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Genius Dog Names – Over 100 Smart Puppy Names for Intellectual Dogs

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Genius Dog Names

For a smart and brilliant dog, our list of genius dog names will be perfect. Because we want to help you to find the perfect name, we have compiled this list by taking inspiration from the smartest geniuses in History, as well as topics such as math, science, chemistry, and physics.

Furthermore, our objective is to make this task as easy as possible, and therefore, we have added exclusive sections with suggestions, so you can find the ideal name quickly.

You have dozens of names at your disposal! And with our instructions, you will find that perfect name in no time!

List of Genius Dog Names

Here are several options of genius dog names for you to choose from:

  • Agent 86
    Maxwell smart.
  • Akilli
    Smart in Turkish.
  • Albert
    Albert Einstein.
  • Alcott
    Author of Little Women.
  • Alex
    Alexander Bell invented telephone.
  • Amelia
    Woman to fly across Atlantic Ocean.
  • Anahita
    Persian goddess of water.
  • Asimov
    Smart science fiction author.
  • Athena
    Greek goddess of wisdom.
  • Berit
    Glorious, intelligent in German and Danish.
  • Bernanke
    Head of the Fed.
  • Bertha
    Bright ing intelligent.
  • Biggs
    Science writer.
  • Bobby
    Chess genius.
  • Bradbury
    Famous author.
  • Brain
    Character from Inspector Gadget.
  • Brainy
    Looks and brains.
  • Cassidy
  • Cato
    Wise in Ancient Rome.
  • Coeus
    The freek titan of intelligence.
  • Conrad
    Wise counsel in German.
  • Curie
    Woman to win a Nobel Prize.
  • Da Vinci
    Mathematician, inventor and genius.
  • Dara
    Nugget of wisdom.
  • Darwin
    Developed the theory of evolution.
  • Dawkins
    Richard Dawkins, sociobiologist.
  • Dell
    Michael Dell, inventor of Dell Computers.
  • Dexter
    Smarty pants cartoon character.
  • Dolph
    Character from Rocky movies.
  • Doogie
    Dr. Doogie Howser.
  • Dr. No
    A well known evil genius.
  • Durga
    Hindu goddess of power and intelligence.
  • Eelin
    Warrior of intelligence.
  • Egghead
    What bright kids were nicknamed.
  • Einstein
    Physicist known for Theory of Relativity.
  • Fahima
    Woman of great understanding.
  • Faraday
    Physicist and all-around nice guy.
  • Farzana
    Intelligent or wise.
  • Fischer
    Smartest chess player of all time.
  • Fisku
  • Fleming
    Alexander Fleming, invented penicillin.
  • Franklin
  • Freud
    Psychologist and one smart dude.
  • Frode
    Wise and learned.
  • Galena
    Small intelligent one in Spanish.
  • Galileo
    Italian physicist and astronomer.
  • Gates
    Richest man in the world.
  • Genius
    Highly intelligent.
  • HAL
    Super computer.
  • Hannibal
    Evil genius.
  • Hawk
    Short for Stephen Hawking.
  • Haziq
    Skillful and intelligent in Muslim.
  • Higgins
    Intelligent in Ireland.
  • Hillary
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State.
  • Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes, detective.
  • Howser
    Howser’s a smart title for bowser.
  • Hue
    Lilly and intelligence in Vietnamese.
  • Hugo
  • IQ
    Abbreviation for intelligence quotient.
  • Jobs
    A great choice for your iDog from Steve Jobs.
  • Kasparov
    Garry Kasparov, a successful chess player.
  • Kepler
    Discovered the motion of planets.
  • Kofi
    Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, peacemaker.
  • Kyna
  • Labeeba
    Wise and intelligent.
  • Leonardo
    After Leonardo daVinci.
  • Ludwig
    After Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Matalino
    Clever in Filipino.
  • Mensa
    A society for geniuses.
  • Minda
    Knowledge and wisdom.
  • Minerva
    Roman goddess of wisdom.
  • Mr. Peabody
    Character from Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon
  • Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron, boy genius.
  • Newton
    As in Isaac Newton.
  • Novella
    Steven Novella, smart neurologist.
  • Ochoa
    US astronaut.
  • Olander
    Intelligent on Swedish.
  • Pandai
  • Pascal
    French mathematician and philosopher.
  • Porah
    Actress and talk show host.
  • Pragya
    Insight, wisdom, and intelligence.
  • Princeton
    Prestigious school.
  • Prodigy
    A master at a young age.
  • Professor
    A teacher.
  • Quentin
    As in Quentin Tarantino.
  • Raymond
    Wise protector.
  • Roslin
    President Laura Roslin, Battlestar Galactica.
  • Rubik
    Of Rubik's cube fame.
  • Saga
    Old Norse goddess of wisdom.
  • Salk
    Inventor of the Polio vaccine.
  • Sana
    Brilliance and intelligence.
  • Sarge
    Has wisdom.
  • Savant
    Knowledged in a specialized field.
  • Savvy
    Smart and shrewd.
  • Scholar
    Specialist in a branch of study.
  • Schroder
    Piano smartie from the Peanut cartoons.
  • Screech
    Screech Powers, Saved by the Bell.
  • Shannon
    Wise in Irish.
  • Sophia
  • Tark
    Clever in Estonian.
  • Tenjin
    Spirit in Japanese.
  • Tesla
    Great electrical engineers.
  • Thatcher
    British Prime Minister.
  • Tomo
    Denotes intelligence on Japanese.
  • Tomoko
    Wise friend.
  • USA
    Lisa Simpson, the smart Simpson.
  • Urkel
    Brainy character from Family Matters.
  • Vivek
    Wisdom, distinction, and discrimination.
  • Watson
    Sherlock Holmes smart sidekick.
  • Whiz
  • Wisdom
    Has common sense.
  • Witty
    Having an intelligent sense of humor.
  • Wright
    After Wright Brothers.
  • Zakia
    Pure and intelligent.
  • Zeki
    Intelligent in Turkish.

Genius Dog Names Inspired by Science and Technology

In the field of science and technology, we can find plenty of geniuses, who can serve as excellent names for your puppy. Below, you will find all of our recommendations.

You could name your dog Albert, as in Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicians and mathematicians to ever live. Bonus points if your dog is German because then it will make even more sense (e.g. German Pointer, German Shepherd). If your dog actually looks like Albert Einstein, then it will be a great choice! Einstein had a dog named Chico Marx.

Now, let us talk about the field of medicine. You could call your dog Fleming, like Alexander Fleming, who was the inventor of penicillin. This name, on top of having a good meaning behind it, sounds elegant and exotic, which makes an original choice.

Another great choice would be Newton, as in Isaac Newton, one of the most prominent physicians to ever exist. He elaborated on the concept of gravity, and therefore, he brought a revolution into this field, and in consequence, it makes a superb name for an intelligent puppy.

If you are a fan of computers, then why do not you name your dog Dell, like the famous brand and the person behind it, Michael Saul Dell. It is a short name, and in our opinion, it would be a good choice for any smart dog, and bonus points if yours is an American breed.

Now, you could also name your dog Hawk, like Stephen Hawking, one of the great physicians in History. Our name is an abbreviation of his full name, and therefore, it allows you to give your dog a great name while keeping things short and sweet.

Smart Dog Names Inspired by History

We can also check history to obtain inspiration from different characters in history. Below, you will find our top choices, which are a result of investigating different historical events and civilizations.

If you think your puppy is smart and wise, and especially controlled in its actions, then you could call it Cato, which was wise in Ancient Rome. We like this name because it is short, it contains a great meaning condensed in a few letters and it is original, and definitively, your dog will stand out from the crowd.

Checking history, it is hard not to look at Greek civilization to obtain ideas, and because we did exactly that, we obtained this name, Athena, like the Greek goddess of wisdom. Without any doubt, a name that will match perfectly any smart female pup.

Following the same line, you could your puppy Anahita, like the Persian goddess of water. One of the wisest gods from the Persian pantheon, and because her name sounds beautiful, it makes an excellent option.

To conclude this section, you could call your pet Saga, like the Norse goddess of wisdom. It makes an excellent choice for Scandinavian breeds like the Norwegian Elkhound and the Icelandic Sheepdog, which are famous for being smart.

genius dog names
A comprehensive list of genius dog name ideas!

Names for Intelligent Dogs Inspired by Foreign Words

We can also explore different languages to obtain ideas on how to name your dog. Because of that, you will find all of our recommendations below.

If your dog is small and smart like a Toy Poodle, then you could call yours Galena, which means “small intelligent one” in Spanish. Without any doubts, a lovely and charming name that will make your dog stand out from the crowd.

For a smart dog like a Black German Shepherd, you could call it Berit, which means “Glorious and intelligent” in German and Danish. If your dog is German or Danish, then the name will be even better, and if you live abroad, you can rest assured that your puppy will be unique.

Do you want an exotic and short name for a smart puppy? Then you can name it Zeki, which means “intelligence” in Turkish. We love this name because it sounds pretty good and unique, and since it is short, it will be easy to remember for most people.

Now, let us explore another exotic option, Shannon. It means wise in Irish, and for self-explanatory reasons, it makes an excellent name for any intelligent dog. Furthermore, it sounds elegant and stylish, which are major bonus points for your pet.

Closing Down

As you can see, there are plenty of genius dog names. Since we have explored several fields such as science, technology, medicine, history, mythology, and language, now you have spot-on recommendations that you can use to name your pet.

Now, your only task is to read our list carefully, to pay attention to our suggestions, and you will find the perfect name in no time.

Take your time to identify the things that make your dog unique – on top of being smart – so you can choose a name as unique as your genius dog.

Take a minute to look at all of our other dog name ideas.

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Friday 24 April 2020
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Sunday 19 April 2020

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