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Latin Dog Names – 175+ Ideas Based On Latin Culture, Food & People!

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latin dog names

If you want a different and elegant name for your puppy, then you need our list of Latin dog names. We are going to walk you through your list and guide. They will bring you suggestions that will match your pet perfectly.

Since Latin is such a rich language, we have obtained plenty of ideas. Feel free to use them to name your new puppy.

We compiled Latin words from different spheres such as:

  • nature,
  • music,
  • religion,
  • history, and
  • general Latin culture.

You only need to explore it to inspire yourself, just some minutes and you will find that perfect name!

List of Latin Dog Names

Here are several options of latin dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ace
    Unity or one in Latin.
  • Adoria
  • Adrian
    Dark one in Latin.
  • Agapetus
    Beloved in Latin.
  • Agapius
    Beloved on Latin.
  • Agrippa
    Wild horse in Latin.
  • Ajax
    Mourner in Latin.
  • Alair
    Happy or joyful in Latin.
  • Albinia
    White in Latin.
  • Aloysius
    A famous warrior in Latin.
  • Alta
    Pinnacle in Latin.
  • Alva
    Fair haired.
  • Amanda
  • Annabel
    One who is loved.
  • Anthony
    Priceless in Latin.
  • Antonia
    Priceless in Latin.
  • Ara
  • Ardeen
    Eager in Latin.
  • Augusta
    Someone who rules.
  • Basil
    Royal in Latin.
  • Beatrice
    Bringer of blessings.
  • Benedict
    Blessing in Latin.
  • Brittany
    Someone who comes from England.
  • Calvin
    Bald person.
  • Camilla
    An attendant in Latin.
  • Carita
    Special friend in Latin.
  • Carmen
  • Carmine
    Crimson color in Latin.
  • Cary
    Of great value in Latin.
  • Cash
    Conceited in Latin.
  • Cato
    Wise or extremely knowledgeable in Latin.
  • Cecil
    Darkened in Latin.
  • Cecilia
    Blind in Latin.
  • Celeste
    Haeven in Latin.
  • Christian
    A follower of Christ in Latin.
  • Clara
    Shining leader in Latin.
  • Clarence
    Renowned in Latin.
  • Clark
    Student in Latin.
  • Clarus
    Clear or bright in Latin.
  • Claudia
    Mild tempered.
  • Claudius
    Lame in Latin.
  • Clemens
    Gentle or merciful in Latin.
  • Constance
    Steadfast in Latin.
  • Cornelia
  • Crispin
    Someone with curly hair.
  • Cyrilla
    Strong leader in Latin.
  • Deanna
    Scared in Latin.
  • Delmar
    Someone from the sea in Latin.
  • Dexter
    Clever in Latin.
  • Dominic
    Belonging to the lord in Latin.
  • Dominick
    Godly in Latin.
  • Donata
    Gift or blessing.
  • Drusilla
    Descendant of Drusus.
  • Erma
    Princess in Latin.
  • Ether
    Upper air or bright in Latin.
  • Fabian
    Bean grower in Latin.
  • Faustina
  • Faustus
    Lucky in Latin.
  • Felicia
  • Felix
    Hapy and fortunate.
  • Fidel
    Faithful in Latin.
  • Fidella
    Faithful in Latin.
  • Fido
    Trust in Latin.
  • Flavia
    Fair-haired in Latin.
  • Florentius
    Blossoming in Latin.
  • Georgia
    Farmer in Latin.
  • Gillian
    Soft hair.
  • Glorar
  • Gratis
    No charge or free.
  • Hilary
  • Honorea
  • Honorus
    Valor or honor in Latin.
  • Horace
    Of the hours in Latin.
  • Horatius
    Has good eyesight in Latin.
  • Horos
    The distant one in Latin.
  • Hugo
    Mind, heart, or spirit.
  • Ianus
    Archway or door in Latin.
  • Ignatia
    Full of fire or faithful.
  • Ignatius
    Full of fire.
  • Imogene
    Likeness in Latin.
  • Jocelyn
    Merry and joyous.
  • Jovon
    Majestic in Latin.
  • Julia
    Full of youth.
  • Justin
    Moral and upright.
  • Kadence
    Rhythmic in Latin.
  • Laconia
    Home of the ancient Spartans.
  • Lara
    Famous or bright.
  • Laura
    Who has been crowned with laurels.
  • Laveda
    Cleansed or pure on Latin.
  • Lavinia
    Flawless in Latin.
  • Leandra
    Someone who is similar to a lioness.
  • Lena
    Enticing lady.
  • Letitia
    Someone who brings happiness in Latin.
  • Lucerne
    Circle of light.
  • Lucius
    Bringer ogf light in Latin.
  • Lucy
    Light bringer in Latin.
  • Mabel
  • Madonna
  • Magnus
    The great one in Latin.
  • Major
    Greater in Latin.
  • Manius
    Morning in Roman.
  • Marc
    Sea or defense in Latin.
  • Marcel
    Little fighter.
  • Marcia
    Of mars in Latin.
  • Margaret
  • Maria
    Mary in Latin.
  • Marianus
    Like Marius in Roman.
  • Marina
    Comes from the sea.
  • Maximillan
    Excellence or greatest.
  • Maxine
    The greatest or superior in Latin.
  • Mercury
    First planet in the solar system.
  • Merinus
    Of the sea in Latin.
  • Miles
    Fighter in Latin.
  • Milo
    Grain mill worker in Latin.
  • Miranda
    Wonderful or admirable.
  • Monica
    Adviser on Latin.
  • Myra
    Great one.
  • Natalie
    Born on Christmas day.
  • Nemo
    No one or nobody in Latin.
  • Neptune
    God of the sea and horses.
  • Nero
    A Roman emperor.
  • Nerva
    Strength in Latin.
  • Nicepherous
    Victory bearer in Latin.
  • Nicodemus
    Victory of the people in Latin.
  • Nidia
  • Nigel
    Dark night.
  • Nila
    Nile River in Latin.
  • Nola
    Small bell in Latin.
  • Norma
    Precept or rule.
  • Octavia
    Eight in Latin.
  • Octavius
    Eight born child.
  • Ora
  • Orela
    Divine announcement from the Gods.
  • Orson
    Couragous as a bear.
  • Palma
    Palm tree in Latin.
  • Pantera
    Panther or all-hunter in Latin.
  • Papyrus
    Used by ancient Romans as paper.
  • Paracelus
    Greater or equal to in Latin.
  • Pathos
    Three Musketeers.
  • Patricius
    Noble birth of patrician in Latin.
  • Paulus
    Small in Latin.
  • Peregrinus
    Wandered in Latin.
  • Persis
    People from Persia.
  • Petra
  • Portia
    Offering in Latin.
  • Prima
  • Priscilla
  • Proctor
    Governor in Latin.
  • Quentin
    Fifth in Latin.
  • Quintina
    Fifth in Latin.
  • Regina
  • Remus
    Founded Rome.
  • Renatus
    Reborn in Latin.
  • Reva
    To bring back to life.
  • Rex
    King in Latin.
  • Riga
    Laughter in Latin.
  • Robertus
    Bright fame.
  • Rogellus
    Prayed for or in Latin.
  • Rollo
    A famous wolf in Latin.
  • Romanus
    Roman in Latin.
  • Romolus
    Founded Rome.
  • Rufus
    Red haired person.
  • Sabina
    Someone who comes from Sabine.
  • Sabrina
  • Sage
    Wise in Latin.
  • Sebastian
    Revered person.
  • Serena
    Peacuful and serene.
  • Serge
    Attendant in Latin.
  • Sidra
    Born of the stars in Latin.
  • Sylvester
    Of the forest in Latin.
  • Sylvia
    Someone from the forest in Latin.
  • Tacita
  • Terence
    Smooth in Latin
  • Tertia
  • Theodore
    Gift from God in Latin.
  • Trista
  • Ultima
    Somone who lives the farthest.
  • Una
    One or united.
  • Undine
    Someone who dwells within the waves.
  • Urban
    A city dweller in Latin.
  • Ursula
    Female bear in Latin.
  • Valentina
    Someone who is vital or strong.
  • Valerian
    Powerful and strong.
  • Varian
    Someone who conquers.
  • Vera
    Truth in Latin.
  • Verna
    Spring in Latin.
  • Vernon
    Spring-like and youthful in Latin.
  • Vesper
    Evening in Latin.
  • Vespera
    Evening star.
  • Viator
    Voyager through life in Latin.
  • Victor
    Someone who conquers in Latin.
  • Vincent
    Someone who conquers in Latin.
  • Virginia
    Virginal or pure.
  • Vita
    Life in Latin.
  • Vitus
    Greater in Latin.
  • Zea
    Grain in Latin.
  • Zona
    Girdle or belt in Latin.

Latin Dog Name Ideas Inspired By Strength and Power

All languages have words that allure to strength, power, and authority, and Latin is not the exception. Especially with its string of famous Latin Emperors like Baldwin or Yolanda. Therefore, we have found such words and we have included it in our list.

We always want to always go the extra mile. So, along with each name, you will also find recommendations on how to use it. Indeed, some names are more appropriate for specific breeds and traits. For example, if your dog is tiny, call them Minor.

Is your dog strong and powerful and looks like a leader? Call him Valerian, because it means exactly that in Latin, “the one who leads”. And even better, not many owners are interested in Historical topics. Therefore, your dog will boast a unique, meaningful and powerful name. They will stand out wherever they go!

There is a nice variant of Valerian that puts more emphasis on the conquering nature of your dog: Varian. It means “someone who conquers”. If you feel like your pet has such a huge drive, then this name will be the ideal match.

A nice alternative to the previous name that means exactly the same is Vincent. We like this option because it sounds bold, strong and elegant. And these are key elements for a tough dog name or large dogs.

If you want to highlight that your dog is simply exceptional, then you could call it Major. It means “greater” in Latin. An alternative would be Vitus, which means the same thing. Both are excellent for breeds with leadership traits such as the German Shepherd and the Dobermann.

Is your dog as courageous as a bear? Then you could call it Orson, which is a Latin word that refers to such meaning. It would make a great name for a protective breed like the Great Dane or the Shar-Pei.

Would you like to highlight the greatness of your dog? Then you could call it Magnus, which means “the great one”. A phenomenal choice for big dog breeds, or if you prefer, you can give it an ironic twist by giving it to a small dog with a big attitude.

Is your dog independent, runs fast and is courageous and strong? Then you could call it Agrippa, which means “Wild horse”. It is an excellent name for dogs like the German shepherd and the Australian shepherd.

If integrity is the highest virtue for you, then you should call your pet Honorius. This Latin word meaning “conferring honor”. To us, it is one of the most powerful Latin dog names you will find; it is a solid choice.

Finally, for a dog with a burning heart and great courage, you could use the name Ignatius, which means “full of fire”. Bonus points if your dog has a red coat like the Tibetan Mastiff. As long as your dog is a real force of nature, this name will fit the bill perfectly.

latin dog names
Latin Dog Names – 175+ Ideas Based On Latin Culture, Food & People!

Latin-Inspired Dog Names Inspired by Divinity

Religion and divinity are huge themes for obtaining names. And in our case, they served us well to gather several elegant Latin dog names.

Dominicus is our first pick and one of our most powerful dog names because it means “Godly”. In consequence, it is a solid choice for any dog that you deem worthy of it. It is especially good for a religious owner, so if that is you, you now have in your hands an amazing pick.

Do you feel like your puppy is a godsend? If so, then you should name it Theodorus, which means “gift from God”. For many, a pet is a blessing, and if you feel the same way, then you should honor such a feeling with this name.

Want a name that means almost the same, but for a female pup? Then consider Orela. This name means “divine announcement from the Gods”. Like our previous recommendation, it is a nice pick if you feel like your puppy is a godsend. A real blessing into your life!

In our opinion, these names are ideal because they are exotic and original. They have beautiful meanings that transmit good vibes whenever you hear them. Furthermore, you will get a lot of talks thanks to them. People will be intrigued to discover the meaning behind them and why you decided to pick it for your dog.

Like that, we arrived at the end of our comprehensive list of the best Latin dog names. Our tips will come in handy when you examine all of our options, which you can filter by gender. Everything will become a whole lot easier because we are taking you by the hand and guide you onto the right path. If you have any questions or need further help, do not hesitate to contact us, so we can assist you to find the perfect Latin-inspired name for your dog!

Want more dog name ideas? Visit our dog name center, or go straight to our Mexican, Spanish, Superhero, or Greek name ideas.

Selection of popular Latin dog breeds.

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Wednesday 6 May 2020
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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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