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15 Best Large Dog Sweaters for Big Dogs in Winter

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Published on
Wednesday 7 November 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best large dog sweaters
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Cold weather is back and your four-legged best friend needs the best large dog sweater out there. We have reviewed the ten most popular sweaters for big dogs for comfort and warmth.

A great K9 sweater needs to fit perfectly: not too loose and not too tight. The dog should be able to trot, and even run, with ease. However, your dog will most likely lounge around in his or her brand-new canine pullover. The below products are easy to clean, and more importantly, they are easy to put on and take off your dog. The worst buy is one beautiful big dog sweater that you struggle to put on your dog.

Enjoy our shortlist and pick the one that looks the nicest to you ;) Make sure you check out this other article if you are searching for the best dog summer clothes. For harsh cold weather, you will need to change your dog’s food, and buy a winter dog house or an external heating device (heater or pad).

15 Best Large Dog Sweaters for Big Dogs

If you are looking for the best dog sweaters for large-sized dogs, then this list is for you! We compiled the best ones available in the market. 

Our Overall Best Pick:

The Boyfriend Dog Sweater by Chilly Dog is our overall best pick for this category! The Chilly Dog huge dog sweater, which is hand-knit by Quechuan Indians, is the ideal option for keeping your best buddy warm while also giving them a fashionable look.

1. Boyfriend Dog Sweater by Chilly Dog

When the winter seasons begin to roll around the corner, the canine market begins to line its shelves with the latest outerwear for dogs. Large dog sweaters are a hot trend these days and this boyfriend dog sweater, it can’t get any cuter. These sweaters for big dogs by Chilly Dog are made from 100% wool so they ensure your pets stay thoroughly protected from hypothermia and the cold during those low temperatures.

Their stylish designs mimic most other human sweaters in that their basic colors tend to match any dog coat and personality. This large dog sweater fits dogs up to 60 to 85 pounds in weight. Hand-knit by Quechuan Indians, the Chilly Dog giant dog sweater is the perfect choice for keeping your best friend warm, yet still giving him a modern appeal.

The sweater covers all of his backside and comes down to just above his tailbone. His arms easily fit through the sweater’s short sleeves while his underside is also protected, allowing the belly area exposed so that they can easily use the restroom. In terms of washing, treat it as you would any other wool material. Many buyers appreciate that their bigger breeds can now look stylish in the winter just as the other smaller breeds do. With sizes going up to XXX-Large, you are bound to find the right big dog sweater for your pet.


  • Made from 100% wool
  • Handknit by Quechuan Indians
  • Belly-art is protected
  • Easy-to-wash


  • Strong smell
  • Sizing can be inaccurate

2. Wool Blend Dog Sweater

This knitwear sweater by Blueberry Pet is designed using a technique called tweed knitting when bits of contrasting colors are spun into the surface of the yarn. It has been specially created with improved quality in mind with soft wool blended in with yarn making these XL dog sweaters 10% wool and 90% acrylic.

This is a sweater for large dogs that exudes a timeless, classic look with a turtleneck fit and a smartly designed harness/leash hole. The hole allows you to use any harness or leash with more ease and convenience. With varied colors to choose from to match your dog’s personal style, the Blueberry Pet dog sweater measures 20 inches in the back length, 25 to 29 inches in chest girth, and 19.5 in the neck. Just simply measure your dog from the base of his neck to the base of his spine for back length.

The Blueberry Pet dog sweater is machine washable if washed with items of a similar color in cold water and then it should be flat dried. The sweater provides coverage for the entire back and the sleeves provide warmth for the arms. Using the tweed knitting formula, this sweater provides a special speckled effect which makes it very appealing. It is finished with cuffs, a lined collar, and bottom hem.

The sweater seems to fit nice and snugly on medium to large breeds and according to the users, unlike many of the other large dog sweaters available, it may not be the perfect fit for giant-sized dogs (Great Danes, Bernese Mountains, and the likes).


  • Made with 10% wool and 90% acrylic
  • Complete protection
  • Machine-washable


  • Logistics problems (wrong products received)
  • Sizing can also be inaccurate

3. Gooby Cold Weather Dog Pullover

This pullover sweater for large dogs is a classic fit and provides a basic look for your dog’s overall appearance. Yet, despite its simplicity, this large dog vest by Gooby provides a lot of protection due to its thickness. The Gooby sweater is made with a stretchable fleece material designed perfectly for a comfortable fit on any size of dog. It allows your pet to run and move around freely as the material accommodates to his movement.

With a large variety of colors to choose from, this dog sweater ranges in sizes from XS all the way to 6X Large with a length of 27 inches. To order the right size, just carefully measure the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail and the widest part of the dog’s torso. Just keep in mind that this sweater does stretch. The pullover designs make putting on and taking off less of a hassle and are so easy to work with. This sweater also works great for machine wash. Buyers appreciate the convenience it offers and that it does not shrink during the wash and dry cycle.


  • Comes with the right thickness
  • Stretchable fleece material
  • Have a wide variety of colors and sizes


  • Some pet owners find it too small
  • Does not accommodate free returns

4. Zack & Zoey Nor’easter

Dog winter coats and jackets come in so many sizes and types. The Zack & Zoey dog cold-weather coat provides a wearable blanket for those intensely cold days. Made with 100% polyester, this blanket works as a jacket as it does cover the entire backside of the dog, and the velcro closures fastening strips at the neck and under the belly keep the blanket coat from falling off during movement. The dog coat is ultra-soft, comfy, and so durable it can be machine-washed.

The solid colors and plaid designs, together with an adorable paw print, provide an enticing visual appeal to the entire ensemble. The water-resistant shell reverses to a soft printed fleece that makes it durable for all winter weather conditions. It features a reflective stripe for safer walks out with your dog at night or in heavy rain. It comes in a polybag with a hanger and hangtag and is available in sizes from XXS to XXL. Buyers appreciate the inner fleece lining as it keeps their pets fairly insulated in snowy weather.


  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Very soft, durable, and comfortable 
  • Water-resistant shell


  • Minor durability complaints
  • The velcro strap is not that good

5. FF Knitwear Dog Sweater

The knitwear sweater by the Fashion Focus line is a classic look. The comfy dog sweater is made of warm wool. It is designed with long sleeves to keep his arms protected from frostbites and the coldest of climates. The sleeves are stylishly cuffed at the end to keep them secure while enhancing the snug, insulated fit.

These extremely adorable large dog sweaters are 100% brand new and made with high-quality materials. The sizes range from XXX-Small to X-Large. Always refer to the size chart to ensure you order the exact fit for your dog’s size and comfort. Users love the charming look and say these knitwear sweaters for dogs are extremely effective in keeping their pets warm in the winter. One user complained that, although cozy, the sleeves were a tad long while another user complained that the sizing of the neck was not right, therefore, it is highly recommended you ensure the perfect fit for your dog.

These sweaters do not tend to shrink in the washing process, however, you still may want to order a size larger.


  • Provide complete protection from the cold
  • It does not shrink when washed
  • Classic and fashionable look


  • Sizing can be inaccurate
  • Minor durability complaints

6. PAWZ Road Large K9 Sweater

The large dog sweater by PAWZ Road is an extremely versatile dog cold weather coat that adds the necessary bulk and thickness many dogs need during the colder seasons. Sizes range from XXS to XL, with the largest size measuring 25.6 inches in the back length, 38.6 inches in the chest, and 25.2 inches in the neck.

The coat comes in a plaid-designed red or turquoise color and every detail in the design and stitching has been reinforced with two front pockets and a stylish, detachable hood to protect the head. The hood is equipped with a drawstring for easier fitting and the inner layer of fleece fabric provides an extra layer of insulation during extreme temperatures. The underside of this large dog sweater is a button-down for easy dressing and undressing.

Dog owners love the versatility of taking the hood off when not needed. To give an idea of sizing, one user claimed that the biggest size was a bit loose on her 80-pound golden lab, so resorting to a smaller size worked better for her.


  • High-quality stitching
  • Comfortable material
  • Comes with a detachable hood


  • Some complained about the thin material
  • It can be too small

7. Fitwarm XXL Dog Sweater

One of the trendiest items on the canine market today is the thermal sweater by Fitwarm. This brand is known to provide sleek, stylish, yet super adorable outerwear for dogs. This sweater for large dogs is more than just a coat or top, it is a full-piece jumpsuit that adds an intense layer of coziness and heat for your beloved pet.

The suit is made of very thick and soft fleece fabric and fits the entire body including all legs. It gives your dog an added coat for extra cushioning and protection. This thermal sweater is ideal for dogs with very short and thin coats as it acts to provide what is missing. The charming design, with its buttons and elastic waist, is perfect for sleep as a pajama or everyday winter wear. From XS to XXL, the largest size measures 23 inches in the chest and 18 inches in the back.

Cleverly designed with plenty of rear-end room, this fuzzy sweater is the perfect accessory for the winter holidays.


  • Best for dogs with thin and short coats
  • It provides warmth and looks stylish at the same time
  • Made of thick and premium quality fleece


  • Inaccurate size measurements
  • Minor durability complaints

8. Large Christmas Dog Sweater

The large dog sweater by Blueberry Pet offers a wide range of holiday designs to keep dogs looking fashionable and modern without losing their comfort. This dog sweater is made from 100% acrylic yarn for extra durability and ease of care. Each dog sweater provides a unique concept in design and pattern and is shipped in a polybag with its own hang card.

The sweaters provide a raised turtleneck feature for keeping the neck warm, and the sleeves come down to the elbow. Perfect for all breeds of dogs, now you can easily style your dog together according to his personality and personal touch while ensuring your pet stays warm and cozy. According to online users and reviews, this dog sweater does tend to run a bit on the larger end so keep that in mind when ordering the right fit. The sweater is also known to stretch as well even after one day of use. Ultimately, many dog owners love Blueberry Pet for adding that extra creativity to their products to make them stand apart from others on the market.


  • Made of 100% acrylic yarn
  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • Very stylish and perfect for holiday occasions


  • Ensure to check the size since it can be too big
  • Logistics issue (wrong products shipped)

9. Fitwarm Thermal Knitted Dog Sweater Doggy Winter Coat

The Fitwarm Thermal Knitted Dog Sweater is perfect for dog breeds like Dachshunds, Bulldogs, Corgis, Boxers, and Chow Chows. In addition, this sweater is made of 80% chemical fiber and 20% fleece — which makes it a suitable protection for your dog’s skin and coat. Plus, it has a soft and thermal fabric that provides your pet with a warm and cozy feeling! Its thick turtleneck design also gives off extra warmth.

Now, this comfy sweater can be used not only in the winter seasons but also on different occasions such as birthday parties, photoshoots, and any other events. Lastly, you can also cut higher in the belly part to make potty breaks easier.

On the other hand, the cons of this product are its inaccurate size chart. With that, many pet owners bought a version that is either too big or too small for their pet. Moreover, few buyers complained about the material used and its durability. 


  • Made of 80% chemical fiber and 20% fleece 
  • It provides warmth and coziness
  • Can be used on various occasions 


  • Inaccurate size chart
  • Material used

10. KOOLTAIL Dog Winter Clothes Fleece Sweater 

The acrylic yarn used to make this dog winter fleece jumper from KOOLTAIL is very soft, cozy, and warm. Additionally, this sweater is manufactured with delicate craftsmanship and has a stylish appearance. The white Berber fleece portion on the inside surface of the back, which is warm and soft, is good for your dog’s skin. Plus, it is intended to keep your dog warm in the winter.

Its design has a fashionable twisted texture with a grey and black pattern, a turtleneck, cuffs, and sleeves that allow pets to move freely and stay warm everywhere. Moreover, this dog sweater is very elastic and ductile, making it simple to wear and take off. The leash has a hole on the rear that you may use to tie it to the dog’s collar.

However, the downside of this product is its inaccurate size chart causing pet owners to order a product that is either too big or small for their pet. To add to that, a few buyers complained about noticing minor damages on the sweater after a short time of using it. 


  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Provides additional warmth
  • Very elastic and ductile
  • Fashionable design


  • Inaccurate size chart
  • Minor durability complaints

11. Fitwarm Turtleneck Knitted Dog Sweater

Another turtleneck knit dog sweater from Fitwarm is suggested for breeds like Corgis, Chow Chows, Bulldogs, Boxers, and Dachshunds. It is composed of 60% terylene, 35% cotton, and 5% spandex. Additionally, this sweater doubles as a chic thermal coat that can be worn indoors and out, during birthday celebrations, and on other special occasions.

Moving forward, the product’s plush fabric provides complete-coverage protection for all four legs, keeping your dogs warm and cozy all night. Similar to previous Fitward items, the belly may be trimmed higher for convenient bathroom breaks. It is also simple to put on and take off thanks to its pullover style.

But, on the other side, this product received reviews about being too big for their pet and that the size chart is inaccurate. In addition, few pet owners noticed a very strong smell upon opening the product. However, this smell goes away once washed. 


  • Made of 60% terylene, 35% cotton, and 5% spandex
  • Complete-coverage protection
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Can be used on many different occasions 


  • It can be too big 
  • Fabric odor 

12. Cable Knit Sweater Dog Clothes

High-quality acrylic fibers were used to create this cable-knit dog sweater from KOOLTAIL, which can keep your dog warm both indoors and out. With this, you can relax knowing that your dog would not shiver or feel chilly throughout the winter. Moreover, this dog sweater can be machine-washed, so you do not have to stress about cleaning it. It only has to be gently rolled in your washing machine and dried at a low temperature to be as clean as new.

Furthermore, this sweater is available in four sizes! Thus, you have a wide variety of choices when picking which one fits your dog the most. The sweater is also easy to wear and take off. 

But, similar to other products mentioned, the problem with this product is the inaccurate size chart. With that, several pet owners complained about choosing the wrong size for their dogs. Moreover, some stated that the fabric is too stretched out for their liking.


  • Made of premium quality acrylic fibers
  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Machine-washed
  • Available in many sizes and colors


  • Inaccurate size chart
  • Can be too stretched out

13. Mihachi Turtleneck Dog Sweater

The Mihachi Turtleneck Dog Sweater is available in seven colors and five sizes. With its design, it surely makes your dog appear more cute and fashionable. In addition, aside from its aesthetic appearance, this sweater can keep them feel comfortable and warm during colder seasons. It is also 100% made of premium quality fabric – that is soft and cozy. 

Additionally, due to its elastic high collar, this sweater is highly useful and simple to wear. It is simple to put on and take off, and a hole is provided below the neck for the leash to slide through.

However, despite its super cute style, some pet owners state that the size is too small for their pets. Furthermore, there are also minor durability complaints from a few buyers. 


  • Made with premium quality fabric
  • Features a fashionable look
  • Comes with an elastic high collar
  • Have a wide variety of colors and sizes


  • The size can be too small
  • Minor durability complaints

14. Dog Hoodie Security Dog Sweater

This dog sweatshirt by Uteuvili has a brushed fleece lining, which has an incredibly soft hand feel and is incredibly cozy to wear. It is a thin sweatshirt that provides warmth for your dog without adding bulk. Additionally, the pocket’s design is adorable, and you can put some nibbles or toys inside for playtime with the dog.

The flexible textiles of this product also ensure that your pet will feel comfortable whether it is lying down, moving about, or running. Long-lasting comfort is made possible by the product’s stretchy fabrics. This comfortable sports hoodie has a high stitch density for durability and is simple to clean and maintain. This product can be machine washed, dried at low temperatures, or air dried; they are resistant to pilling and easy deformation after washing.

But, the downside of this product is some buyers complained about its stitching quality — and that it can easily get untangled. Moreover, some also said that the fabric quality changed once washed. 


  • Comes with a brushed fleece lining
  • Provides warmth without causing extra weight
  • High stitch density for durability
  • Flexible fibers were used


  • Poor stitching complaints
  • Different quality once washed

15. FATCOOLGOO Basic Dog Hoodie

For huge dogs, FATCOOLGOO‘s Basic Dog Hoodie is very ideal. It is primarily made of 100% 230g fleece, which is more breathable, soft, and comfy than other materials. With that, your pet will undoubtedly like wearing it. Plus, the ribbed leg openings and elastic cuffs on this winter sweater with windproof headgear make it simple to put on and take off your dog without hindering their toilet breaks.

Moreover, this pullover includes strap openings on the back for quick access to the collar and harness while taking the dog for a walk. Aside from being fashionable, it is also practical to use. And lastly, you may machine-wash this item in cold water.

On the other hand, some customers complained about its inaccurate size chart. Moreover, there are also sentiments where pet owners said that the product is too small for their pet.


  • Made of 100% 230g fleece
  • Designed to be soft, comfortable, and breathable
  • Easy-to-wash and clean
  • Practical to use


  • Inaccurate size chart
  • It can be too small

Why Do Dogs Need a Dog Sweater? 

There are various reasons why dogs need a dog sweater – and these reasons are more than just being fashionable. Now, continue reading as we tackle all of them.

  • During the winter, dogs may keep warm and cozy by wearing sweaters. Even though little dogs are more susceptible to the cold, medium or big dogs that have lost muscle mass as a result of aging or sickness may also require sweaters to assist them to keep warm.
  • Some dog breeds are particularly susceptible to the cold. Breeds with short coats or those without hair may freeze more readily and benefit from a sweater while going outside in the winter.
  • Aside from actually relieving them from cold, dog sweaters also make your dog safe from the possible problems caused by cold. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association,  cold seasons can cause or worsen medical conditions like arthritis and other joint-related issues. 
  • And of course, lastly, sweaters can also make your dog look more presentable and cute during formal events or holidays! 

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Sweater

After discussing the importance of dog sweaters, let us now talk about the factors that owners should consider when buying one. With this, they can be assured that their chosen sweater is worth it! 

Size and Fit

The size of your dog is the first factor you should think about. The back, chest, and abdomen of your pet should be completely covered by the sweater. Although it should be snug-fitting, the sweater should not be suffocating for your dog. Lastly, avoid getting your male dog a low-hanging or loose-fitting sweater since he could accidentally urinate on it.

Moving forward, measure your dog with a delicate measuring tape before you start looking for dog sweaters. Note their neck and chest sizes as well as their body length from shoulders to the rump. To make sure a male dog won’t urinate on the sweater, measure the length from the bottom of his chest to approximately a half inch before his crotch.


Of course, choose a sweater that is comfortable for your dog. With this, do not choose those that are extremely heavy since they can do more harm than good. Moreover, concerning size and material, pick the right size for your dog since too big sweaters can cause accidents like tripping. Plus, too small sweaters can lead to suffocation. For the material, pick a sweater that is made with high-quality fiber or other premium materials to avoid it being itchy or allergy-prone. 


It’s crucial to pick the proper fabric for the dog sweater because it can also prevent an allergic response from occurring. Sweaters made of wool or other insulating related-material are okay if your pet is not overweight or obese. But the problem is, some types of wool might scratch some puppies and need to be hand washed.

With that, always look at the label of the sweater to determine whether it contains any synthetic materials. In sensitive dogs, some substances might result in skin allergies. The symptoms of allergies might be made worse by other textiles’ ease of mold, mildew, and dust mite accumulation.

Large Dog Sweaters: FAQs

Before we end this article, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about large dog sweaters for big dogs in winter: 

Do large dogs need sweaters in the winter?

Since larger dogs have more muscle mass and may generate more heat thanks to this, not all large dogs need sweaters in the cold. Large healthy dogs often don’t need a jacket in regular cold weather because of this. However, there are certain instances where your dog can be more prone to the cold – like if they have thin hair or existing health illnesses. Plus, even though big dogs are not prone to cold, sweaters can still provide them with warmth and comfort

Is it OK for a dog to wear a sweater all the time?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that dogs should only be with jackets and sweaters if it is really chilly outside and if it is needed. Dogs should not wear these clothes all the time since they can easily become overheated. If you want to dress them in sweaters for occasions or events, do not make them wear them for too long – more than 5 to 8 hours. 

Do dog sweaters actually keep big dogs warm?

In her interview with Chewy, Dr. Rachel Barrack, DVM, CVA, CVCH of Animal Acupuncture in New York City said that one of the best ways to keep your dog warm is to put them in a thick sweater or dog hoodie.

Which dog breeds need winter coats?

According to the American Kennel Club, these are some of the dog breeds that need winter coats:
Small dog breeds can’t easily generate and retain enough body heat to keep themselves warm. Examples are chihuahuas and French Bulldogs. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis or dogs who sit low to the ground are also prone to clone since, despite their thick coats, their bellies are close enough to the ground to brush against snow and ice.

Another dog breed that needs winter coats is dogs like Poodles who occasionally have long hair but are frequently cropped or trimmed. The coats’ innate ability to protect them may change after grooming

Breeds with short hair and lean frames, such as Greyhounds and Whippets, should also be kept warm because their physique makes them more vulnerable to the cold.

Do big dogs get cold?

Small-sized dogs are more prone to getting cold – however, that does not mean that big dogs do not get cold. In fact, there are certain large dogs, especially those with existing health problems or illnesses, who are vulnerable to colds. Plus, if the temperature is too low, they can still get cold despite their heavy muscles and thick coats. Thus, all types of dogs can benefit from dog sweaters.

Even though large dogs are not prone to cold during the winter season, they can still benefit from dog sweaters since they can give them added warmth and comfort. Moreover, remember that in buying the best large dog sweaters, they should always be size-appropriate, made with completely safe materials, and comfortable.

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