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90+ Fluffy Dog Names – Cool Hairy Dog Names for Furballs!

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List of the best fluffy dog names!

Find the perfect name with our list of the best fluffy dog names. Be it small or big, your pet will find its name here. We have collected ideas from the most relevant sources, to find you enough options to compare.

Because we know it is not an easy endeavor, we have added exclusive sections below that include hairy dog name recommendations. They will make your homework even easier. You only need to read what we recommend, and if it matches your pet, then you can use it.

If you have any questions or if you need extra help, feel free to contact us! Browse our thousands of dog name ideas in our popular Dog Name Center!

List of Fluffy Dog Names

Here are several options of fluffy dog names for you to choose from:

  • Angelica
    Like an Angel.
  • Badu
  • Bear
    Large animal with a furry coat.
  • Bianca
  • Billow
    Large mass of smoke or steam.
  • Blewog
    Fluffy in Welsh.
  • Bolyhos
    Fluffy in Hungarian.
  • Boo
    Term of endearment.
  • Brillo
    Pot cleaner.
  • Bunny
    A furry animal.
  • Captain Fluff
    Funny and playful.
  • Cashmere
    A type of wool.
  • Charmin
    Toilet paper.
  • Chewbacca
    A character from Star Wars.
  • Cloud
    Condensed water vapor.
  • Cotton
    Small ball of wool.
  • Cotton Candy
    Sweet and soft.
  • Creampuff
    Pastry dessert.
  • Cuddle
    Hug or embrace.
  • Donsig
    Fluffy in African.
  • Doux
    Fluffy in French.
  • Downy
    Soft feathers of a bird.
  • Ducky
    A type of bird.
  • Duveteux
    Fluffy in French.
  • Eskimo
    Indigenous tribe.
  • Ewok
    From the Star Wars movie.
  • Fabio
    A bean.
  • Farrah
  • Feather
    Flat appendage from a bird's skin.
  • Flaum
    Fluffy fur in German.
  • Flaumig
    Fluffy in German.
  • Fleecy
    Fleece of a sheep.
  • Flou
    Fuzzy in French.
  • Fluffcake
    Combination of fluffy and cake.
  • Fluffig
    Fluffy in Swedish.
  • Fofo
    Fluffy in Portuguese.
  • Foxy
    Daring, adventurous, and mysterious.
  • Fozzie
    A Muppet character.
  • Frizzy
    Mass of tight curls.
  • Furby
    Fur ball.
  • Fuzz
    Mass of hair.
  • Fuzzbutt
    Furry butt.
  • Fuzzy
  • Gordo
    Fluffy in Galician.
  • Grizzly
    A bear.
  • Hair Ball
    A lump of hair.
  • Harry
    From the word 'hairy'.
  • Heater
    Because they keep you warm.
  • Igloo
    Variation of Iggy.
  • Jast
    Fluffy in Croatian.
  • Kohev
    Fluffy in Estonian.
  • Lady
    For the most royal of dogs.
  • Lion
    Lion dogs or Chowchows.
  • Lion Heart
    Lion dogs or Chowchows.
  • Locke
  • Marshmallow
    A cloud-like sweet snack.
  • Meringue
    A French dessert.
  • Mullido
    Soft in Spanish.
  • Nana
    A character from Peter Pan.
  • Nimbus
    Rain cloud or halo.
  • Oso
    Bear in Spanish.
  • Peluche
    Fluffy in Spanish.
  • Pillow
    Soft feather pillow.
  • Plush
    Soft fabric.
  • Pompom
    Small wool ball.
  • Poofy
    Bright and radiant.
  • Puffin
    Cuddly and soft.
  • Puffy
    Soft and light.
  • Pufos
    Fluffy in Romanian.
  • Purus
    Fluffy in Lithuanian.
  • Pushinka
    Fluffy in Russian.
  • Quill
    Long feathers of a bird.
  • Radiator
    Because they keep you warm.
  • Ruffles
    A lace or frill.
  • Sammy
    Inspired by the Samoyed.
  • Sasquatch
  • Scruffy
  • Shaggy
    Long and thick hair.
  • Silkie
    A type of chicken.
  • Silky
    Velvety texture.
  • Snowflakes
    Smow like appearance.
  • Snuffleupagus
  • Snuggles
    Loves cuddling and hugs.
  • Soffice
    Fluffy in Italian.
  • Suave
    Soft in Spanish.
  • Tahani
    Best wishes in Arabic.
  • Teddy
  • Thunderhead
    A type of cloud.
  • Velvet
    Silky clothing material.
  • Wookie
    A character from Star Wars.
  • Woolly
  • Yeti
    A mythical creature.

Fluffy Names for Puppies Inspired By Foreign Languages

At Breeding Business, it is almost a tradition to use foreign languages when looking for dog names. And this case is another worthy example. Since there are many ways to say fluffy in different languages, we decided to give it a shot. Let’s find the most beautiful, elegant and iconic examples from around the world.

If your dog is very fluffy and robust, then you could call it Gordo, which is the way to say it in Galician. In addition, in Spanish it means “fat”, and therefore, that is why we suggest you use it if your dog is especially big (e.g. Chow Chows). It will match the name perfectly in that case.

Would you prefer a romance-language name? We have already mentioned you an idea that works in Galician as well as in Spanish. However, let us take it a notch further. You can call your dog Peluche, which means “plush toy” in French. If your dog resembles a toy of this kind, due to being very fluffy, now you have an excellent alternative.

Have you noticed that the coat of your puppy is especially soft? If so, then you could call it Suave, which means “soft” in Mexican. It is easy to see why we suggest this name, and you can bet on it that your pet will sport it with pride.

Now, you have been properly introduced to our list and guide. You have some excellent recommendations, along with great tips on how to use these names like a pro. However, we still have a lot more in store for you. Just keep reading!

best fluffy dog names
Our list of the absolute best fluffy dog names for hairy puppies!

Names for Dogs Inspired By Fluffy Words

We have many words that refer to fluffiness, and therefore, you can use them to name your pet. Below, you will find our complete revision. We have selected these names by analyzing how well they sound, their meaning and their practicality (how easy to remember and to pronounce they are).

If the coat of your puppy is small, light and soft, then you can call it Puffy or Poofy. As it is a word used to mean these features, then it makes sense to use it. On top of that, we recommend it because it sounds sweet and adorable, which will complement the temperament of your pet.

Would you say that your dog looks like a sheep? That is the case for some breeds like the Bedlington Terrier, and therefore, the name Woolly would be a superb choice. However, as long as your dog has as much coat as a sheep, then it will fit the name perfectly.

If you want to give your dog a more sophisticated name, then you could use Cashmere, which is an elegant type of wool. If you have caressed the coat of your puppy and it feels like a cashmere coat, then now you have even more reasons to use this name.

Does the coat of your dog feel as soft as a feather? Then you could use the name Quill, which is the long feather of a bird. It helps if your dog has a fluffy yet also long coat, which is the case for Afghan Hounds.

Another good name, which is also elegant, would be Velvet. If the coat of your pet feels like silk, then it will sport the name even better. This is one of the most sophisticated picks from our list, and therefore, we can suggest it to you with total confidence.

Fluffy Dog Names Inspired By Famous Characters

Thanks to culture and art, we have plenty of famous characters from books, movies, shows and more. Therefore, we decided to pick the fluffiest characters from these sources, to suggest you the best names for your pet.

You could call your dog like the breed from which Chewbacca (another good name) descends which is the Wookie. Did you see it? Now you have two excellent suggestions in your hands, and you can easily see why, because they represent the fluffiness from Star Wars!

You could also name your dog Furby, like the popular TV character and plush toy, or Furball. He is one of the fluffiest around, and therefore, it makes an excellent name. It helps if your dog shares the same personality, which is fun, a tad crazy but very affectionate.

Now, you have three excellent suggestions. However, you will find even more on our full list above. This was just a teaser, so you still have a lot more to unveil. Read our entire list, and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Closing Down

This is how we conclude our list and guide of fluffy dog names. As you can see, we have covered everything, and all you need to do is to explore our list properly, pay attention to our tips and you will find the perfect name for your dog.

Without anything more to add, we hope you found our list and guide useful. If you need more assistance, do not be shy and comment below. We will be happy to help you!

Published on
Tuesday 21 April 2020
Last updated on
Friday 26 June 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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