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180+ French Bulldog Names – Cool Frenchie Puppy Name Ideas for your Flat-Faced Pooch!

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French Bulldog Names

Do you have a beautiful French bulldog at home? Then you will fall in love with our French bulldog names list because we are going to help you to find the perfect name for your pet.

We have built this list by taking inspiration from several topics, many based on French history and culture. Nonetheless, we have also obtained suggestions based on the temperament and appearance of this lovely and cute breed.

Long story short, use our guide, because we include sections with specific ideas and recommendations, to find that name that will represent your French bulldog in every single sense!

Browse our list of thousands of great dog name ideas with their meanings!

French Bulldog Puppy Names by Foreign Words

When you have such a rich landscape of languages, it is not only wise but the right thing to explore the meaning of foreign words, because they can make amazing names for your French bulldog.

I think we all can agree that French bulldogs are very interesting, thanks to their lovely appearance and sweet temperament, and therefore, the name Darius makes perfect sense, because it means “interesting” in Persian.

If you liked our previous suggestion, then you will also like our next name, Jasper. It means “bringer of fortune” in Persian, and it is an excellent choice if you feel that your pet has brought you fortune and good luck into your life since it arrived.

Would you like to highlight the beauty of your female French bulldog in a fantastic way? Then you could call it Astrid, which means “divinely beautiful” in Scandinavian. It is an excellent choice if your pet meets the breed standards perfectly, and therefore, has outstanding contest quality.

Does your pet have a bold attitude? Some French Bulldogs can have a bold and strong temperament, and therefore, you could honor these traits by calling yours Eric, which means “eternal ruler” in French.

Would you define your pet as exceptionally intelligent? Then, once again, you could take inspiration from the French language by using the word Sagan, which means “wise”. They are smart dogs, but some specimens can be surprisingly wise and reactive.

Finally, if you want to summarize all the things that make your dog good, then you could call name it Bonbon, which means “bonus or good” in French. On top of having a relevant meaning, it sounds sweet, and since it is short, it will be easy to remember.

List of French Bulldog Names

Here are several options of french bulldog names for you to choose from:

  • Adam
    Son of the red earth.
  • Albert
    Birght and noble.
  • Alice
    Noble in German.
  • Alma
  • Ames
    Companion in French.
  • Amy
    Beloved in French.
  • Ange
  • Arthur
    A king of medieval legend.
  • Astrid
    Divinely beautiful in Scandinavian.
  • Aurelius
    The golden one in Latin.
  • Baby
    Small human.
  • Baguette
    A kind of bread.
  • Barnaby
    Son of consolation.
  • Basalt
    A gorgeous rock formed by lava.
  • Bean
    Small food.
  • Beatrice
    She who brings happiness.
  • Belinda
    Pretty one or serpent.
  • Benjamin
    Son of the right hand in Hebrew.
  • Bertha
    Bright and glorious in German.
  • Berwin
    Birght friend.
  • Beryl
    Sea green jewel in Greek.
  • Birdy
    A bird.
  • Blankie
    Always blank.
  • Bobbin
    Small spindle.
  • Bonbon
    Bonus or good in French.
  • Brie
    French delicacy.
  • Bubble
    Small and childlike.
  • Buddy
  • Bunny
  • Button
    Adorable and miniature.
  • Byron
    Barn for cows.
  • Cadeau
    Little fighter.
  • Carnelian
    A gemstone with an orange tone.
  • Carole
    Strong woman in French.
  • Cashmere
    Very soft and precious wool.
  • Catalina
    Pure in Spanish.
  • Cecilia
  • Celine
    Famous French doctor and writer.
  • Chantal
    Tough like a stone.
  • Chardonnay
    A wine.
  • Charles
    Heir to the English throne
  • Charon
    Natural satellite of Pluto.
  • Chip
    Small bits of chocolate.
  • Clementia
    One who is soft.
  • Cleo
    Short for Cleopatra.
  • Cloud
    Ethereal and soft.
  • Cognac
    Franch brandy.
  • Connelly
    Love and friendship in Irish.
  • Cookie
    Sweet pastry.
  • Corentin
    Friend in French.
  • Cotton
  • Cyril
    Proud in French.
  • Danielle
    God is the judge in French.
  • Daphne
    Laurel tree in Greek.
  • Darius
    Interesting in Persian.
  • Delphine
    Dolphin in Greek.
  • Deneb
    The brightest star in the Cygnus.
  • Diana
  • Dijon
    A French city.
  • Dior
    Golden in French.
  • Doris
    Charming vintage name of Greek origin
  • Duke
    A powerful name with great magnitude
  • Dunkirk
    A community in Northern France.
  • Eclair
    Flash of lightning.
  • Edith
    Popular English name.
  • Edmund
    Fortunate protector.
  • Eiffel
    Eiffel Tower of France.
  • Elf
    Small and sweet.
  • Elizabeth
    Current reigning monarch.
  • Eric
    Eternal ruler in French.
  • Ernest
    Fortunate protector.
  • Esme
    Beloved one.
  • Eugenie
  • Everly
    Fashionable and popular girls name
  • Felix
    Happy in Latin.
  • Filou
    King Louis XIV's Toy Poodle.
  • Fitz
    Son in French.
  • Fleur
  • Ganymede
    Largest moon in the Solar System.
  • Gemma
    Precious jewel in French.
  • Gigi
    Variation of the name Georgine.
  • Graham
    Gravelly homestead.
  • Granite
    A popular type of igneous rock.
  • Harriet
    Estate ruler.
  • Henri
    A ruler.
  • Henry
    Christian name of Prince Harry
  • Honey
  • Hubert
    Clever man.
  • Irving
    Sea friend.
  • Jack
    Very popular for humans and pets
  • Jared
    Male name of Hebrew origin.
  • Jasper
    Bringer of treasure in Persian.
  • Jenna
    White shadow.
  • Joie
  • Julia
    Youthful in Latin.
  • Julian
    Youthful and downy.
  • Jupiter
    Largest planet.
  • Kathy
  • Kit
  • Kitten
    An ironic but adorable name.
  • Lamis
    Soft to touch.
  • Lamour
  • Lark
    A small and cute songbird.
  • Lazarus
    God is my helper.
  • Leaf
    Adorable name inspired by nature.
  • Leila
  • Lela
    Faithful in French.
  • Leon
    Short for Leonardo.
  • Leopold
    Brave people.
  • Levi
  • Lilith
    Night monster.
  • Lolly
    Sweet and small treat.
  • Louis
    A famous warrior.
  • Lucas
    Popular name of Latin origin.
  • Lucien
    Light in French.
  • Lumi
    Snow in Finland.
  • Mabel
  • Magnus
  • Maisie
    Scottish name for a girl dog.
  • Manny
    Famous French Bulldog.
  • Maple
    A syrup.
  • Marble
    White and gray dogs.
  • Marseille
    City in the south of France.
  • Marshmallow
    Small and soft.
  • Matilda
    Popular and jolly sounding girl's name.
  • Maximus
  • Mercury
    Smallest planet in the Solar System.
  • Milani
    Soft and gentle touch.
  • Mimas
    A moon of Saturn.
  • Mimi
    A cute name for tiny dogs.
  • Mini
    The very definition of tiny.
  • Moss
    Cute and soft nature name.
  • Napoleon
    Like Napoleon.
  • Neptune
    God of the Sea.
  • Noah
    Rest and wandering.
  • Norvin
    Northern friend.
  • Nugget
    A comical but cute small name.
  • Olga
    Holy in Russian.
  • Onyx
    A black and white popular crystal.
  • Ophelia
    Help in Greek.
  • Oswin
    God's friend in Old English.
  • Paris
    A city in France.
  • Peach
  • Pearl
    A Precious French Bulldog name.
  • Pebble
    A natural and tiny choice.
  • Peirre
    From Peter.
  • Peridot
    Mystical green gemstone.
  • Petit
    Small in French.
  • Phoebe
    Shining one.
  • Pip
    A short and sweet name.
  • Pixie
    A small fairy.
  • Poppy
    A very cute floral name.
  • Porter
    Gatekeeper in French.
  • Raina
  • Raspberry
    A cute, tiny berry treat.
  • Raven
    A bird.
  • Rigel
    The seventh brightest star.
  • Roi
    French king.
  • Rose
  • Royale
  • Ruby
    Good for dogs with reddish fur.
  • Rufus
    Gorgeous vintage name of Latin origin.
  • Rupert
    Bright fame.
  • Saba
    A soft breeze.
  • Sagan
    Wise in French.
  • Sapphire
    For blue-eyed dogs.
  • Scorpio
    The star sign of a scorpion.
  • Shorty
    A nickname for a tiny dog.
  • Siera
    Mountain in Spanish.
  • Silver
    A beautifully shiny grey metal.
  • Snow
  • Sonny
    Due date.
  • Sprout
    Tiny dog that is still growing.
  • Stella
    The French Bulldog in Modern Family.
  • Storm
    A gorgeous and cute weather name.
  • Styx
    A natural satellite orbiting Pluto.
  • Suede
    A famously soft material.
  • Sugar
    An ultra-sweet delightful name.
  • Summer
    This bright and adorable nature name.
  • Taurus
    Good name for a puppy.
  • Teacup
  • Teeny
    A name that reflects small sizes.
  • Thibault
  • Tiger
    An animal.
  • Tilda
    Mighty woman in French.
  • Titan
    The largest moon of Saturn.
  • Toffee
  • Tracy
    Warrior in French.
  • Tulip
  • Vega
    Brightest star in the northern constellation.
  • Venus
    Second planet from the Sun.
  • Vera
    Exotic choice of Russian origin.
  • Victoria
    Queen Victoria's great great grandmother
  • Wilson
    Adorable boy's name of English origin.
  • Winnie
    Fair and pure.
  • Wyatt
  • Yarn
    Really cute and soft name.
  • Yves
    An archer.
  • Zara
    Princess in French.

Names for Frenchies Inspired By Appearance

The appearance of French bulldogs is distinctive, and therefore, thanks to their various traits, we have used them to generate the following names. Find them below, along with spot-on tips on how to use them properly.

Since they are so small, you could name yours Mercury, which is the smallest planet in the solar system. We liked this name very much because its meaning is relevant, and in addition, it sounds intriguing and original.

These dogs are small but also soft to the touch, and therefore, delicate. In consequence, a good name would be Marshmallow, since they have the same traits as this dessert. In addition, if your pet is exceptionally sweet and affectionate, then it will make even more sense.

Is your French Bulldog as small as a bean? Then you could it like that, Bean. This name is adorable, sweet and short, and since the reasons behind this choice are evident, it will match your pet perfectly.

These dogs are small, and can also behave like children, and therefore, Bubble would be a good choice, since it means exactly that “small and childlike”. This name, on top of having a good meaning to back it up, sounds adorable and precious.

Finally, you could also name yours Teeny, which is a popular name to reflect the small size. It is an extension of the word “tiny”, to be used as a proper name. It was one of our top choices because its meaning is self-explanatory, and since it is short, it is easy to memorize.

French Bulldog Names
180+ French Bulldog Names – Cool Frenchie Puppy Name Ideas

French Bulldog Name Ideas Inspired By Its Temperament

Just like their appearance is excellent for obtaining names, we can also use their temperament, which is full of features. Below, you will find what we think are our top choices, along with a quick explanation, so you can use them properly.

What a better way to describe a sweet French bulldog than by naming it Honey? It is one of the best names from our list, because its meaning is evident right off the bat, and in addition, it sounds sweet and cool.

Do you want to express the same but in a more original way? Honey is a great name, but unfortunately, several other dogs will also have it. Therefore, you could use Lolly, which is the shortened version of a lollypop. Another way to express the sweet temperament of your pet.

To express the lovely and affectionate nature of your pet, you could use the word Lamour, which means beloved. Thanks to this amazing attitude, your dog will become a valuable member of your family in no time.

Closing Down

Now that you have plenty of French bulldog names at your disposal, you can examine our list properly, along with our tips, to pick the best option for your pet. We have covered several aspects such as the appearance and temperament of this breed, so you can choose one of our names, the one that better describes how your pet looks and behaves.

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