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130+ Greek Dog Names – Inspired By Greek Mythology, Travel & Culture

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greek dog names

Would you like to discover the best Greek dog names? Straight from the land of epic gods, amazing and vibrant history, delicious cuisine and paradisiac destinations, Greece is an excellent source of inspiration for puppy names.

We have used the almighty and mesmerizing Greek mythology to elaborate this list, along with other topics such as history, mythology, music, Greek language, food, culture, literature, celebrities and more.

Whether you have a Greek dog or because you simply love the country, our list will help you. Especially because you can use our different sections to orientate yourself towards the ideal Greek name for your puppy.

Greek Puppy Names Inspired by Gods

Greek mythology is an amazing source of inspiration. We have divided this sub-section into two parts. First, we are going to cover all the Greek name ideas for male puppies.

If you have a puppy that loves the sun, then you could name it Apollo as a powerful Greek dog name. It is the God of the sun, and therefore, it is an excellent recommendation. Likewise, it would be a wonderful pick for a yellow-coated or golden dog such as the Golden Retriever and the Carolina Dog, as well as mixes like the Pomapoo or the Irish Doodle.

If your puppy is from an exceptionally strong breed, then you could choose Ares, which is the God of war and definitely a Greece-inspired dog name. A name transmits power, braveness, and strength from the first time you hear it. It would be a perfect choice for dogs like the Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler or Irish Wolfhound.

Do you have a puppy that is an absolute sweetheart? Then you could name it Eros, just like the God of love. Although most dog are affectionate, some breeds like the Affenpinscher, the Great Dane, and King Charles Spaniel tend to express it more.

If you have an especially sleepy puppy, then you could choose Hypnos, which is the God of sleep. It stands out from the crowd and is perfect to define a characteristic trait of your dog, like the Pug or the Basset Hound.

Do you love to explore the forests? If you want your dog to go with you in your adventures, then you could name it Pan, as the God of woods.

List of Greek Dog Names

Here are several options of greek dog names for you to choose from:

  • Achelois
    A moon goddess.
  • Acropolis
    Highest in Greek.
  • Aeolus
    God of air and the winds.
  • Aether
    God of light.
  • Aggeliki
    Like an angel.
  • Agora
    Public space in ancient Greek.
  • Aiketerine
  • Alastor
    God of family feuds.
  • Alectrona
    Goddess of the sun.
  • Alexandra
    Defending mankind.
  • Alexandros
    Defending men.
  • Amphitrite
    Wife of Poseidon.
  • Anastasia
  • Anastosia
  • Andreas
    Manyl or masculine.
  • Anna
    Name of king.
  • Antheia
    Goddess of gardens.
  • Antonis
  • Aphrodite
    Goddess of love and beauty.
  • Apollo
    God of the sun.
  • Ares
    God of war.
  • Argos
    City in Argolis.
  • Artemis
    Goddess of the moon and hunting.
  • Asclepius
    God of health and medicine.
  • Astraea
    Goddess of justice.
  • Ate
    Goddess of mischief.
  • Athanasios
  • Athena
    Goddess of wisdom.
  • Athens
    Largest city in Greece.
  • Atlas
    The Primordial Titan.
  • Atropos
    One of The Fates.
  • Baslikike
  • Bia
    Goddess of force.
  • Boreas
    God of the North Wind.
  • Caerus
    God of luck and opportunity.
  • Calliope
    One of the Muses.
  • Calypso
    The sea nymph.
  • Castor
    One of the twins of Gemini.
  • Cerus
    The bull of the Taurus constellation.
  • Ceto
    A sea monster goddess.
  • Charalampos
  • Chrisos
    Bearing Christ.
  • Chronos
    God of time.
  • Circe
    A goddess.
  • Clio
    One of the Muses.
  • Clotho
    One of the Fates.
  • Corinth
    Another well-known Greek city.
  • Crios
    The crab of the Cancer constellation.
  • Cronus
    Father of the Titans.
  • Cybele
    Goddess of wild animals.
  • Delphi
    Ancient sanctuary and wealthy city.
  • Demeter
    Goddess of the harvest.
  • Demetra
    Goddess of corn and harvest.
  • Despoina
    Mistress or lady.
  • Dimitris
  • Dionysus
    God of wine and pleasure.
  • Doris
    A Sea nymph.
  • Eileithyia
    Goddess of childbirth.
  • Eirene
  • Eleni
    Shining light.
  • Elias
    Jehovah is God.
  • Elpis
    The spirit of hope.
  • Emmanual
    God is with us.
  • Eos
    Goddess of the dawn.
  • Erato
    One of the Muses.
  • Erebus
    God of darkness.
  • Eris
    Goddess of strife.
  • Eros
    God of love.
  • Eurus
    God of the East Wind.
  • Euterpe
    One of the Muses.
  • Evangelia
    Bringer of good news.
  • Evanglos
    Bringing good news.
  • Gaia
    Goddess of the Earth.
  • Georgia
  • Georgios
    Farmer or earth worker.
  • Hades
    God of the dead.
  • Harmonia
    Goddess of harmony.
  • Hebe
    Goddess of youth.
  • Hecate
    Goddess of magic.
  • Helios
    God of the sun.
  • Hemera
    Goddess of daylight.
  • Hephaestus
    God of fire.
  • Hera
    Goddess of goddesses and women.
  • Hercules
    The strongest man on Earth.
  • Hermes
    Messenger of the gods.
  • Hesperus
    The evening star.
  • Hestia
    Goddess of home and fertility.
  • Hygea
    Goddess of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Hymenaeus
    God of weddings.
  • Hypnos
    God of sleep.
  • Ioanna
    Gift from God.
  • Ioannis
    God is gracious.
  • Iris
    Goddess of rainbows.
  • Kefalonia
    The largest of the Ionian Islands.
  • Khione
    Goddess of snow.
  • Konstantina
    Firm of purpose.
  • Konstantinos
    Firm of purpose.
  • Kratos
    God of strength and power.
  • Kyriake
    Of the Lord.
  • Lachases
    One of the Fates.
  • Maia
    Goddess of fields.
  • Mania
    Goddess of insanity.
  • Maria
  • Melpomene
    One of the Muses.
  • Michael
    Who is like God.
  • Momus
    God of satire, writers, and poets.
  • Morpheus
    God of dreams and sleep.
  • Myrtos
    Beautiful coastal village.
  • Nemesis
    Goddess of vengeance.
  • Nicholaos
    Victory of the people.
  • Nika
    Goddess of victory.
  • Notus
    God of the South Wind.
  • Nyx
    Goddess of night.
  • Oceanus
    Titan god of the ocean.
  • Olympia
    A sanctuary of ancient Greece.
  • Pan
    God of woods.
  • Panagiota
    All holy.
  • Panagiotis
    All holy.
  • Paraskevi
    The day of preparation.
  • Parthenon
    Former temple on the Athenian Acropolis.
  • Patras
    Name with a distinctly Greek flare.
  • Persephone
    Goddess of the Spring.
  • Petha
    Goddess of persuasion.
  • Pheme
    Goddess of fame and gossip.
  • Phosphorus
    The morning star.
  • Plutus
    God of wealth.
  • Pollux
    One of the Gemini twins.
  • Polyhymnia
    One of the Muses.
  • Poseidon
    God of the sea.
  • Rhea
    Goddess of nature.
  • Selene
    Goddess of the moon.
  • Sofia
    Wisdom or wise.
  • Spiros
  • Tartarus
    God of the underworld.
  • Terpsichore
    One of the Muses.
  • Thanatos
    God of death.
  • Theodoros
    Gift of God.
  • Tyche
    Goddess of fortune and prosperity.
  • Typhon
    God of monsters.
  • Urania
    One of the Muses.
  • Uranus
    God of the sky.
  • Vasilis
  • Zelus
    The god of jealousy.
  • Zephyrus
    God of the west wind.
  • Zeus
    God of lightning.

Dog Names Inspired by Goddesses

If you have a female puppy that loves to play in your garden, then you could name it Antheia, which is the Goddess of the gardens. A wonderful Greek dog name indeed! Self-explanatory, and in addition, it sounds beautiful and unique. Therefore, it is an excellent choice.

If you want to make the beauty of your puppy to stand out, then you could choose Aphrodite, which is the Goddess of love and beauty. It makes even more sense if your pet is especially affectionate, like our previous example with Eros.

For a strong female puppy, you could opt for Bia, which is the Goddess of force. It would be a great choice for a Rottweiler or English Mastiff. It is short, sweet and feminine, yet it inspires strength and power at the same time.

In case you have gotten a puppy because you want it to be your companion during your adventures in the outdoors, then you could choose to name it Cybele, which is the Goddess of wild animals. We recommend it because it has a solid meaning behind it, and on top of that, it sounds good and feminine.

If you have a puppy with a white coat like the Samoyed or the Komondor, then you could name it Khione, which is the Greek Goddess of snow and is a perfect Greece-inspired female name for white dogs. We like this name because it matches a key characteristic from your dog, and in addition, it sounds different and special.

Finally, if you want a short name, then you could opt for Eos, which is the Goddess of the dawn. If your puppy is an early-riser, then it makes even more sense to choose this name.

Name Ideas Based on Greek Words

As you have seen, mythology is an amazing source of inspiration, and you will find more related names on our list. Nonetheless, now you are going to read our suggestions based on Greek words.

For example, if you have a male pup, then you could choose Phosphorus, which means “the morning star”. A strong meaning behind it, and therefore, a great choice.

If you liked our previous suggestion, but you have a female pup, then here you have an alternative, Eleni, which means “shining light”. It is an excellent choice for very active and happy dogs, which transmit such vibe anywhere they go.

If your pup is especially calm and affectionate, then you could name it Aggeliki, which means “like an angel”. Some dogs are very tranquil and peaceful, and such a name will fit the bill perfectly. It would be a good choice for breeds like the Bulldog or the Newfoundland.

Do you feel very fortunate to have such a lovely pet in your life? Then you could honor this feeling by calling it Ioanna, which means “gift from God”. It is one of the most beautiful Greek puppy names for female pups.

Greek Dog Names
130+ Greek Dog Names – Inspired By Greek Mythology, Travel & Culture

If your dog feels like a king, then you could name it Vasilis. Some dogs tend to display this kind of attitude, and therefore, it makes a unique trait that you can use to choose the name for your pet.

Finally, if your puppy is especially innocent, then you could call it Aiketerine. It is a female name by the way, but it is self-explanatory since it transmits such vibe. It is beautiful and sounds unique, and therefore, it is an excellent choice.

Closing Down

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing Greek dog names. Now you have our list in your hands, along with our short guide that has brought you excellent recommendations, which you can use to match specific traits of the personality of your dog.

Our recommendation for you is to study each name and its meaning patiently, so you can pick the one that describes and identifies your dog the best.

Make sure you read through our other dog name lists!

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