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Badass Dog Names – Over 150 Badass Names For Tough Puppies!

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badass dog names

Our list of the best badass dog names for your new tough-looking puppy! These are intimidating names to give to menacing and scary breeds. However, be careful not to reinforce stereotypes too much, especially when it comes to dangerous dog breeds.

Is your four-legged friend troublesome? Or, on the other hand, is it very skillful? If your pet has any impressive badass-esque characteristics, then you have found the right place to look for the perfect name for it.

In addition to the meaning of badass that you already know, this term is also used to describe something that you find impressive. That is why we have made a long list of the most badass dog names.

To make it easier for you, we have organized these names into various categories. So, go ahead and take a look at them!

In Other Languages

The first name idea we have prepared is Amir. This word means “powerful” in Hebrew and it will be perfect for male dogs that have extreme physical capabilities. Great for a Black GSD or Siberian Husky.

Another recommendation for male dogs is Brendan which means “brave” in Gaelic. So, it will be perfect for dogs that are fearless and protect you from situations that can be dangerous. This is a name suited to threatening and intimating watchdogs and guard dogs.

And what if you have a stubborn and independent female dog? Then, a good option for it can be Nikita, which means “unconquerable” in Russian. We’ve got plenty more Soviet dog names here!

List of Badass Dog Names

Here are several options of badass dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ajax
    a hero n Greek mythology.
  • Amir
    Powerful in Hebrew.
  • Ammo
    Short for ammunition.
  • Ares
    Greek God of war.
  • Arma
    Weapon in Romanian.
  • Arya
    Assassin from Game of Thrones.
  • Astrid
    Divine beauty or strength in German.
  • Athena
    Greek Goddess of wisdom and war.
  • Atlas
    The titan.
  • Attila
    Brutal ruler.
  • Axel
    Father of peace in German.
  • Baboy
    Bad boy pronounced super fasts.
  • Bacchus
    Greek God of wine.
  • Baddie
    A bad girl.
  • Bandit
    A thief.
  • Bane
    Great sorrow or pain.
  • Banshee
    An Irish spirit.
  • Barda
    New God from DC comic.
  • Battle
    A fight.
  • Beast
    Big and burly.
  • Blaze
    Bright and shiny.
  • Blitz
    An overwhelming all out attack.
  • Bolt
  • Bones
    As in bones.
  • Bonnie
    From Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Booney
    Billy the kid's last name.
  • Borden
    Ax murderer.
  • Boss
    Higher in rank.
  • Brendan
    Brave in Gaelic.
  • Brick
    Dried clay.
  • Bruiser
    Brawny and tough.
  • Brutus
  • Bullet
    Faster than a speeding bullet.
  • Butch
    Bank and train robber.
  • Cammi
    Swift warrior in French.
  • Capone
    Boss of Chicago mafia.
  • Carlo
    Strong in French.
  • Cersei
    From Game of Thrones.
  • Colossus
    Bigger than average.
  • Crash
  • Cronus
    Character in Greek mythology.
  • Daenerys
    From Game of Thrones.
  • Daga
    Dagger in Basque.
  • Dagger
    Swordlike weapon.
  • Danger
    A warning.
  • Deacon
    Ordained minister.
  • Diesel
  • Diva
    Has attitude.
  • Elda
    Old and wise protector.
  • Elexis
    Defender of man kind.
  • Erma
    Female diety of war.
  • Fang
    A vampire's fang.
  • Fera
    Beast in Portuguese.
  • Fire
  • Gamora
    From a Marvel comic.
  • Garvan
    Rough in Irish.
  • Gator
  • Gauge
    Inner diameter of a gun.
  • Genghis
    Founder of Mongolian empire.
  • Ginti
    Defend in Lithuanian.
  • Goliath
    A giant from the Bible.
  • Griffin
    Strong faith in Welsh.
  • Gunner
    Strong in battle in Swedish.
  • Hades
    Greek God of the underworld.
  • Harley
    As in Harley Quinn.
  • Hera
    Head Goddess In Greek mythology.
  • Hercules
    Divine hero in Greek mythology.
  • Hulk
    A fictional characterr.
  • Huntress
    Female hunter.
  • Jesse
    Murderer and robber.
  • Jinx
  • Juno
    Roman counterpart of Hera.
  • Justice
    As in justice.
  • Kara
    Beloved and dearest one.
  • Karma
  • Katana
    Hero from DC comics.
  • Katniss
    From The Hunger Games.
  • King
  • Kojak
    From the 70's TV series.
  • Leia
    From Star Wars.
  • Lex
    Defender of men in Greek.
  • Loki
    Norse God or giant.
  • Luana
    Graceful battle maiden in German.
  • Mags
    Magnum or magazine.
  • Maia
    Daughter of Atlas.
  • Maverick
  • Medusa
    Woman with venomous snakes.
  • Mercy
  • Michonne
    Iconic character from Walking Dead.
  • Nelson
    Murderer and robber.
  • Neptune
    Roman name of Poseidon.
  • Nikita
    Unconquerable in Russian.
  • Nitro
    Short for nitroglycerin.
  • Nyx
    Greek Goddess of night.
  • Ozzie
    Strong in Hebrew.
  • Phoenix
    X-Men character.
  • Porter
  • Pyro
    As in pyromaniac.
  • Queenie
    FUn and sassy.
  • Quiinn
    From the Batman comics.
  • Radon
    Deadly gas.
  • Rambo
    A Sylvester Stallone character.
  • Raven
  • Rebel
  • Ripley
    Sigourney Weaver's character.
  • Riptide
    Disturbance in the sea.
  • Robin
    Fictional English outlaw.
  • Rocky
    Inspired by Rocky Balboa.
  • Rogue
    As in Rogue One.
  • Roxie
  • Sable
  • Samson
    Man with super strength.
  • Sarah
    From The Terminator.
  • Sarge
    As in Sargent.
  • Sassy
    With a lot of attitude.
  • Shaitan
    Satan in Arabic.
  • Sheba
    Queen of Sheba.
  • Siren
    Hybrid girl.
  • Spike
    Stingy or pointed.
  • Stalin
    Man of steel in Hindu.
  • Starbuck
    From Battlestar Galactica.
  • Storm
    A weather system.
  • T-Bone
    A bone.
  • Tank
  • Tappaa
    Kill in Finland.
  • Thor
    Norse God of thunder.
  • Tila
    Short for Attila.
  • Titan
    Greek giants.
  • Trapper
    A Marvel superhero.
  • Trinity
  • Ursa
    Bear in Latin.
  • Ursula
    From The Little Mermaid.
  • Vader
    From Star Wars.
  • Vasara
    Hammer in Finnish.
  • Villa
    A famous general.
  • Viper
    Tough and stinging.
  • Vixen
    Attractive and quarrelsome.
  • Vlad
    Prince of Wallachia.
  • Widow
    A crazy spider.
  • Xena
    Warrior princess.
  • Zander
    Defender of men in Greek.
  • Zao
    Evil or wicked in Croatian.
  • Zelda
    Dark battle.
  • Zemsta
    Revenge in Polish.
  • Zeva
    Sword in Greek.
  • Zod
    From Superman comic books.
  • elektra
    A Marvel character.
  • mystique
    From X-Men.

Badass Puppy Names From Powerful Words

A good name for male dogs that have high levels of energy and that can turn aggressive sometimes is Fire, or Faya to play with it.

And what if you have a male dog who gets immediately identified by its large size? Then, Colossus would be a badass name for this dog. Dogs such as Great Danes and Dogues de Bordeaux are good examples of breeds than are way bigger than the average.

Moving on, Rebel is the perfect name for dogs that are not that obedient. You know, the ones who tend never quite listen to you! it might be due to a lack of early training or it may simply be part of their distracted nature.

Maybe you want your dog to participate in shows and you expect it to win them all? Our dogs are always the most skilled and the smartest, right? If that is the case, then King is the name for it. And your yard or balcony or living room can be their Kingdom!

On the contrary, if you have a female dog that is clever but that can be not that friendly and even ferocious sometimes. Then, you can keep in mind the name Widow.

Badass Dog Names Inspired by Mythology

The first badass dog name idea we have for you is Thor. If you have a male dog that has a strong lean muscular body, you can choose that one. You know, the kind of dogs that enjoy protein shakes!

You can also name Samson your male dog known for its fighting spirit and unmatched strength. Speaking of Fighting Spirit, the anime this time, go with the main protagonist’s name, Ippo.

On the other hand, if you have a female dog you can name it Maia, after the daughter of Atlas. Especially if it is large in size and has a protective nature. Another alternative is Hera, as the Greek goddess, if your pet loves to be the center of attention and it has a powerful temperament. If you really love Greek words, check out our list of cool Greek names for pups!

Atlas, the name of the titan condemned to hold up the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, can be a good name for courageous male dogs that are strong physically and participate in shows. Titan itself is a badass name for threatening dogs!

Another good alternative is Ajax, which is the name of a hero in Greek mythology. If you want a powerful name that can fit perfectly your extremely strong and fearless male dog, then this is the magical one.

Badass Dog Names Inspired by Movies’ Characters

Do you remember the blue-skinned mutant from X-Men that was a shapeshifter capable of impersonating anyone? Her name was Mystique. That name can be the one for a dedicated yet adaptable female dog. Mystique fitted in any kind of situation but she was also suspicious towards strangers.

Then we have the name Rocky from the iconic film series. You must know the character, so if you have a dog that is determined, smart, and brave with amazing physical capacities, this is the ideal name for it. A top name for renegades like American Bullies, Am Staffs, and Bull Terriers.

Another character played by Sylvester Stallone is the famous Rambo. So, that name can suit very well your male dog if it has a protective nature and is highly skilled. Therefore, a perfect name for dogs attending trials and Schutzhund competitions to show their abilities! Great German Shepherd name or even for a Shiba Inu or Samoyed.

Quinn, the name of the fictional character from Suicide Squad, can be perfect for female puppies that are known to be friendly and bubbly, but smart and fearless at the same time.

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then decide on Daenerys as the name for your female dog that is small yet lionhearted, valiant, and loyal. While Hulk can be a funny name to give a small male dog that has a mad temperament despite its tiny size. Hulk would be a fun Chihuahua badass name!

Badass Dog Names Inspired by Real Criminals

Do you have a tough male puppy whose appearance is intimidating? Perhaps they have a fierce nature. Then a badass name would be Bonney. Maybe you don’t know what person that is, but we are referring to the last name of Billy The Kid, the well-known outlaw and gunfighter of the American Old West.

We also have the name, Borden. This is the last name of the American woman known as the “Axe murderer”. You can give it to aggressive and tough-looking dogs. Maybe if you don’t know the meaning behind these names, they don’t give you a bad feeling. But since you know them now, they sound frightening, right? At least people won’t panic if you call your name loudly in a crowd!

Finally, what do you think about Capone – the infamous American gangster who dominated organized crime in Chicago from 1925 to 1931? This is a name that everybody knows. So if you want your pup to attract everyone’s attention, Capone is a good gangster name for dogs.

badass names for dogs
Choose a badass name for your rebel pup!

Enough of Bad Boys & Girls

Certainly, al these badass dog names are pretty scary. Especially knowing who or what they are originating from. But do they actually fit your dog’s appearance and demeanor?

We hoped that we have been able to provide you with original badass name ideas for your bad boy or bad girl of a dog! We have tried to cover everything, from dogs with tough and strong looks to those that are able to complete heavy tasks and are appreciated for that.

So the only thing that’s left, is to choose the ones that convinced you the most and find the best among them.

If you succeed in that, then let us know in the comments section which name you believe is the most suitable for your pet and the reasons why. We are always excited to read your responses!

And take a few minutes to look at all of our other cool dog names!

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Sunday 16 August 2020
Last updated on
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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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