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The Bible for American Bully Owners and Breeders

A series of guides and bonuses for American Bully lovers and breeders. Health, genetics, heat, mating, paperwork, and a lot more.


The American Bully is a young and unstable breed. Too many Bully breeders want to impose their imprint and eventually, they just make it hard for true Bully lovers to find their space.


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Look on social media and every Bully owner is a top quality bully breeder. They all throw have price tags and affirm their bloodline is the best ever.

Daxline, Greyline, Razor Edge, Muscletone and so many more are placed on a pedestal as if they were factories of top quality American Bullies. It's hard to know what is hype and what is real.

The brand new American Bully Bundle is a series of high quality ebooks that will help you become the bully owner and breeder you've always wanted to be.

We obey science and facts rather than the bully world's latest fads and hypes. The American Bully is a new breed and as members of the bully community, we must fix what's going wrong right now... Before it's too late!

Let us guide you through a journey in canine genetics and truth, not hyped up marketing. We've already guided thousands of American Bully breeders, as well as other breeds.

The American Bully Bundle comes with a lot of bonuses. Here is what's in it for you.

  • The American Bully Guidebook

    Our Bully-focused guidebook with the most important sides of the breed discussed (and debated.).

  • The Dog Breeder's Handbook

    Our all-time bestseller with over 300 pages of modern scientific knowledge on how to breed a quality bloodline.

  • Dog Breeding Contract Library

    Ready-to-use puppy sales contracts, sterilization agreements, stud service contracts, frozen semen, etc.

  • Dog Health Guidebook

    A straightforward guide to your dog's health. From bathing a dog to preventing boredom or the importance of dental treatments.

  • The Instagram Bully Booster

    Nowadays, most American Bully breeders are on Instagram trying to impress; this is how the successful ones do it.

  • 9 Ways To Calm a Bitch in Heat

    A bitch in heat is a little anxious about everything she is experiencing. Here are some remedies.

  • Advanced Dog Food Guide

    An 80-page guide answering most of your dog nutrition questions: health, supplements, raw, kibble, and more.

  • Homemade Dog Food Recipes

    Home-prepared dog food is the healthiest but also the most difficult to prepare. Here are easy recipes for your Bully.

Hands down the most accurate and in depth American Bully resource ever published for Bully owners and breeders.

Matthew McKinnenam
Founder & CEO of Bully Max LLC.

The absolute best bundle of Bully knowledge available out there. Here are a few sections we're covering, but there's much more.

  • The American Bully Guidebook


    Many readers of ours are starting their bully kennel from scratch. This is the how-to guide that will hold your hand throughout.


    First things first. We wanted to start by defining what the American Bully is today.


    Once we define what the breed is and what it represents, we need to establish what the standards are. Yes, plural.


    The American Bully breed is all over the place and there are so many types out there. Some are officially accepted, some are not.


    In order to understand the present and prepare the future, we shall review the American Bully's history and its most influential bloodlines.


    Why are bully breeders drifting away from the official standard and how is this affecting the breed?


    Don't price your litter's puppies by looking at other breeders' prices. Here is how to exactly calculate your prices.


    Some find it cruel and inhumane, others think it's part of the breed's characteristics. Let's see what exactly is ear cropping and what the operation consists of.


    The American Bully world is commonly young and inexperienced when it comes to dog breeding. And these three mistakes may just kill the breed soon...


    Such a hot topic amongst american bully and pitbull breeders, owners and fanciers. Which type is the best? Our answer is rather surprising (and fact-based).


    Intestinal worms are plaguing American Bully owners and causing so much damage when it only takes a few simple steps to prevent all mess from happening.


    American Bullies aren't regular dogs. They are muscular and strong dogs that require a particular diet as well as a quality supplementation.


    A clear explanation of what are the inluential factors in determining how many puppies are born for a given litter.


    Learn how to create real relationships with fellow bully breeders, brands and influencers. This is how you will grow and gain in popularity.


    We've interviews influencers in the American Bully world and asked them questions you all have in mind. They have some very interesting replies.

  • The Dog Breeder's Handbook

  • Design Your Kennel

    Whether your dogs have their own space or share it with you and your family, each dog breed has its own set of requirements that have to be met, from the accommodation to their safety and supervision.

  • Set Up Your Company

    The biggest barrier to starting a company isn’t ideas, funding or experience. It’s excuses. So we’ve broken down this startup checklist into primary tasks you need to do now, and those that you can do later.

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting

    Many new dog breeders, or any business owners for that matter, are intimidated simply by the mere idea of accounting and bookkeeping.

  • Establishing Your Own Bloodline

    Breeding your own bloodline is very different to being just another breeder — looking after your own bloodline means continuing the development and refinement of the finest characteristics of the breed.

  • Styles of Breeding & Breeding Plan

    They are diverse and each will be suitable to certain situations: inbreeding, linebreeding, backbreeding, outcrossing, outbreeding, grading up, etc.

  • Hereditary Conditions

    Most dog hereditary conditions are minor and cause very little trouble to dogs victim of these. However, some inherited medical conditions happen to be extremely painful and life threatening.

  • Breeding Stock

    The founding stock is your breeding business’ blood so you need to start with the absolute best specimens you can afford in order to start establishing your very own bloodline.

  • Mating

    Successful mating seems easy but ask any breeder who failed several times how hard it is to actually make it happen when you want it to.

  • Gestation (Week by Week, in details)

    Canine gestation is of 9 weeks or 63 days on average from the day of ovulation.

  • Delivery & Whelping

    The drop in her rectal temperature will confirm that the labour is on its way so you can take all the precautions for a smooth delivery.

  • The Whelping Kit

    Dog breeders should not interfere with their whelping bitch while she is giving birth, however, as a responsible breeder you should always be ready to offer assistance if anything goes wrong during labour or right after.

  • Caring for Newborn Puppies

    Some new breeders or occasional breeders are having a tough time going through their first litter. Often wondering what a newborn puppy should weigh, how do they look like and what to look out for? We provide all the help required to remove your anxiety.

  • Rearing the Puppies

    For the first weeks of any dog’s life, the puppy is a blank page, and the beginning of its life story will define it forever.

  • Feeding Your Dogs

    When you start looking at different options to be feeding your dogs, you will quickly face a mountain of choices that all have their pros and cons.

  • Back to Back Breeding

    We discuss how beneficial and detrimental back to back breeding is to the bitch's uterus and overall health. It's a split debate that we help you understand.

  • Sell Your Dogs

  • How To Increase Prices & Sell More

    The keys to increase your revenue stream with simple yet efficient tips and strategies. We help you generate consistency of income so you can turn your passion for dogs into a sustainable activity.

  • Classified Ads

    Dozens of websites in each country offer classified ads to dog breeders who want to publish their ads to hopefully manage to sell their puppies.

  • Message Boards

    Message board are as old as the Internet itself. They are a wonderful platform to be active on, and as a direct consequence, an amazing platform to sell your dogs sometimes before they are even born.

  • Facebook Groups

    Facebook Groups are better defined by Facebook itself: “Share what you care about with the people who care about it most.”

  • The Perfect Puppy Pack

    The Puppy Pack is given by the breeder to the new puppy’s owner at the time of the sale. It is prepared by the breeder and contains toys, samples, leaflets, and anything l the new owner could find useful.

  • Contracts

    An important part of the sale that most breeders do not even go through is the contract of sale. It is here to protect both, the breeder and the buyer, by confirming the transfer of ownership of the puppy from one to the other against a sum of money.

  • After Sale Follow-ups

    Your relationship with every puppy you have produced is here forever. Each client is your breeding business’ ambassador and each client will represent you and your dogs wherever they go, whatever they do, whenever they show. You now get why the follow-up is vital.

  • The Instagram Bully Booster Ebook

  • How To Communicate On Instagram

    American Bully breeders and owners are all over Instagram so it matters to understand how to communicate on Instagram.

  • Why You Should Never Buy Followers

    You've seen these American Bully breeders with 40,000 followers — most blatantly buy their followers to look big. But this is why you should never do it.

  • Brand Your Kennel Name And Content

    After few weeks in the bully game, you'll see the same pictures over and over again. You must brand your name and content to stand out.

  • When To Post And How Often?

    The more you post, the least engagement you will receive. This is why it matters to understand when is your audience reacting the most.

  • Instagram Bully Breeder Toolbox

    A great craftsman is nothing without a great toolbox. This is why you must absolutely handpick the best tools in order to dominate your ‘Gram game.

  • The 37 Best Bully Hashtags

    We've created a list of the absolute best american bully-related hashtags that you need to invade right now.

  • Secret Strategy To Get More Followers Fast

    This is the trick the most successful Instagram personalities use to grow fast and legally.

What those who read it are saying...

Matthew Kinneman Bully Max Supplements
Matthew Kinneman Founder & CEO, Bully Max LLC.

Hands down the most accurate and in depth American Bully resource ever published. If you're currently breeding or planning to breed American Bullies, this book is an absolute must read. I not only recommend this book for owners and breeders. I also recommend this book for anyone who plans to purchase an American Bully in the future. It contains everything you need to know about the breed and much more.

Elite Bullies Daniel F.
Daniel F. Founder, Elite Bullies

Wow! The American Bully Bundle is a must read for anyone interested in the American Bully breed. It's a great resource with numerous useful information for both new owners and breeders out there. A no-brainer.

Veronique Pluim American Bully Breeder
Veronique Pluim Founder, Excellent Bully's

You covered the American Bully pretty well! I loved reading through all the valuable information about Bully breeding.

What kind of Bully lover are you?

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