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Ugly Dog Names: 150+ Ghastly Names For Odd-Looking Puppies

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ghastly and ugly dog names

Do you have a dog with a unique appearance? Do people think your dog is ugly? We have prepared a great list of ugly dog names for you to choose from!

Maybe your pet isn’t the best-looking out there, and it has odd characteristics. Therefore, finding the ideal name for it can result in a difficult task if you are looking for something ghastly or odd!

Since you will be able to find the most ideal yet unconventional dog names, we have organized them into some categories to make it easier for you to find the ideal name for your pet.

Ugly Dog Names Inspired by Mad Characters

Our first option is Capone, the surname of the most famous gangster of all time. This name can perfectly fit a small male dog that has a tough appearance. It is a wonderful gangster dog name!

While the name Hulk is a good alternative for a large male dog that stands out for its strength and high levels of energy. Great name for big puppies!

Another excellent option is Black Beard. You can give it to male dogs that have a black coat and a beard. If you do, they can match perfectly the image of this character, and of course, the meaning of the name.

And who doesn’t remember Cruella from “101 Dalmatians”? This name can match the image of a female dog that sometimes can be mean and fierce, and that has low body fat. It’s a great one for a female dog with a black and white coat like Dalmatians have.

Next, we have the name Kong, the short version of King Kong, the famous giant gorilla. It sounds good to big male dogs that despite their tough appearance, are very friendly, caring, and protective. It makes me think of a Rottweiler name or one for Tibetan Mastiffs!

Have you watched the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? If the answer is yes, then you must know where this name comes from. Or at least, it should sound familiar to you. Kelliton, which is the main protagonist’s surname. So, this name can be ideal for skinny male dogs that are playful, lovely, and curious.

List of Ugly Dog Names

Here are several options of ugly dog names for you to choose from:

  • Abaddon
    Ange of death in Hebrew.
  • Abcde
    As in ab-cee-dee.
  • Akuji
    Dead and Wake in African.
  • Alastor
    Tormentor in Greek.
  • Aliviyah
    Ghetto of Olivia.
  • Anous
  • Ares
    God of war.
  • Arsenic
    Toxic chemical.
  • Atilla
    The Hun.
  • Azazel
    Evil demon or spirit.
  • Baby
    Too cliiche.
  • Badger
  • Baisus
    Ugly in Lithuanian.
  • Barbarian
  • Beast
  • Beberly
    Ghetto of Beverly.
  • Biff
  • Black
  • Black Beard
    A pirate.
  • Blade
    A cutting tool.
  • Blaze
    To burn.
  • Bluto
    The bully in Popeye.
  • Bolt
    Like a lightning.
  • Bonker
    Panic mode.
  • Boomquifa
  • Bowie
    A knife.
  • Brennan
    Sorrow or sadness in Gaelic.
  • Brone
    Sadness in Irish.
  • Brutal
    No mercy.
  • Brute
    A inhumane creature.
  • Brutus
    An assassin.
  • Byron
    Cowshed in Old English.
  • C'andre
  • Caca
    Unpleasant in Scottish Gaelic.
  • Calvin
    Bald in French.
  • Cameron
    Crooked nose in Scottish.
  • Campbell
    Crooked mouth in Scottish.
  • Capone
    A gangster.
  • Carmela
    Fruitful in Latin.
  • Cecilia
  • Cessair
  • Chomper Face
    Eats too fast.
  • Claudia
    Lame or disabled.
  • Clingy Nut Ball
    Clingy pet.
  • Crash Bang Pop
    Playful noise.
  • Cruella
    Cruel and evil.
  • Cujo
    An evil dog.
  • Dagger
    Combat knife.
  • Damian
    Devil boy.
  • Danger
    Too extreme.
  • Das
    Servant or slave in Sanskrit.
  • Deirdre
    Sad or sorrowful in Celtic.
  • Desdemona
    Of the Devil of Greek.
  • Diablo
    Devil in Spanish.
  • Dolores
    Lady of sorrow in Spanish.
  • Doyle
    Dark stranger in Irish.
  • Dracul
    Devil or dragon.
  • Dugal
    Devil or dragon.
  • Elizabreth
    Lizard breath.
  • Emily
  • Evil
    Morally wrong.
  • Farter
    Farts often.
  • Feia
    Ugly female in Portuguese.
  • Feio
    Ugly male in Portuguese.
  • Feo
    Ugly in Spanish.
  • Fifi
    Paris Hilton's dog.
  • Foul
    Stinky smelling.
  • Freesia
    Large and ugly.
  • Fury
    Violent anger.
  • Genghis
    A warlord.
  • Gnarly
  • Godzilla
    Big mean monster.
  • Granna
    Ugly in Irish.
  • Grim
    Ugly in Danish.
  • Grimace
    A smile.
  • Hecate
    Goodess of witchcraft.
  • Helga
    Sounds like hell.
  • Howitzer
    An artillery gun.
  • Hulk
    A green ugly creature.
  • Hurricane
  • Huxley
    Inhospitable place.
  • Hyll
    Ugly in Welsh.
  • Igor
    Sidekick of Dracula.
  • Jabez
    He makes sorrowful in Hebrew.
  • Jacob
  • James
    Derived from Jacob.
  • Jerrica
    Combination of Jessica and Erica.
  • Jezebel
    Follower of false God in Hebrew.
  • Jolon
    Valley of dead oaks.
  • Keeler
  • Kelliton
  • Kennedy
    Deformed head in Gaelic.
  • Keres
    Evil spirits in Greek.
  • Kong
    An ape.
  • Leah
    Tired or weary in Hebrew.
  • Leda
    Means ugly in Ido.
  • Lilith
    Night monsters or ghosts.
  • Loco
    Crazy in Spanish.
  • Lola
  • Loralei
    Lures men to destruction.
  • Machete
    A heavy knife.
  • Malbela
    Ugly in Esperanto.
  • Malice
    Wishing to do harm.
  • Mallory
    Ill-fated or unfortunate in French.
  • Malvolia
    Ill willed.
  • Mara
    Bitter and sorrowful in Hebrew.
  • Mary
    Rebellion in Hebrew.
  • Melanomia
    Like melanoma.
  • Meldor
  • Menace
  • Merciless
    No mercy.
  • Merika
    As in America.
  • Mhavryc
    Ghetto of Maverick.
  • Molly
    Bitter in Hebrew.
  • Mort
    Dead in Old French.
  • Narcissa
  • Nefarious
  • Nerezza
    Darkness in Italian.
  • Nevaeh
    Opposite of heaven.
  • Ogre
    An ugly creature.
  • Oleander
    Poisonous flower.
  • Olga
    Beautiful in Old Russian.
  • Panthy
    As in underwear.
  • Peggy
    Lacks feminity and grace.
  • Persephone
    Greek Goddess of Spring.
  • Phobus
  • Poop Snacker
    Pups that eats poop.
  • Popcirn
    Always popping.
  • Portia
  • Prudence
    Sounds old!
  • Rancid
  • Rebecca
    To bind or to tie.
  • Reighleigh
    Ugly Riley.
  • Ruma
    Means ugly in Finnish.
  • Samael
    Venom of God in Hebrew.
  • Sassi
  • Sidero
    Evil nymph.
  • Sloane
    Warrior or fighter in Gaelic.
  • Spartacus
    Sounds ugly.
  • Stiffany
    Stiff and ugly.
  • Stinky Poop Pup
    Further explanation not needed.
  • Teivel
    Devil in Yiddish.
  • Than
    Death in Greek.
  • Thana
    Death in Arabic.
  • Tristan
    Sorrowful and sad in Gaelic.
  • Tristana
    Sorrowful or sad in Celtic.
  • Tristesse
    Sadness in French.
  • Ubel
  • Valdis
    The dead.
  • Veraminta
    Where is my pepper?
  • Zilla
    Shadow, shade or gloom in Hebrew.
  • Zuma
    An adverse gastrointestinal condition.

Ugly Dog Names Inspired by Foreign Languages

Loco is the first alternative in this category. It means “crazy” in Spanish, and it fits excellently dogs that are one of a kind. So, if your male dog is energetic and complicated at the same time, Loco is the best name you can give it.

If you are looking for a name that is powerful and strong, then Diablo is perfect. It suits an agitated and naughty male dog because it means “devil” in Spanish. Plus, your dog can have an intimidating appearance and a heavy body, and your choice would still make sense. We have many more Spanish names for dogs as well.

Maybe you don’t want to overthink this. And you just want a word that means ugly in another language. Then Grim is the Danish word that has that meaning and it will be perfect for your male dog. While Feia means the same but you must give it to female dogs.

Some French dog names too can work here. Moche (pronounced “mosh”) literally means “ugly”, or Pas Beau (pronounced “pa bo”) which means “not beautiful”.

Then we have Leah which means “tired” or “weary” in Hebrew. So, this name can be given to lazy female dogs that have low levels of energy and enjoy staying indoors. You know, couch potatoes!

And the last option of this category is the name Tristan, which means “sorrowful” or “sad” in Gaelic. If your male dog has this kind of expression, or it is not as joyful as others, then this name can be accurate for it.

Ugly Dog Names that are Uncommon to Hear

Did you know that these dogs can participate in a contest that chooses the dog with the most unusual looks? If you want your pet to participate in this competition, it can be a good idea to give it the name Abcd. It will surely make it stand out from the crowd. Isn’t that a weird and funny name? Yet, t actually doesn’t sound too bad and it has a nice rhythm to it!

Another name is Spartacus. This is not exactly popular and pretty, but it can fit a male dog that is strong and brave. If it has a muscular body, it will be even much better.

And what about Prudence? It sounds kind of old, right? Nevertheless, if your female dog is smart and calm, this is the name that best suits it.

And what happens if your female dog is super skilled and wins all the shows it participates in? We can say that your dog is on fire! Therefore, you can give it the name Helga, since it sounds like hell.

Ugly Weapon Dog Names

The first option in this category is Bowie. Since this is a cutting tool, it can be appropriate to give this name to a male dog that has a strong jaw and a protective nature. Maybe, some watchdogs can match this description.

The next one is Dagger. It can be a good name to give a small dog that despite its size, is fearless and brave. This name is also suitable for male and female dogs, so keep that in mind.

And last but not least, we have Blade. This name is perfect for a large male dog that has sharp skills, and so it always gets good results in competitions. Also, if it is not heavy and has any silver coloring in its coat.

Should I Pick The Ugliest Name?

NO! Don’t! We use “ugly” as an amusing term, not in the strict dictionary definition.

Humans tend to rank things from best to worst, or from prettiest to ugliest, and they do it with dogs, as well. However, we know that beauty is subjective and when it comes to dogs, beauty is everywhere.

Maybe your dog doesn’t have a flawless coat, or the perfect body height and length proportions, but they are still adorable and comical just like any other. In addition, owners of “ugly dogs” have bigger hearts than others, so if you are one of them, you cannot deny your good sense of humor.

ugly names for dogs
Dagger is a great option if you are looking for ugly dog names.

We hope that this guide has helped you choose the best ugly dog name for your beloved puppy. If that’s the case, then let us know in the comments section which one you chose and the reasons why because it will be very interesting to know them.

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Last updated on
Thursday 7 April 2022

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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