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180+ Manly Dog Names – for Tough Male Puppies & Tom Boy Females!

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manly dog names

For a manly pup, you need our list of manly dog names. We have obtained the best names in the world, which represent strength, braveness, power, and masculinity at their maximum.

We have dissected the most attractive traits of masculinity, and based on that, we have gathered ideas from different topics such as history, sports, military leaders, and mythology. Of course, we have a lot more in store, but this is just a preview.

Furthermore, to make your life easier, we have even added specific suggestions to name your puppy. You will find them under our different sections. Just keep reading and find the perfect manly name for your four-legged friend!

Manly Names for Dogs Inspired By War

War is always in the soul of men, and therefore, it is a great source of inspiration for manly puppy names. Below, you will find our best suggestions.

If you think of your dog as a warrior, especially if it is from a fierce dog breed like the Shar-Pei, the dangerous Fila Brasileiro or the Rottweiler, then you could call it Boris. It means contender or warrior, and therefore, it makes an ideal choice, since it will represent the most powerful traits of your pet.

Another good name would be Casey, which is from Steadfast in War. If your dog is firm and decisive, along with a warrior-like temperament, then it would be an amazing name. It is short, unique and cool.

If your dog is big, powerful and has warrior traits, yet it is a peaceful dog, then you could name it Igor, which means warrior of peace in Russian. Some breeds that would fit this name the best would be the Doberman Pinscher, the Malinois and the Black German Shepherd since all of them were dogs for war.

You should also consider the name Ryder, which is another way of naming a warrior or a delivery person during times of war. In our opinion, it would be a wonderful name for fast dogs such as the Saluki, Borzoi and Afghan Hound.

Finally, as an example addition that is not in our list, you should consider the name Kratos, as the famous video game character from God of War. Go ahead with it if you believe your pet resembles his strength, courage, and power.

List of Manly Dog Names

Here are several options of manly dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ace
    One or single unit.
  • Al Fresco
    In the open air.
  • Aladdin
    Story and cartoon star.
  • Albo
    Derivative from dog food.
  • Alcatraz
    Famous US prison.
  • Alfie
    Counselor and guide.
  • Alpaca
    Type of animal with soft fur.
  • Andre
    Andre the giant.
  • Apex
    At the very top of.
  • Apollo
  • Balboa
    Money in Panama.
  • Baldwin
    Famous movie and TV actors.
  • Basil
    Type of herb,
  • Bengal
    A type of orange tiger,
  • Bentley
    Ranch or farm with grass.
  • Benz
    Luxury type of car.
  • Beowulf
    Oldest story known to man.
  • Berber
    Indigenous North African people.
  • Biscuit
    Small bread or cookie.
  • Blizzard
    Snow storm.
  • Boa
    Type of snake that constricts.
  • Bobo
    Highly educated liberal that is non-uniform.
  • Bogart
    To keep to yourself.
  • Bomber
    Type of airplane that dispenses bombs.
  • Bookie
    A bookmaker.
  • Borat
    Famous comedy film character.
  • Boris
    A contender, and warrior.
  • Brewster
    Very male oriented.
  • Bubbles
    Air pockets inside liquid.
  • Buckwheat
    Famous TV character.
  • Buddy
  • Byron
    From the outbuildings or barns.
  • Cameo
    Type of cover that hides.
  • Canyon
    Large ground opening.
  • Cappy
  • Casey
    Steadfast in war.
  • Caspian
    From the Caspian Sea.
  • Champ
    Short term for "champion".
  • Charlie
    Free man.
  • Chauffeur
    Person who drives another around.
  • Chewbacca
    Star Wars character.
  • Clapton
    Famous guitar player.
  • Conan
    Dog or wolf.
  • Crockett
    Name of explorer.
  • Dale
    First name of famous driver.
  • Dane
    Play on words.
  • Dante
  • Dexter
    Towards the right side.
  • Diddley
    Acting in a silly manner.
  • Diesel
    Type of fuel used for motors.
  • Dilbert
    Cartoon character.
  • Dingo
    A wild Australian dog.
  • Dingus
    Slang for Dingo and silly person.
  • Divot
    Small indentations.
  • Donner
    To put on or wear.
  • Doodle
    Small drawing.
  • Doyle
    Dark and stranger in Irish.
  • Dragon
    Type of mythical creature.
  • Dynamo
    Somebody with incredible vitality and power.
  • Eddard
    Famous character from Game of Thrones.
  • Edward
    Famous character from movies.
  • Elvis
    Famous singer.
  • Emerson
    Fortitude and force.
  • Espresso
    Type of compressed coffee.
  • Euphrates
    Famous river.
  • Fabian
    Successful farmer, and green thumb.
  • Falcon
    Type of bird that eats rodents.
  • Fender
    Brand of guitar.
  • Fergus
    Man of power, presence.
  • Fletch
    To put feathers on.
  • Frankenstein
    Lumbering and big dog.
  • Franks
    Shortened version of Frankenstein.
  • Gabe
    Name of character from The Office.
  • Gage
    Item presented to show good intention.
  • Gannon
    Villain from Zelda games.
  • Garrett
    Lance and bold.
  • Genghis
    Famous leader from Mongolia.
  • Ginko
    Type of root and Chinese tree.
  • Gizmo
    A contraption.
  • Griswold
    Gray forest in German.
  • Guinness
  • Gulliver
    Glutton or hungry.
  • Gyro
    Type of food.
  • Hinkley
    A town in California.
  • Hogan
    Famous wrestler.
  • Hooligan
    Slang for a troublemaker.
  • Horace
    Gatekeeper or timekeeper.
  • Hugo
    Savvy and intelligent.
  • Hulk
    Like the superhero or pro wrestler.
  • Hunter
    Seeks or finds.
  • Hyde
  • Iggy
    Blazing one.
  • Igor
    Warrior of peace in Russian.
  • Indiana, Indy
    The place where there are Indians.
  • Jabba
    From Star Wars villain.
  • Jagger
    Famous rocker.
  • Jake
    Variant of Jack or Jacob.
  • Jax
    Child of Jack.
  • Jay
    Reference to blue jay bird.
  • Jetta
    Latin meaning is black gem.
  • Jinx
    To bring bad luck.
  • Jojo
    Born on Monday.
  • Judge
    Determines law and passes opinions.
  • Jumbo
  • Kahuna
    Local medicine man or cleric.
  • Kazoo
    Musical toy.
  • Kevlar
    Type of woven armor.
  • King
  • Kirby
    From the town with the church.
  • Kite
    Toy that flies in wind.
  • Kodak
    Camera company, and slang for outdated.
  • Larry
    Like famous basketball player.
  • Lead
    A substance.
  • Leo
  • Levi
    Attached or joined in Hebrew.
  • Loki
    God of underhandedness and mischief.
  • Lux
    Shortened version of Luxury.
  • Macbeth
    Famous fictional character and play.
  • Magee
    Child of Aodh.
  • Malcolm
    Scottish for disciple of St. Columba.
  • Melvin
    Chief in Irish.
  • Merc
    Dhort for Mercury.
  • Milo
    Quiet and peaceful.
  • Monk
    Religious practitioner.
  • Morris
    Dark skinned.
  • Muggs, Mugsy
    Gangster sidekick in Looney Tunes.
  • Muscles
    Type of anatomy.
  • Mustafa
  • Nacho
    Type of food.
  • Napoleon
    Famous French conquoer.
  • Nero
    Roman emperor known for cruelty.
  • Nike
    Victory in Greek.
  • Nitro
    Type of chemical.
  • Noodle
    A slender strip of dried dough.
  • Odie
    Wood slope.
  • Oliver
    Relates to the olive tree.
  • Oscar
    Movie award.
  • Paddington
    Famous bear and train station.
  • Pagoda
    Asian temple or sacred building.
  • Paladin
    A chivalrous champion.
  • Panda
    Type of black/white bearlike animal.
  • Pharaoh
    Ruler of Ancient Egypt.
  • Picasso
    Famous painter.
  • Pistol
    Hand gun.
  • Pixel
    The tiniest part of an image.
  • Popeye
    Famous fictional sailor.
  • Quark
    Physics particle.
  • Radar
    Sonar equipment.
  • Rags
    Discarded cloth pieces.
  • Ramstein
    Famous German band.
  • Ranger
    Outdoor explorer.
  • Rascal
    Trouble maker.
  • Rasta
    Jamaican origin.
  • Reece
  • Remington
    Brand of gun maker.
  • Romeo
    Famous fictional romance character.
  • Royce
  • Ryder
    Mounted delivery person or warrior.
  • Sage
    Type of herb.
  • Samson
    Like the sun.
  • Scooter
    Shuffling movement.
  • Seal
    Sea creature and famous singer.
  • Sinatra
    Famous singer.
  • Slicker
    Type of jacket.
  • Sonata
    Song style.
  • Strider
    To stroll with huge steps.
  • Tamale
    Type of Mexican food.
  • Taz
    Shorthand for a Tasmanian Devil.
  • Thumper
    Thing that beats or thumps.
  • Tonka
    Toy truck brand.
  • Trojan
    Culture who used trick horse.
  • Trooper
    To go along with.
  • Trout
    Type of fish.
  • Valentino
    Great health.
  • Venga
    Speed on or hurry up.
  • Vesper
    Evening star.
  • Vladimir
    Vlad to rule.
  • Waddles
    Short stepper that sways.
  • Wanderer
    Explorer looking around.
  • Warhol
    Famous artist.
  • Wicket
    A little entryway.
  • Woodsy
    Outdoor driven.
  • Wrangler
    Brings things together.
  • Xander
    Safe guarder of men.
  • Xavier
    The new house.
  • Xerxes
    Leaving in Greek.
  • Xing
  • Yo-Yo
    A toy.
  • Yodel
    Type of singing among Swiss Mountaineers.
  • Zazu
  • Zed
    Letter Z in British.
  • Zephyr
    Gentle breeze.
  • Zero
    Text form of “0”.
  • Ziggy
    Famous cartoon character.
  • Zoomer
    Fast mover.
  • Zuma
    Frowns in anger.

Manly Puppy Names Inspired By Powerful Words

Our vocabulary has words that are inherently powerful, and therefore, they inspire masculinity and its related traits as soon as you hear them. Below, you will find our top picks.

Dynamo is one of our favorite suggestions because it is a word used to describe someone of outstanding vitality and power. It is an ideal name for athletic, strong and mighty dogs. It would be a great name for any dog as long as they resemble such traits, such as the Rottweiler.

If you liked the meaning behind Dynamo, but you did not like the name itself, then here we have another suggestion, Fergus. It is a word used for a man of power and presence. For evident reasons, it would be a phenomenal choice for a watch or guard dog (e.g. Tibetan Mastiffs, or Ridgebacks).

We all know that masculinity inspires force and fortitude, and therefore, the name Emerson is an excellent pick, because it represents such traits. If you think those are the most representative characteristics of your dog, then it will match the name perfectly.

Winning is manly, and what a better way of highlighting this trait than by naming your dog Champ, the short version of Champion? It is an even better name if your dog comes from a contest quality bloodline, and you plan to your dog to participate in shows and competitions.

Manly Dog Names
180+ Manly Dog Names – for Tough Male Puppies & Tomboy Females!

Masculine Name Ideas Inspired by Movies and Shows

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then you should consider the name Eddard, as one of the famous characters from the series. The name itself sounds masculine.

If you have watched The Office, then you will like our next suggestion, Gabe. We like this name because it is masculine and short, and you do not hear it very often. Your dog will be the only Gabe in the neighborhood.

Are you a fan of the Looney Tunes? If so, then you will be familiar with Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, which makes our next name idea. It is short and fun, and yes, it does sounds manly when you don’t think about the cartoon! Furthermore, if your dog is funny and full of energy, then it will make sense to choose this name for it.

Finally, if you are a fan of Disney movies, then you will consider our following recommendation, Aladdin. It is one of the most iconic characters from Disney, and it makes a lot of sense to use this name for breeds that come from the Middle East such as the Saluki, the Afghan hound or the Kuchi dog.

Closing Down

Now that you have nearly 200 manly dog names in our hands, along with our specific recommendations, it will be much easier for you to name your pet. We have even given you name suggestions for specific breeds and special traits from your dog. The color “black” is often associated with manliness – so check out our favorite black dog names!

Our tip is to read our list carefully, pick your top ten options and then compare them patiently, so you can find the ideal name for your pet. Examine the meaning behind each, and choose the one that matches your four-legged friend the best!

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Sunday 19 January 2020
Last updated on
Sunday 19 January 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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