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Yorkie Dog Names: 90+ Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Name Ideas for Males & Females

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yorkshire terrier dog names

No idea on how to name your Yorkie? Say no more! Our list of Yorkie dog names will come in handy since we will share with you dozens of ideas on how to name your puppy!

We have explored all the most remarkable traits of this breed to build our comprehensive list. Both temperament and appearance. You just have to pick a name that truly represents the essence of your pet.

We know, not all Yorkies are the same! Worry not, we have names for each type of temperament and personality. Just read our guide and you will discover the perfect name!

Check out thousands of dog name ideas broken down by meaningful categories!

List of Yorkie Dog Names

Here are several options of yorkie dog names for you to choose from:

  • Abby
    Father's happiness.
  • Alice
    Truth and noble.
  • Angie
    Bringer of good tidings.
  • Ariel
  • Arnie
  • Bailey
    Trusted guardians.
  • Banana
    A fruit.
  • Bandit
  • Barbie
    Barbie doll.
  • Baxter
    Baker of bread.
  • Beemer
    BMW motorcycle.
  • Benji
    Son of my right hand.
  • Bentley
    A farm.
  • Binky
    Blanket or pacifier.
  • Biscuit
    Cookie or cracker.
  • Booker
    Beech tree.
  • Caeser
    Title for Roman emperors.
  • Carson
    Dweller by the marshes.
  • Charlie
    Natalie Portman's Yorkie.
  • Chelsea
    A port.
  • Chewy
    Inspired by Chewbacca.
  • Cinderella
    Paris Hilton's Yorkie.
  • Codi
  • Corky
    Lively and buoyant.
  • Desi
    Yearning, sorrow, and desired.
  • Dinky
    Small size.
  • Dixie
    Femaile from Southern America.
  • Dora
    A cartoon character.
  • Dudley
    People's meadow.
  • Emmy
    A statuette award.
  • Fergie
    Female singer.
  • Frankie
    Miranda Kerr's Yorkie.
  • Frisky
  • Fritz
    Peaceful ruler.
  • Fudge
    Soft and rich candy.
  • Gizmo
    Fashionable and expensive brand.
  • Gunner
    Ambitious and competitive.
  • Hero
  • Hershey
    Brand of chocolate.
  • Jackson
    Son of Jack.
  • Jade
    Precious jewel.
  • Jasper
    Master of treasure.
  • Juliet
  • King
    A sovereign ruler.
  • Lakota
    Indian tribe.
  • Lolli
  • Louis
    Famous battle warrior.
  • Luke
  • Macaroni
    A pasta.
  • Maisy
    Mass or measure in German.
  • Marley
    Lake in the meadow.
  • Marlo
    Drift wood.
  • Mia
  • Mickey
    Like unto the Lord.
  • Milo
    The miller.
  • Moses
    From the water.
  • Mr. Famous
    From the Audrey Hepburn's movie.
  • Nicky
    People's victory.
  • Oreo
  • Oscar
    Divine spearman.
  • Paris
    Brand of perfume.
  • Pebbles
    Girl from Flintstones.
  • Penny
    Weaver and wife of Ulysses.
  • Pilot
    The one flying an aircraft.
  • Pixel
    Loves to travel.
  • Princess
    Member of a royal family.
  • Prowler
  • Prozac
    Medication for depression.
  • Quik
    Fast and rapid.
  • Radar
  • Reese
  • Rocco
    Kristin Cavallari's Yorkie.
  • Rowdy
    Rough and disorderly.
  • Rusty
    Covered in rust.
  • Sassy
    Lively and spirited.
  • Sawyer
    Draws wood for a living.
  • Scooby
    Famous cartoon character.
  • Scout
    Dispatched to gain information.
  • Serena
    Tranquil or serene.
  • Smoky
    Like smoke.
  • Sparkie
    Shining and glittering.
  • Spartacus
    Thracian slave, gladiator, and insurrectionist.
  • Spencer
  • Spike
    Joan Rivers' Yorkie.
  • Star
    Celestial body.
  • Sugar
    Sweet powder.
  • Suzie
    Graceful Lily.
  • Sylvia
    From the forest.
  • Talia
  • Tiger
    Ivanka Trump's Yorkie.
  • Tilly
    From Mathilda.
  • Tiny Tim
    From A Christmas Carol.
  • Toffee
  • Topper
    Something on top.
  • Tuffy
    Character from Tom and Jerry.
  • Tweety
    A cartoon character.
  • Vegas
    From Las Vegas.
  • Vida
    Gisele Bundchen's Yorkie.
  • Winston
    From a friend's estate.
  • Zelda
    Grey battle-maiden.

Yorkie Puppy Names Inspired by Foreign Words

At Breeding Business, it is almost a tradition to use foreign words to find names for dogs. In this opportunity, find below the best options for your Yorkie.

We all can say that these little pups are interesting, to say the least. You could name your Yorkie Darius – it means “interesting” in Persian. Bonus points if you are looking for an exotic name because it will fit the bill perfectly.

If you liked our previous name, then you will also like this one, Jasper. It means “bringer of treasure” in Persian, and therefore, it is an excellent choice. If you feel your pet is bringing you luck and fortune into your life, then it will be a suitable option.

You can agree with us that dogs are valuable parts of our families, and therefore, they are like a jewel in a sense. Therefore, you could name yours Beryl, which means “sea-green jewel” in Greek. If you live near the coast or you simply love the sea, then here you have an excellent choice for you.

If you want a name that expresses a message similar to our previous pick, then you could name yours Bonbon. It means “sweets, good or bonus” in French. A pet will always make your life better, and therefore, it is a good option. On top of that, it sounds sweet and docile, which matches the personality of the average Yorkie.

You can agree with us that dogs bring happiness to our lives. So just name yours Felix, which means “happy” in Latin. Or Feliz, in Spanish. We like the name because it is short, beautiful and iconic. Everyone will be surprised when you explain the meaning of the name of your dog because it is inherently interesting.

Do you like Latin names? Then here we have another excellent suggestion for you, Aurelius. It means “the golden one”. Another good reference to all the great things that your pet brings into your life.

yorkie dog names
Our list of the best Yorkshire Terrier puppy names!

Names Inspired by Famous Yorkies

Since this breed is very popular, we have plenty of Yorkies that belong to celebrities like Paris Hilton and Natalie Portman. You can also check out our long list of celebrity dog names. Below, you will find our top choices, so you can get inspired, and find the perfect name for your pet.

We love the name of Paris Hilton’s Yorkie, Cinderella. It matches the appearance and personality of the breed in all senses, and from what we have seen, her Yorkie is especially sweet and docile.

However, what can you do if you have a male Yorkie? Natalie Portman faced the same, and she decided to name her pet Charlie. An adorable name matches the temperament and appearance of your pet just fine. Without any doubts, one of the sweetest choices from our list.

A similar name is Frankie, like Miranda Kerr’s Yorkie. Similar to our previous choice, it instills key traits from the temperament of this trait, and thanks to its lovely appearance, you will convey the message perfectly.

If you are looking for a funnier name, then you could use Rocco, like Kristin Cavallari’s Yorkie. These dogs are also very fun and they love to entertain, so this name also matches them perfectly. If you have noticed that the temperament of your dog is especially funny, then it will be an even better option.

Another fun and interesting name is Spike, like Joan River’s Yorkie. Even though it is not that uncommon, it will still make your pet stand out from the crowd, since it is a fun, interesting and fresh name.

Now, if you are looking for an ironic name, then you could name your Yorkie like Ivanka Trump’s, Tiger. These dogs are small and adorable, so using this name will create the perfect sweet irony that will get everyone impressed and talking. Furthermore, it will help if your dog has an especially alert and courageous temperament since it will complement the irony perfectly.

Finally, you could name yours Vida, like Giselle Bundchen’s Yorkie. It means “life” in Spanish, and for several reasons, it will fit your pet just well. It expresses that your dog is a lively being that brings joy, and we all can agree that our pets – especially Yorkies – awaken such feelings in us.

Quick Conclusion!

Just like that, we have concluded our list of the best Yorkie dog names. As you can see, you have plenty of options at your disposal, and all it takes is to explore our list and tips patiently.

Furthermore, do not be afraid to mix it up yourself. For example, you can choose a name like Spike and twist it yourself, and come up with variations like Spiky, Spikus and the like. Be creative and break the mold, because you will end up with pretty interesting and unique names!

Published on
Thursday 6 February 2020
Last updated on
Monday 3 February 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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