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Weird Dog Names – Over 200 Unusual Names For Puppies!

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weird dog names

Does your dog have rare characteristics or a unique personality? If so, then we have for you a list of hilarious weird dog names! You will find the most unconventional name ideas for your puppy.

A great list of the weirdest dog names to give to a very unique and original puppy! We are sure that if you give your pet any of the names we suggest, they will definitely stand out from the crowd. People will start to think how cool, and “out of the box” the name is.

Weird Dog Names Inspired by Foreign Languages

The first alternative is Joli. It sounds nice, right? But do you have any idea what it means? It means “pretty” in French. Therefore, if your female dog has a beautiful coat or a lovely personality, this name is perfect.

Actually, beauty is subjective. Even if your dog doesn’t have the most desirable traits, you just love them just the way they are. So this name will work just as well. Bete is another French word and this one means “beast” or “dumb”. You would use it in a sarcastic way, obviously!

But what if your female dog is fierce, not friendly, and has a strong appearance? Then, Fera is a weird female dog name because it means “beast” in Portuguese. But of course, few people will speak that language, so hardly anyone will know the strong meaning behind this name. This name sounds also like Flora, which will make your girl dog stand out in the crowd.

Is your female dog barking whenever it gets scared or angry? Then give her the name Gelta because it means “bark” in Icelandic. While if your dog has a dark coat color? A great alternative is Sable which means “black” in Old English. An elegant, powerful, and towering name that will make your dog as unique as its essence.

If you have already developed a strong bond with your new buddy, and is very precious to you, you can consider the name Emiko because it means “blesses and beautiful child” in Japanese. It’s a precious choice, especially if you love your dog as it were your own child. And this is the case for many pet parents!

Does your female dog seem to be expressive, and somehow sense your emotions and react to them? Then don’t you think that Nishka, which means “honest” in Hindu, is a good name to give her?

On the contrary, if she is big and strong, you can pick the name Kova. It means “tough” in Finnish. (We also have a list of names for tough-looking dogs!)

Unusual Names Taken From Important Figures

If your male dog is confident, caring, calm, and has a dark coat color, then what do you think of Obama as its name? Darwin, the last name of the great English naturalist, geologist, and biologist, is perfect a dog that’s smart, gentle, and curious.

Next, the name Aristotle. Like the important Greek philosopher! It is a good option for ancient breeds that love to explore, that are smart, and caring. However, remember that this name is for male dogs.

Then, we have Astro, the weird dog name of the canine character from the animated sitcom “The Jetsons”, which can be perfect if you have a male Great Dane, or if it has a gray coat, is clumsy, but also loyal, and playful.

Finally, Dreed, the name of a comic book hero. This name is the right one for dogs that are very big, strong, and confident. An ideal name for breeds like the Shar-Pei and the Tibetan Mastiff. It can also match any dog as long as they showcase similar personality traits.

Names Inspired by Materials & Things

If your male dog has a sturdy body, and actually its most remarkable characteristic is its strength, then you can consider the name Brick for it. It is also a wonderful red dog name, ideal for Coonhounds and brown-colored puppies!

On the contrary, if you have a female girl that has a lively personality, is energetic, joyful, and has a bright coat color, then don’t give it another thought. Choose the name Glitter! It’s beautiful, iconic, and original – making it the ideal mix. Shorten it with Glitzy.

Does your male dog love to sniff, lick, and nudge at objects to find out what they are? Or does he warn you each time he feels something suspicious? If that is the case, then Radar would be a perfect pick.

Foods and Drinks As Weird Names for a Puppy

Taco, the name of a traditional and popular Mexican dish, would suit male dogs that are small in size, yet have strong and bold bodies! Ideally with a yellow coat. Taco definitely suits a puppy Retriever! Must be changed to Burrito once they grow up to be an adult, though ;)

While Stoli, which is Russian vodka. This is a good weird dog name for dogs that have a tough appearance, and a powerful personality. We’ve also got an awesome list of Russian and Soviet dog names!

Another option is Twix, the name of a popular chocolate bar. This is the perfect name idea for female dogs that are small, have a sweet personality, and a brown or caramel coat. If you got twin dogs, then it makes a lot of sense, too!

The next one is Whisky, as an alcoholic beverage. Therefore, if you have a male dog that is an ancient breed, has a golden or brown coat, and is confident, this name is the one for it. It’s also a wonderful Scottish dog name

Finally, the name Noodle that refers to an Italian or Chinese dish, is perfect for both female and male dogs that are skinny, flexible, large, and have curly yellow hair.

List of Weird Dog Names

Here are several options of weird dog names for you to choose from:

  • Abram
    Abraham's birth name.
  • Ace
    Top choice.
  • Ada
    Serene and noble.
  • Adonis
    Phoenician god.
  • Adrian
    As in Hadrianus.
  • Aesop
    A slave.
  • Alistair
    Man's defender in Greek.
  • Alize
    A trio in Ithaca.
  • Ambassador
    High ranking diplomat.
  • Ammo
    As in ammunition.
  • Angus
    One strength.
  • Archer
    Uses a bow and arrow.
  • Ares
    Greek god of war.
  • Aria
    Lioness of God in Italian.
  • Aristotle
    A Greek philosopher.
  • Arlo
    Fortified hill.
  • Arnaldo
    Eagle power in Spanish.
  • Arrow
    Stick with a metal point.
  • Arsenic
    A poison.
  • Astrid
    Godly strength in Norse.
  • Astro
    From the Jetsons.
  • Atilla
    Ruler on Huns.
  • Atlas
    Primordial Titan.
  • Aurora
    From the heavenly lights.
  • Avalon
    Island of Apple in Celtic.
  • Axle
    A gear.
  • Ayra
    Noble goodness.
  • Balba
    Stuttering or stammering.
  • Bam
    From the Flintstones.
  • Bandit
    An outlaw.
  • Banshee
    Female spirit in Irish mythology.
  • Barack
    As in Barack Obama.
  • Barkus
    Inspired from the Mardi Gras parade.
  • Barley
    A wheat.
  • Bash
    A crazy party.
  • Bayou
    Small stream.
  • Bazooka
    One man rocket launcher.
  • Bentley
    An expensive car.
  • Bingo
    Old McDonald's dog.
  • Bismark
    Capital on North Dakota.
  • Bison
    As in American Buffalo.
  • Bixby
    As in Bill Bixby.
  • Blaze
    Out of control fire.
  • Blink
    Fast eye movement.
  • Blitz
    Sudden and concentrated attack.
  • Bolt
    A quick exit.
  • Boone
    An American legend.
  • Brat
    Someone spoiled.
  • Brick
    A block.
  • Brooklyn
    A city in New York.
  • Brutus
    Julius Caesar's best friend.
  • Buffy
    From Buffy the Vampire.
  • Cash
    Paper money.
  • Chai
    A tea.
  • Cheech
    From a comedy duo.
  • Chong
    From a comedy duo.
  • Chopper
    An ax.
  • Churchill
    Prime Minister of England.
  • Cinder
    A piece of wood.
  • Cora
    A maiden.
  • Cronus
    Father of gods.
  • Crush
    To destroy.
  • Cyan
    Aqua blue color.
  • Dammit
    A cuss.
  • Darwin
    From Charles Darwin.
  • Dee
  • Delta
    A military unit.
  • Dex
    As in Dexter.
  • Diem
    Day in Latin.
  • Diesel
    A combustion engine.
  • Dinky
  • Dino
    Little sword in Italian.
  • Doc
    Wise person.
  • Dodge
    To avoid.
  • Dooby
  • Doodle
    Random drawing.
  • Dozer
    Slang for bulldozer.
  • Drax
    From a Marvel comic book.
  • Dredd
    A comic book hero.
  • Dutch
    President Reagan's nickname.
  • Echo
    Sound wave that bounced back.
  • Elke
    Of noble brith in German.
  • Emiko
    Blesses and beautiful child in Japanese.
  • Eva
    Living one in Latin.
  • Face
    Nickname of Templeton Peck.
  • Fera
    Beast in Portuguese.
  • Fern
    Flowerless plant.
  • Finn
    Fair or white.
  • Fire
    Burning wood.
  • Fletch
    Arrow maker.
  • Flora
    Flower in Latin.
  • Ford
    Shallow area of a river.
  • Freeway
    A highway.
  • Gauge
    To make a measurement.
  • Gelta
    Bark in Iceland.
  • Glitter
    A sparkling art material.
  • Godiva
    Gift of God.
  • Goose
    Big waterfowl.
  • Gotcha
    An expression.
  • Gumbo
    A known dish.
  • Gwin
    Wine in Welsh.
  • Harper
    Someone who plays the harp.
  • Heart
    Love and life.
  • Hemi
  • Hero
    A saver.
  • Hopper
    Down the trash.
  • Hoss
    Big and strong.
  • Huxley
    Author of Brave New World.
  • Ice
  • Indy
  • Ion
    An atom.
  • Izzy
    A nickname for Elizabeth.
  • Jafo
    An acronym.
  • Jager
    A booze.
  • Jax
    As in Jack.
  • Jet
    A type of plane.
  • Jinx
    Bad luck.
  • Joli
    Pretty in French.
  • Kaia
    Rejoice or peace.
  • Kal
    Birth name of Superman.
  • Kane
    Fighter in Irish.
  • Karma
    A spiritual belief.
  • Keats
    As in John Keats.
  • Kesa
    Summer in Finland.
  • Kimber
    A gun company.
  • Kova
    Tough in Finland.
  • L'elu
    The chosen one in French.
  • Legend
    A tale about great events.
  • Lexi
    Defender of man.
  • Lobo
    Wolf in Spanish.
  • Luna
    Moon goddess in Roman myth.
  • Lyric
    Words in a song.
  • Mabel
    Lovable in Latin.
  • Mags
    Short for Maggie.
  • Maizie
    Pearl in Latin.
  • Maya
    Power of God.
  • Midge
    Nickname for Margaret.
  • Navy
    Military branch.
  • Nevaeh
  • Nia
    Bright in Ireland.
  • Nishka
    Honest in Hindu.
  • Nitro
    An explosive.
  • Noble
    Upper class in society.
  • Noodle
    An Italian dish.
  • Norah
    Honor in Latin.
  • Nova
    A bright star.
  • Nuke
    Nuclear weapon.
  • Nushkka
    Precious possession in Hindu.
  • Nyx
    Night goddess in Greek.
  • Orion
    A hunter.
  • Ox
    Huge and powerful animal.
  • Pearl
  • Petra
    Stone in Greek.
  • Phoenix
    Major city on Arizona.
  • Piper
    Someone who plays the flute.
  • Pita
    A food.
  • Poppy
    A flower and seed.
  • Quake
    Short for an earthquake.
  • Quinn
    A character from Batman.
  • Rad
    As in radical.
  • Radar
    A detection tech.
  • Rayne
    Variant of rain or reign.
  • Ree
    To captivate or bind in Hebrew.
  • Repo
    As in repossession.
  • Ricochet
    Bounced bullet.
  • Ripley
    From the Alien movies.
  • Riva
    From the shore in French.
  • Roadie
    Someone who lives on the road.
  • Rocket
    A vehicle or weapon.
  • Rockwell
    Inspired from Norman Rockwell.
  • Roo
    A kangaroo.
  • Ruby
    Red in Latin.
  • Ryder
    A knight.
  • Saber
    A sword.
  • Sable
    Black in Old English.
  • Salty
    Tough or abrasive.
  • Sandor
    From The Game of Thrones.
  • Sansa
  • Sativa
    A pot plant.
  • Sedona
    A small town.
  • Sharpie
    Permanent marker.
  • Sheena
    God is gracious.
  • Shep
    Short for Shepherd.
  • Shiva
    A strong deity in Hindu.
  • Sky
    Big blue sky.
  • Sparky
    Lively and energetic.
  • Specs
    Short for spectacles.
  • Sprocket
    A piece of metal.
  • Starr
  • Stein
    Stone on German.
  • Stoli
    Russian vodka.
  • Stryker
    Military vehicle.
  • Styx
    From Greek mythology.
  • Sully
    From Minster Inc.
  • Sumo
    Official sport of Japan.
  • Susi
    Wolf in Finland.
  • Taco
    A Mexican food.
  • Tala
    Wolf in Native American.
  • Tama
    Hope in Maltese.
  • Tank
    Armored vehicle.
  • Taron
    Earth man.
  • Tex
    Related to Texas.
  • Tonks
    From Harry Potter.
  • Toryn
    Chief in Irish.
  • Truffle
    An expensive delicacy.
  • Turk
    As in turquoise.
  • Twix
    Caramel cookie bar.
  • Ursa
    Bear in Latin.
  • Utah
    A state in America.
  • Vida
    Friend or beloved in Scottish.
  • Viper
    A dangerous snake.
  • Vivi
  • Whisky
    A Scottish alcoholic drink.
  • Willow
    Resolute or peace.
  • Winter
    Coldest season.
  • Wolf
    Part of the canine family.
  • Yeats
    Well-known poet from Ireland.
  • Zander
    Short for Alexander.
  • Zara
    To blossom.
  • Zeke
    God will strengthen in Hebrew.
  • Zeva
    Sword in Greek.
  • Zinc
  • Zip
  • Zoom
  • Zulu
    An African ethnic group.

What About Diminutives?

Roo is a word that refers to “kangaroo”. It is a weird male dog name and a weird female dog name at the very same time. It suits an energetic, athletic, shy, but also fierce, and kind of dangerous puppy. While the name Izzy, which is the nickname for Elizabeth, is perfect for female dogs that are elegant, calm, and sensitive.

If your male dog likes music in the background and they are warm, laid back, and friendly, then you can pick the name Tex that is related to Texas. Perfect if you are native from the state if you love it!

Finally, can you guess what name the word Midge refers to? It is the nickname for Margaret. Remember that this name is for female dogs, and if they are powerful, independent, and stubborn sometimes, this will be an excellent choice.

weird names for dogs
Roo is a unisex weird dog name.

Choosing a Weird Puppy Name

A word of caution, though. Picking a name is a fun activity especially with weird puppy names but you do not want to be ashamed of calling your dog in public. Your final choice needs to be child-friendly, too.

We are used to hearing the same names over and over again, so this guide has tried to provide you with several original and unusual dog name ideas. Of course, these names will be difficult to forget, so focus on choosing one according to your pet’s temperament and appearance.

It will be so fascinating to read the name you chose and also the reasons that made you decide on that one. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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