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15 Best Winter Jackets For Dogs

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Published on
Tuesday 15 November 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
15 Best Winter Jackets For Dogs
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Preparing for winter clothes, warm boots, and thick scarves are the most exciting things whenever the cold season comes. Nonetheless, your furry friends can also get cold as much as you do. In this case, you choose either one or more of the best winter jackets for dogs to keep your dog warm and cozy in the frosty climate.

If you have not found one today, this article will help you by listing the best dog jackets for winter. Get your hot chocolate and read ahead to start selecting!

15 Best Dog Jackets For Winter

According to Hall et al.‘s research on the impact of seasonal weather variations on canine activity, some dogs can experience low to no effects on their liveliness during cold climates. Nevertheless, brachycephalic dogs can suffer from unwanted consequences due to extreme frosty weather.

Hence, if your dog is susceptible to conflicts from the icy cold winter, you can provide it with the best dog jackets, such as our top pick: RUFFWEAR Lumenglow High-Vis Dog Jacket with High Visibility Protection. It is resistant to weather changes and abrasion without sacrificing style and safety.

You can check the ones below if you want to look for other products.

Product NameDescriptionRating
RUFFWEAR, Lumenglow High-Vis Dog Jacket, High-Visibility ProtectionWith weatherproof and abrasion-resistant shell fabric with water repellent4.7
Orvis Tail Light Puffer Dog JacketAn extended Gator-style neck coverage and adjustable belly straps that wrap around your pup’s body comfortably4.7
RUFFWEAR, Stumptown Insulated, Reflective Cold Weather JacketWith quilted insulation and abrasion-resistant ripstop exterior shell paired with a water-repellent coating for warm and durable clothing4.6
Hurtta Torrent Coat Dog RaincoatWorks best during heavy rains and low-light conditions due to weatherproof features and 3M reflective strip4.6
Carhartt Quick Duck Fleece Lined Dog Jac, Water-Repellent Dog VestConsists of rain defender material with warm micro-fleece lining for extra warmth in winter and protection from the rain4.6
Hurtta Expedition Parka, Winter Dog CoatWorks best in different adventures, especially with dogs with short hair or without undercoats4.6
Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog CoatDurable winter dog jacket due to 1200 denier triple weave4.5
WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka 300D Deluxe Dog CoatA medium-weight waterproof jacket with full-chest wrap and belly closure4.5
Kurgo North Country Dog Coat, Dog Winter JacketMade with 100% polyester fabric and soft fleece lining combined with durable ripstop and 1200 denier material4.5
RUFFWEAR, Fernie Sweater Knit Quick Drying Fleece Jacket for DogsWith sweater knit fabric for warm, lightweight, quick-drying clothing4.5
Top 10 Best Winter Jackets For Dogs

1. RUFFWEAR Lumenglow High-Vis Dog Jacket

To begin with our list, RUFFWEAR Lumenglow High-Vis Dog Jacket with High Visibility Protection has super reflective side panels with bright, contrasting styles to increase visibility and safety once the darkness creeps into the night. It will not interrupt your adventures no matter what time you want to go!

In addition, this winter dog coat has a weatherproof and abrasion-resistant shell fabric with water repellent for drastic weather changes. In terms of its style, it has a vest coverage with side buckles that allow you to wear and take it off without difficulties. Lastly, its leash portal gives you space to attach your dog’s harness. 


  • Adjustable
  • Bright and great colors
  • Freedom of movement, regardless of the intensity of the activity
  • Durable
  • Easy to wash off whenever it gets dirty


  • The size can be small, such as the XL can still be tight on the neck

2. Orvis Tail Light Puffer Dog Jacket

Orvis Tail Light Puffer Dog Jacket has insulation features that grant your dog warmth and comfort for all-day use. It can be an excellent winter dog coat for chilly morning strolls or frosty night walks because of its reflective parts for increased visibility and safety. Furthermore, its fabric is also weatherproof, perfect for heavy rains, strong winds, or icy cold snow.

If you want a product that will fit your dog flawlessly, Orvis Tail Light Puffer has an extended Gator-style neck coverage and adjustable belly straps that wrap around your pup’s body. In addition, you can use its several access points to attach a leash to a collar or harness. Nevertheless, the only drawback is that it is rare to find this winter dog jacket in stores.


  • Insulated and warm
  • With reflective features for low-light conditions
  • Weatherproof
  • With extended Gator-style neck coverage
  • Several access points for attaching dog leashes or harnesses


  • Difficult to find in online stores

3. RUFFWEAR Stumptown Insulated Cold Weather Jacket For Dogs

Your dog’s hobby of going on different adventures will not stop in winter if you have a RUFFWEAR Stumptown Insulated Reflective Jacket. It is a classic dog coat made with quilted insulation that allows your furry friend to walk with warmth amidst cold weather. In addition, it also has an abrasion-resistant ripstop exterior shell paired with a water-repellent coating for durable clothing. 

On the other hand, this product has recycled 120g polyester insulation to maintain your dog’s warmth. Its integrated leash portal grants a space for harnesses, while its reflective trims give visibility at night. Moreover, if you are into designs, this dog coat has a vest style that is easy to put on and take off! 


  • With insulated warmth due to 120g polyester
  • Compatible with harnesses and dog leashes
  • Made with abrasion-resistant ripstop
  • Reflective trim and light loop for added safety and visibility at night
  • Suitable for outdoor activities in winter


  • The seams can fall out eventually
  • The clips for securing the jacket can fall off

4. Hurtta Torrent Raincoat For Dogs

As its name suggests, Hurtta Torrent Cat Dog Raincoat is a dog jacket that can be perfect for extreme weather changes, especially during heavy rains or strong winds. It has a high protective collar, adjustable belt, and a closeable opening in its back part suitable for attaching a harness. Aside from that, its buckle attachment allows you to put on or take the clothing off without lifting your dog’s feet.

If you want to run on the streets at night, this product has 3M reflectors that can improve your visibility in the dark. Moreover, it also works best with dogs with either long or short hair that absorbs moisture and creates a damp smell after a long walk.


  • Suitable for heavy rains
  • It gives your dog the freedom to be active anytime.
  • Weatherproof (rain, snow, wind)
  • With reflective strips for night use
  • The back area is open if your dog wants to poop.


  • Not secured enough
  • Inaccuracy in sizes
  • With a missing opening in the back for the harness to come through

5. Carhartt Quick Duck Fleece-Lined Water-Repellent Dog Vest

Carhartt Quick Duck Fleece Lined, Water-Repellent Dog Jacket is a suitable dog vest for dogs who tend to be active despite any weather. Since this product is water resistant, your furry friend can enjoy maximum freedom of movement even in wet and cold conditions. Furthermore, its rain defender material also has a warm micro-fleece lining for extra warmth in winter.

Aside from that, this product consists of reflective pocket tape, straps, and piping to ensure high visibility in dark places. Its durable stretch panels also give protection, while its hook and loop lined straps allow adjustability on the chest and waist. Besides, you can find the correct size for your dog because this winter coat is available from small to extra large! 


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Very reflective in the dark
  • Suitable for rains, winds, or cold weather
  • Excellent material that keeps dogs warm
  • Comfortable


  • The product can be too big.
  • It can tear if you wash the dog coat incorrectly.

6. Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka

Going on small and big adventures is one of the best ways to spend time with your furry friend; that’s why Hurtta Expedition Parka Winter Dog Coat gives you additional warmth in the cold weather for chilly walks. While this product is suitable for all dogs, it works best with dogs with short hair or without undercoats. Nevertheless, you will need to check the sizing chart before buying to select the correct size.

In addition, this product allows an extended range of motion to give maximum freedom of movement to any dog. You can also adjust its collar circumference, neckline, and back length to avoid movement restrictions. Lastly, its 3M reflective piping improves visibility and safety at night.


  • It allows dogs to poop without difficulties.
  • Wrap around the dog’s body, making it warm throughout
  • It does not wear even after multiple washes.
  • Made with durable materials
  • Compatible with harnesses or dog leash


  • Inaccuracy in sizes
  • It can be uncomfortable for dogs due to either loose or tight fittings.

7. Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat

Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat is a waterproof breathable dog jacket that lets your canine friend withstand any cold or rainy season. Its outer material, made with a 1200 denier triple weave, makes the clothing more durable in the long run. Moreover, the inner part of this product consists of polyester lining with 220g polyfill.

In terms of the closure, Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D has a belly and full-chest wrap with easy-to-use touch tapes. You can also notice its large collar for additional comfort, warmth, and protection from the cold. Lastly, the elasticized leg straps and reflective strips are perfect for visibility and safety at night. Not to mention its leash hole for dog leads! 


  • Warm and very well made
  • Water-resistant
  • With thermal insulation
  • It can make dogs cozy even at night.
  • With an opening that allows owners to put a leash on the dog’s collar or harness


  • Inaccuracy in sizing
  • The product can be unclean once it arrives at the customer.
  • The rubbing can be too stiff.

8. WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Dog Parka

If you want a bright-colored dog jacket for winter, you can opt for WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka 300D because it comes with a highly-visible orange color with reflective strips. It is a medium-weight waterproof jacket with full-chest wrap and belly closure to let it stay on your furry friend no matter how active it gets. 

Aside from that, WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka 300D has a large collar and harness hole for added security. Since it also consists of polyester fill and nylon lining, you can expect that you will have no difficulties cleaning and drying the jacket off. Furthermore, its multiple straps make it easy to put on the coat and take it off.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Durable velcro and solid stitching
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Keeps dogs warm and dry on winter days
  • With bright colors to help find your dog if it gets lost at night


  • Inaccuracy in sizing charts
  • The product can come tinier than the specified size in the description

9. Kurgo North Country Winter Dog Coat

Kurgo North Country Dog Coat is another winter coat that will keep your furry friend warm due to its 100% polyester fabric. Aside from being windproof and waterproof, it also has a soft fleece lining to protect your dog from heavy rains, snow, or wind. Thus, you can also use this product as a dog rain jacket.

Moreover, this dog winter coat possesses a durable ripstop and 1200 denier material to make the clothing long-lasting. Its dog fleece also has reflective piping and flashing LED light strip for 360-degree visibility in dark places or areas with low light. Lastly, its zipper opening allows you to attach a dog leash to its harness or collar.


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Keeps your dog warm and cozy
  • Made with durable polyester fabrics
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • With LED lights for safety and visibility for night use


  • The zipper does not remain closed when used with the top harness.
  • It can have loose strings in the long run.

10. RUFFWEAR Fernie Sweater Knit Jacket for Dogs

The succeeding product on our list is RUFFWEAR Fernie Sweater Knit Quick Drying Fleece Dog Jacket, which is an excellent choice for cold weather, especially for dogs with short hair. It has a sweater knit fabric for warm, lightweight, quick-drying clothing that you can use alone or layered for extra comfort. 

This RUFFWEAR product possesses an improved fit on the sleeves paired with zippered closure for more coverage and warmth. Moreover, its reflective features also improve your visibility in cases where you want to walk in low-light conditions. Not to mention that you can also buy a Beacon light separately for the integrated loop!


  • Not thick; does not restrict movement
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • It keeps dogs warm, clean, and dry.
  • Prevent moisture and dirt
  • Soft, sleek design


  • The seams can tear apart in the long run.
  • It can be tight in the neck and chest once you get a slight inaccuracy in size.

11. Canada Pooch Winter Dog Coat

Canada Pooch Water-Resistant and Insulated Winter Dog Coat are animal-friendly products due to their no fur, down, or leather materials. This fashionable dog jacket pairs fashion and function together to create something that will keep your dog warm and stylish in winter. Furthermore, its insulation and leash slit in the back gives easy access to walk comfortably, wherever you want.

Aside from that, Canada Pooch has a water-resistant cotton canvas exterior on its hood, making it perfect for snowy and rainy adventures. Nonetheless, it is only applicable for small dog breeds, such as Maltese or Maltipoo. Ensure to measure your furry friend or check the sizing charts before purchasing. 


  • With back pockets
  • It does not tear apart even after several washes.
  • With soft fleece inside for extra warmth
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Stylish


  • Inaccuracy in size
  • It is on the expensive side.
  • The position of the cuffs can be uncomfortable for small dogs.

12. RUFFWEAR Cloud Chaser Breathable Jacket

When you are indecisive about whether or not you must go out in rain or snow, you can let your furry friend wear a RUFFWEAR Cloud Chaser Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated Dog Jacket because it can withstand any inclement weather. It can protect your dog from rain, snow, wind, or cold. Moreover, its softshell upper part is waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

If your dog tends to run around and become dirty, this product will keep your pup dry and clean with its coated fabric lower panel. Its sleeved design with comfortable fleece lining also maintains warmth and style without sacrificing freedom of movement. Lastly, it has reflective lights for low-light conditions and night use.


  • Made with softshell material
  • Closed but flexible for freedom of movement
  • Warm and water-resistant
  • With stretch fleece on the underside of the jacket
  • Bright colors


  • Inaccuracy in sizes despite taking measurements before buying
  • It can cause chafing or hair loss.

13. Kuoser Dog Winter Coat with Plush Collar

No products found.

If you are looking for premium materials, Kouser Dog Winter Coat with Plush Collar does not come last because it has an outer layer made from waterproof, wear-resistant, and water-resistant terylene. Also, it has a polar fleece lining and a plush collar that prevents heat loss while providing comfort and softness. Its foldable high collar and reflective strip design also add safety and coziness!

If your dog has its dog leash, you can attach it to the winter jacket‘s harness hole on its neck. Furthermore, it has a zipped opening to protect your pup from the cold breeze. While this product has four color options (red, rose, purple, and blue), it can also work perfectly for small to large dogs, such as Chihuahua, Poodle, Bulldog, Husky, Labrador, and Golden Retriever.


  • Accurate sizing charts and measurements
  • Entire coverage of dog’s stomach
  • With reflective strips for low-light conditions
  • Compatible with harnesses or leash
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • The front chest zipper breaks quickly.
  • Loose stitching due to weak materials
  • It can wear after washing many times.

14. Kuoser British Style Plaid Dog Winter Coat

No products found.

The cold winter or chilly autumn are the best seasons to let your furry friend put on a Kuoser British Style Plaid Dog Winter Coat. This product is durable, thick, warm, and lightweight because it has high-quality polyester fabric and polyester fiber filling. Additionally, it comes with a detachable hat connected by a snaps button for extra style.

Kuoser British Style Plaid Dog Winter Coat also consists of exquisite stitching and reflective piping to boost visibility at night. You can worry less about the difficulty in wearing it because it is easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, it has a comfortable belly part, elastic edges, and warm fleece lining to maintain comfort!


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • It keeps dogs warm the entire time.
  • It does not chafe due to the soft neckline and arm slots.
  • Accurate sizes in the description
  • With double layers for warmth


  • Too long for small breeds
  • The leg holes are too close to each other
  • No slit for harness loops

15. RUFFWEAR Quinzee Windproof Water-Resistant Dog Jacket

Here is the RUFFWEAR Quinzee Insulated Water-Resistant Dog Jacket to end our list of best dog jackets for winter. It is a lightweight dog coat with recycled, high-loft polyester that produces insulation for extra warmth during cold seasons. Moreover, it also possesses a weather-resistant finish that alleviates light moisture on your dog’s body.

Aside from that, this product is also packable and easy to store. Nevertheless, it has multiple drawbacks, such as inaccuracy in sizes, buckles flaring out, and incompatibility with heavy rains. Even though you can see that it is water-resistant, it is not necessarily waterproof, which cannot keep your dog dry in a storm.


  • Freedom of movement, significantly in front legs
  • Suitable for deep-chested dog breeds
  • Warm and packable
  • The zippered neckline fits large breeds.
  • The chest panel helps regulate body heat.


  • Weather-resistant but not waterproof
  • Not suitable for rainy seasons
  • Inaccuracy in size, leading to awkward fits
  • The buckles flare out.

Which Dogs Need Winter Coats?

Putting on winter coats for your furry friends can look cute and aesthetically pleasing as they play outdoors. Nevertheless, while the cold weather can require them to wear one, you must know that not everyone needs dog jackets. Thus, here are the factors you must consider about which type of canines have to use dog coats.

Small Dog

Small dogs, such as Dachshunds, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and Chihuahuas, will need dog jackets for winter because they cannot regulate enough body heat to keep themselves warm. You will also notice that you cannot invite them to play outside in the snow. In this case, you can give them winter coats and other accessories. 


In Kwon and Brundage‘s research on body surface temperature differences in canine coat types, dogs with short hair are more susceptible to body temperature changes due to their exposed skins and surface areas. For instance, Beagles or German Pinschers will require dog winter coats to withstand the cold on winter days. On the other hand, Siberian Huskies and Chow Chows can experience overheating if you let them wear dog jackets due to their fluffy hairs.

Newly Trimmed Hair

A dog’s fur helps it to protect its body from the outside cold. Consequently, if you bring your dog to a grooming clinic to trim its hair, you must know that you are removing its natural protection from the chilly weather. If that is the case, you must prepare an insulated dog jacket to keep your friend warm. 

A Puppy

Like small dogs, young puppies cannot maintain their natural body temperature whenever the surroundings get wintry. Once these canines become exposed to the winter season, they can instantly lose their body warmth and liveliness in activities. Therefore, a pair of winter clothes may help your dog to trap heat inside its fur.


You can also see short-legged or low-bodied dogs, such as Pomeranians, Basset Hounds, American Bulldogs, or Corgies, whose bodies are near the floor. For that reason, they are becoming more exposed to the wet and frosty ground, requiring them to wear the best dog winter coats to protect their bellies from the icy cold flooring.

A Sick Dog

If your furry friend currently has a sickness, you may notice that it will have a weakened immune system, making it more vulnerable to the cold. Similarly, senior dogs can also have a weaker ability to regulate their body temperature due to their age. Hence, since these canines cannot handle winter days, you will need to let them wear the warmest dog jackets.

How to Know If Your Dog Is Cold

People can show clear indications whenever they get cold. Nonetheless, they can also be unaware if their furry friends feel the chilly weather. If you want to know the primary signs your dog may exhibit during winter, here are the things you can notice once it gets frosty!

  • Weather – Before you check your dog’s situation, you can look outside the windows to see if it is snowy or cold enough to make it feel chilly. You can also feel it with your body.
  • Cold Ears – You can also touch your dog’s ears and other body parts to check if it feels cold or not. 
  • Curling Up – Dogs usually warm themselves with body heat. In this case, you can see them curling up like a ball to retain heat.
  • Limping – Your dog’s paws can also become vulnerable to cold weather. So, they can start moving this way to tell you they feel chilly.
  • Shivering – One of the most common signs is trembling. Once you see your dog shaking excessively, you must bring it to warmth immediately.
  • Slow movements – Your dog will slowly move because they do not want to be outside in the cold. Moreover, they can also hide under or behind an object to find warmth.
  • Whining – Dogs can bark, whine, or whimper whenever they feel cold. They can also feel anxious and agitated.
  • Extreme Sleepiness or Lethargy – This sign is severe and can be a symptom of hypothermia. Once you notice your dog being lethargic, stiff, or breathing heavily and barely moving, you must contact a veterinarian immediately.

How to Choose The Best Winter Jacket For Your Dog

Choosing coats for dogs in winter has several considerations to think of before taking a step forward. If you do not check each brand thoroughly, you can end up with something that does not suit your dog’s situation or needs. At this point, here are some things you can note when you plan to buy a new dog jacket.


First, you must check the winter jacket’s material whether or not it is durable enough to last long. Since your dog can become active throughout the day, you can expect the seams and fasteners can break down quickly, whereas the zippers, buckles, snaps, and D-rings can also wear in the long run. So, you can choose something with velcro, high-quality materials, and machine-washable fabric for durability and easy cleaning.

Insulation Layers

Since the winter season can bring extreme cold weather, you can purchase a winter dog coat with warm insulating layers, which usually consist of fleece or puffy down filling. With these materials, your dog can trap heat or regulate temperature more efficiently in its body, enough to withstand the frosty snow.

Reflective Strips

If you and your dog love walking down the streets at night while feeling the winter breeze, a dog jacket with reflective strips or flashing lights can help you increase visibility in the dark. You can also worry less about rushing cars or any danger because these features keep you safe. 


You can find winter dog jackets that claim they are water-resistant. Nonetheless, when wet conditions from heavy rains arrive for prolonged periods, you can opt for a brand with a combined waterproof feature and water resistance. Additionally, this dog coat has durable water repellent treatment to keep your dog dry and safe.


A winter dog coat will never function at its maximum efficiency if you choose an incorrect size for your dog. With that in mind, you can pick one that protects your dog’s neck and belly. You can measure its weight, height, and length from neck to tail to ensure the perfect sizing. Also, assure that your dog can still have freedom of movement, but do not purchase something too long.

Wind Protection

As much as the rain can get heavy or the snow can get cold, you can also look for a winter dog jacket that can fight against the strong winds. You can also find water-resistant windbreaker-styled brands that can add to your dog’s protection from the coldness of the breeze.

Compatible With a Harness

It would be best if your dog coat has an opening that allows you to attach a leash or dog lead to your furry friend’s harness. For instance, you can look for ones with high collars to guarantee that you will have a part where you can connect the leash. 

Best Winter Jackets For Dogs: FAQs 

If you have further inquiries and things you want to know about the best dog winter coats, you can check these questions frequently asked by dog owners. 

Do dogs really need winter jackets?

Your furry friend can either require a winter jacket or not, depending on its fur, breed, and size. For instance, if your dog does not have enough hair to keep its body warm, you will need to let it wear a dog coat. Moreover, you can also check the weather forecast whether or not the climate will be freezing, snowing, or hailing in your place.

At what temperature does a dog need a coat?

According to Jordan et al.‘s article about the temperature requirements for dogs, your canine friend must have winter coats for dogs once the temperature has gone below 7.2 °C or 45 °F. Otherwise, it can suffer from unwanted circumstances, such as hypothermia or frostbite due to the freezing weather.

What dog breeds get cold?

Once the cold winter kicks in, you can be curious if your furry friend will be vulnerable to the freezing climate. So, you can check on the following dog breeds to know whether or not you must prepare a winter dog jacket for your furbaby.
– Beagles 
– Poodles
– Pugs
– French Bulldogs
– Dobermans
– Great Danes
– German Shorthaired Pointers
– Yorkshire Terriers
– Boxers
– Shih Tzus
– Mastiffs
Greyhounds; and

How can I keep my dog warm in the winter?

First, you can prepare a soft bed or thick blanket for your dog to sleep on during the frosty night. You can also look for a mat with a removable heating pad. Moreover, you can let them wear a winter jacket, coat, dog boots, or other accessories that will retain the heat inside their bodies. 

Do dogs like winter coats?

Small dogs, young puppies, and other dog breeds will love wearing the warmest winter dog coats once they feel cold. These clothes will help them have extra warmth to withstand the season. On the other hand, canines, such as Huskies and Malamutes, will be happier if they will not wear one because they are well-suited to chilly climates. 

Letting your furry friend wear one of the best dog winter coats will keep it warm and cozy as the winter season passes by day by day. Not only does it look stylish and adorable, but it also protects your precious one from getting cold and other cold-related diseases.

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