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120+ Gray Dog Names – What Shade of Silver is Your Dog?

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best gray dog names

Are you looking for gray dog names? Then good news, because we have you covered thanks to our list and guide of names. You are looking for a special name that makes your puppy unique, and that is exactly what you will find here!

No more search, because we have the most variety-rich list on the internet. By taking names from several sources such as famous movies, important people from history, art, literature, philosophy, pop culture and more.

Thanks to our guide, you will not need any other resources. Today is the day you will find the perfect name for your grey puppy!

List of Gray Dog Names

Here are several options of gray dog names for you to choose from:

  • Alaska
  • Alpha
    Number 1.
  • Anchovy
    A gray-colored fish.
  • Anumati
    Hindu deity of the moon.
  • Artemis
    Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Ash
    The charcoal remains of a fire
  • Ash or Ashes or Ashen
    The remains of fire.
  • Ashley
    Feminine for Ash.
  • Bearwolf
    Big fluffy dog.
  • Blade
    Silver knife blade.
  • Blizzard
    Dense and thick silver storm.
  • Brain
    Think grey matter.
  • Bramble
  • Brand
    To burn in insignia.
  • Bullet
    The silver color ammunitions.
  • Carbon
    Chemical element.
  • Cenizo
    Gray in Spanish.
  • Chanel
    Fashion designer.
  • Chara
    Short for Charcoal.
  • Chinook
    Warm wind.
  • Chrome
  • Cinder
    Residue of combustion.
  • Cinerious
    Ash grey.
  • Cloud or Cloudy
    Mass of condensed water.
  • Coal
  • Coal or Cole
    Remains of burned wood.
  • Coke
    Used to distill metal oxides.
  • Comet
    Celestial object.
  • Crystal
    Precious stone.
  • Darth
    As in Vader from Star Wars.
  • Deluge
    Arrives all at once.
  • Dolphin
    A gray mammal.
  • Dorian Gray
    A gothic novel by Oscar Wilde.
  • Dove
    Soft mauve-colored bird.
  • Dumbo
    Disney character.
  • Dusky
    Cloudy day.
  • Dusty
    A particle.
  • Earl Grey
    A type of tea.
  • Ember
    Glowing combustible.
  • Falcon
  • Flint
    Grayish in color.
  • Foggy
  • Foiler
    Variant for foil.
  • Fuzzy
  • Gandalf
    From Lord of the Rings.
  • Gerzelda
    Little grey battle maiden in German.
  • Ghost
  • Gin
    Silver in Japanese.
  • Glacier
    A moving mound of ice.
  • Granite
    A stone.
  • Graphite
    Gray form of carbon.
  • Grau
    Gray in German.
  • Gray
  • Graybeard
    For a dog that has beard.
  • Grayson
    Son of a Steward.
  • Graystone
    A residential architecture.
  • Grey Poupon
    Variety of Mustard.
  • Greywind
    Direwolf in Game of Thrones.
  • Gridelin
    Violet grey color.
  • Grigio
    Gray in Italian.
  • Gris
    Gray in French.
  • Grizzly
  • Haiiro
    Gray in Japanese.
  • Haze
  • Huskimos
    Big grey fluffy dog.
  • Inky
    For a brindle gray-colored dog.
  • Kasha
  • Koala
    Grey animal from Australia.
  • Liard
  • Luna
    The moon.
  • Lunarbelle
    Beautiful moon.
  • Meeko
    From Pochahontas.
  • Mercury
    Chemical element.
  • Mink
    Smalll creature famed for its fur.
  • Misty
    Misty day.
  • Monsoon
    Heavy rain.
  • Moonstone
    Stone from the moon.
  • Mouse
    Related to size and color.
  • Mushroom
  • Myst
    Ancient spelling of mist.
  • Nickels
    A coin.
  • Nimbus
    Dark cloud.
  • Oyster
    Gray bivalve.
  • Pearl
    Precious jewel.
  • Pebbles
  • Pepper
    A spice.
  • Pewter
    A metal alloy.
  • Plata
    Silver in Spanish.
  • Raccoon
    Small mischievous dog.
  • Reardon
    Hank Reardon.
  • Seal
    Portly pup.
  • Shade
    Ghost or specter.
  • Shadow
  • Silverbelle
    Beautiful silver dog.
  • Silverpaw
    Cute and unique.
  • Skye
    Soft grey sky.
  • Slate
    Gray shale.
  • Smoke or Smokey
    Emitted from burning objects.
  • Smokey
    Having the qualities of smoke.
  • Smudge
    Light black color.
  • Solstice
    Winter solstice.
  • Sootie
    Spunky grey pup.
  • Spirit
  • Sterling
  • Stoke
    To tend to a fire.
  • Stormy
    Something that occurs during storm.
  • Striling
  • Sully
    To stain or tarnish.
  • Thistle
    Gray thistle.
  • Thunder
    Warm from an approaching storm.
  • TinMan
    From the Wizard of Oz.
  • Tinsel
    Silver christmas decoration.
  • Twilight
    Occurs after sunset.
  • Whisper
  • Wraith
    Ghostlike image.

Grey Names for Puppies Inspired by Books and Movies

Thanks to books, cartoons, movies, and shows, we can extract a huge variety of gray dog names. In this case, we have used these sources to gather a solid selection of gray dog names, which you will find below. Furthermore, to make things more interesting, we have included tips to make your job easier.

If you read or watched The Lord of the Rings, then you know who Gandalf is. It makes an excellent grey puppy name. His beard was completely grey, and therefore, it matches your pet perfectly. Furthermore, if the temperament of your pet is especially wise, resolute and smart, then it will be an even better choice. You could stretch it to Santa, in relation to Santa Claus’ beard.

Is your dog dark grey? If so, and if you are a fan of Star Wars, then you could name it Vader, as in Darth Vader. A cool name that everyone will quickly relate to the famous character, something that will bring notoriety to your pet. Darth Vader is the perfect black dog name, too!

If you are looking for a goofy pup name, then you could name your dog Meeko, like the raccoon from Pocahontas. Since he was a very fun character, and if your dog is especially chubby, then this gray puppy name will be excellent for your pet.

Another cool and fun name would be TinMan, like the character from The Wizard of Oz. He was also kind of funny and different, and therefore, it is a proper name if your dog has such character. If you like our suggestion, then you should go the extra mile and watch a bit about him, so you can see if both share similar characteristics.

Now you have a good starting point with these suggestions. Nonetheless, we still have more in store for you. Just keep reading to find them out.

Names for Dogs by Grey Things

We have so many grey things that it makes sense to use them for finding a name for your pet. Below, find our best recommendations, along with tips on how to use them properly.

Is your dog fast and accurate? Therefore, if your pet is a formidable hunting dog, for example, then you can name it Bullet. We all know that bullets are grey, and therefore, it makes sense to use this name. Steel would work, too. These names would suit a Greyhound or Saluki well.

We all know that the fire lefts ashes behind, and if you feel that your dog is especially passionate and burning, then you could name it Ash or Ashley, which are variations from the word “ashes”. You can attribute to it the significance that you consider better fitting.

Is your dog especially silent and smooth? If you think your dog could be a spy or an exceptional guard dog, then you could name it Mist. As you know, the mist is grey, and therefore, it will match the appearance of your dog. However, on top of that, you can use features about it to match traits from the personality of your pet.

Is your dog brave, protective and courageous? If so, then you could name it Blade, for evident reasons it will make a great matching name for your pet. It would be a formidable name for breeds like the Shar-Pei and the Dobermann, for example.

Now, you have even more options at your disposal, accompanied by excellent tips. Nonetheless, we still have more for you. Keep reading, to find out even better recommendations.

best gray dog names
List of the best gray dog names!

Names for Grey Puppies by Foreign Languages

If you want to make the name of your dog sound exotic and outstanding, then it is a superb idea to inspire yourself with foreign languages. Worry not, because we have already done it for you.

Would you like to name your Japanese dog like a pro? Then you could name it Haiiro, which means grey in Japanese. For example, it would be an amazing name for a grey Akita, which are rare but still exist. If you are the proud owner of one, then here you have an excellent option.

Would you prefer something more Latin? Then you could name it Grigio, which means grey in Italian, It would be a superb choice for Italian breeds like the Italian greyhound. It sounds exotic and elegant, which will match the appearance and temperament of this amazing dog.

Likewise, you could also inspire yourself with the French language, because our next suggestion is Gris. Similar to the previous case, you can use this name for national breeds like the French Bulldog.

Since Gris also means grey in Spanish, we had to find a variation, and fortunately, we did. You could name them Cenizo, which means the same as it refers to the color of ashes. Similarly, you could use it to name a Spanish dog, but in fact, it is a good choice for any pet.

Closing Down

That is how we conclude this list and guide about silver and gray dog names. As you can see, there is enough variety for you to choose from, and since you have our tips, it will make your job a lot easier.

However, do not be afraid to experiment with variations. You can take any name from our list or sub-sections, and twist it the way you like. You can end up with very original and interesting names for your pet.

Make sure you take a few more minutes to look at our other dog name ideas!

Published on
Sunday 26 July 2020
Last updated on
Friday 26 June 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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