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Perhaps you think I started this website simply because I am passionate about dogs and dog breeding. Well, it’s totally true! I love how each dog is a story in itself, and each breeder is an artist (or scientist, or both). But more importantly, I created BreedingBusiness.com because I care about dog breeders immensely.

Dog breeders are some of the most painstaking, conscientious and generous people I came across. Regrettably, most breeders burn out and break down because their passion for breeding and raising healthy dogs is completely separate from the actual business side of running a kennel. To add insult to injury, there is no leading resource to help breeders solve their business problems. Until now…

Enter BreedingBusiness.com – your headquarter for inspired articles and resources! Find content to help you grow and improve your breeding business, and make your life as a pet parent trouble-free.

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At BreedingBusiness.com, we believe dog breeders are incredibly altruistic to their dogs and to their community. Indeed, people from anywhere and everywhere come to breeders to find and adopt their companion of a lifetime. Breeders truly represent love and care but this time it is our turn to help breeders because they deserve it so much.

Our mission is to empower you as a strong tribal leader of your fan base. We’ll bring to light efficient online marketing strategies, offline community organizing tips, smart branding moves, and more that will make your breeding business reputable and worth talking about. Yes, this is exactly why I created BreedingBusiness.com: I want to help breeding business owners and carers like you build a thriving and profitable business that brings you boundless satisfaction and supports your ideal lifestyle.

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