10 Best Chihuahua Clothes – Buying Guide & Reviews!

10 Best Chihuahua Clothes – Buying Guide & Reviews!
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Picking the best Chihuahua clothing is not easy. The breed is extra small, their fur is short, their skin is sensitive. Buying Chihuahua clothes is a tough mission and this blog post is here to help you in your quest.

First and foremost, never choose dog clothes based on how it looks – this should be the least of your worries! Check on reviews, make sure the manufacturer’s sizes are reliable, the materials are of high quality, and so on. Never be cheap with something that touches your dog’s skin so closely.

How to Choose Chihuahua Clothes?

Finding the best clothes for Chihuahuas means focusing on how comfortable the materials used are, as well as how well the clothes fit your small Chihuahua. You also want something that is easy to wash and dry – and resist being machine-washed every few days or week!


Size is obviously the most important factor in choosing dog clothes, especially when it is for smaller breeds like Chihuahua. Ideally, the coat or jacket should neither be too tight nor too loose but perfectly well-fitted. When the cloth is too tight, it leaves your dog suffocated and uncomfortable and when it is too loose, your dog looks and feels clumsy. Measure the length and chest size of your dog to get the best fitting cloth.

Also, if you own a Chihuahua mix like a Pomchi, sizing is generally the same. Just account for all the fluffy coat in your measures.


A good piece of clothing for your dog is one that is easy to take on and off. Whether it comes in the form of a pullover or a jacket, it should be easily wearable. Make sure that the lack of wearability does not leave your pooch frustrated at the very idea of wearing it. Checking the reviews would help you avoid such inconvenient items.

Most people I know who purchased dog clothes rarely use them simply because their dog isn’t trained to be quiet while they are putting the dog sweater on. Make sure you start as early as possible to get your dog used to be handled and dressed up and down.


The material of the clothing will vary depending on whether it is meant to be worn during the summers or the winters.

The winter jackets and sweaters should be made of materials like polyester that will keep your dog warm, comfortable and protected. Fleece-lining is also recommended to enhance insulation especially as Chihuahuas are very temperature-sensitive.

On the other hand, those meant to be worn during summer should be made of lightweight breathable materials. Soft materials like cotton are best-preferred for the tender skin of your pooch as they cause no itching sensation or any kind of discomfort. If your dog tends to spend too much time outdoors, go for waterproof Chihuahua clothes, especially for use during the rainy or snowy season.


Whether you are going for a winter jacket or a summer coat, regular wearing will leave it dirty and a breeding ground for parasites and germs. That is why; washing the cloth at regular intervals is a dire necessity. The cloth, therefore, should be machine washable. Avoid those with too many buttons or adornments as these might get stuck in the washer. If the clothing is such that it can also be put into the drier, that’s definitely a plus point and a reason enough for you to buy it for your Chihuahua.

Design and Pattern

Clothing for Chihuahua or any other dog for that matter is available in wide varieties. The color, pattern, and design should be according to how you want to style your dog and what suits him/her the best. However, remember that this is the least important factor in the list and should be considered only after the other factors are fulfilled. Unless, you are buying a one-off dog wedding dress, for example.

Top 10 Best Chihuahua Clothes

If a cute Chihuahua is a part of your family, here is how you can get the best dog clothes for them along with the top best items available out there. Here are the top 10 best Chihuahua clothes that you should consider buying.

1. Kuoser Small Dog Coats

These Chihuahua coats from Kuoser come in four sizes and you should measure the length and chest of your dog to be able to choose the right size. Made of polyester and terylene/cotton, the coat is extremely warm and comfortable, making your Chihuahua to simply love wearing it. The outer layer is water-resistant while the inner layer is soft and warm on the tender skin of your dog. The best thing about the coat is that it is reversible, which means both sides can be worn for a different look.

This cute, little coat is windproof and lightweight, making it an ideal dog cloth during winters. The stitching is exquisite, making the coat durable while the hook and loop closure promises an easy take on and off.

2. Handmade Chihuahua Poncho

This handmade poncho-style sweater is a must-have for your Chihuahua for its look as well as usage. The unique thing about these Chihuahua sweaters is that they are handmade and cut from an authentic Mexican blanket. The material is polyester mixed with acrylic. Available in different sizes for both small and large breeds of dogs, the sweater comes in an attractive multi-color design.

There are velcro straps around the neck and the chest for adjustability and a perfect fit. As such, these ponchos are very easy to take on and off. The vest also comes with a harness loop that helps when you take out your Chihuahua for a walk. The poncho can be used as winter clothing as it is very warm and protective for your dog.

3. Stretch Fleece Vest by Gooby

If you are looking for Chihuahua sweaters that keep the chest area of your dog covered and warm, this stretch fleece vest from Gooby is an ideal buy. The black color makes your cute Chihuahua even more adorable. It is a pullover that is available in different sizes and it is best to measure the length and chest size of your dog to get him the perfectly fitting vest.

There are no hooks or Velcro straps and, therefore, the sweater can easily be washed in the machine. It is easy to take on and off and most dog owners feel that their furry one is in love with this cloth.

4. Chihuahua Raincoat

This Chihuahua raincoat from Ethical Pet is a carefully crafted piece of clothing that is meant to keep your pooch dry, warm and protected. This waterproof raincoat is made of 100% polyester coupled with a PVC coating that calls for extreme comfort. A secure fit is ensured by the self-adjusting belly strap while the vibrant yellow color with a reflective strap makes sure that your dog remains safely visible even during foul weather walks.

The raincoat has an ergonomically designed hood that offers comfortable head protection for your dog in the rainy season. The raincoat is available in a range of varying sizes.

5. Scheppend Adidog Hoodie

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These cute Chihuahua jumpers with adorable hoods from Scheppend will make your dog look smart and definitely turn heads when featured in your family photo. This Chihuahua sweatshirt is available in different sizes and it is advisable to closely refer to the size chart to be able to buy the perfect size. The color is pink with Adidog printed on the back.

The jumper is classic and fashionable, keeping the entire body and four legs of your Chihuahua covered and warm. The soft cotton material calls for all the comfort while the button closure design makes the cloth easy to take on and off.

6. Anxiety Calming Wrap for Chihuahuas

As the name suggests, this particular piece of clothing is not only meant to make your Chihuahua look good and feel warm but also protect your dog from anxiety and shock. The wrap puts gentle pressure on the chest of your dog much like an assuring human touch and calms all the fear and anxiety problems your dog might be facing.

The fabric is lightweight, drug-free, breathable and, therefore, extremely comfortable for your dog. This anxiety wrap can be easily washed in a machine. The hook and loop fasteners, on the other hand, makes the cloth adjustable. Available in different sizes, this wrap is also a must-wear for your little dog during car travels, vet visits, fireworks and so on.

7. Chihuahua Denim Coat

These Chihuahua denim coats from SILD are among the best dog clothes for Chihuahuas in particular. The denim makes your pooch looks charming and smart like never before. This hooded jacket will make your dog turn heads on any occasion. It is wearable in all four seasons and will not make your dog feel too hot because jeans prevent your dog from sunlight.

This retro-style jacket is fashionable enough to be loved by your dog. It comes with a lapel collar and a button closure design, making it rather easy to take on and off. Available in varying sizes, the jacket fits your dog well and keeps him in absolute comfort and style.

8. Knitted Thermal Coat for Chihuahuas

If you are worried about the cold times ahead and how your little one will react to the winters, get him these knitted thermal coats from Fitwarm. The material is high-quality, soft and knitted fabric that duly covers your dog’s entire body and keeps him warm and protected during the cold nights.

These Chihuahua coats come in black color, a four-legged design, and an elastic waist. These are also perfect for everyday wear and sleeping time. Taking it on and off might be a little troublesome because of the fabric so, make sure that the fit of the coat is not too tight.

9. Fuzzy Fleece Pajama

This is yet another ideal Chihuahua clothing that comes in a combined shape of a four-legged jacket with pajamas. It is made up of soft and thick fleece fabric that keeps your pooch warm and comfortable, especially during the winters. You can let him sleep wearing it during, particularly cold nights.

The elastic waist makes the jacket essentially adjustable. If you choose the size after measuring the length and the chest size of your dog, then you will be able to get the size that fits him perfectly. Most owners feel that their Chihuahuas are really happy wearing these jackets.

10. Velvet Chihuahua Jumpsuit

This is one of the cutest dog clothes for Chihuahuas out there. The velvety material of the jumpsuit keeps your little one wrapped in extreme comfort. The four-legged design with an elastic waist makes this piece of clothing ideal to be worn throughout the day and also while sleeping.

It is easy to take on and off and the most attention-worthy feature is the leopard print that is essentially adorable. The jumpsuit is also machine washable and available in different sizes. Make sure your pooch puts this on when the quintessential Christmas family photo is being clicked.

Chihuahua Clothes – Buying Guide and Reviews
Chihuahua Clothes – Buying Guide and Reviews