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70+ Hairy Dog Names for Fluffy Furballs!

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list of hairy dog names for fluffy puppies

Are you looking for the most original hairy dog names? Our list is full of amazing suggestions that will help you to find that perfect name for your hairy dog.

It is ideal for breeds such as the Chow Chow, Portuguese Water Dog, the Great Pyrenees or a Tibetan Mastiff. As long as your dog is notoriously hairy, then our list will match the bill perfectly.

We have obtained our suggestions from different areas, to name a few: famous movies, iconic words from different languages such as German, and nature-inspired words. Look no more than our list and guide! We are going to take you by the hand to find that perfect name!

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List of Hairy Dog Names

Here are several options of hairy dog names for you to choose from:

  • Angelica
    Like an Angel.
  • Badu
  • Bear
    Large animal with furry coat.
  • Bianca
  • Billow
    Large mass of smoke or steam.
  • Blewog
    Fluffy in Welsh.
  • Bolyhos
    Fluffy in Hungarian.
  • Boo
    Term of endearment.
  • Brillo
    Pot cleaner.
  • Bunny
    Another animal.
  • Captain Fluff
    Fluffy and funny.
  • Cashmere
    Type of fine wool.
  • Charmin
    Toilet paper.
  • Chewbacca
    From the Star Wars movie.
  • Cloud
    Sweet and fluffy coat.
  • Cotton
    Small ball of cotton wool.
  • Cotton Candy
    Sweet and soft.
  • Creampuff
    Food inspired.
  • Cuddle
    Hug or embrace.
  • Donsig
    Fluffy in African.
  • Doux
    Fluffy in French.
  • Downy
    Soft feather of a bird.
  • Ducky
    A type of bird.
  • Duveteux
    Fluffy in French.
  • Eskimo
    Indigenous tribe.
  • Ewok
    From the Star Wars movie.
  • Fabio
    A bean.
  • Farrah
  • Feather
    Flat appendage from a bird's skin.
  • Flaum
    Fluffy fur in German.
  • Flaumig
    Fluffy in German.
  • Fleecy
    Like the fleece of a sheep.
  • Flou
    Fuzzy in French.
  • Fluffcake
    Combined words meaning sweet and fluffy.
  • Fluffig
    Fluffy in Swedish.
  • Fluffog
    Fluffy in Swedish.
  • Fofo
    Fluffy in Portuguese.
  • Foxy
    Daring and adventurous.
  • Fozzie
    A TV character.
  • Frizzy
    Mass of tight curls.
  • Furby
    Fur ball.
  • Fuzz
    Mass of hair.
  • Fuzzbutt
    Wiggling furry butt.
  • Fuzzy
  • Gordo
    Fluffy in Galician.
  • Grizzly
    Looking like a bear.
  • Harry
  • Heater
    Because they keep you warm.
  • Igloo
    Variation of Iggy.
  • Jast
    Fluffy in Croatian.
  • Kohev
    Fluffy in Estonian.
  • Lady
    For the most royal of dogs.
  • Lion
    Lion dogs or Chowchows.
  • Lion Heart
    Lion dogs or Chowchows.
  • Locke
  • Marshmallow
    Cloud-like sweet snack.
  • Meringue
    A French dessert.
  • Mullido
    Soft or fluffy in Spanish.
  • Nana
    Character from a popular Disney movie.
  • Nimbus
    Rain cloud.
  • Oso
    Bear in Spanish.
  • Peluche
    Fluffy in Spanish.
  • Pillow
    Soft feather.
  • Plush
    Soft fabric.
  • Pompom
    Small ball of wool.
  • Poofy
    Bright and radiant.
  • Puffin
    Cuddly and soft.
  • Puffy
    Soft and light.
  • Pufos
    Fluffy in Romanian.
  • Purus
    Fluffy in Lithuanian.
  • Pushinka
    Fluffy in Russian.
  • Quill
    Long feather of a bird.
  • Radiator
    Because they keep you warm.
  • Ruffles
    Lace or frill.
  • Sammy
    Inspired by the Samoyed.
  • Sasquatch
  • Scruffy
  • Silkie
    A type of chicken.
  • Silky
    Glossy and lustrous.
  • Snowflake
    Has thick fur.
  • Snuffeluepaggus
  • Snuggles
    A nuzzling pet.
  • Soffice
    Fluffy in Italian.
  • Suave
    Soft in Spanish.
  • Tahani
    Best wishes in Arabic.
  • Teddy
  • Thunderhead
    A type of cloud.
  • Velvet
    A clothing material.
  • Wookie
    From the Star Wars movie.
  • Woolly
    Wool of a sheep.
  • Yeti
    A mythical creature.

Hairy Puppy Name Ideas Inspired By Foreign Languages

Since we have many different ways to say hairy in other languages, we thought it would be a great idea to identify such words, so we could use them as names for hairy puppies. Below, you will find our top picks.

If you want to make your dog stand out from the crowd right off the bat, then you could call it Kohev, which means “fluffy” in Estonian. Because most people have never heard of Estonian before, you can rest assured that your dog will be as unique as its name.

An alternative that means exactly the same but in Welsh would be Blewog. It would be a nice name for the Welsh Sheepdog, which is notoriously hairy. However, it would be more attractive if you live abroad since it will match the heritage of your dog and one of its main traits while retaining all of its exotic factors.

Are you a fan of Spanish? Then you could call your dog Mullido, which means “hairy”. We like this name because it sounds sweet and original. Furthermore, it is easy to pronounce, and you can rest assured that everyone will be intrigued by the name of your pet.

What if you are a fan of Portuguese? If so, then you could call yours Fofo, which means the same as our previous suggestions, “hairy”. For evident reasons, it would be a superb name for the Portuguese Water Dog, since it unites all the requirements to rock the name!

Now, let us travel to Italy, to bring you our next suggestion, Soffice. It means the same as our previous suggestions, and it would be a great choice for hairy native breeds like the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Do you have a German dog? Then you could call yours Flaumig, which means fluffy in German. If you are looking for an alternative, then you could choose Flaum, which is shorter and means “fluffy fur”.

Finally, you could call yours Duveteux, which means “fluffy” in French. It would be a unique and original name for a Poodle, for example, regardless of its size. It is exotic, beautiful and great-sounding.

hairy dog names
Our list of the best fluffy dog names!

Names for Hairy Dogs Inspired By Movies and TV

Movies and TV shows are excellent sources of inspiration for dog name ideas. We can find tons of hairy and fluffy characters, and we can prove it, ha! Below, you will find excellent choices that would make a great name for your pet.

Is your dog brown and hairy? Then just call it Chewbacca, after the mythic character from Star Wars. If your pet is as hairy as it, then it will make perfect sense. And obviously, if you are a fan of the saga, then even better!

If you are a fan of Disney, then you could call it like one of the most popular hairy characters, Nana. We like this name because it is short, feminine and effectively reflects the most prominent traits of your pet.

Now, let us check what TV shows have to offer us. After checking many options, we found Fozzie to be a great choice, since it is from a famous TV show, and as the character is fluffy and even the sound of the name implies such an idea, then we had to add it here by all means.

Hairy Puppy Names Inspired By Meaningful Words

Like foreign words, we can also find plenty of beautiful words in English that make excellent names for your fluffy puppy. Below, you will find our top choices, along with recommendations on how to use them.

If your dog looks like a cloud (fluffy and white), like a Samoyed, then you could call your pup, Thunderhead, which is one of the fluffiest types of clouds in nature. It is one of the most creative names out there, and it’s nature-inspired.

Is your dog especially sweet and loving? Then you could unite both traits (from its appearance and temperament) to bring you a unique pup name, Cotton Candy. It is a superb name for such a dog! And the hairier and sweeter it is, the better.

Perhaps you liked our previous suggestion but you think it is way too long. Then you could call yours Puffy, which means basically the same but in a much shorter format. It is an excellent choice for a hairy dog with a sweet, soft and docile temperament like the Maltese dog.

Is your pet a big and lovely mass of hair? Then you should consider Fuzz, which means exactly that. It is an excellent choice since it is short. It also represents the trait you want to highlight and it sounds cool. This fluffy puppy name meets all the requirements for your hairy dog.

Finally, maybe you liked our previous recommendation but your dog has plenty of curls? Then call your puppy, Frizzy, which means “mass of tight curls“. It will be a nice name for a hairy Poodle, Barbet or Portuguese water dog.

Closing Down

Now you have plenty of hairy dog names to choose from, think about which fluffy puppy names would match your dog the most. As you have seen, even though these names highlight such trait from your pet, we recommend you to look at other traits such as temperament, in order to choose the best name, which truly represents the essence of your pet.

Published on
Sunday 21 June 2020
Last updated on
Wednesday 10 June 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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