List of the Best Dog Names

The largest curated list of dog name ideas with their meanings categorized manually. Select the most relevant category and pick a cool name for your puppy:

Discover thousands of popular dog names handpicked for new puppy owners. To make it more meaningful, we have broken down our curated list of puppy names into multiple categories ranging from unique pup name ideas to yellow dog names.

Picking a name for a dog is no easy task – it is a choice that’ll last for over a decade! In fact, it is close to a science. It needs to be memorable yet original, short but unusual, etc. From dog names of kings to Alaskan cities, we’ve got your new puppy’s name covered!

Dog name ideas we offer you generally come with an explanation of their actual meaning. Indeed, you do not want to name your amazing dog some random name that might actually mean something offensive. Every one of our dog names is placed in a category for a reason and we’ll let you know why (unless it’s obvious or inherently vague).

5 Tips When Choosing the Right Dog or Puppy Name

The Internet has hundreds of lists of perfect dog name ideas for cute dogs, large dogs, small dogs, toy breeds, aggressive dogs, and so on. Although you could, you should never pick a new puppy name just because “it sounds great”. This is the perfect recipe for a disaster to come!

Here are five golden rules when you are in the process of deciding on a dog name for your new puppy.

1. Never Use an Offensive Word

Going eccentric is fun and exciting. Going offensive is a questionable behavior for any pet parent. Try to stay conservative with your shortlisted dog name ideas and even more with the final choice. We call our dogs several times every single day, and it’s often done in public.

While you may enjoy “Fatty” for your future bulldog, you may be near an overweight person in a park the next time you’ll call your dog. It may lead to unnecessary stress for you and potentially to some arguments.

So make sure you don’t cross that offensive line and leave some padding!

2. Research Shortlisted Dog Name Ideas

Especially when dogs are puppies, so many random people casually approach you in the streets. They will ask you for the meaning of your dog’s name and they may be aware of something related that you did not know about.

For example, having a German Shepherd called Adolph would be a terrible idea. And if you do not see why a lot of people will. Such uncanny coincidences will inevitably lead to awkward moments. Therefore, go ahead and spend some time researching your favorite dog names to make sure they are great ideas with no hidden unfortunate meaning.

3. Keep It Short, Even When It’s Long

Long names can evoke so much more than short names. I agree. But even when you decide on the best long name for your dog, come up with a shorter dog name that will actually be used daily. Trust me, you won’t call your dog Angus Von Wigglebottom every day but you might call him Bitty, or Angus.

The dog’s registration paperwork and pedigree will show the long version, but people in the know will use the intimate version of your pup’s name. By doing that, you can feel lighter when picking the official and formal name of your dog and go as crazy as you truly want! Just make sure you have a shorter name to go with it.

4. Don’t Pick Common Names

One day at a park, a fellow dog owner called his dog – “Rex, come!” and three other dogs stopped playing, and turned around. True story.

You need to consider uniqueness and originality in your final dog name. Avoid Max, Rex, Charlie, Bob, Bella, Luna, etc. Look up the most popular dog names and perhaps avoid all of them as a starting point, ha! If you mainly spend time alone with your dog then you won’t have the same issue as that pet parent in the park. But if you are constantly out and about mingling near other dogs, you may want to be a little more original and less common than initially planned.

5. Dog Names Should Evoke Something

While our Dog Name Center offers dozens of puppy name categories, you do want to browse only the ones that your dog can relate to. For example:

If you just went through a tough ordeal like losing a parent or sibling, you could name your new puppy after them. If you love and miss the city you lived in previously, that could be a good idea too. Just make sure you don’t just pick a random word and turn it into a pet name. While this is totally doable and fine, it’s a little less meaningful.

What’s Your Favorite Category of Dog Names?

This page contains our top categories of amazing name ideas for your new dog or puppy. What’s your favorite, and why?

If there are some dog name idea categories you would want us to thoroughly research and add, please email us and we’ll work on it right away!

best dog names

There is no right or wrong dog name idea when you have finally have a shortlist. You then need to go with your heart and perhaps ask your friends, and even more, your family and children. Remember that a dog’s name lasts for over a decade, and it is used every single day – at home, at the vet, at the cafe, in public spaces, etc! And I have yet to hear from a dog owner who changed their dog’s name during the dog’s lifetime – so make the right decision!

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