10 Best Dog Foods for Winter – Recommendations & Reviews

10 Best Dog Foods for Winter – Recommendations & Reviews

The best dog foods for winter are calorie-dense. While dogs exercise less when it’s cold, their body burns more calories just to keep their body temperature at the same level. Therefore, dogs need to eat slightly more to keep up with the cold weather.

Different dog breeds require different levels of activity during the cold season. Some enjoy the cold while others hate it. The effect this season has on their diet can drastically affect their overall health.

Moreover, all winter foods for dogs are different. They are recommended based on the dietary requirements of your dog in the winter season. However, diet does not replace an insulated kennel, or more simply, a dog house heater (especially for puppies and toy breeds).

How do cold temperatures and less daylight affect my dog's weight?

Cold temperature and less daylight can have a drastic impact on your dog’s overall health. They can make your dog feel lethargic, and your little friend might not be too keen on going on long walks.

Due to less daylight, there is a reduced chance of regular exercise for your dog. Due to this, their metabolism slows down so that their bodies can conserve more calories and not lose weight. Or, the dogs can get so cold that they burn a lot more calories to stay warm.

Your dog burns fewer calories

If your dog is not going out as much during the winter season, chances are they won’t need to consume the same amount of food they did during summers. This is because they will not need any extra calories because of the lack of exercise.

The winter season has the potential to affect your dog’s calorie intake. However, this does not apply to all dog breeds. Some breeds are naturally energetic and love to run around. Consequently, they burn more energy and have different dietary requirements.

Some breeds enjoy lazing about and cuddling. Cold temperature and less daylight do not bother them as much because they like to curl up and sleep in front of the fireplace anyway.

Some breeds have a specific physical appearance. Breeds who have features like a thick coat of fur or a high fat density, to protect them from the cold, have a higher chance of burning fewer calories. This is because, during winters, dogs shiver to heat themselves. This act helps burn a lot of calories.

Your dog burns more calories

Dogs who have less fur and fat density tend to shiver more and burn more calories. Due to this, they also need to consume more food. This is why your furry friend gets hungrier during the winter season.

Dogs that are given fewer proportions of food during the winter season, actually lose weight due to the calories they burn trying to protect themselves from the cold.

Therefore, such dogs will need to be given more food or the same amount but of a different, more calorie-dense, dog food.

feeding dogs during winter
Assess whether your dog, during cold days, needs more or less calorie intake.

How to choose the right dog foods for winter?

Choosing the right type and brand of dog foods for winter can be the biggest challenge ever. There are a lot of factors you need to think about. These factors include

Your Dog's Size

The amount of food you give to your dog should depend on your dog’s size. If your dog is large, they will burn more calories than a smaller sized dog.

When selecting winter food for dogs, you need to keep in mind your dog’s size. Dog owners often think about the question of why are dogs hungrier in winter? This is because your dog’s weight determines the hunger it will experience during this season.

You need to choose the right wintertime dog food that has a higher fat content because dogs of all sizes tend to burn more calories due to shivering.

However, if your dog is already overweight, you need to choose a brand of dog’s food for winter that has a lower fat content and helps them lose weight.

Amount of Fur and Fat

The amount of fur and fat your dog has can drastically affect the kind of winter dog food you choose for it. Interestingly, dogs who have a thick layer of fur and a higher fat density can protect themselves from the cold easily.

This means they do not burn as many calories because they do not shiver as much. For these types of dogs, you need to get dog foods for winter that have lower fat content. You can also reduce the size of your dog’s daily servings so that they do not gain extra weight.

However, dogs with less fur and a low fat density need more protection from the cold. If you are an owner of such a dog, you might ask yourself the question of why are dogs having an increase in appetite in winter?

This is because your dog is burning more calories and needs to consume more food to maintain a healthy weight.

Your Dog's Age

Your dog’s age is another important factor when it comes to selecting the right dog’s food for winter. This is because older dogs tend to have slower metabolisms compared to younger dogs. This means younger dogs are more energetic and burn calories faster.

If you have an older dog, you need to choose a brand of dog food that has lots of nutrients and vitamins and a relatively lower fat content. This is because older dogs are not as energetic, and it is very difficult for them to lose weight.

However, if you have a young dog, you need to buy dog foods for winter that have a higher fat content. Younger dogs need more calories since they burn more calories during the winter season.

Health Status

If you have a healthy dog, you don’t have to worry too much before buying dog foods for winter. Healthy dogs are strong and don’t need to be looked after too much.

However, if your dog has health issues such as arthritis or diabetes, then you need to be careful before buying winter food for dogs.

You will have to read the ingredients carefully to make sure that there aren’t any ingredients in the food that could worsen your dog’s health.

Also, sicker dogs tend to be less energetic, which means that they will not be able to burn calories faster. This is why you need to give them fewer portions of food with lower fat content.


The ingredients of your dog food are perhaps one of the most important things you should look for when you are selecting winter food for your dog.

Before selecting dog food, you must make sure it has the right amount of calories and nutrients your dog will need to stay happy and healthy during the harsh winters.

If your dog has a specific illness or vitamin deficiency, you need to make sure that the dog food you are choosing has that specific vitamin.

Also, you need to be on a lookout for anything that can trigger your dog’s allergies. If your dog is allergic to specific foods or ingredients, you need to make sure they are not present in the dog food.

10 Best Dog Foods for winter

There are several brands out there in the market for your four-legged friend, which is why it might get difficult to select the right one. Here is a break down of the top 10 Best Dog foods for winter.

1. Nature's Recipe Easy to Digest Kibble

This product is completely natural dog food with a load of nutrients and vitamins that will help your furry friend fulfill their dietary requirements.

This product comes in a variety of flavors and does not have any added colors or preservatives. It has a great taste and is easy to digest for your dog.

Some users state that their dogs love this product because it has great flavor and others say that it does not cause their dog stomach problems which makes it one of the most popular winter dog foods in the market. However, there were a few customers who were unsatisfied and stated that this dog food made their dog feel itchy later. But most users were satisfied with this product.

2. Rachael Ray Nutrish's Real Beef

This particular dog food has natural prebiotics that helps your dog digest their food quickly. It is made with farm-raised beef and does not have any artificial flavors or added preservatives.

Also, this product does not have fillers, wheat, or wheat gluten ingredients and is completely safe and healthy for your dog to consume.

Satisfied customers say that their pets enjoy this food’s flavor and the taste of beef, carrots, brown rice, and peas make a wholesome meal for their dogs. Others said it was great to help their dogs maintain a healthy weight.

However, some unsatisfied customers felt that it did not help their dog lose weight but helped them maintain it.

3. Taste of Wild Premium High Protein

This product gives your dog the taste of roasted bison. Your dogs will love it because it is made with real meat. It also has an abundance of amino acids, proteins, and vitamins that help your dog build muscle and their immune system.

The fatty acid blend helps your dog stay warm and content during the winter season. Furthermore, this product is made without Grain, Corn, Wheat, or any artificial flavor.

Satisfied customers have stated that it helped their dogs with digestion. Other customers have also stated that it improved the fur coat and general overall health of their dog during the harsh winter season.

Some customers felt that the product had way too much protein for their dog, but their opinions varied a great deal.

4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

This product has great taste because it’s made with real meat. It has high levels of protein and contains glucosamine and chondroitin for senior dogs. This improves mobility and reduces joint pain in senior dogs.

Satisfied customers have stated that this product made their senior dog healthier and more energetic during the winter season. They have also stated that this product helps their dog move around with ease because it reduces joint pain.

However, there were a small number of customers that felt their dogs didn’t like the flavor of the product as much.

5. CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food

This product is rich in protein and is made with turkey, fish, lamb, and chicken. Also, this product can be used for all kinds of breeds and sizes of dogs. It has a variety of natural flavors and has probiotics to help keep your dog’s immune system strong.

It also has vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s coat shiny and to make sure they maintain a healthy weight.

Satisfied customers have stated that this product has helped their dog build muscle and grow stronger. However, some customers felt that their dog did not quite like the taste of this product.

6. Purina Beneful Healthy Weight

This product is made from real chicken. It also has the nutrients and taste of spinach, peas, and carrots. Antioxidants in this product help keep your dog’s immune system strong, and 23 essential vitamins help your dog stay healthy overall. The Purina facilities in which this product is manufactured are safe and clean.

Happy customers have stated that this product helps their dog lose weight. Some customers stated that their dogs did not take a liking to the taste; however, most dogs enjoyed the meaty taste.

7. Sojos Complete Freeze-Dried Raw

This product is a treat for your dog. It has a meaty flavor your dog will love and comes in a variety of pork, chicken, beef, and fish, etc. This product also helps your dog maintain a balanced diet with real ingredients and no added preservatives.

Satisfied customers have reported that their overweight dogs lost weight and became healthier after consuming this. Some have stated that their dogs did not like the smell and taste of the product.

8. Wellness Core Natural Winter Dog Food

This product is especially good for smaller breeds. It helps them consume the right amount of calories and has all-natural ingredients that keep your dog healthy.

This product does not have any added preservatives and is completely grain-free. Satisfied customers have stated that this product helps their dog feel healthy and energetic. A couple of customers said their dogs had bad reactions to the product and refused to eat it.

9. Diamond Naturals Premium Real Meat

This product is made with real beef. It also has high levels of vitamin E and selenium. Also, this product has Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids that bring a shine to your animal’s coat. It does not have corn, grain, or any added preservatives.

Customers love the improvement they see in their animal’s health and fur. They state that their dogs also love the taste of this product.

10. Merrick Lil Plates Small Breed Formula

This product is made from real chicken. It has great flavor and little kibble bites that help clean your dog’s teeth during the meal. It helps your dog get healthy and shiny skin and does not have any added preservatives or Gluten ingredients.

Customers have stated that this product improved their dog’s digestion. It also helped improve the quality of their fur. The probiotics and prebiotics helped strengthen joints and muscles.

Winter Dog Food – FAQ

Dog foods formulated for cold weather don’t exist as such. However, plenty of existing formulas are great and would do the job perfectly. Below is us trying to answer the most common questions about feeding a dog during wintertime.

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most suitable dog foods for wintertime
Feeding a dog during winter can mean either increasing or decreasing quantities!

Should I heat my dog's food during winter?

You can heat your dog’s food during the winter season. This is because warm meals are more satisfying and will bring warmth to your dog. You could also simply mix the dry kibble with lukewarm water to reach the same result.

Your dog will not feel very cold during the winter season if you give it warm meals. Heating your dog’s meals is also a gesture of love and affection towards your dog and will help your furry friend feel warm and satisfied during the cold.

Should I feed my dog inside during winter?

If the weather outside is harsh and cold, it is a better idea to feed your dog inside the house. Your dog also may feel more comfortable eating in the warmth.

If the weather outside is not as cold, you can feed your dog outside. Outdoor exposure is always good for your animal and helps them stay healthy and happy. If your pet is too cold outside, you may want to invest in a heated outdoor dog house.

Why do dogs increase their appetite during cold weather?

Dogs tend to eat more during the cold because they are burning more calories to maintain regular body temperature and avoid hypothermia. Even if they don’t go outside to exercise and play regularly during the cold season, your dog can burn a lot of calories protecting themselves from the cold.

They shiver to keep themselves warm and burn more calories which makes them hungrier than usual during the winter season.

How much food should I feed my dog in winter?

The amount of food you feed your dog during the winter season depends largely on the breed, size, age, and overall health of your dog. We recommend giving a quarter to a half more depending on circumstances. Different breeds have different sizes and require different amounts of food.

Older dogs need to be given foods in smaller amounts because they have digestion issues and have problems losing weight. Younger, more energetic dogs require larger portions of food during the winter season.

Should I feed my dog more in winter?

Since dogs burn more calories during the winter season by shivering and protecting themselves from the cold, they also get hungrier faster.

You could increase your dog’s serving size during the winter, but that is not always a requirement. If your dog is overweight, you should continue with the regular serving size and your dog will lose some weight and become healthier.

How can food help my dog to keep warm during winter?

Food provides comfort and warmth to everyone. If you warm your food for your dog, it will help them feel warm inside. Furthermore, food helps your dog create a layer of fat that insulates and keeps the cold out.

This layer of fat protects your dog from the harsh cold and keeps them warm, comfortable, and happy.