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120+ Royal Dog Names – Kingly & Queenly Puppy Name Ideas

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best royal dog names

Do you have a majestic dog at home? Then you need to check our list of the best royal dog names full of monarch name ideas as glorious as your pet.

It might be due to its extraordinary looks or its incredibly big personality. In any case, our list and guide will help you to find the perfect name for your puppy.

We have explored a variety of precious Monarch-related topics, to come up with a selection of dog name ideas relating to royalties. All you need to do is to explore it, to gather the best ideas. We even broke this down into different categories with specific themes touched on.

List of Royal Dog Names

Here are several options of royal dog names for you to choose from:

  • Albert
    Regal Alexandra's pet name in Russian.
  • Alexandra
    Protector of man.
  • Alice
  • Anax
    Tribal king in Greek.
  • Andrew
    Brave or manly.
  • Anne
  • Archie
    Bold or brave.
  • Argos
    Ulysses faithful dog.
  • Artemis
    Goddess of the hunt in Greek.
  • Arthur
    The king to beat all kings.
  • Baron
    Man of the king.
  • Beatrice
    She who brings happiness.
  • Beatrix
    The former Dutch queen.
  • Bee
    Queen Elizabeth's dog.
  • Berry
    A fruit.
  • Bertie
    Short version of Albert.
  • Besnick
    Loyal in Albanian.
  • Blue
  • Brahman
    Member of the highest Hindu caste.
  • Busto
    Queen Elzabeth's dog.
  • Cabbage
    Prince Philip's nickname for the queen.
  • Caleb
    Faithful in Hebrew.
  • Camilla
    Parent to rescue Jack Russell Terriers.
  • Candy
  • Catherine
    Pure or clear.
  • Charles
    Variation of Charlie.
  • Charlotte
    Name of Prince William's daughter.
  • Conry
    King of the wolves in Gaelic.
  • Crackers
    Queen Elizabeth's nickname.
  • Cuauhtemoc
    The last Aztec emperor.
  • Damon
    Loyal in Greek.
  • Dandie
    Queen Victoria's dog.
  • Dash
    A loyal friend to Queen Victoria.
  • Dauphin
    Son of the king in French.
  • Denali
    The Great One in Sanskrit.
  • Diana
    Heavenly or divine.
  • Duke
    Highest ranking nobility.
  • Earl
    Rank of nobility.
  • Edward
    Fortunate guardian.
  • Elcid
    The Lord in Spanish.
  • Elizabeth
    My God is an oath.
  • Elvis
    The king of rock.
  • Eos
    Prince Albert's Greyhound.
  • Eric
    A Disney movie character.
  • Eugene
  • Felipe
    Name of many Spanish kings.
  • Fergie
    Sarah Ferguson's maiden name.
  • Fidel
    Loyal in Latin.
  • Fido
    Loyal in Latin.
  • Flower
    Doria Ragland's name for her daughter.
  • Freya
    After the Norse goddess.
  • Gaia
    In Greek mythology, the Earth.
  • Gentry
    High born or noble in French.
  • George
    Top baby name in the UK.
  • Guy
    The Duchess of Sussex's dog.
  • Harry
    Home or house protector.
  • Hector
    Queen Victoria's Deerhound.
  • Henry
    Estate ruler.
  • Hollt
    Queen Elizabeth II's Corgi.
  • Honey
    Queen Elizabeth II's Corgi.
  • Hudson
    Regal dog with contemporary flair.
  • Islay
    Queen Victoria's dog.
  • Ivan
    Name of many a Russian czar.
  • Jane
    Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret's dog.
  • Juliana
    Dutch monarch.
  • Kai
    Ocean on Hawaiian.
  • Kaiser
    Emperor in German.
  • Kate
  • Khan
    Lord in Turkish.
  • Knight
    The basic rank of the aristocracy.
  • Laird
    Feudal Scottish title.
  • Leal
  • Lilibet
    Queen Elizabeth's cute nickname.
  • Linnet
    Queen Elizabeth II's Corgi.
  • Livia
    The Roman empress.
  • Lottie
    Short for Charlotte.
  • Louise
    Famous warrior.
  • Lupo
    Wolf in Italian.
  • Magnus
    House of might or power.
  • Malik
    King in Arabic.
  • Mansa
    Emperor in Mali.
  • Marco
    In honor of Marco Polo.
  • Margaret
    Princess Margaret's dog.
  • Meghan
    Rescuer of dog Guy.
  • Methilde
    Belgian queen.
  • Ming
  • Monarch
  • Monty
    Queen Elizabeth's dog.
  • Morza
    Prince in Tartar.
  • Nala
    A Disney movie character.
  • Noble
    Queen Victoria's collie.
  • Paladin
    From the Italian Paladino.
  • Patrizio
    Patrician in Italian.
  • Perandor
    Emperor in Albanian.
  • Philip
    Queen Victoria's collie.
  • Phoebe
    Greek goddess.
  • Pippa
    Short for Philippa.
  • Pooh
    As in Winnie the Pooh.
  • Raja
    Ruler in Indian.
  • Ramesses
    Inspired by Pharaoh Ramesses II.
  • Rauri
    Red king in Scottish.
  • Regina
    Queen in Latin.
  • Reina
    Queen in Spanish.
  • Rex
    King in Latin.
  • Rian
    Little king in Gaelic.
  • Roo
    Character from The Winnie the Pooh.
  • Rory
    An Irish king.
  • Rose
    Princess Margaret's middle name.
  • Sarah
    Princess or noblewoman.
  • Sasha
    Regal Alexandra's pet name in Russian.
  • Shah
    He who rules in Persian.
  • Sharif
    A tribal protector in Arabic.
  • Sharp
    Queen Victoria's Collie.
  • Sheikh
    A royal title in Arabic.
  • Sherry
    Prince Charles and Princess Anne's Corgi.
  • Simba
    A Disney movie character.
  • Susan
    Queen Elizabeth's Corgi.
  • Tenno
    Heavenly sovereign in Japanese.
  • Tigga
    Prince Charles' Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Truman
  • Turi
    Queen Victoria's Pomeranian.
  • Victoria
  • Vulcan
    A dog photographed by Annie Liebowitz.
  • Waren
    Loyal in German.
  • Whiskey
    Prince Charles and Princess Anne's dog.
  • Whisper
    Queen Elizabeth's corgi.
  • Widgeon
    Prince William's dog.
  • William
    Resolute protector.
  • Willow
    Queen Elizabeth's corgi.
  • Wombat
    A dog given to Prince William.
  • Zara
  • Zeus
    Greek god of the sky.
  • elsa
    Famous from Disney's Frozen.

Royal Puppy Names by Famous Kings and Queens

Our list would be incomplete without using the name from famous kings and queens. We have explored different royal families, to come up with several options for you. Below, find our top picks along with recommendations on how to use them. It’s all about the breed, its appearance, and temperament!

Do you have a Spanish dog like the giant Spanish Mastiff? If so, then you should call it Felipe, which is one of the most popular monarchical dog names amongst Spanish kings. Another suitable candidate would be the Spanish Water Dog, and in fact, any other Spanish breed.

Here we have another excellent recommendation for you, Conry. It is the King of Wolves in Celtic culture. For evident reasons, it would be an excellent name for breeds like the Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, or even the Irish Wolfhound. A superb choice because, in terms of sound, it scores high. It is exotic and original, and therefore, a worthy pick.

Does your dog have a strong and powerful temperament? Then you could call it Arthur, like the king to beat all kings. A royal choice for breeds like the Doberman, the Black GSD, the Rottweiler, and the American Bully XL. They all boast a courageous and imposing personality.

Do you have a dog that comes from the Middle East? Some breeds include the Afghan Hound and the Saluki. If so, you could use one of the most popular kingly names in Arabic, Malik. For females, use Malika. Apart from having a direct link with nobility, it is short and sounds original.

Do you have a red-coated dog with a strong temperament? Some breeds could be the Irish Setter and the Redbone Coonhound, and for them, we have an excellent name, Rauri. It is the name of a famous Scottish red king. And for evident reasons, it will match the personality and appearance of your pet perfectly.

Finally, if you have a Russian dog like the Borzoi or the Samoyed, then you could use a popular name amongst Russian czars, Ivan.

best royal dog names
Our compiled list of the best royal dog names!

Royal Dog Names from Mythology

We can also resort to mythology to gather name ideas for your pet. Therefore, we explored different pantheons, to bring you our top choices. Pay attention to our tips, so you can choose a name that truly matches the traits of your pet.

In mythology, some gods were above others, and in the case of the Greek pantheon, Zeus was the almighty King of Olympus. Therefore, it makes an excellent name for your pet. Especially if it matches Zeus’s courageous, towering and almighty temperament. Some breeds like the Dobermann and the Shar-Pei would match the name perfectly.

Do you have a female hunting puppy? Some breeds include Beagles, Labradors, and Weimaraners. For them, you could use a hunting name like Artemis, inspired by the Greek Goddess of Hunting. Without any doubt, one of the most prominent goddesses from this pantheon.

You could also name your female puppy Freya, after the Norse goddess. Since she plays a vital role in the Norse pantheon and holds plenty of power, she has traits that resemble nobility. She makes an excellent royalty name for a strong female dog.

Finally, if you want a divine name that resembles royalty, but without a specific pantheon, then you could call it Diana, which means “heavenly”. This name is a solid choice because it is feminine and beautiful. Hands down, one of the best royal dog names from our entire list.

Royalty Names for Puppies by Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV shows also serve as magnificent sources of inspiration for gathering kingly and queenly dog names. Therefore, we have explored such films, to collect spending royalty names for your pet. Below, you will find our best picks.

You could name your pet Simba, after the main character from The Lion King. Now you can see why we recommend it. It is a name with a beautiful meaning, and in addition, it is original and it will get a lot of talk going whenever someone hears you call your pooch. Furthermore, it is especially good for an authoritative yet playful dog.

If you are a fan of The Lion King, but you have a female pup, worry not, because you can name your lady, Nala, a deuteragonist from the film. Since she is considered as a Disney princess, then you can use the name without any problems, because it falls into the list of royal puppy names.

You could also name your dog Eric, after Price Eric from Little Mermaid. Without any doubts, a name enjoys of nobility, and if you are a fan of Disney, and in special of Ariel, then this choice will be simply ideal for you.

Closing Down

Now you have a full set of royal dog names that you can use to analyze to arrive to the perfect choice for your pet. Since we have used different sources – such as TV shows, movies, mythology, and famous kings and queens – you will have enough variety.

Our recommendation is to pay attention to our tips from the sub-sections. They will help you a lot to choose a name depending on the character, temperament, appearance, and traits of your special pet. It will help you to make your work lighter and to pick a name that truly resembles your dog.

If you want more ideas, browse our entire collection of puppy names!

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Sunday 28 June 2020
Last updated on
Monday 7 December 2020

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