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180+ Labrador Retriever Dog Names – Yellow, Chocolate & Black Lab Names!

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best Labrador dog names

You are looking for the best Labrador Retriever dog names, and our list is exactly what you need. It is one of the most popular, noble and lovable breeds in the world and our names will help you to match the personality, appearance and anything else that makes your puppy special.

You have a puppy that is full of energy, lovely, affectionate, easy-going and an explorer at heart. Therefore, you will find a name that is as unique and awesome as your dog. Labradors love water, they love nature.

You have a lot to choose from! We have compiled puppy name ideas from plenty of sources. You only need to explore our list and follow our recommendations!

Names for Labrador Puppies Inspired by Their Temperament

These dogs are popular thanks to many reasons, but one of the most important is their temperament. Therefore, we have extracted the most remarkable traits, to choose names that match them perfectly.

Labrador Retrievers are notoriously smart, and therefore, they are excellent for different purposes such as guiding and hunting. In honor of this important trait, you could name it Hugo, which means smart. It is one of the best names for a male pup, and since it is short and easy to remember, it brings you more reasons to opt for this name.

They are as smart as they are honorable, and that is why they make exceptional family dogs. Due to this trait, you could name your pup Arjun, which means honor. Similar to our previous suggestion, it is straight to the point, and hence, easy to remember.

As you know, these dogs are excellent for families due to their honorable nature. Furthermore, their temperament also makes them protective of their family. It is, therefore, a good idea to opt for the name Alexander, which means “protector of man”.

Due to their smartness, they are also wise, and therefore, you could opt for the name Solomon, which means “wise”. It is a biblical name as well, and hence, it will give you more reasons to choose it if you are a religious person.

Following the same trend as the previous name, due to their intelligence and wisdom, they are also very logical. Therefore, they possess excellent problem-solving abilities, and in honor of this trait, you could name your pup Chess, for evident reasons.

They can also be quite competitive, and therefore, they can perform very well in competitions. In consequence, they strive for victory, and that is why the name Jaya makes an excellent choice as it means “victorious”.

Finally, because these dogs are an excellent mix of intelligence, wisdom, courage, and braveness, but also calm and gentle, you can call it Serenity. If your pup is especially calm and docile, then it will be an even better pick.

List of Labrador Dog Names

Here are several options of labrador dog names for you to choose from:

  • Able
    A cute virtue name.
  • Ace
    For the number one dog.
  • Adva
    Small ripple.
  • Afon
    River in Welsh.
  • Agnes
  • Akira
  • Alexander
    Protector of man.
  • Amee
  • Amity
    Signifies friendship.
  • Anani
    Cloud in Hebrew.
  • Anika
  • Aqua
    A water name.
  • Ariana
    Famous singer.
  • Arjun
  • Baba
  • Banana
    Ideal for a yellow lab.
  • Bardick
    Axe ruler.
  • Bella
  • Benedict
  • Berry
    A tiny burst of sweetness.
  • Berta
    Noble and splendid.
  • Betty
    After Betty White.
  • Bow
    Small son.
  • Brandon
    Old English name.
  • Brian
    From Family Guy.
  • Brie
    A soft cheese.
  • Brock
    For Pokemon lovers.
  • Bubba
    Minnie Driver.
  • Buddy
    A friendly name.
  • Button
    Cute, tiny, and yellow.
  • Calliope
    Muse of poetry.
  • Camilla
    Duchess of Cornwall.
  • Candace
    Queen mother.
  • Candy
    A sugar-rush name.
  • Celeste
    A heavenly name.
  • Celine
    An amazing singer.
  • Chanda
  • Cherry
    A small fruit.
  • Chess
    For a logical pup.
  • Chibi
    Small child in Japanese.
  • Clara
  • Cloud
    A soft feminine name.
  • Connor
    Lover of hounds.
  • Constant
  • Creed
    A handsome masculine name.
  • Crooner
    For a singing pup.
  • Cupcake
    A tiny cake.
  • Cusp
    An end where two curves meet.
  • Cutie
  • Daisy
    Small flower.
  • Dakota
    Great and unbeatable fighter.
  • Dale
  • Dancer
    Loves to move.
  • Dara
  • Darling
    For a loved one.
  • Darwin
    After Charles Darwin.
  • Dave
    Dick Cheney's Labrador name.
  • Dazzler
    For a bright dog.
  • Delilah
    Tom Jones song.
  • Destiny.
    For Beyonce lovers.
  • Diana
    Princess with blonde hair.
  • Diane
  • Donut
    A cute cake name.
  • Doris
    Doris Day.
  • Dragon
    A fire-breathing mythical monster.
  • Duke
    For a ruler.
  • Dumpster
    Trash receptacle.
  • Dylan
    A male name in Welsh.
  • Eagle
    Possessing keen senses.
  • Eileen
    Shining bright light.
  • Einstein
    For an intelligent dog.
  • Eliza
  • Emre
    Friend in Turkish.
  • Endal
    Royal Navy Officer Allen Parton.
  • Esmeralda
    Anne Hathaway's Labrador name.
  • Etha
  • Evangeline
    Good news.
  • Exodus
    Mass departure.
  • Faith
    Simple feminine name.
  • Falcon
    For a pup of prey.
  • Flint
  • Florence
    Florence Nightingale, matronly.
  • Flossie
    Drew Barrymore's Labrador name.
  • Fudgey
    Soft and sweet.
  • Funky
    The 60's term for cool.
  • Gaia
    Another name for Earth.
  • Goldie
    For a bright coat.
  • Grant
    Strong male name.
  • Gustav
    Arnold Schwarzenegger's Labrador name.
  • Haly
    Clear meadow.
  • Hammer
    For a strong pup.
  • Harmony
    Feminine musical name.
  • Harry
    For Harry Potter.
  • Harvey
    Prince Charles's Labrador name.
  • Holden
    Gwyneth Paltrow's Labrador name.
  • Honey
    For a buzzy bee.
  • Hugo
  • Hunter
    For a dog on the prowl.
  • Inca
    Ben Fogle's Labrador name.
  • Ivo
    Medieval French name.
  • Jackson
    Dick Cheney's Labrador name.
  • Jaxx
    A unique masculine name.
  • Jaya
  • Jello
    Jelly-like and sweet.
  • Jezebel
    A naughty doggie.
  • Juliet
    Shakespearean heroine.
  • Juniper
    An evergreen shrub or tree.
  • Just
    A fair name.
  • Kabir
  • Kai
    Ocean in Japanese.
  • Kane
  • Karma
    Destiny or fate.
  • Keenen
    Ancient in Irish.
  • Keya
  • Khalid
    Immortal and everlasting.
  • Koni
    Vladimir Putin's Labrador name.
  • Kwan
  • Leaf
    A cute nature name.
  • Leila
    Arabic for night.
  • Loyal
    A virtue name for boys.
  • Luca
    MaryKate Olsen's Labrador name.
  • Lyall
  • Maple
    For syrup lovers.
  • Maria
    Song by the band Blondie.
  • Marley
    Edie Falco's Labrador name.
  • Martha
    Jennifer Garner's Labrador name.
  • Mavis
    Small bird,
  • Maximus
  • Meadow
    Represents nature.
  • Melody
    Gorgeous musical name.
  • Mila
    After Mila Kunis.
  • Minnie
    After Minnie Mouse.
  • Mirai
  • Montana
    Mountain in Spanish.
  • Mountain
    Nature lovers.
  • Nadia
  • Nerdy
    For a know-it-all dog.
  • Niamh
    Of golden hair.
  • Nova
  • Nurse
    For a helpful pup.
  • Oliver
    Tommy Hilfiger's Labrador name.
  • Orla
    Golden in Irish.
  • Pablo
  • Pancake
    Irresistibly cute name.
  • Peaches
    A delightful name.
  • Peanut
    A cute name.
  • Pearl
    For a small precious one.
  • Peter
    For Spiderman fans.
  • Pip
    For a tiny dog.
  • Rain
    A dog that makes a splash.
  • Raj
  • Ray
    For a sunray beam.
  • Rex
    Sarah Maclachlan's Labrador name.
  • Rhythm
    For the pup that loves music.
  • Rich
    Nickname for Richie.
  • Richard
  • River
    A name that flows.
  • Rocky
    A hard masculine name.
  • Roderick
    Famous ruler in German.
  • Roger
    Steve Martin.'s Labrador name.
  • Rose
    For a beautiful dog.
  • Rosello
    Hulk Hogan's Labrador name.
  • Saddie
    Lance Corporal Karen Yardley.
  • Safya
    True and sincere friend.
  • Sai
  • Seamus
    Bill Clinton's Labrador name.
  • Serenity
    For a calm and gentle dog.
  • Sharpie
    Cunning and sly.
  • Solomon
    Very wise.
  • Spike
    Canine star of Old Yeller.
  • Spinee
    Sandra Bullock's Labrador name.
  • Sprint
    For a fast dog.
  • Starlight
    The light emitted by stars.
  • Storm
    Ben Fogle's Labrador name.
  • Sunny
    A warm name.
  • Sweetie
    For a sugary pup.
  • Syrup
    For a sweet puppy.
  • Taylor
    Taylor Swift.
  • Thunder
    For a loud dog.
  • Tiny
    Perfect for puppies.
  • Torbet
    Man behind Action Man.
  • Vanilla
    A sweet name.
  • Varg
    From Wendy and Lucy.
  • Voyager
    For an adventurer.
  • Waffle
    A buttered-up name.
  • Waylan
    Miranda Lambert's Labrador name.
  • Winnie
    Holy, peace-making, and gentle friend.
  • Yonder
    Refers to the far distance.

Names for Labrador Retriever Pups Inspired by Their Appearance

Their appearance and physical traits are also excellent sources of inspiration for obtaining names. Therefore, we have analyzed all the factors that make this breed fabulous. (Including the breed’s coat colors.)

Despite their gentle appearance, these dogs are very strong, and that is why they make excellent hunting dogs, as well as exceptional companies when hiking or exploring the outdoors. Therefore, due to this trait, you could name your Yellow Labrador, Hammer, which shows strength.

If you are after a black Labrador dog name, see our long list of black name ideas. You could go for Blackberry which is self-explanatory or Crow for something more subtle. The kind of name that makes a solid statement from the first moment you hear it. Cola would work, too! And… yes, Pepsi as well, I hear you soda fanatics!

As we said, these dogs are excellent for those who like to embark themselves on adventures in the outdoors, and due to this trait, you could name it after Voyager. It is the ideal word to describe an adventurer.

Labrador Retrievers are also very fast, being capable of running as fast as 30 miles per hour (approximately 48 km/h). Therefore, in honor of this formidable physical trait, you could name it Sprint, or Speedy.

Now you have a good set of names based on the athleticism of your pet. You will find more variants for each trait on our list. Therefore, make sure to explore it properly. Look at our hunting dog names if you plan to use your Labrador as a retriever.

The best Labrador dog names!
The best Yellow, Chocolate & Black Labrador dog names!

Lab Puppy Names Inspired By Movies and TV Characters

Now, it is our time to check names inspired by famous characters from cartoons, films, and TV shows. These characters also share traits that are present in Labrador retrievers, and therefore, you will find our top picks below.

If you are a fan of Pokémon, then you should know who Brock is, and therefore, it makes for a great chocolate Labrador dog name. He was a lover of adventure and boasts beautiful brown skin! It shares common traits with your pup. On top of that, it sounds cool and original.

Our next suggestion is Harry, as in Harry Potter. This magician was also surprisingly smart and wise, especially in the latter deliveries of the saga, and therefore, it matches the temperament and nature of your dog.

You will find even more suggestions on our list. However, these two recommendations are enough to illustrate our list, and how will it help you to land the perfect name.

Closing Down

As you can see, many traits make your pet unique. Therefore, our list of the best Labrador Retriever dog names pays attention to them, so you can find a name that truly matches the personality, temperament and physical traits of your dog. Now that everything is in your hands, just proceed to check our entire list and pay attention to the tips from the sub-sections, because they will ease your job!

Visit our other dog name categories for hundreds of other ideas to name your pups!

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