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3 Best Forced-Air Dryers For Dogs

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Published on
Wednesday 23 November 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best forced air dryers for dogs
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Forced air dryers are the most powerful yet gentle dog dryers on the market. They are conceived to be the fastest at drying all dogs with any type of undercoat and coat combination.

Popular brands and manufacturers of force dryers are, in no particular order, MetroVac, XPOWER, Flying Pig, and B-Air.

Because their quality and efficiency are the highest amongst regular pet dryers — prices usually go beyond the $100-mark. On the bright side, top quality force dryers usually don’t surpass the $200-mark. For lower budgets, we wrote a very popular article on the best pet dryers, ideal to use after a good wash and trim. We also have a review of the best stand dryers for groomers who prefer such configuration.

What Matters In a Dog Forced Air Dryer?

How do high-velocity dryers work to be so fast and efficient, yet so quiet? They commonly have two small reverse vacuum motors used alternatively for superficial drying, or together for thicker coats. These blow cold air through a nozzle to force the water off the dog’s top and undercoats without the need for hot air that would damage the dog’s skin.

So now you know that there is no need for an added heater because the high-pressure blow does the job itself, even with the thickest and dirtiest coats.

Groomers must remain very careful with the dog’s sensitive areas. Genitals, ears, and eyes are some of the most fragile body parts in any pet and therefore require manual cleaning and drying, or the use of a lower speed if available.

Pros of Forced Air Dryers for Dogs

Always easy to say XYZ is the absolute best but it’s better when you succinctly explain why. So here is why forced air dryers, also called high-pressure dryers, are the best dryers for dogs without an ounce of doubt.

  • High-pressure air flow — a lot of time saved
  • Quietness — insulated for quiet operation and anxious pets
  • No heating — cold air is much gentler on skin
  • Durability — force dryers are built for professionals

Cons of Forced Air Dryers for Dogs

Being the best does not exempt force dryers to have one main problem:

  • Pricing — usually above the 100-dollar mark

However, the price range is rather narrow, starting from $100 and rarely going beyond the 200-dollar mark.

Forced-air dryers drying time
Forced-air dryers can cut drying times of the thickest coats by up to four times. (background image credits: metrovac)

3 Best Forced-Air Dog Dryers

There aren’t many products of quality available since the demand is not very large. Only a true professional groomer or a very demanding dog owner would want to buy a forced-air dryer for his dog(s).

Here are the top 3 best force dryers for dogs!

1. Metrovac’s Air Force Commander Dryer

The Metrovac’s Air Force Commander Dog Dryer is a clear win winner. With all features considered, it offers the best value for money and is designed to last with an all-steel construction.

The MetroVac’s flagship force dryer has a powerful 4HP variable speed motor paired with an air filter to always have a top-quality airflow cutting drying times for short-haired breeds by two-thirds.

The frame offers dual-mounted legs to allow use on the floor or tabletop as well as standing vertically or horizontally. In the package, you will find useful attachments such as a groomer rake, an air concentrator, and an air flare tool. You’ll get plenty of length to move around thanks to the 12ft cord and 6ft hose. The velcro wrap even comes with it.

It’s a groomer’s must-have dog dryer.

2. XPOWER Mobile Pro Force Dryer

The quietest and most powerful motor of all force dryers listed here, the XPOWER B-4 would be an excellent winner if only it was priced a little less. Otherwise, it is a wonderful machine:

  • 120 CFM airflow
  • quiet 3 HP brushed motor
  • variable speed up to 21000 RPM
  • 4 nozzles for versatile uses

The XPOWER B-4 Force Dryer has a rubber bottom for extreme stability and the machine is lightweight when compared to the competition. Also, and probably why the price is higher than your average forced air dryer, the motor has an improved carbon brush design to offer 40% less noise than the nearest competitor.

3. B-Air BPD-1 Bear Power Pet Dryer

Boosted by its specs, this B-Air dog dryer embeds a strong 2 HP motor delivering 33,000 FPM. For those of you who don’t understand this, it’s pretty good for the price, especially when you consider it also has two speeds available. For example, with two long-haired Lhasas, you can dry them both in around 15-20 minutes each.

The latest deliveries have seen a harder hose which may be a little less comfortable to use over time. Four nozzles are coming with this pet dryer:

  • fluffing nozzle — soft airflow for face, paws, and sensitive areas drying
  • cone nozzle — concentrated airflow to get deep into the undercoat
  • brush nozzle — brushing out shedding coat while drying
  • slot nozzle — dries and flattens hair to avoid knots

Perhaps the main disadvantage, when compared to the MetroVac’s Air Force Commander, is the louder noise coming out of the B-Air. It may not be an issue for some pets but most might feel a little anxious if not used to it. However, it’s much quieter than a regular hairdryer.


If you have the budget, you should naturally lean towards the XPOWER B-4 Plus Mobile Pro thanks to its quiet and very powerful 3HP motor. Lower budgets would favor the MetroVac’s Air Force Commander who is a bestseller thanks to its great specs and lower price.

Forced air dryers are 99% of the time a massive upgrade from regular pet dryers, so even a cheaper option would be good. However, once you go past the learning curve, you will want a force dryer with variable speed, flexible hose, higher pressure, and so on. This is why the B-Air is last on our podium.

We’ve also reviewed the best dog grooming tables as well as the famous Flying Pig grooming tables.

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