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130+ Black & White Dog Names – Pick a Name for Your Bicolor Dog!

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The best black & white dog names list on the internet. Period. If you want to find the perfect name for your puppy, then you must stay here, because you will find all the answers.

We have investigated a wide myriad of sources, to come up with the most complete and diversified list you will find. With over 130 creative and unique names for your black and white puppy, you will be more than satisfied. Visit our complete list of dog name ideas for even more options!

Most Creative Black & White Dog Names

These are the most think-out-of-the-box names for black and white dog breeds like the Basenji, Bearded Collie, Bernedoodle, Alaskan Malamute or Spanish Water Dog. However, they will be ideal for any dog that has a similar coat. They will fit like a hand in a glove.

Baby Grand Piano is the first creative suggestion. Ideal for big dog breeds like a Great Dane or a Greyhound. However, if you want to make an ironic reaction, then you could choose it for a smaller breed like a King Charles spaniel.

Blackfoot, the perfect name for puppies with black pawns. If that’s your case, then it’s one of the best black and white male dog names you can choose. It makes a direct reference to Bigfoot, the mythical creature, and therefore, you can use it for a big dog, or for a small dog, to make it funny.

Chester is a name inspired in the game of chess, which uses a board that is white and black. In consequence, it complies with the requirements perfectly, in a very creative and smooth way. For instance, it’d be a very cool name for a Border Collie, because it sounds funny.

Alternatively, you could also opt for Checkers, because again, this game uses a black-n-white board. It can be used for any type of black and white breed.

If your puppy has a white coat with tons of black dots, then you could name it Dice. The reasons are evident right off the bat. Furthermore, if you feel your puppy is your amulet, then it makes even more sense to name it that way.

Following the same line of the previous name, you could also choose Freckles, for the very same reasons. If the fur of your puppy has a freckled pattern, then it makes a lot of sense to opt for this name.

Black & White Dog Names – Adorable Choices

There are many adorable names, to highlight the cuteness of your little black and white puppy. For example, you can choose Badgy, inspired by the word badger. It sounds cute and lovely, and on top of that, it identifies one of the principal traits of your pet.

You could also opt for Choccy, a name inspired by chocolate chip cookies. It can be used for any kind of dog alike, be it big or small. The unique requirements that your pet needs is to be very sweet.

For a big dog like the Great Dane, you could choose Grandy, inspired by the Grand piano, one of the most elegant and big instruments.

If you like the piano a lot – be it playing or just listening to it – you can also choose to name it Keys, a precious name inspired by the black and white keys of a piano. If you think your pet has got a talent for music and art, then it makes even more sense.

List of Black And White Dog Names

Here are several options of black and white dog names for you to choose from:

  • Baby Grand Piano
    Use any part of it.
  • Badger
  • Badgy
    From the word 'badger.
  • Bangs
    Name for puppy with white face and has a black stroke across the forehead.
  • Banksy
    England street artist who draws in black and white.
  • Blackboot
    For puppy with black paws.
  • Blackfoot
    Another good choice for puppy with black paws.
  • Bulls-eye
    Great name for a very small dog.
  • Butler
    Especially cute for a bulldog.
  • Charlie
    An iconic comedy actor who became famous during the black-and-white movie era.
  • Charlie Chaplin
    Considered a popular icon and synonymous with black and white films.
  • Checkers
    A checkers board is mostly black and white in color.
  • Chess
    The Game.
  • Chester
    After the game of chess.
  • Choccy
    After chocolate chip cookies.
  • Coke Float
    Like a Root beer float.
  • Cookie
    A chocolate chip cookies with a combo of light and dark.
  • Cow
  • Cruella
    The black and white haired villain in the movie '101 Dalmatians'
  • Cupcake
    White cupcake with black frosting.
  • Dice
    Ideal for puppy with white fur that has lots of black dots.
  • Domino
    A game that comes in black and white colors.
  • Dot
    Name your dog Dot if it's a girl.
  • Dotty
    Female name perfect for a white dog with black patches.
  • Droopy
    An iconic cartoon character with drooping face.
  • Eight ball
    Always black and white.
  • Ermine
  • Felix
    Name after Felix the Cat.
  • Figaro
    The cat from film 'Pinocchio'
  • Freckles
    Absolutely adorable for dogs with freckled pattern.
  • Goofy
    Perfect for a long-eared big dog.
  • Grandy
    A grand piano with a stylish black and white keys.
  • Harlequin
    Bold diamond design often in black and white.
  • Harp
  • Holstein
  • Inky
    Name for dogs with white fur that has black ink blots.
  • Jeeves
    A fun, cheeky name inspired by fictional butler who wears a black and white tuxedo.
  • Junior Mint
    A tiny yummy candy and also black and white.
  • Keys
    Inspired by black and white piano keys.
  • Lemur
    A cute black and white jungle animal.
  • Lizzy
    A tribute for Elizabeth Taylor, a black-and-white movie star.
  • Magpie
    A nod to the extremely beautiful black- and-white magpie birds.
  • Marble
    A black marble.
  • Merle
    Coloration in some dog breeds.
  • Mickey
    A black and white male animal cartoon character in Disney.
  • Mine
    From an actor that doesn't talk.
  • Minnie
    A black and white female animal cartoon character in Disney.
  • Mittens
    Name for puppy that has white paws.
  • Monk
    With robes of black and white.
  • Moo-moo
    From a black-and-white cow.
  • Motley
    Name if the fur doesn't have a particular pattern.
  • Notes
    After sheet music.
  • Orca
    Orca whale attracts attention for its black body with white spots.
  • Oreo
    Combination of chocolate cookies (black) and sweet creme frosting (white)
  • Osprey
    After the impressive black-and-white bird.
  • Panda
    A super cute name for a fluffy black and white dog.
  • Patches
    For dogs with markings that make them look like they're patched together.
  • Paws
    Cute name for pup that paws are a different color compare to its body.
  • Peabody
    The cartoon character dog on an Old TV series.
  • Penguin
    Super cute dog name from black and white bird.
  • Pepe Le Pew
    A romance-loving skunk by Warner Bros.
  • Pepper Saltman
    Two things of white and black color: salt and pepper.
  • Peppermint Patty
    Named after a candy which is dark on the outside and white on the inside.
  • Perdita
    The nurturing mother of Dalmatians.
  • Pinwheel
    Black and White that is.
  • Polar Bear
    Does your dog love cold weather$1
  • Pongo
    The father of the 101 Dalmatians.
  • Puffin
    Adorable name from black and white bird.
  • Raccoon
    A trash digger black-and-white animal.
  • Ripple
    Great name if the puppy's fur looks striped.
  • Salt-N-Pepa
    A nice commendation to the band during '90s.
  • Shamu
    The well known SeaWorld whale.
  • Skunk
    Pretty funny name but might not be the nicest name for dog.
  • Skunky
    After a smelly but beautiful animal.
  • Snake Eyes
    Name for mainly white puppy that has two black spots.
  • Snoopy
    Inspired by the classic cartoon character in the American comic 'Peanuts'
  • Spade
    A category on playing cards and can be a sharp name for your pup.
  • Spot
    Cool idea for black and white dog with pattern in their fur.
  • Stinky
    A commendation to a skunk.
  • Storm Trooper
    Only the true nerds would dare.
  • Sundae
    Vanilla ice cream with thick fudge topping.
  • Sushi
    Appear black and white because of the rice and wrapper.
  • Swan
    Perfect name for a lean dog.
  • Tapir
    Name after the long-nosed Malayan animal.
  • Tuxedo
    Cool name for a regal-looking dog for most tuxedos are black and white.
  • UPC
    Short for Universal Product Co.
  • Whaley
    Another name for a black and white dog.
  • Yin Yang
    The well-known Chinese symbol.
  • Zebra
    Black and white animal from the jungle.
  • Zorro
    A classic character recognizable for his black mask.
  • Almond Joy
  • Half Moon
  • Moo or

Even More Suggestions

These are just a sample because you can find many other cool names for your puppy. For instance, here you have a few: Minnie, inspired by the Disney character; Moomoo, inspired by a cow; Oreo, inspired by the delicious and popular cookie; Pepper Saltman; inspired by the black color of pepper and the white of salt; Shamu, inspired by the famous whale of SeaWorld.

To find more, just explore our full list, which you can filter by gender!

Now that you have our list with the best black & white dog names, it’s time for you to decide. All you have to do is to read it carefully, pick your top favorite choices and then evaluate each one separately, to arrive to the best choice.

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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