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10 Best Dog Deshedding Gloves

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Published on
Friday 27 August 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
deshedding gloves for dogs
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Every breed sheds some amount of fur throughout each year. Those that shed particularly badly can cover furniture and clothes almost daily. This is why dog deshedding gloves are such a useful tool as they can remove any excess fur easily and effectively. You simply put on the gloves and stroke your dog like normal and watch the shed fur come away without any discomfort and minimal anxiety. Many brushes can make dogs nervous and cause the task to be a lot more difficult. This is why this product is so handy!

Want to find the best deshedding glove for dogs? Check out our features to consider as well as reviews to find the best match for you and your dog.

What Are Deshedding Gloves

Deshedding gloves are meant to be worn like regular gloves. They have brush-like mounds of the front, or some have specific material, to mean that when you stroke your dog you are essentially brushing them. It allows you to easily brush your dog’s coat in the same way you usually stroke them. Many issues that arise when trying to brush your dog’s coat normally include anxiety, the awkwardness of angles, and worry of pulling hair or knots.

When a dog becomes anxious over a brush at home, they can run, pull their body away, or even become aggressive. This means the situation can become dangerous for you or your dog due to their actions, at the least it can be unpleasant for them. By using the deshedding gloves you can stroke your dog while they are calm to remove the fur. Therefore it is safe for you both and your dog is content.

Furthermore, this glove allows you to reach awkward spots that may be difficult with a brush such as their armpits. Finally, these gloves often have much fewer fine ridges than some brushes that can get caught or pull at knots. When you are not a groomer and just want to brush a dog at home it is often worthwhile using a more gentle tool and taking a bit longer to do so, like with these gloves.

Factors to Consider When Buying Deshedding Gloves

Here are some of the key factors to consider before purchasing some deshedding gloves. Consider these elements to find the right pair for you.


The tool can be used for more than helping with deshedding, but is to help clean your dog during a bath. Many are waterproof and allow you to help wash and scrub your dog when you are bathing them. If this is something you have an interest in then make sure the glove has waterproof qualities as not every pair does. This makes sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Right or Left Handed

Many packs do not offer two gloves but one glove. Therefore, checking if the glove is right-handed, left-handed, or comes with either option. Most gloves are right-handed but left-handed versions do exist. If you are left-handed it is important to check the product description to make sure you are comfortable while grooming your dog and can do so effectively.


Cheaper versions on the market may quickly see stitching come apart or even the grooming prongs come off. Making sure that this product is durable is key to getting your money’s worth. Make sure to look through the reviews to see if this product can withstand repeated grooming of your dog’s coat. If more reviews talk about the product breaking easily or quickly, then be sure to avoid it.

Coat Length

The prongs on the glove as well as their thickness are designed for different dog coats, so checking that a glove is appropriate to your dog’s coat is important. As it allows you to know your dog’s coat will be thoroughly brushed and no amount will be missed. They are usually advertised for short, medium, or long coats which you can find in the product description if it is not usually advertised in the title.

gloves for deshedding
Deshedding your dogs on a regular basis are important in order to maintain your dog’s coat.

10 Best Dog Deshedding Gloves

Now onto the top ten reviews of the best dog deshedding gloves.

1. DELOMO Store Pet Grooming Glove

Delomo has created a high-quality grooming glove available in red or blue. The whole underside of the glove has 255 silicone grooming tips from the base of the palm to the tip of the fingers. This allows for flexible brushing with gentle material so as not to hurt your dog at all. This glove is also waterproof so it can be used during bathing to help rub the shampoo in your dog’s fur and rub out any dirt. The wrist strap is adjustable for added comfort and security when wearing the glove. The fur on the glove can also be easily removed by hand or by running water over the base.

2. K&K Pet Grooming Gloves

This is a very durable deshedding glove with double stitching around the wrist to make sure everything stays intact. You have the option to purchase a pair of grooming gloves, a left and right glove, or just the singular right. So if you are left-handed, you may, unfortunately, have to buy a pair. This multi-use glove is also waterproof to aid you when bathing your dog as well. The elastic in the glove allows for a comfortable fit while the mesh ensures you are not getting sweaty palms whilst in the middle of a brushing session.

It is important to get rid of your dog’s loose undercoat to prevent heatstroke.

3. Pawradise Pet Grooming and Bathing Gloves

If you’re looking for a 4 in 1 grooming glove then check out Pawradise’s deshedding gloves. The groom, de-shed, massage, and can be used to help bathe your dog! Their new 2020 upgraded design has longer nubs to aid with detangling and brushing deeper coats. Due to the soft tips it is advertised to be suitable to use on dogs of any coat length. With this purchase you will receive a pair of gloves so whether you are right handed or left, this kit has you covered. Massages with these gloves also aid circulation and help to stimulate the production of natural dog fur oils.

4. Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Glove

Pat Your Pet is a dog grooming specialist store and have created the ideal deshedding glove. You can buy just a right glove or a pair of gloves. They say the glove can remove tangling and shed hair with ease so one session can stop hairs getting all over your clothing. Whether your dog has a short, medium, or large length of coat this glove can be used on them to sort their coat with ease. The adjustable wrist strap also adds an extra layer of comfort and security to the wearer so your dog cannot just pull it off. Finally, this is easy to clean as you just remove the hair by hand or with water.

5. Handson Pet Grooming Gloves

Available in five different colors, HandsOn have created an award-winning design to groom any type of dog. You can buy gloves specific to puppies and to adults of a small, medium, large, and extra-large size. So any dog can receive grooming from one of these specialist deshedding gloves. This is also another waterproof design that you can use on your dog to help massage shampoo in and remove excess fur in the bath. Flexible rubber nodes mean your dog’s skin will not be damaged but they can still help to untangle fur. If the gloves become dirty you can throw them into the washing machine and the dryer afterward.

6. LuxPal Pet Grooming Deshedding Gloves

Regardless of the coat type your dog possesses, curly, wire, or short for example, these gloves help. They help to remove excess shed, knots, and matting from a whole variety of coat types. These gentle nodes are great for massaging the skin without irritating it or your dog at all. This glove is great for your dog, but can also be used on cats and even horses so you can get the full use for your money. The size of these gloves is also large enough to fit hands of any size and have an elastic stretch for comfort. This pair also has waterproof qualities so you can use it in the bath to help clean their coat.

7. PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glove for Grooming

The true multi-purpose glove has been created by PetFusion available in medium and large sizes. It does not just cover the hand blue covers the whole forearm. This glove is the first on our list to offer thorough protection to any bites or scratches during handling, hence why it can also be used to examine animals and put them in carriers when they are known to get aggressive. This water-resistant option offers a glove that helps you to gently brush the coat. However, there are no nodes on the glove to help with matting or detangling. However, you can use this glove to gently wash away excess fur in the bath as well as holding your dog whilst trimming their nails.

8. KAVAVE Pet Grooming Gloves

This pet grooming glove has soft rubber extensions coated with an adherent layer to provide thorough grooming alongside gentle care to the skin of your dog. You can use these for regular dog grooming or grooming within the bath. With over 300 bristles on these gloves that are made to be long enough to groom all types of dog fur, you know this glove will offer a high-quality grooming session. These gloves have an elastic fitting with an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit on any hand. They also offer a full refund for those that are not happy with their gloves.

9. Pet Magasin Effective Patented Grooming Gloves

This pair of gloves created by Pet Magasin remove loose hair with ease and help to untangle any knots or matting on your dog’s coat. They are also great for your pet’s circulation through massaging and stroking. If you want your dog to have a healthier coat then these gloves also help to stimulate natural oil that keeps your dog’s coat looking lush. Adjustable Velcro straps allow you to get the gloves to have a perfect fit before the use. The 200 silicone tips help to loosen dirt and excess fur so your dog is comfortable and shedding less. This is another durable product that can withstand many heavy-duty grooming sessions with your dog.

10. KCT Pet Care Pet Grooming Gloves

260 silicone prongs are attached to this glove to allow you to groom every inch of your dog’s coat. The material of the glove and the silicone is both toxic-free and very durable for many sessions of grooming. Need help bathing your dog? no problem! These gloves can be used in the bath and will gently massage your dog’s skin to remove any dirt or loose fur. They are machine washable and quick to dry in case you need them clean urgently. Furthermore, The mesh fabric of the glove makes sure your hand is comfortable and the material is also breathable.

Dog Deshedding Gloves: FAQ

If you need some more answers about this brilliant product and its use, let’s give you some more information. Take a peek!

Which dog breeds shed the most?

Some of the heaviest shedding dog breeds include the Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, and German Shepherd. Both large and small dogs can be prone to heavy shedding and it depends on their breeding and coat. Conditions can lead to excess shedding as well so if you have concerns then do consult your vet.

What are other uses for grooming gloves?

Grooming gloves are often used for bathing dogs as well. It can help to massage the skin and soap, loosen dirt, and help remove excess fur while shedding. However, be sure not to be too rough with these gloves and gentle massage throughout.

Are there hairless dogs?

There are hairless dog breeds including the Chinese Crested Dog and Peruvian Inca Orchid. Although both of these breeds have a little fur they are mostly hairless. Their grooming has specific requirements and will not need a grooming glove.

How do I clean deshedding gloves?

Simply peel back the fur to clean the gloves. Read the instructions to see if your product is machine-washable and afterward you can throw them in the machine if they have any dirt on them. Again, some can be put in the dryer afterward but be sure to check the description and instruction manual.

Do dogs like being groomed?

It depends on the dog. Many like to be groomed and find the experience relaxing. Whereas others feel a lot of anxiety about the process and can even become aggressive. This is why getting your puppy used to grooming, grooming tools, and having their ears, face, and paws touched is important when they are young. Gentle brushing with your grooming glove is often considered to be petting and attention by your dog and they thoroughly enjoy it.

Deshedding gloves are a useful tool to prevent your dog from leaving hair everywhere at home. They offer some health benefits and can be great for bathing too! Be sure to check that the gloves you are considering are suitable for your dog and have all the qualities you are looking for.

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