7 Best Heated Outdoor Dog Houses – Materials, Brands, Heating, Reviews & FAQ

7 Best Heated Outdoor Dog Houses – Materials, Brands, Heating, Reviews & FAQ
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For those of you that keep their dogs outdoors, the winters can certainly be dreadful. However, heated outdoor dog houses are a fantastic way to keep your dog warm as the mercury drops. As a responsible dog owner, it’s up to you to ensure your dog is safe from the cold.

Dogs often get uncomfortable at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you live in a region where your dog would regularly have to face such weather conditions, then buying an outdoor heated house for dogs would suit you well. In this article, we’ll be explaining whether or not your dog needs a heated outdoor house and would list the top choices available in the market.

What is a Heated Outdoor Dog House?

An outdoor heated house for dogs is a dog house made from insulating materials. These materials are often wood or plastic and both these materials have their pros and cons. For example, plastic dog houses are lightweight which makes them portable. On the other hand, wooden dog houses are a lot stronger.

However, bear in mind that a wooden outdoor dog house could be prone to a flea or tick infestation. In that regard, houses made from cedar wood work best.

Heated outdoor dog houses are extremely useful for dog owners that keep their dogs in the front yard. It’s also great for those that like to give their dog a free choice of strolling in the yard.

With that said, bear in mind that even with heated outdoor houses, you might need to provide your dog with a dog house heater or heating pad for extreme weather conditions.

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How to Choose the Right Heated Outdoor Dog House

Buying a heated house for dogs may seem simple, but there are a number of different factors that you should look into when buying one. Here’s how you can choose the right heated dog house.

Heating method

Most manufacturers make perfectly insulated heated dog houses, which means they’ll be warm in the winters and cool in the summers. However, in places where the temperature drops drastically low (below 20 degrees for dogs), merely insulating them is futile.

In that case, outdoor dog houses would need an external heating system. Thankfully, heated outdoor houses for dogs come with a variety of heating methods including:

With that said, it’s important to remember that heated pads and heaters are two of the most efficient heating methods for outdoor kennels. They are also more versatile as you can simply remove them during summertime. Be careful that your dog or your puppy does not get too cold, or too hot even.

best heated outdoor dog houses
When the temperatures drop severely, invest in a quality heated dog house especially if your dog spends most of its time outdoors!


The material, as we already discussed, is extremely vital for such dog houses. Remember that the only 2 materials that are worth buying for an insulating dog house are plastic and wood.

Wood is a far better insulator but is heavier and also brings with it the risk of fleas and mites. On the contrary, plastic insulates less but is portable and lightweight.

So, pick and choose what works for you. In case of a fixed outdoor dog house, you might not need to consider the material’s weight.


Outdoor dog houses have to face lots of harsh conditions. From severe weather in the summers and winters to wind and rainstorms, these dog houses have to face them all.

So, it’s quite important for heated outdoor houses for dogs to withstand the elements. No matter what the weather is, your dog house needs to be sturdy enough to stand strong year after year.

In that regard, make sure that your wooden dog house is water-proof. If you’re placing it outdoors, there’s a chance it might swell. Also, the paint (if any) should be weather-resistant, unless you’re okay with having a sun-beaten dog house for your pooch.


Now, you might be thinking that buying a bigger dog house would be better for your pooch. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You see, heated dog houses need to be as small as they can in order to conserve heat energy. The bigger they are, the more heat is lost to the surroundings. Also, you’ll need more heating power to maintain the temperature of a bigger dog house.

So, when buying an outdoor dog house for your pooch, make sure it’s big enough to only allow your dog to stand, lie down, and turn around. Anything bigger and you’ll be losing valuable heat.


We’ve discussed this a bit already that portability is certainly a factor to consider when buying outdoor dog houses. If you’re one for moving the dog house around, then it would be better to go with a plastic one as a wooden dog house would be too heavy.

However, it’s worth considering if you actually need your heated dog house to be portable. If you’re one for keeping the outdoor dog house at a very specific place, then portability might not even matter for you.

7 Best Heated Outdoor Dog Houses

Right, so by now, we’ve discussed what heated outdoor dog houses really are and the factors to consider when buying them. But honestly, that was just the easy part.

In fact, the difficult part is to actually choose a heated dog house out of all the options available in the market. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best-selling outdoor heated houses for dogs.

1. Boomer & George Wooden Barn Dog House

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If you’re looking for a dog house with a porch, then this one’s a banger. The Boomer & George’s Dog House has a length of 47 inches which is big enough to accommodate a large dog. The package also contains an electric heater for your outdoor dog. The manufacturer used fir wood in this dog house which is known to have resistance towards insects and rots.

What’s interesting about this heated outdoor dog house is that it’s made for large breeds. Large dog owners run into lots of problems when buying outdoor dog houses, so this can really be a lifesaver. Also, customers appreciate the fact that this dog house contains a raised floor which saves the dog from rainwater.

2. ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace With Floor Heater

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This one’s right up there when it comes to outdoor heated houses for dogs. It comes with a floor heater that keeps dogs warm even during the harshest of winters. However, they’re not lagging in the insulation department as well. With 2-4 inches of foam insulating every panel in this dog house, it’s easily one of the coziest in the market. Not to mention, the self-closing door is certainly a major help in conserving heat in the dog house.

What customers have loved about this heated dog house is the amount of insulation it provides. Even with temperatures below 20 degrees, dogs seem to be happy in this palace. With that said, you should bear in mind that this dog house doesn’t come with a fixed floor heater. So, the floor heater you get with it is pretty much a heated dog pad.

3. Petmate Extreme Weather-Resistant Dog House

Do you have 2 furballs that need to stay warm in the winter? If you do, then Petmate has just the thing for you. This outdoor dog house is good for two medium or one large dog. With a single door and a removable partition, it provides enough room to fit a happy couple. But what if you just want one dog in there? Simple… just remove the partition and you’re good to go.

Clients are loving how sturdy this solid wood house is. When it comes to strength, there’s no better option than outdoor wood dog houses. Not to mention, it comes with a quality heater to keep your dogs warm when the mercury drops.

4. ASL Solutions Hunter Dog House With Floor Heater

This is the second ASL product on this list and is one of the good ones out there. With a strong polystyrene structure, this outdoor dog house stands firm against the elements. It comes with a floor heater to keep your dog warm and has an automatically closing door. Also, its front panel contains a window through which your dog can peep in case he needs to.

Most customers were thoroughly satisfied with this outdoor heated house for dogs. However, a few had complaints about the floor heater that came with it.

5. Large Heated Outdoor Cabin

This large heated cabin for dogs doesn’t come with a 150-watt heater that’s sufficient to keep your dog warm in the winter. So make sure you invest in one separately. The wooden panels provide great insulation from cold weather. The manufacturer uses fir wood in this cabin, which is pretty good for outdoor use. Also, the raised floor makes it easier for dogs to avoid snow and rain.

Dog owners with medium-sized dogs have enjoyed using this heated outdoor dog house. With roughly 40 by 30 inches of space inside, it’s good enough to accommodate a regular pooch.

6. Suncast Outdoor Dog House

We know, this is an insulated dog house, not a heated one. But it’s just as good and if your dog feels cold, then a separate dog house heater could just about solve the problem for you (at times, that’s more economical than buying an outdoor dog house that comes with an included heater in the package.) With that said, this dog house is one of the most attractive plastic houses in the market. Supporting pets up to 70 lbs, its durable nature is perfect for the harsh weather.

Another great thing about the Suncast Outdoor Dog House is that it’s incredibly easy to assemble. Customers have appreciated that a lot, especially since the assembling process requires no tools and takes less than 10 minutes.

7. Indigo Igloo Dog House by Petmate

For fifty years, Petmate has been providing top-of-the-line, eco-friendly pet products, and they don’t disappoint with this one as well. This insulated Igloo dog house retains maximum heat. Even though it doesn’t come with a heating mechanism, it can be paired with an Igloo-style heated dog pad or bed. Also, Petmate uses Microban technology in this heated outdoor house for dogs. This technology inhibits bacterial growth which reduces odor in the house. Not to mention, it contains air vents at the top which keep the air flowing and further reduce odor.

Customers were in awe about the sturdiness of this outdoor house. Most of them were very satisfied with the built and commended it on how strong it stood against the elements.

With that said, many customers warned about the size of this dog house, claiming that it isn’t sufficient for large dogs. You’d want to be wary of the fact that its opening is 14.2 inches long.

best heated outdoor dog houses (reviews)
Our buying guide for the best heated outdoor dog houses!

FAQs on Heated Dog Houses

Right, so that was our list of the best heated outdoor houses for dogs. Even though we tried to cover every point in detail, you still might have a few random questions in your head.

So, in this section, we’ll go over some of the most commonly asked questions about heated dog houses.

How can I keep my outdoor dog warm in the winters?

To keep your outdoor dog warm in the winters, you can simply buy a heated outdoor kennel. That’s the simplest way to ensure your dog is warm during the chilly winter nights.

However, there are a lot of other methods to keep your outdoor dog warm. You can place some bedding in the dog house or use a heated dog bed. Both of these methods are great for retaining heat and making your dog feel that much comfier. We’d also advise you to change the bedding regularly and to look into winter clothes for dogs.

Does my dog need to sleep indoors during the winter?

Your dog doesn’t need to sleep indoors in the winter if you have a heated or insulated dog house outside. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be letting your dog sleep in the open.

You see, any temperature below 20 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous for dogs. So, you should always avoid exposing your dog to such temperatures. But if your dog stays outdoors, you’ll have to provide it with a warm place to sleep. For that, you’ll need an outdoor heated dog house.

Do dog house heaters have side effects?

In general, there are no side effects attributed to kennel heaters. However, there’s always the chance that you might overheat the dog. If that happens, a heat stroke might be on the cards.

If your dog is too hot, he’ll pant excessively and would drool. Also, there’s a chance he might appear tired and utterly exhausted. If your dog displays such symptoms, then you should probably recheck the thermostat.

How cold is too cold for dogs?

There’s no exact temperature that I could mention here as different dogs have a different tolerance towards cold. However, any temperature below 20 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous for all types of dogs.

With that said, a lot of factors play a role in cold tolerance in dogs. For example, a small dog with a thin coat would feel a lot more cold than a large, fluffy one. Not to mention, chubby dogs contain fat which is also a good insulator, albeit not a healthy one.

canine hypothermia temperature
if your dog’s body temperature drops below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, medical attention is urgently required.

Are heating pads safe for my dog?

Heating pads are usually safe for dogs, however, you should be aware of a few things when buying a heated pad for your dog. First off, electrically heated pads obviously have a cord. Usually, this cord is metal-coated and isn’t chewable. However, you should make sure that it’s of the highest quality. Also, it’s important for heated pads to be waterproof.

With that said, most manufacturers make heating pads with all these points in mind. But you certainly should research these points before buying them.