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100+ Classic Dog Names – Old-Fashioned, Everlasting Puppy Name Ideas

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timeless and classic dog names

If you like the classics, then our list of classic dog names will fulfill all of your expectations. You will find 100+ ideas to name your dog, because we have explored a wide myriad of topics, to help you come up with the ideal choice for your pet.

We have names for every type of temperament, size, and personality. Of course, we also have suggestions based on gender. In short, everything you need to name your dog perfectly.

Since we have several names, we have included some sections that include specific suggestions, to make it faster for you to find the ideal choice.

Classical Dog Names Inspired By Special Words

Since we have so many words that make awesome classic names, we decided to explore our vocabulary to find them. Below, you will find our top selections.

Does your dog have a strong presence? On top of that, if you are a fan of short names, then you will love our first idea, Rex. It means king, and in addition, it is a quick reference to the T-Rex, one of the most feared dinosaurs. You could it for a huge dog like the English Mastiff, or as an ironic name for a small breed like the Chihuahua or the Affenpinscher.

Is your dog especially lovely? If that is the case, then you could name it Toby, which means lovable.  It would be an amazing pick for dogs like the Golden Retriever and the Akita Inu, which are very affectionate and lovely.

Is your dog a hunter? If so, you will love our next suggestion, which is Scout. It is a reference to a hunter, and therefore, it makes a lot of sense to use it for breeds like the Weimaraner and the Irish Setter, which are formidable hunting dogs.

Finally, if your dog has an independent and free-spirited nature, then you should name it Charlie, which means exactly that. Certain breeds like the Shiba Inu, the Korean Jindo and the Greyhound will match it the best because they are known for being some of the most independent dogs in the world.

List of Classic Dog Names

Here are several options of classic dog names for you to choose from:

  • Angel
  • Argos
    A character from a Disney movie.
  • Atticus
    From To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Bailey
    Irish cream-based liquor.
  • Bandit
    Mask markings.
  • Banji
    Son of my right hand.
  • Bear
    Large and cuddly.
  • Beauty
  • Bella
    Beauty and elegance.
  • Bentley
    A car manufacturer.
  • Biddy
    Small things.
  • Bingo
    A popular bingo game.
  • Blanca
    White in Spanish.
  • Brownie
    Brown treat.
  • Buck
    From Call of the Wild.
  • Bud
    Good-natured pup.
  • Buddy
    Most popular classic dog name.
  • Champ
    Campus dog.
  • Chance
    wonderful coincidence.
  • Chantilly
  • Charlie
    Free-spirited and independent.
  • Chloe
    Fressh bloom.
  • Clara
    Bright or clear.
  • Clifford
    From Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  • Coco
    For small and brown dogs.
  • Cricket
    An insect.
  • Daisy
    A day's eye.
  • Darcy
    From the novel Pride and Prejudice.
  • Dolly
    A favorite toy.
  • Dorian
    From The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Duke
    A sense of royalty.
  • Dusty
    A layer of dust.
  • Eliza
    From Pygmalion and My Fair Lady.
  • Falstaff
    From the Shakespeare plays.
  • Fido
  • Fifi
    Classic for Fido.
  • Flora
    Flower or flowery in Latin.
  • Fluffy
    Little fluff ball.
  • Frodo
    From the Lord of the Rings.
  • Gandalf
    From The Lord of the Rings.
  • Gidget
  • Ginger
    For a dog that is red-haired.
  • Goldie
    Golden colored dog.
  • Grace
    Simple and elegant.
  • Gracie
    Full of grace or thanks.
  • Hamlet
    A character from a classic play.
  • Honey
    Honey colored dog.
  • Hunter
    Classical hunter.
  • Jake
    God is gracious.
  • Joy
  • Laddie
    Young man in Scottish.
  • Lady
    From Lady and the Tramp.
  • Lassie
    Most popular dog tales.
  • Lily
    Symbol of purity.
  • Lola
  • Lucky
  • Lucy
    Red, black and white dog.
  • Maggie
    Child of light in Persian.
  • Marley
    From pleasant wood.
  • Max
    Most classic dog name.
  • Milo
    Mild in German.
  • Minnie
    A child that was wished.
  • Missy
    Little princess.
  • Molly
    A multicolored fish.
  • Nero
    Strong and energetic.
  • Oliver
    Fruitfulness, beauty and dignity.
  • Patch
    Patterned coat.
  • Pepper
    Black colored dog.
  • Pickles
  • Pirate
    Courageous and adventurous.
  • Prince
    Princely dog.
  • Princess
    Line for the throne.
  • Rex
    Latin for 'king'.
  • Rocky
    Large and robust.
  • Roxy
  • Rufus
  • Rusty
    Red or rust-colored fur coat.
  • Sadie
  • Samson
    A character from the bible.
  • Sasha
    Defender of the people.
  • Scamp
    Small and scrufy.
  • Scooter
    Variation of Scott.
  • Scott
    From Scotland in Gaelic.
  • Scout
    A hunter.
  • Shadow
    Dark-colored dog.
  • Shiloh
  • Socks
    Describes a certain color marking.
  • Sophie
  • Sparky
    A lot of spunk.
  • Spot
    Color markings and patterns.
  • Star
  • Stella
    Star in Latin.
  • Sugar
  • Teddy
    Looks like a teddy bear.
  • Toby
    The Lord is good.
  • Wags
    Inspired by their tail.
  • Winston
    Joyful or pleasant.
  • Zack
    A laugher.

Timeless Dog Names from Famous Shows and Movies

Movies, TV shows, cartoons, and books make an exceptional source of inspiration, and therefore, we use it to find some of our best suggestions.

If you are a fan of To Kill a Mockingbird, then you will love our suggestion, Atticus. It is one of our top picks because it sounds classic in every single way. Therefore, it is a good classic name for any dog.

Is your dog exceptionally big? Then you should consider naming it Clifford, like the famous big red dog from the show with the same name. In case you own a red-coated Tibetan Mastiff, then it would make an exceptional name. Nonetheless, it works for any huge dog breed.

Is your dog white-haired, smart and patient? If those traits characterize your pet, then you should name it Gandalf, as the mythic magician from The Lord of the Rings. For example, it would be the perfect name for an expensive Afghan Hound, which personifies such temperament and appearance perfectly.

However, what if you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings but your dog is small? Then you could name it Frodo, like one of the heroes from the book and movie. Since he was a Hobbit, his size was small, and therefore, it would make an awesome classical name for a toy/small dog.

Top Old-Fashioned Dog Names for Males

We have already explored some excellent ideas, but now it is time to bring you suggestions filtered by your dog’s gender.

If your dog arrived in your life at a key moment, and you think and feel that it has made your life better, then you should name it Chance, which means “a wonderful coincidence”. It would make an excellent choice for a therapy dog, for example, because it brings change and a chance for the owner to enjoy a better life.

Classic Dog Names
100+ Classic Dog Names – Old-Fashioned, Everlasting Puppy Name Ideas

Are you a fan of cars? Then our next suggestion will resonate with you, Bentley. Like the famous car brand, it makes an excellent classic puppy name. It will make your pet stand out from the crowd.

Would you describe your dog as joyful and always eager to please? Then we have the perfect match for your pet, Winston. It means joyful and pleasant, and in consequence, it makes a wonderful pick. On top of that, it sounds elegant.

Best Classical Names for Female Puppies

From over a hundred timeless dog names and old-fashioned puppy names we have on our list, we have amazing choices for female puppies. Below, find our top picks.

Do you live near a beach and you love to surf? On top of that, if you plan to take your dog with you, then you should call it Gidget, which means surfer.

Do you feel your dog is always grateful? Especially if you have rescued it, then you could name it Gracie, which means “full of grace or thanks”. It is feminine and its meaning is quite interesting. In consequence, we recommend it to you!

If you have ever wished to own a dog and your dream has just come true, then you can honor it by calling your pet as Minnie, which means “a child that was wished”. It is also a good timeless name for your favorite puppy from a litter, especially if it matches all the appearance and temperament traits you expected.

Closing Down

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent classic dog names. Now that you have over 100 options at your disposal – along with our special guide and recommendations – it will make an easy job for you to find the perfect name for your pet.

Published on
Sunday 19 January 2020
Last updated on
Sunday 19 January 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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