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10 Best Dog Behaviorist Companies in the US

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Published on
Thursday 29 April 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog behaviorist companies in the us
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Ensuring you find the best dog behaviorist company and behaviorist for your dog to help them is crucial for their development, improvement, and even welfare in regards to treatment and reducing anxiety for example. And you need to start early!

There are so many people that deem themselves to be dog behaviorists, but how many are legitimate? False advertising and even word of mouth can lead to incorrect assumptions. If we were to then hire someone who is not a real dog behaviorist, the results could be dire. Especially in the case of potentially dangerous dogs. Furthermore, we could be paying out money to someone who is not accredited in the field and could be making your dog’s behavior worse. Also not that behaviorists are generally not veterinarians.

We will be discussing some of the best dog behaviorist companies in the US so you can find the perfect specialist for your dog. We will also look into the factors that make a company reputable, and how to identify them, and things to consider in regards to your pup.

What are Dog Behaviorists?

A dog behaviorist is someone who has been trained to understand negative and positive behavior, and work with a dog using correction, positive reinforcement, and other psychological methods. Often, dog trainers and behaviorists are confused. Note that dog trainers will teach your dogs tricks, sit, stay, or jump for example. A behaviorist works to understand your dog’s current behavior and how to improve it. Such as understanding their food aggression and what areas your dog needs to work on. Furthermore, dog trainers will work with your dog using general training techniques, whereas behaviorists will personalize their training with your dog to help them in the best method.

However, just because someone is a dog trainer does not mean their techniques are correct. Many use punishment and fear tactics as a way to control your dog. This means the underlying problem still exists and it is not being dealt with. So either your dog will show negative behavior in a different way, or will be unhappy still. This is why it is so important to choose a company and employee that reflects positive behavior training.

Things to Consider When Getting a Dog Behaviorist?

Before we discuss the top companies, it is important to know how to choose the best for you, as well as why we have chosen these ten as our best. Many companies have both trainers and behaviorists so you have to make sure you are picking the right person with the right experience for your dog’s case. Furthermore, some companies specialize, which is another important factor to consider.

Track Record and Reputation

Check out the reviews of companies and workers specifically to know whether you are wasting your time or not on good advertising. A company can say they’re the best but you can put a lock of things on websites and flyers! By checking out reviews and seeing if others have had positive experiences or not, you can decide if you feel they are worth the price or not. Furthermore, you can see if they have any unethical methods to avoid.


The experience of a company and its workers pertains to their longevity, how long they have been doing what they are doing. If they have been around a long time, then they will have most likely dealt with many different behavioral problems. These can also range in how severe they are. Thereby, you can feel confident knowing that your behaviorist will know exactly how to deal with your dog’s behavior.

dog behaviorist companies
Always consider the experience of the company.


If a behaviorist company can show all the certificates their employees have earned, this is a good sign. However, you need to make sure the governing board is one that is properly certified. Looks for organizations such as the Animal Behavior Society who can issue different types of qualifications. Just be sure the board is real and it’s not a $10 certificate found online!

10 Best Dog Behaviorist Companies in the US

Now onto the portion you’ve all been waiting for, the 10 best dog behaviorist companies in the US. Let’s take a look.

1. Bark Busters

BarkBusters is the biggest training/behavioral company in the whole country. They have many experienced and certified workers in both the training and behavioral fields. Due to their large reach, they have tackled all kinds of dog behavioral issues with different ranges of severity.

They boast to present ‘natural, holistic, and humane dog training that takes place in the family home.’ This company has offices in 40 states and helped over 1 million dogs in the US with behavioral problems and training needs. With 99.4% of clients rating their experience 4-5 stars out of 5, it’s no wonder they are number 1.

They specialize in correcting aggression and other behavioral problems such as food possessiveness or separation anxiety. They work along with all types of dog requirements though including setting boundaries and obedience training as well.

2. Canine Dimensions

Canine Dimensions was founded by Phil Guida in 1997, a dog behaviorist expert and canine lover. He created his 3 phase dog training model to produce fast results through effective training. They use positive reinforcement as their primary training method.

Their reviews stretch beyond and above. Celebrities, video change, and verbal detailing all explain personal experiences with the website. These personal reviews allow you to see what this business has to offer, and it seems tremendous.

They specialize in behavior modifications, problem-solving, and obedience training. All of these are based on at-home training which offers comfort to your dog as well as ease for you. You also have the offer to board and train your dog if that would be better suited for you.

3. Zoom Room

Positive dog training methods are used by the Zoom Room to help your dog’s confidence and make learning fun. They believe that providing a safe space to make training and correction enjoyable, you will quickly see the results you desire.

The Zoom Room encourages customers to share their experiences and shares them all on their website. Not only do they post reviews, but the services used so you can see if positive reviews target the areas you are seeking.

Socialization, training, and anxiety help are areas this company specializes in. They use positive reinforcement and gradual steps to create a gentle learning experience for your dog. This is perfect for rescue or more nervous individuals.

4. Sit Means Sit

Sit Means Sit is a large company with over 140 locations in the US and Canada. Fred Hassen created this company in 1998 to present non-confrontational methods to help a dog learn. This company offers talks and seminars to show their beliefs and experience.

This is one of the most successful companies in the field with a wide range of experience in many different areas. The reviews on Yelp reflect their hard work and understanding of dog behavior with 4 and a half stars from 87 reviews. Many reviews compliment the professional nature of the company.

This company focuses on training and obedience training in particular. They use repetition and patience to help your dog learn.

5. Dog Training Elite

If you’re looking for a dog behaviorist company with patience, look no further than They are another big contender in US behaviorist companies and work on building deep-rooted obedience through trust and repetition.

Not only has this company gained awards in recognition of their training and rehabilitation in behavior accomplishments, but they have also been recognized as the best company in Utah. The reviews range from 5 stars to 1 star, so look through their methods to decide if this company is right for you.

They specialize in working with dogs who require long term training, obedience, and a lot of patience. This isn’t a company who will leave after a day and say your dog is cured. They operate on personalized training plans to tackle any issues.

6. The Dog Wizard

Our first mobile dog training company is known as The Dog Wizard. They try to use multiple training techniques and hold an open mind to different training options as well as dog’s behavior and causes. They aim to provide dogs with more happiness and freedom.

Upbeat K9 merged with the Dog Wizard in order to create the 3rd largest dog training company in the US. They hold 4.8 stars out of five and over 140 reviews on Facebook alone. Whether you decide to take advantage of the boarding training services or at-home visits, reviews show that you are sure to benefit regardless.

This training company uses enrichment and positive reinforcement to help your dog achieve their best selves. There is not one behavioral concern that they tackle specifically, they are an all-rounder company.

7. Highland Canine

The behaviorist company Highland Canine exists in North Carolina and was founded in 2005 by a K9 experienced husband and wife duo. Their training style follows that of standard police training and K9 obedience training. They believe that consistent science and research will enable them to better their training and help your dog’s more effectively.

This company has 4 out of five stars on Yelp with praise aimed at their teaching of not only the dog, but the owner too! They help owners learn the proper methods of handling and training to implement at-home as well as at the facility.

Although this company offers everything from behavior modification to at-home training, they specialize in training protection and guard dogs. With the owners’ K9 experience they know the way owners and dogs should behave, as well as how to help both reach that goal.

8. Off the Leash

The host of America’s Top Dog Nick White has his own behaviorist company titled Off The Leash. He is a known trainer of celebrity dogs and has experience with many behavioral issues and obedience tasks. Some of his most well-known clients include John Cena and Ryan Reynolds.

With a five star rating from 210 reviews, this is one of the highest rating behaviorist companies we are reviewing today. They have over 140 locations and have trained many different clients from many different areas.

This company specializes in obedience training and behavior modification. Although their training with obedience and day to day bettering of behavior is their main focus. This does not target severe dogs, although their reviews state they have helped many with high levels of issues.

off the leash company
Off The Leash specializes in obedience training.

9. Dynamic Dogs

Dynamic Dogs is also known as the boot camp for dogs. You send your troublesome pups away for a few weeks and they receive intensive training in order to correct their bad behaviors. Soon you will receive a well-behaved dog back at your door.

Yelp shows this brand to have received 4 and a half stars from over forty reviews. Many of these are five-star reviews from owners shocked about how their dog has returned back from Dynamic dogs. Both dogs that behave badly a little and a lot have come back as angels.

Jennifer Hack has created the ideal school for correcting bad behaviors by creating custom training plans to tackle the issues that are present. As a certified dog trainer you know you are in good hands with her and her team to get the results you want.

10. Dog Gone Good

Dog Gone Good Is a behavioral company owned by one of the best lecturers of dog behavior, Michael Wombacher. He is famous for having performed over 30,000 behavioral consultations to date, so you are sure to find an experienced behaviorist in him.

With 271 reviews on Yelp and an overall rating of 5 stars, this is the best-reviewed company on Yelp on our list. Hundreds of customers cannot complain about the services they received from Dog Gone Good and so many rate it to be perfect.

They specialize in channeling dog’s natural drives and instincts into good behaviors. Not only do they create custom plans for your dog’s behavioral journey, but they also tailor them around your schedule and your dog’s personality!

Common Questions

We have found a few questions that have remained unanswered about the best dog behaviorist companies in the US. That is, until now! Take a look below.

How do I find a dog behaviorist online?

With our day and age, many dog behaviorist companies are well published online, so they are only a search away! Some can even offer custom training plans through email alone and written consultations. Check your area and the reviews of each company before making a decision though. Also confirm all the certification achieved by employees and companies to make sure they are truly certified.

Are online dog behaviorists effective?

Online dog behaviorists can be very effective. Many issues in our dogs come from us, their owners, not understanding their behavior or how to help. If we can correct that behavior and change our own, we can make changes in their behavior. Therefore, some prefer online dog behaviorists to in-person ones, as many are cheaper and just as helpful. Although they may not be suited in severe cases.

Do I need a behaviorist or a trainer for my dog?

Some reasons you may want to consider a dog behaviorist or trainer include:
– Aggression
– Anxiety
– Lack of training
– Interested in guard dog training
– Boundary Issues
To name a few. Whenever you have a behavioral or training issue to do with your dog and you feel you feel you need help it is okay to contact a professional.

Which breeds need the most training and which do not?

Calmer breeds are those which often do not require as much training. Such as the Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and the Great Dane. Unlike high energy breeds such as the Boxer, Dalmatian, and Labrador. However, every individual is different and this is not always the case. Furthermore, just because a dog is calm does not mean that they will not have some behavioral issues or struggle to be trained.

Can I train a dog on my own?

Many people opt to train their dogs at-home. Professional help is needed when the situation becomes dangerous. If your dog is biting, bolting into roads, or attacking other dogs, then this is the time you need to contact someone. However, mild cases of behavioral problems and obedience training can certainly be conducted at-home.

Proper home training and correcting of obedience problems is so important, not only to your health but your dog’s. It prevents attacks, a dog getting lost, and other worrying consequences. If you need help then using a dog behaviorist company can make a huge difference. They can train your dog effectively and quickly so you can have a quiet life once more. Just be sure that your behaviorist has the proper qualifications and that they act with patience and humane methods.

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