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Top 5 Best Fleece Dog Coats for Winter

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Published on
Monday 10 December 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Fleece Dog Coats for Winter
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The best fleece dog coats and sweaters are meant to provide heat retention to the sensitive dog, especially during coldest days. The main focus points are the level of insulation achieved by the material and fabric used, as well as the convenience to put on and take off.

Fleece is defined as a soft warm fabric with a texture comparable to sheep’s wool, used as a lining material. It prevents the warmth from dissipating and blocks cold air by acting as a filtering barrier.

How to Pick the Right Fleece Dog Coat

Picking the best fleece coat for dogs relies on the coat’s insulation and convenience. There are other features to consider, though. These include how easy to clean the coat is, and the level of its waterproofing.


The best fleece dog coat will provide the insulation that every dog needs in order to stay warm during the colder months. Fleece-lining is actually a required factor to obtain that level of comfort that results from the right insulation. However, having those extra layers on top of the lining can certainly enhance this feature. Some dogs who are endowed with thick coats of fur are able to better insulate themselves, but not all. Insulation allows the dog’s own body temperature to stay inside as it helps to avoid the temperature to escape outside and in doing this, avoid the outside cold air from reaching the dog’s skin.


Most dog owners do not want to take too long in putting on and taking off a dog’s coat. Generally, the more buttons, zippers, or ties a coat has, the less likely people will use it. Convenience is always one of the top qualities that any dog owner or breeder looks for when purchasing fleece coats for dogs. A simple coat that doesn’t require too much work to get on and off will help save time and save a lot of stress, overall. Definitely look for a coat that either zips or just slips on.


This is an obvious feature that every dog owner needs to get right. Choosing the wrong coat size for winter can prove to cause problems down the road. A coat that does not fit right won’t do what it is designed to do. A fleece coat for dogs that is too small may expose some of his body parts to the cold, for example. A coat that is oversized, on the other hand, may fall off and not provide the insulation required. If you are buying a fleece-lined puppy coat you need to account for the future growth of the puppy when choosing the size.

Safety features

While the best fleece dog coats provide the necessary protection and insulation a dog needs, safety is also key. In fact, many dog owners like to walk their dogs at night, for example. Some fleece coats offer high visibility and reflective straps on the apparel. Often times, they come with highlights in order to attract more attention. These features allow the dog to be viewed from afar by cars and passers-by. Keeping your dog safe while keeping him warm should be a priority.


The colder months of the year can bring on rain, snow, and hail accompanied by extreme cold. It is important to purchase a dog coat that will work to act against all of these conditions, covering the legs as well. Bad weather often comes with snow and rain so be sure the fleece coat you choose for your dog is water-resistant. Ensure your dog can avoid getting all wet whenever the rain starts to drop. Keep in mind, that a wet dog will become colder at a faster rate than a dry dog.


It is also very convenient to have a fleece dog coat for winter that will be easy to wash, clean, and dry. Generally, coats will get dirty from outside conditions especially if it rains and your dog tends to jump in the mud puddles. Coats are worn outdoors so giving it a regular, thorough wash is required for ideal cleanliness and freshness. Ensure the coat you choose is machine washable. In addition, air drying it, even in the winter, should not take too long.

Top 5 Best Fleece Dog Coats for Winter

Frankly, if you are unfamiliar with insulated dog coats you will think they are all the same. You will end up buying based on looks and perceived quality. This is wrong and a lot of popular fleece coats offer very little protection again the cold but they have appealing looks and aesthetics.

To make this purchase simpler to you, we’ve rounded up what are in our opinion the top 5 best fleece-lined dog coats for winter.

1. Reversible Kurgo Loft Fleece Dog Coat

The fleece coats for dogs made by Kurgo are the ultimate dog coat for those harsh winter months. Not only do these coats provide warmth, but they offer more protection with their reflective piping. The Kurgo keeps your dog visible during darker hours which makes it perfect for hikes and runs. The reversible feature allows your dog to be stylish, while the convenient adjustable hook and loop closure provides more comfort for a custom fit.

Available in assorted colors, this fleece coat for dogs is super lightweight and completely water-resistant. The waterproof feature enables your loved ones to stay dry during the rainy season. The microtomic, ripstop material and 140 grams of Polytec fill provide this coat with an extra level of durability while giving your dog space for free movement. The back features an opening for the leash access inside the zipper. With a lifetime warranty, the fleece coat by Kurgo is definitely a fully-featured dog coat favorite on the market.

2. Gooby Everyday Cold Weather Vest

Some of the best fleece dog coats on the market are the ones designed by Gooby. This ultra-cozy fleece dog vest is made with polyester. This helps keep unwanted moisture out during the rainy days. The vest allows warm air from escaping and it is completely durable, safe, and built to withstand long days.

The pull-over features allow dog owners to easily slip on the vest when your dog is in a hurry to get outside. There are no velcros or zippers involved. With over 17 different colors to choose from, the Gooby fleece dog vest features an elaborate o-ring on the back in order to fasten leashes for quick trips outside. The spacious armholes allow your pets to walk freely without feeling restricted. Dog owners can easily slip the vest into the machine to wash and dry. Ensure you find the right size. Just simply measure your chest and allow extra space in the neck opening.

3. PETCEE Fleece Dog Jacket

The Petcee fleece dog coats for winter measures 18.1 inches in length and 23.6 inches in the chest. This dog jacket is designed with 100% fleece-lined as well as a 100% polyester surface. The jacket is great for any season as it is both windproof and waterproof providing your dog more comfortable in more extreme conditions.

The dog jacket boasts a reflective brim that lets your dog be seen in the dark. The elastic band on the chest, flexible velcro on the neck and the rubber band mechanism on the tail provides your dog with a better fit. The design is constructed with two layers outside the cotton while the loft collar design is collapsible and quite fashionable. Your dog now looks modern and stylish while keeping his core body dry with the best anti-wet material on the canine market today.

4. Kuoser Fleece-Lined Coats for Dogs

The Kuoser fleece coat for dogs is specially designed to fit your dogs better and allow them to move about freely without feeling constricted. With an assortment of colors and patterns to choose from including plaid designs, the Kuoser vest jacket provides all-around protection from the rain and cold (especially frostbites). Your dog is guaranteed to stay warm with thick polyester fiber padding within the jacket to sustain those cold winters.

On one side of the jacket, the waterproof and water-resistant outer layer allows you to walk even on wetter days. The polyester mixed with the TC (terylene/cotton) fabric gives him the ultimate coziness he desires. Exquisite stitching and the hook and loop features allow for easy fitting and making taking off a simple task. The Kuoser is really lightweight and is completely windproof for those rougher days. Just ensure you get the right fitting for your dog with the coat’s size chart.

5. Gooby Dog Jacket Coat

Another fleece dog coat for winter created by Gooby, this jacket offers multi-functions in their designs. It ensures your dog stays dry, warm, and absolutely comfortable as it easily protects from the snow too. These jackets do not get soggy and heavy from rain and extreme temperatures. They tend to be extremely lightweight.

Harnesses are no longer needed with the leash feature on the back allowing dog owners to walk their dogs with no added accessories. The Gooby dog jacket is cut in a way to make going to the potty easily accessible for all dogs. And in the event, your dog does get it dirty, they happen to be machine washable. Just throw them in the washer and they won’t lose their quality or fit. The jacket also features a protective guard that keeps fur and skin from getting zipped in.

Finally, in the winter, make sure you feed your dog properly, sleeping indoors, and if you can, invest in an insulated dog house, or a dog house heater.

Guide – Wintertime Fleece Dog Coats
Guide – Wintertime Fleece Dog Coats

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