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Breeding Business Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog reviews

The multiplication of products and brands has made the decision more challenging than before regarding buying the right kennel equipment or dog grooming supplies.

Most of our pet product reviews include a buying guide informing you of the essential features to consider while purchasing. Most articles list the best products, and we try to keep these up-to-date by reviewing them regularly and making changes when needed.

Dog Breeding Supplies

A dog breeder needs a lot of supplies to care for his dogs, and that’s whether you have one or ten of them. It is hard to list them all here because different breeds require different needs, but there are some important and essential items every dog breeder should own.

Whelping Box and Whelping Kit

A top-quality whelping box is designed to protect the litter from the cold and the dangers they could face if they could roam free. A whelping box sometimes called a nesting box or birthing box, is where your pregnant bitch will feel comfortable enough to safely contain her puppies during their first days and weeks after birth. On the bitch’s side, each whelping box usually comes with a lower rail called a piggy rail to protect the puppies from being crushed or stifled by the mother.

Additionally, every breeder requires a fully equipped dog whelping kit. It should contain many small items of equipment a breeder may need if the whelping bitch requires some assistance during the delivery of a litter (e.g., round-tipped scissors, plasters, dental floss, surgical gloves…)

Puppy Milk Replacers

If the pregnant or nursing female dog cannot produce enough milk or any at all, you must use puppy milk replacers to ensure the puppy or puppies have all their nutritional needs fulfilled. These come in powder or liquid form and can also be given to pregnant and nursing dogs as great health supplementation.

Manufacturers are entirely aware of how much protein, fatty acids, and carbohydrates puppies need at that very early stage, so these requirements are easily satisfied. However, you’ve got to be careful since young pups need plenty of micronutrients that are less likely to be fully listed on each milk replacer.

Goat’s milk is a natural replacement for puppies since it has a similar composition to the one of a mother dog.

Kennel Cleaner and Disinfectant

Dog breeding is synonymous with having dogs, having dirt, and getting messy nearly daily. You need to pick a kennel cleaner that will not harm your dogs and the surfaces you will use it on. Avoid using it on grass or dilute it further to avoid turning your beautiful green grass yellow.

Cleaning is also what you must do every single day with your dog’s water and food bowls. So many food poisonings originate from these because we keep leaving them for tomorrow. The good news is you can use your regular liquid dishwashing detergent, so you have no excuse to do it.

Dog Thermometers

Whenever you believe your dog is a little feeble or sick – you must check their temperature using a dog thermometer and monitor it over the next hours and days. Once a dog is battling a medical condition (infection, inflammation, pain, etc.), it will generally be accompanied by a rise or drop in body temperature. This is normal and can help you assess whether something needs a vet’s attention or not quite yet. If you breed dogs, you should also take your female dog’s temperature to be aware of active labor and delivery.

Dog thermometers can be intrusive (anal) or more modern using a non-intrusive laser. Both can be effective, but despite scientific progress, off-the-shelf laser thermometers do not seem to have the accuracy of rectal thermometers for dogs, especially as modern thermometers cost way more than your average thermometer.

Tube-Feeding Supplies

Believe it or not, some dogs are so small that their puppies do not have a big enough mouth to latch on a mother’s teat. Even bottle-feeding such puppies is challenging and often impossible.

Tube feeding is performed using a syringe or a catheter tube. These have tiny endings and allow for the puppies in question to be fed smoothly. However, because the holes are so small, giving them their entire meal at each sitting will take much longer. Just be patient; they will soon grow up enough for you to use a regular puppy feeding bottle.

Along with the actual tube, you will need disposable syringes, a heating pad to soothe the dogs during and after each meal, and a calorie-dense supplement to ensure rapid growth.

Puppy Litter Boxes

Many pups are not able or allowed to urinate or defecate outdoors. The main advantages and benefits of puppy litter boxes are to avoid spillage and facilitate cleaning a puppy’s excrement. Adult dogs can even use some litter boxes depending on their body size – ideal for people working long hours and living in an apartment. Some dogs also have bladder control issues, or the weather is so bad you would rather stay home to wait for the storm to be over.

There are several types of litter boxes:

  • the conventional litter box,
  • the pee pad holder,
  • the plastic mesh,
  • the synthetic grass box, and
  • the real grass box.

Each type has pros and cons, ranging from average selling pricing to durability. Pee pad holders are the go-to solution for housetraining puppies, and conventional litter boxes are the most cost-effective option. The grass, whether synthetic or real, is a fancier solution but mimics what the dog will find outdoors whenever they can do their thing there.

Dog Food Containers

Dog breeders like buying their dog food in bulk because it’s cheaper and more convenient. However, bulk buying means you need to be able to store these humongous heavy kibble bags somewhere. Once opened, kibble can quickly lose its palatability, and after a few weeks or days, your dog might turn its nose up and stop eating it.

Storing the kibble in a dog food container will help to keep it fresh for longer, ensuring an ideal level of palatability. There are some very cheap storage boxes as well as fancy metallic containers.

Food Bowls and Water Fountains

Food bowls are probably one of the most overrated pet supplies out there. You need a few; they must be easy to clean and elevated so your puppies can eat comfortably. Besides that, it’s a matter of personal preferences unless you want to invest in a luxury food bowl, in which case prices can skyrocket easily.

Running water is naturally more appealing than standing water. Therefore, dog water fountains are the most effective way to get your dogs to drink more water. This is rooted in every dog’s instinct, as their ancestors favored running streams of water over standing water which was commonly contaminated and simply not clean enough for consumption. Dog water fountains are more of a priority than food bowls.

Automatic Dog Feeders

Dog owners and dog breeders alike are living hectic lives; some have additional jobs, a social life, dog events to attend, etc. During these outings, some of their dogs must remain at home and still be fed the perfect amount at the perfect time. Automatic dog feeders do just that!

There are various models; some can be controlled remotely via smartphone, while others are gravity feeders refilling the bowl when it empties. The best compromise is to get the best electronic dog feeder you can afford and schedule each meal’s time and size.

Once the setup and programming are done, your feeder can do its magic. Ensure it is designed with an anti-jam system to avoid a blockage that would starve your pups at home for long hours!

Dog Scales

As a dog breeder, you must ensure that all your puppies grow correctly per your vet-provided average growth chart. During the first weeks, weighing occurs daily, requiring you to own your dog’s scale. Depending on the breed, you may get away with a cheap puppy scale or want to invest in a long-lasting professional veterinary scale.

Remember, this is not a grooming supply; this is a mandatory breeding supply, so do not think you could get away with it. Weighing your puppies daily can alert you of early signs of a medical issue, so just get one.

Kennels, Pens & Dog Houses

Every dog needs a den in which it can rest peacefully and comfortably. Depending on the dog’s size and preferences, you may opt for an outdoor kennel or a beautiful indoor dog house. In it, you want to make the bedding as cozy as possible using the right padding and materials.

Puppy and Dog Playpens

Dog and puppy playpens are your most important tool if you can’t afford to supervise your pet all the time, perhaps because you work long hours, even from home. An X-pen is a must-have for everybody, even if it is not used daily. It prevents your dog from gnawing on dangerous outlets and teaches them to be happy alone with great toys to play with!

If you have large rooms at home, you may prefer a dog gate to separate a nice part of a room from the rest. Ensure the contained part is puppy-proofed and has enough toys to keep your dog(s) busy.

IATA-Compliant Dog Crates

Most airlines require dogs, and other pets, to be safely confined in IATA-compliant crates during international and long-haul flights. These crates will be kept in the aircraft’s hold and should follow guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association and the airline you are traveling on.

Generally, they require a grid for ventilation, a pouch for the dog’s documents, food and water bowls, metallic nuts and bolts, and a solid frame. They tend to be a little pricier due to their sturdiness, but they should last you a lifetime without any issues, and you can obviously use your IATA crate at home, too.

Soft Dog Crates

Small and medium-sized dogs can quickly be placed in soft dog crates and easily transported anywhere. Soft-sided crates are feeble and fragile, especially with aggressive chewers and scratchers. However, soft crates are ideal for quick journeys since they can be folded within seconds and unfolded for on-the-spot use.

While we do not particularly recommend soft dog crates due to their fragility, they are an excellent, punctual solution for a quick trip. Many people use these at home when they need their dogs safely confined for a few minutes or hours. Additionally, very young puppies can remain in soft crates safely – there is a meager chance of them biting or scratching through.

Heavy-Duty Cages for Dogs

Many dog breeds are known for their power, strength, athleticism, and smartness. With regular crates (even of good quality), such breeds can jump over, chew and scratch through, dig under, and break free. For instance, Dogo Argentinos, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, and bully breeds could all break from a regular high-quality crate.

The solution for these breeds, especially outdoor use, is investing in a heavy-duty cage. They are spacious and as comfortable as you make them. However, they are reinforced and engineered to prevent any dog from escaping. The opening mechanism is specifically designed to prevent escape artists from opening them. The bars are thicker and reinforced to resist heavy chewing and scratching.

Outdoor Dog Kennels

Unlike dog houses, outdoor dog kennels focus more on practicality and less on aesthetics. Dog kennels come in different types:

  • kennel runs — used mainly by shelters
  • boxed kennels — used mainly by farmers
  • dog cages — used mainly by hobby breeders

Due to the various needs of every breeder out there, it is hard to recommend a specific product off the bat. Some breeders require mobility and will need kennels that can easily disassemble or that are wheeled. Others are breeding giant dog breeds and thus require a large contained area with very high panels that could resist an aggressive push from a dog. Because outdoor dog kennels are used outside, most come with a kennel cover and an anti-rust coating.

Outdoor Dog Houses

Outdoor dog houses are beautiful maisonette-looking accommodations for dogs that want to thrive in your garden or backyard. They are generally made of metal mesh or wood and often include a roof to offer some protection against the elements.

Boxed Kennels and Kennel Runs

Whether your dogs are indoors or outdoors, you want to arrange a safe and contained space outside for them to exercise and enjoy themselves. You won’t require that if you live in an apartment.

As much as you would love them to, keeping your dogs running loose in and out of your home is often unrealistic. The safest and more adapted solution for dog breeders is to set up boxed kennels offering your dogs enough space to tire themselves with no risk of disappearing.

We’ve also reviewed the best kennel and crate covers to protect your pets from the elements if they are kept outdoors or just to create a more intimate indoor space.

Dog Bedding Supplies

Well, this is a big category, and we’ve published several in-depth buying guides because different dogs require different beds. Some need orthopedic beds, others require chewproof beds, while others need dog pillows to lounge around and be comfy. Then, some owners need a bed that looks good in the living room or one that is low, high, or just different.

Once you have that dog bed, what do you add to it — some padding, a blanket, some pillows?

Indestructible Dog Beds

One thing dog owners know, regardless of whether you own a pit bull or a chihuahua, our lovely dogs chew, scratch, dig and destroy almost anything they want. Having bought so many dog beds for all my dogs and seeing my friends doing the same, it was about time I wrote a review of the best indestructible dog beds.

A dog bed can’t be utterly indestructible since such material would cost way too much for most of us! However, plenty of K9 manufacturers have put a lot of effort into producing high-quality chewproof, waterproof, and scratch-resistant dog beds, able to last years even with the most intense dogs out there.

Whenever a product promises to be long-lasting and resistant to so many potential attacks, you can expect the odd reviewer to narrate how his or her dog managed to ruin such a dog bed in one hour. But besides these unusual people, our review is full of high-quality beds (except one we single out!)

Extra Large and Giant Dog Beds

Large dogs, and even more so when they get senior, have heavier body that drains and weakens their joints, muscles, and overall bone structure. Such dogs tend to become very at risk with arthritis and hip dysplasia, for example, because of their frame’s fragility.

Providing large and giant dogs with a high-quality XXL dog bed is vital in soothing any pain and reducing the pressure put on their joints. Most dog beds for giant breeds have specific orthopedic features that will make a difference in how your pet sleeps.

We can all sleep on hard concrete and feel okay the next day, but what matters with sleep is having consecutive resting nights for years to reap the benefits. If you have an active or large dog, invest in a memory foam bedding design for dogs. Your pup will thank you later!

Cooling Dog Beds

Summertime is challenging for a lot of dogs that are equipped to handle cold weather better. You have probably witnessed your dog going into your bathroom to sleep on the floor tiles or trying to stay near a slightly open door just to catch some cold air stream. This is a sign that your dog is a tad annoyed by the heat, and since dogs cannot sweat, they need external help to cool down.

Cooling dog beds and pads are engineered to enhance heat dissipation and ventilation. First, the dog’s body heat must be dissipated and not retained (the opposite of what winter dog beds try to achieve). Then, you must ensure fresh air circulates under, around, or through the bed. The elevation or raise is the way most manufacturers do that. For scorching days, using cooling pads will offer some instant relief.

Elevated Dog Beds

Sick, elderly, and injured dogs prefer raised dog beds so they do not need to flex their legs to get in and out of them. However, dogs that suffer from warm weather will enjoy elevated dog beds thanks to the ventilation it inherently provides. Usually, dogs sleep on beds directly on the floor – there is no air circulation below the dog, so the heat remains trapped. With elevation, you allow colder air to circulate and the dog’s body temperature to dissipate.

Elevated dog beds are also recommended for aggressive chewers as they are often built with solid materials and offer fewer opportunities for dogs to chew on them. The mesh your dog will lounge on is essential, and many manufacturers use military-grade fabrics or chewproof blends.

Luxury Dog Sofa Beds

Sofa beds for dogs are hybrids between loungers and fancy dog beds; they are mainly design-focused, but if you are willing to spend enough money, they also get practical and comfortable. One of the best dog couches could easily be an excellent replacement for a damaged dog bed.

Dog sofa beds are usually plush and offer a lot of padding, making them a favorite place to lounge for all dogs. If you own a large breed or giant dog, you may want to ensure you are getting the right product for your pup — a dog couch still has to provide great support for your dog’s body.

Dog Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions for dogs exist for two simple reasons: to provide our pets with added comfort and because, let’s be truthful, it also looks quite relaxed and refined (as long as it is not covered in dog hair)! Using dog pillows in a crate is also a way of making your dog feel more at home in it.

Once you skip the how the dog pillow looks part, you are left with the essence: a great dog pillow is a functional dog pillow, mainly because dogs don’t have that judgment on looks. Dogs prefer an ugly, super comfy pillow over a cute cushion that does not feel right.

If you have puppies at home, you want to focus on having a waterproof cushion or, at the very least, a machine-washable cushion.

Sleeping Bags for Dogs

Dog sleeping bags are a thing, yep! Whether you go for a single overnight escapade or are more of an adventurer with regular camping trips, having a sturdy, long-lasting sleeping bag for you and your dog is a must. There is a minimal choice on the market, and they are not the cheapest — around $100 for the top pick, the Ruffwear sleeping bag.

Several aspects count when deciding on which dog sleeping bag is more suited for your dog. Generally, it’s all about warmth retention, bottom lining for comfortable padding and waterproofing, quality of materials for a long-lasting life, and ease of packing and storing. You want something easy to clean.

Unlike sleeping bags for people, dogs aren’t yet submerged by too many options right now.

Blankets for Dogs

Dog blankets are a mystery because they exist but have no purpose. Sure, they keep our dogs warm, but our puppy also loves them to the point where they keep dragging their favorite blanket all over the house, mopping your floor on their way.

Blankets for dogs are a hybrid of a basic bedding supply and a lovely dog toy.

This is why any dog owner and dog breeder reading this should, as soon as possible, invest in a dog blanket. They are incredibly cheap; you can buy three styles and see which one your dog prefers. Remember, dogs can also have tendencies to play tug-o-war with rags and blankets, so be sure not to overspend in that department!

Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog breeders are often grooming their dogs. They only visit professional pet groomers and salons when a dog show is approaching. Grooming your dog is straightforward as long as you’ve got the right tools, as listed below.

Also, invest in a good dog bathtub and, as a responsible dog owner, a comprehensive dog first aid kit to properly look after your dog’s health rather than just his appearance.

Grooming Tables

The first item on any dog groomer’s shopping list is to get the best grooming table he or she can get for their budget. This does not mean the most expensive or fanciest table at all. Instead, you want a grooming table adapted to the kind of work you will use it for. We have a comprehensive buying guide for the best dog grooming tables.

If you are a dog owner or a dog breeder using the table every month for a couple of hours, you may want to go with a small foldable grooming table. However, if you replace a table for your grooming salon, you will prefer lovely hydraulic grooming tables to help you avoid body fatigue and restrain the pets for safer sessions.

We also have an article focusing on Flying Pig grooming tables from a great manufacturer who offers products ranging from the $100 foldable table to the $800 electric grooming table.

Dog Grooming Kits

A good dog grooming kit is packed with the must-have any pet parent should use to beautify their dog. There are some obvious items, such as nail grinders, scissors, thinners, and brushes. Additionally, some include lightweight dog clippers and cleaning wipes.

Grooming kits are great for those who need a comprehensive set of grooming tools but do not have the time to hand-pick every product within it. Sure, if you attend dog shows, you will prefer to select the best products individually, but if it is just for a grooming session every few weeks, a kit is perfect and more than enough.

Grooming Scissors

There is no great groomer without an excellent leather pouch full of extra sharp dog grooming scissors and thinning shears. Round-tip, thick, heavy, limited edition colors; you name it, a groomer has it. Grooming scissors range from very cheap to very precious and expensive (several hundred dollars); it’s all about what you want to do with them.

When getting involved with dog grooming, you must know what types of dogs you will look after to fill your grooming pouch with the right equipment. Some dogs require particular types of scissors, while others require more detailed work with smaller scissors.

We’ve created a buying guide for grooming scissors and reviewed the World’s best Kenchii grooming shears. Make sure you invest in the right tools in terms of how functional they are and in terms of ergonomic design to reduce wrist fatigue during long trimming sessions.

Dog Clippers

Grooming scissors are declining because dog clippers exist, and they are becoming very, very good. The best dog clippers are manufactured by the same brands equipping your favorite beauty salons and hairdressers: Andis, Wahl, Oster, etc. They don’t just sell regular clippers repackaged and rebranded for dog use! They are built to trim dogs perfectly without any nuisance (heat, vibrations, noise…)

Dogs have sensitive skin, so pet clippers remain cooler even after extended periods; the clipper blades are very sharp for you to trim and go through the coarsest coats. Dogs can also get a little anxious, so quietness is a critical element of dog clippers, while power must be delivered to cut through difficult coats. The Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Clippers are pretty amazing at that!

Because dogs are so different from themselves, pet clippers cater to different use cases; it’s not rare to see a professional groomer with several different clippers for different types of work. Two brands are leading the marketplace, and we’ve also written a face-to-face review comparing Andis vs. Wahl dog clippers.

Some dogs get very anxious when electric trimmers approach them, usually due to the noise and vibration, so we also reviewed the best silent dog clippers. If it’s your first time clipping your dog, check out these tips and look at our list of the different types of clippers.

If you only use dog clippers at home, check out our thorough review dedicated to home dog clippers – they are cheaper and able to do even the most difficult trims for a lot less money. They are only cost-effective because they are dedicated to occasional use. For more frequent or even daily usage, use professional-grade hair trimmers.

Dog Dryers

Grooming always starts with a good wash and rinse; only then the drying process starts. A dog’s skin will get burnt using a regular handheld hair dryer, so you must invest in the best dog dryer possible. There are three types of dog dryers, and we list them below in the order of recommendation:

  1. Forced-Air Dog Dryers — cold air blasted at high velocity to blow water off a dog’s coat
  2. Low-Pressure Dog Dryers — heated air is blown at a low speed, also called a cage dryer
  3. Handheld Dog Dryers — a quieter and weaker version of a human hairdryer

Because heat is such a problem and has already led to the death of dogs in some cases, the first category is the one you should look into as a reflex. Forced-air dog dryers are not just the safest dog dryers out there; they are also the most efficient at drying any type of coat. Thanks to their high pressure and incredible velocity, they will dry the worst double-coated dogs within minutes.

Low-pressure dryers are the second best option: they slowly diffuse heated air and dry the dog through this ambient hot air. You have probably seen these in some grooming salons where they are attached to cages. The only issue is that the groomer has to control the temperature regularly to ensure the dog isn’t slowly burning.

Handheld dog dryers should only be purchased and used by dog owners with an extremely limited budget since they aren’t efficient yet very dangerous. We do not recommend these and would even prefer a dry towel.

Dog Nail Clippers

I’ve never bumped into somebody who enjoyed cutting his dog’s nails. We all usually await that dreaded ‘tok, tok, tok’ nail-tapping noise on the floor to get it done. Many dog owners visit their groomer or vet just to trim the nails, while others have decided that it wasn’t worth the visit, so when it could be done at home using good dog nail clippers — for free!

Now, doing it yourself is a little scary at first. We want to clip the dog’s nails without cutting them quick. Even if you do, it’s not painful and won’t bleed much. Ensure you have plenty of styptic powder to help with the mini wound.

If you aren’t comfortable with the cutting action of nail clippers, you can buy dog nail grinders. These are a little pricier (around the $30 mark), but no cutting is involved. You just grind the excess nail away. It takes a few minutes, and it gives a super slick result. Dogs don’t mind it, either!

Dog Ear Cleaners

One of the most common conditions veterinarians see daily in dogs they examine is an ear infection caused by ear mites, yeast, bacteria, or fungus. We’ve written a short and comprehensive guide to the best dog ear cleaners and their dog ear cleaning guide.

The shape of a dog’s ear is not straight like ours; therefore, using cotton buds would be useless because they cannot reach the end of the dog’s L-shaped ear canal. Most dog owners ignore the hygiene of their dog’s ears and start reacting when it is too late.

Ear cleaning is effortless when done regularly and takes a minute or two maximum. This is pain-free for the dog, even if it’s not necessarily a pleasant moment. But it is required to avoid ear infections caused by ear mites, bacteria, and fungi.

Besides a few exceptions, dog ear cleaners are liquid drops to pour into your dog’s ears, then massage in a circular motion and let be. It’s quick to do and can save you heavy vet bills.

Dog Toothpaste

Dental problems and gum diseases are at the very top of the conditions vets see daily, and here again, it is because dog owners and dog breeders simply cannot be bothered to spend a couple of minutes every day or two to brush their dog’s teeth. The best dog toothpaste will cost you less than $10 and last you for weeks.

Toothpaste for dogs comes in various styles: enzymatic, all-natural, spray, gum sensitive, etc. There even are brushless dog toothpaste for the most excitable or anxious dogs. Brushing the outer side of your dog’s teeth is usually enough since your dog’s tongue will handle the inner side. That will fight harmful bacteria accumulation, plaque buildup, and tartar control.

The bottom line is that you better start brushing your dog’s teeth from today onwards to avoid periodontal issues appearing in a few years. Bad breath, swollen gums, and discolored and crooked teeth can all be avoided if you adopt the right routine from puppyhood!

Dog Colognes

That beautiful scent you can smell on your dog when he or she leaves the groomer, you know? It’s like magic! Groomers widely use dog colognes and deodorants, but we also recommend you have a spray at home to use every few days.

There are two types of colognes for dogs:

  1. Cleaning Colognes — actively fight harmful bacteria and germs to leave fresh skin and coat behind
  2. Masking Deodorants — simply masks foul odors by the use of a more potent and nicer scent

Obviously, you should always focus on actively cleaning dog cologne or deodorant because it is much healthier overall than simply masking the dog’s bad smell. As per usual precautions, use the cologne on a small patch of your dog’s body to ensure he or she reacts well.

Prices are usually low and remain under or around $10 for a bottle that will last you weeks if not months.

Dog Wipes

So easy to use and time-saving in a dog breeder’s daily routine, the best dog wipes you can buy will help you clean your dog’s skin, coat, teeth, ears, eyes, paws, and pretty much anything else. There is a type of dog wipes for most body parts that work. After all, a wipe is just a piece of cloth soaked in a solution that is formulated to perform a particular task (remove foul odors, break bacteria, control tartar buildup, etc.)

Dog owners must be careful when choosing and using wipes since some may be harsher than others. Indeed, some wipes are more of a daily product, while others tend to be recommended curatively since their active compounds are much more substantial.

Antibacterial dog wipes for dogs are so convenient and cost-effective that it would be crazy not to have a pouch at home. Most products available today are resealable and can be kept safely for months.

Medicated Dog Shampoos

Medicated dog shampoos are meant to soothe and relieve a dog’s itchy skin. Medicated shampoos contain active compounds that fight bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms, and parasites. Whatever skin issue your dog has, once you or your vet find the cause, a medicated shampoo can clear the threat.

Finding the best antiparasitic and antiseborrheic dog shampoos is not easy, but the good news is that they are widely available in online stores such as and Amazon. Prices are a little higher compared to regular shampoos, but the formulations and research put into them explain the price increase. Additionally, medicated shampoos are not meant to be used constantly – they are here to fix a medical skin-related issue.

Dog Flea Shampoos

Dog flea shampoos are a curative treatment to rid a dog of all the fleas and ticks it is currently hosting. Flea, lice, and tick shampoos are generally used to treat the problem on the dog, but the pet owner must kill all larvae and adult parasites on furniture, floors, and bedding too.

Flea shampoos for dogs come in various strengths and formulations. You can buy an organic and mild shampoo or go for a much more pungent and astringent shampoo to quickly fix a spread that got out of hand. There is no best product as it depends on many factors, such as your dog’s skin sensitivity levels, how advanced the parasitic infection is, and how quickly you want to sort the issue.

Dog Flea Powders

Every few months, it’s essential to properly clean your entire home and yard, including all dog areas, bedding, and kennels. This will take you a few hours on one day for $30, but you will keep everything clean and parasite-free. An excellent dog flea powder is a must-do since ticks, lice, and fleas are the most common parasites in the home, disobliging a pet.

The advantage of using powder is that the application is rapid and efficient, while the long-lasting effects will allow the product to kill eggs and larvae for the following days and weeks. It’s an ideal cleaning supply for all dog owners and even more for dog breeders.

From chemically-formulated powders that are very concentrated for a full-blast effect to the all-natural Diatomaceous Earth, there is a dog flea powder for all use cases. It’s a matter of taking twenty minutes to read our guide carefully and buying the right product (preventive or curative.)

Dog Flea Collars

Beating fleas is tricky and requires a comprehensive effort to eradicate the problem. Pet parents must clean up the dog’s bedding, the living room’s rug, the sofa, and the dog’s coat. To prevent fleas from using your dog as a comfortable and feast-providing host, you may want to return to the reasonable old solutions: spot-on flea drops and the cost-effective dog flea collars.

Without getting into too many details, flea and tick collars are safe for dogs (not so much for cats). Modern flea collars (e.g., Seresto and Salibor) emit safe levels of insecticides and parasiticides for dogs and their pet parents. Most of them are also acceptable to use on grown-up pups, too. However, it is essential to remember that dog flea and tick collars are preventive, not curative. Meaning you should use them to avoid fleas and ticks rather than remove them once they are there.

Dog Toys

A healthy dog has the right balance between a clean diet and varied activities. Of course, dogs do love fetching their tennis balls or discs, but you must also stimulate the brain to tire your pet. Physical exercising can be done using a dog ball launcher, while mental stimulation can be achieved through training or dog puzzle toys.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Honestly, there are so many Christmas gifts for dogs and dog owners that we couldn’t make a top five or ten. We went as far as doing a top 40 best Xmas gifts for dogs. This is because you can offer pretty much anything from dog food and treats to clippers and pet clothes. Your budget and imagination only limit you.

Generally, gifts to dogs and their owners remain in food and toys. These people and pet pleasers have a low chance of missing the mark. If your budget allows, buy professional dog clippers or a hover to clean up dog hairs. If you buy in advance, you will definitely save big bucks, so get yourself ready in October or November and make a bulk purchase!

Luxury Dog Toys

While dog toys come in so many kinds, sizes, and materials, few costly dog toys target a more premium clientele. To me, this is because most dog toys have a concise life as they either get lost or damaged within hours, days, or weeks. Therefore, pet parents aren’t into spending money on anything premium as it would be wasted.

Yet, a few manufacturers are starting to respond to developing demand from a demanding clientele. Some people are happy to pay more even if the toy goes to the trash within a few days. Additionally, manufacturers generally make more significant margins and markups on dog luxury toys.

Major selling points for luxury dog toys include better materials, enhanced durability, and more innovative designs and engineering.

Toys To Keep Dogs Busy

A lot of dog toys are very simple. Dogs play with a ball that rolls around or chew on a squeaky toy. Unfortunately, if you own an anxious dog, you will quickly realize that these toys cannot stimulate them mentally. If you let your dog alone for hours each day, they won’t play with their ball for all that time. This is how separation anxiety can kick in – they are bored and miss you!

Instead of just purchasing balls and chews, invest in intelligent, interactive toys that will keep your dog busy. Some are pricier, nearing the $30-50 range, but others are much simpler and cheaper yet mentally challenging (e.g., treat dispensing balls). Buy a few of them someday and decide what your dog is reacting to most.

Bully Breed Toys

Dog toys are known to last a few days or weeks at best. Bully breeds tend to reduce that already short lifespan to hours or even minutes in some cases. The breed is not trying to destroy any toy they can lay their jaws on; they have a way more powerful bite than most other breeds, so toys tend to break quickly.

No need to worry, though, if you own one of these breeds – American Bully, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Staffies, Great Danes, Rottweilers, etc. A few manufacturers have engineered long-lasting dog toys that answer the needs of this niche. Some of these toys are virtually indestructible; if your dog manages to bite them off, they will replace the toy as often as needed. This is how strong these toys are.

If you have a strong chewer or just a huge dog, most chew toys just don’t last. We’ve all been through these “indestructible dog toys” that get destroyed within days if not hours. GoughNuts toys are engineered to resist the most robust jaws of all dogs, and if your pet can chew through the toy to expose the Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy.

Chew Toys

As we all know, dogs chew on pretty much anything available—furniture, shoes, sofa, our hands, etc. So we train them to chew toys, and then we keep on buying these chew toys as soon as they are destroyed.

However, what you don’t think about is that while destroying chew toys, our very own dogs swallow bits of these. Most of them are made of rawhide (leather), so you would think it’s ok for them to swallow what is cow skin. Nope, most rawhide is cleaned using chemicals you would not even touch yourself.

If you can afford it, go for healthier and more natural alternatives. They last much longer, so the purchasing price somewhat ends up costing you less with a long-term vision. The most natural and best dog chew toys are:

Dog Treats

“We are what we eat.” – Everybody knows that saying, which is also true for our pets. While a dog’s diet is often thought to be what’s given for their meals, we forget that all the treats we hand them over are actual food. Because we give dogs so many treats, we tend to buy cost-effective big pouches. But what about the ingredients? Most of the time, they are made up of carbs and meat by-products. So it’s ok for a few days and weeks, but given continuously over several months means you are exposing your dogs to some health issues.

Whether for Christmas or all year-round, dog treats must provide as many quality proteins as possible while keeping the calorie count as low as possible. Unless your dog is a big-time trekker, you don’t want him to eat low-quality carbs and fats.

Natural Dog Treats

The pet food industry betrayed dog owners so often that it is hard to believe all of their claims. They often use loopholes and other schemes to make you believe that their products are better than the next ones. And then they price accordingly. However, you will find plenty of neutral reviews online that mention a cheaper product as healthier. However, one thing is for sure, natural and organic dog treats seem to be much better alternatives.

Natural treats offer dogs a more nutritious and bioavailable snack as rewards, supplements, or just as a tasty afternoon biscuit. The key with organic treats is to limit the number of ingredients to avoid food sensitivities (to random additives and fillers). You also want to avoid dog treats that are very high in carbohydrates and grains. These are not necessarily well-digested by dogs; unless your dog is very active, they may be stored as body fat. Prefer meat-based snacking whenever possible!

Dog Training Treats

Training treats for dogs are not like other kinds of biscuits and snacks. Because most training sessions require a lot of positive reinforcement, praise, and treats, you want your training treats to be as small as possible. Many big treats would result in weight gain and, potentially, detrimental obesity. So you got it – you want tiny training treats that have a high value (palatability) while training your dog!

Generally, such treats are small homemade cheese or meat bites. However, many people favor the convenience of buying a back or pouch of training treats to keep the kitchen clean and for long-term storage. Ensure your training treats are not packed with carbs – favor a high meat or fat content! Don’t forget that dogs love cuddles and praise, so vary between treats and praises!

If you are training a puppy, be sure to find the right size, and you also probably want to cut the number of treats you will give away.

Single-Ingredients Dog Treats

Many treats are packed with dozens of poor-quality ingredients, making it harder for dog owners to decipher what’s bad from what’s actually good. Single-ingredient dog treats are more straightforward and much healthier than others. A single ingredient is used for your dog’s treats so you can decide immediately whether it suits your dog.

By only using one ingredient in the recipe, manufacturers send dog owners clear signals: “We are not trying to deceive you, and we are not trying to cheat you.” Of course, that one ingredient may not be of the highest quality, but at least your dog skips on additives, preservatives, and other undesired hidden chemicals. Additionally, by transitioning to single-ingredient treats, you will quickly realize that you could prepare these yourself at home (e.g., cubes of cheddar, dried chicken bites, diced apples).

Freeze-dried Beef Liver Treats

A great option we recommend is giving freeze-dried beef liver treats. The raw dried liver is loaded with Vitamin A to aid digestion and B vitamins to help with fatigue, mental ability, and nerve health. Plus, you can make them at home for a meager price!

Freeze-dried beef liver treats taste incredibly yummy to all dogs – small, large, hairless, muscular, giant, etc. If your pet is a picky eater, you may want to switch to such a delicious treat. The palatability of beef liver is virtually the best, and it can be stored for a very long time thanks to its moisture-free content.

While you could make liver treats yourself by air or oven drying them, you must prepare a batch daily to ensure maximum freshness.

Cold Weather

Wintertime is very difficult for dogs not built to face sub-zero temperatures. Icy weather makes dogs sluggish; they are at a higher risk of hypothermia and can get frostbite if they tend to stay outdoors. However, many products are available to enhance a dog’s experience during the coldest days of winter.

Dog Houses for Winter

Dog houses are great for regular days, but your dog will struggle to stay warm enough in winter. A few kennel makers have solved this problem by building insulated dog houses for cold weather. They are engineered to ensure heat retention and allow some ventilation to keep the dog house fresh.

Winter dog houses boast several features to protect your dog from the freezing cold, snow, wind, and awfully cold elements. For instance, the panes are thicker and more seamless to prevent the entry of any cold air. The floor can be raised to allow for a chamber of warmer air. The door is generally a closeable flap to avoid having a massive hole as a door.

Finally, some dog houses even come with a kennel heater to provide additional warmth, especially useful for dogs outdoors throughout the winter.

Dog House Heaters and Heating Pads

Dogs heat themselves quite well, but not enough during wintertime. Especially when your dogs are left in outdoor kennels or a poorly insulated house. The weakest dogs are the ones that require warmth throughout the coldest days of winter, especially at night. By weakest dogs, I mean older dogs, short-haired dogs, and the pregnant bitch and her puppies.

We’ve also created a straightforward guide on buying the right heating pad for your dog, or for freezing periods; you will need an actual dog house heater.

Sweaters for Large Dogs

If you own a big dog, it may be too big to stay in an actual dog house, requiring other means to get warmer. Large sweaters for dogs are extremely useful for owners or giant and large breeds such as Great Danes, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, and even Newfoundlands.

Make sure you pick quality clothing to avoid problems such as itchy skin, patches, and redness. Quality is essential when picking anything that goes on a dog’s skin. Fleece is an ideal material – it insulates your dog’s body temperature and is very soft. Not every warm fabric is comfortable; even if dogs cannot talk, they prefer soft and smooth fabrics.

Snoods and Neck Warmers

When going on walks in the winter, your dog may need a little help to stay warm. Extremities are especially at risk with frostbites, requiring monitoring and extra warmth. A neck warmer or dog snoods will ensure your dog stays warm for the spots that matter. Snoods and neck warmers are very cheap, and their usefulness is apparent, so the value for money is in there without any doubt.

Choosing the best dog snood for your pet is simple. Focus on what it is made with and how it affects the heating factor and comfort of the product. Never solely pick based on looks and design – while having a great-looking snood is fun, the color won’t influence its usefulness. You may also consider how easy it is to wear and remove the dog’s neck or head.

Dog Winter Boots

Dogs have reactive skins. Yet, we often forget about how sensitive dog paws are. Cold weather is very aggressive and can damage dog paws by freezing nerve endings in the dog’s pads, leading to frostbite. Most veterinarians recommend using paw protectors and winter dog boots whenever the temperature becomes too low for your dog’s liking.

Depending on your dog and where you walk them, they can wear thin, warming socks or more protective boots. Designs vary a lot, and manufacturers focus a lot on convenience, so you use them. Not all dogs get trained to wear these, so they must be very comfortable to avoid dogs going crazy as soon as they are put on them. Ideally, you want your dog to wear them from the beginning so that they are used to them.

Other Discoveries

As a leading dog breeding blog, Breeding Business receives many requests to review, promote and showcase various products. On average, we don’t go ahead nine times out of ten, but we sometimes receive exciting products. At other times, our visitors request comprehensive buying guides for particular items.

Dog Harness

Using a harness for your dog allows for much better weight balancing and repartition on the dog’s body. A harness is a better alternative than regular collars. Indeed, collars tend to strain the necks of the dog without offering much comfort or added value. Dog harnesses focus on specific tasks (no-pull harness, running harness) and audiences (service dogs, police dogs).

The only inconvenience caused by most harnesses is the putting on and taking off… Collars are much easier to wear and remove, but once your dog uses a harness, there is no going back – it is much more comfortable!

Dog Anxiety Vests

Separation anxiety in dogs is a huge problem affecting more dogs than you think. Dog owners live their own busy lives at work, after work, and during weekends, resulting in our little dogs spending more time alone than ever. You guessed it; dogs do not like when we’re away. It stresses them out, and without proper training, it can lead to destructive behavior and depression.

Dog anxiety vests and wraps work by soothing your dog’s anxiety using a particular compression that offers a sense of reassurance. It’s sort of identical to a mother holding her baby for reassurance. And it may sound fantasist, but it most certainly works with 90% of dogs out there.

The most famous anxiety vest is the ThunderShirt, conceived initially to calm dogs down during thunder and lightning. It’s still the leading product on the marketplace today!

Dog Doors

Great dog doors allow your dog to enjoy the outside world and come back when they are done with it. Now, the principle is simple, but its implementation can differ. Safety is an essential focus for manufacturers of doggy doors. Indeed, you do want to allow your dog to come in, but you don’t want random stray dogs or foxes to come over for an evening drink in your home.

Therefore, when picking a dog door, the principal feature you will look for is whether you want:

  • an intelligent dog door that only allows through the dogs it recognizes the microchip of
  • a regular plastic dog door that allows all dogs with some extra features (scheduled timings, one-way restrictions, etc.)

Over the last few years, buying an intelligent dog door has become the norm. It’s just much safer and makes more sense.


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