope and happiness, and therefore, it transmits positive vibes whenever you hear it.

Soviet Names for Pups from Russian Cities

We also read about several Russian cities, and based on that, we decided to include the following recommendations in our list. These are the names that stand out the most.

Russian Dog Names
100+ Russian Dog Names – the Coolest Soviet Puppy Name Ideas!

Our first recommendation is Kazan. We like it because it is short and it sounds strong. Despite being a foreign word, it is easy to remember, and at the same time, you can bet on it that not many dogs will share the same name as yours. If you love football, you could call your dog Rubin from the Rubin Kazan FC football team.

Now let us check something more obvious, Moscow or Mosco for a simpler spelling. If you really want your dog’s name to scream Russia, then this would be the best choice. Bonus points if your dog is actually Russian and notoriously big.

Finally, here you have a beautiful recommendation for a female puppy, Sochi. It is a coastal city, and therefore, you could also use it to name a dog that is ideal for beach living such as the Britanny Spaniel or the Labrador Retriever.

Closing Down

Now that we have shared all of our recommendations with you, our guide and list are finished. With so many Russian dog names at your disposal – along with our tips and help – we can bet on it that you will find the ideal choice in no time.

Since it is such an important matter, take your time to evaluate our different options patiently. Examine the meaning behind each name, and try to match it to the appearance, temperament, and nature of your dog.

Published on
Tuesday 14 January 2020
Last updated on
Sunday 19 January 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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