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75+ Tough Dog Names – Amazing Ideas for Fierce & Strong Dogs

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The best list of tough dog names for the fiery and brave puppies! We have over 75 suggestions for you that will match the strong and imposing presence of your pet, guaranteed. These are ideal for a Pit Bull, American Bully, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, Shar Pei, or German Shepherd.

In any case, these names are ideal for any strong dog in the world. They will represent the tenacity and tough nature of your little four-legged friend, which will definitively evolve into an imposing dog that will be there to protect you and your family.

List of Tough Dog Names

Here are several options of tough dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ajax
    Hero of the Trojan War.
  • Ammo
    Short for ammunition.
  • Ares
    Greek God of War.
  • Armour
    Protective covering that one wears.
  • Atlas
    The Greek God charged with holding up heavens.
  • Baby Face Nelson
    Depression-era gangster.
  • Badger
    An animal.
  • Bandit
    An outlaw.
  • Bane
    Batman Villain.
  • Banshee
    A female spirit from Irish Legend.
  • Bear
    Any species will be tough.
  • Biff
    From 'Back to the Future'.
  • Bligh
    Captain Bligh of the Bounty.
  • Bolt
    Fictional movie character.
  • Bomb
    Gigantic explosive weapon.
  • Bond
    As in James Bond, 007 agent.
  • Bonnie
    From Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Borden
    Lizzie, the ax murderer.
  • Bouncer
    Security guard or doorman in bars.
  • Bronson
    Prisoner Michael Peterson known as Charles Bronson.
  • Bruiser
    Title of both movie and novel.
  • Brute
    Also consider Beast, Beastie, Barbarian, Demon.
  • Brutus
    Politician in ancient Rome.
  • Buck
    As in Buck Rogers.
  • Butch
    As in Butch Cassidy.
  • Buzz
    Toy Story superhero.
  • Caesar
    Any of them will do.
  • Cain
    Brother of Abel.
  • Capone
    As in Al Capone.
  • Champ
    Short for Champion.
  • Chucky
    From the Horror movie, Child's Play.
  • Clint
    As in Clint Eastwood, the actor.
  • Cobra
    As in King Cobra, the snake.
  • Colonel
    Suspecting most Colonels are tough.
  • Conan
    The Barbarian, the movie.
  • Cruella
    Probably not ideal for a Dalmatian, lol!
  • Crusher
    A large truck used to crush large rocks.
  • Darth
    As in Darth Vader.
  • Dewitt
    Booker, Bioshock infinite, the game.
  • Diesel
    As in Diesel trucks or cars.
  • Dire
    Dire wolf.
  • Dozer
    Short for bulldozer.
  • Duke
    From the 'Duke of Hazzard' in a US tv show.
  • Fury
  • Genghis Khan
    Two names good for dogs.
  • Granite
    Perfect for a dog with brindle coat.
  • Grizzly
    A large and strong bear.
  • Gunner
    Person who operates big guns.
  • HAL
    A computer character in a movie.
  • Hades
    Greek king of the Underworld.
  • Han Solo
    A name from star wars.
  • Hera
    Greek Goddess of Marriage.
  • Hero
    Someone who risks life for good.
  • Hulk
    Cartoon Character from The Hulk.
  • Hunter
    Dog name for squirrel hunter.
  • Indie
    Movie character in Indiana Jones.
  • Jaws
    Character from the movie King Kong.
  • Jesse
  • John Wayne
    A courage famous actor.
  • Joker
    From Batman.
  • Junkyard
    Junkyard dog$1
  • Kayto
    From the Green Hornet.
  • Kojak
    From the 70's TV series.
  • Kong
    A great name for a tiny dog.
  • Krueger
    Krueger of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'
  • Lecter
    Dr. Lecter in the 'Silence of the Lambs'
  • Lex Luthor
    Character in Superman.
  • Marco Polo
    European explorer who traveled to asia.
  • Mr. T
    A movie character.
  • Neptune
    Roman Sea God.
  • Ninja
    Fighting mercenary in ancient Japan.
  • Nitro
    Short for Nitroglycerin.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Three names for dog.
  • Ogre
    A fairy tale giant like Shrek.
  • Orca
    Large Whale.
  • Outlaw
    A fugitive criminal.
  • Panther
    Large black wild feline.
  • Patton
    The General in the movie Patton.
  • Picard
    Captain Picard of the movie Star Trek.
  • Rambo
    Movie starring Sylvester Stallone.
  • Ratched
    Character from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'
  • Rebel
    Perfect name for an independent dog.
  • Rhino
    Short for Rhinoceros.
  • Robin
    As in Robin Hood.
  • Rocky
    The strong boxer in the film series 'Rocky'
  • Samson
    A character in Bible story.
  • Shark
    A predator.
  • Sisko
    Fictional character from 'Deep Space Nine'
  • Sniper
    A lone marksman.
  • Solo
    Han Solo of Star Wars movies.
  • Spike
    A fictional vampire character.
  • Steel
    Very tough material.
  • Talon
    Claw of a predatory bird.
  • Tank
    Good name for a miniature dog.
  • Tarzan
    The Jungle Hero.
  • Thor
    A superhero character in Marvel Comics.
  • Thunder
    A loud sound during storms.
  • Tilla
    As in Attila the Hun.
  • Titan
    Mythical character.
  • Tonka
    As Tonka Trucks.
  • Trigger
    As in finger.
  • Trump
    If your dog thinks he's tough.
  • Turbo
    A very fast dog.
  • Tyson
    As in Mike Tyson, the boxer.
  • Vader
    A fictional character from 'Star Wars'
  • Villa
  • Viper
    A type of snake.
  • Vlad
    Shortened name for Vladimir.
  • Wesker
    From Resident Evil.
  • Zeus
    Father of Gods.
  • Zod
    A fictional super villain in comic book 'Outlaw'
  • Zorro
    1950S Television Series.
  • Zulu
  • jedi
    Great name for intelligent dog.

Inspired by Mythology

What a better source of inspiration than heroes, gods, and demigods? If you are interested in the topic and find such characters worthy enough, then this is for you!

You could name your pup as Ajax, the brave hero of the Trojan War. Perfect for a tough, strong and audacious puppy. You will nail it!

For amazingly strong breeds, you could opt for Atlas. It’s the Greek god in charge of holding up heavens, and so, what a better display of strength than it? Everyone will look at your dog with utter respect and admiration.

Ares is another formidable name for a tough dog because it’s the Greek god of War. That fact alone is enough to display huge power and authority, all contained in one single, outstanding and beautiful name.

For a female tough dog, you can opt for Hera, which is the Greek goddess of marriage. A strong-sounding name, yet beautiful and artistic at the same time. It marries the concept of beauty and authority together, in a perfect blend.

If you are a fan of the beach, the sea and everything related to the ocean, then you could name it Neptune, like the Roman god of the seas. Maybe your puppy will share the same passion, and in case it happens, you will be happy you named it Neptune, ready to sail and dominate the seas!

Tough Dog Names Inspired by Movies

Movies and culture, in general, bring us a wide myriad of strong dog names. We will give you some excellent suggestions, to give you an idea on which one to choose for your puppy.

For example, if you are a fan of spies movies, then you definitively need to consider naming it Bond, as in James Bond. Your dog will be the tough and deadly 007!

Maybe give yourself to the dark side and name your dog Darth, as in Darth Vader, the principal villain in Star Wars. If you are a fan of the sagas, then you have an exceptional suggestion, especially because we are talking about a very strong and dominating character.

Following the line of villains, you could also opt for Krueger. You already know who we are talking about, and that’s enough to understand why we suggest it. It might not be your taste, but if you really want to convince everyone about their strong and tough nature of your puppy, then it’s an excellent way to accomplish it.

If you are a fan of Marvel, then you could name your puppy Hulk, as the huge, almighty and green hero of the MCU and comics. Without any doubt, it’s one of the best names for muscular dogs.

Are you a fan of Sylvester Stallone? Then you could name it Rambo. In our opinion, it’d be an amazing name for a Rottweiler, because it simply matches very well with the strong nature of such breed.

Various Names for Every Formidable Puppy

As you can see, with just a couple of categories, we have shown you how many names you can consider at the hour of choosing one for your puppy. And we have many others like Rebel, Steel, Outlaw, Gunner, and Crusher, all of which are amazing tough dog names.

Everything you have to do is to take your own time to explore our list patiently because we have over 75 options at your entire disposal.

Choosing the Perfect One – Easier Than You Think

Now that you have the finest and most filtered list of tough dog names on the internet, most of your job is done already. All you have to do now is to choose your favorite ones, compare them and finally pick the best choice. As simple as that. And if you’re unsure how to choose from your shortlist, visit our name center’s homepage.

Published on
Friday 7 June 2019
Last updated on
Thursday 16 July 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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