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Top 5 Best Dog Snoods & Neck Warmers for Winter

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Published on
Sunday 21 October 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog snoods
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Dog snoods are accessories used to comfortably warm up a dog’s ears and neck during winter. Buying the best dog snood is hard because they all look alike at first sight. Yet, quality snoods for dogs offer the best neck-warming experience for your dog while maximizing comfort.

Neck and ear warmers, pet scarves, as well as snoods, are must-haves during wintertime in order to avoid hypothermia and frostbites. Indeed, freezing cold temperatures target extremities the most starting with a dog’s ears. Using a pet snood will warm up your dog so the harshest winter days can feel healthily warm.

When picking the best dog snood for your breed, you want to choose based on the materials used as well as the heating factor. Looks and patterns may be what jumps at your eyes initially, but they matter very little on a practical level. Dogs aren’t models, and snoods are not fashion accessories. They are a cold-canceling winter gear!

1. Zoo Snoods Neck Ear Warmer

One of the best dog snoods made by Zoo Snoods, this dog neck warmer is 100% authentic and handmade. It keeps your dog’s neck as well as his ears warm in the coldest weather condition. The Zoo Snood provides style and fun with their varied animal-themed dog snoods. These range from adorable bunny ears to charming deer antlers. Update your dog’s wardrobe with some fun and fashionable warming headgear. These make some of the best dog snoods available as they are compatible with other pet accessories such as harnesses and dog collars.

These dog snoods keep your pet’s head protected from dirt and moisture too. This dog scarf fits most small dogs weighing between 5 to 20 pounds with head circumferences between 8 to 14 inches. Measuring 6 inches in length, the super-soft material is made of yarn, yet it is a specially designed knitted neckpiece that is created with the softest yarn available to ensure warmth and coziness while avoiding the itch that other knitted scarves may pose. This dog snood is great for any dog breed and fits any personality. With an earthy brown color tone, this dog snood provides a 100% money-back guarantee. While Zoo Snood donates a portion of their sales to animal welfare organizations, you can now give back to the community.

2. Euro Dog Designs Fleece Snood

Dog neck warmers and dog scarves are a popular commodity in the canine market. Every year, dog owners seek out the best dog snoods available in order to keep their loved ones protected from harsh climates. This dog snood designed by Euro Dog Designs is made of soft fleece. It is one of the warmest dog snoods one can purchase. It does a great job at insulating heat. As the fleece snood covers the head, neck, and even the ears, you can rest assured your dog is getting the best comfort during the winter season.

Choose from sizes ranging from XS to XXL to fit your dog’s size. Available in black and red colors to choose from, this fleece dog snood measures 15.7 inches in the headline, 19.3 inches in the neckline, and 9.8 inches in height. It’s adjustable and comes with two elastic drawstrings for an easier and secure fit. According to reviews, just ensure you measure your dog’s head right before purchasing as some of the snoods turned out to be a bit long for their dogs.

3. RC Pet Products Summit Dog Snood

The RC Pet Products brand makes some of the most popular dog snoods on today’s market due to their creative designs and warm material. This dog snood is actually more than just a pet scarf. It’s a complete, all-around neck and ear warmer for demanding dogs. The Summit dog snood works as both a hat and a scarf. It allows your dog to stay warm and cozy during extremely low temperatures or harsh, windy days. Available in black, red, or blue, the dog snood by RC Pet Products is designed with a four-way super stretchy fabric. This unique material is extremely plush and provides a very snug fit without restricting his movements.

Two drawstring closures are provided at the bottom. They help to easily fit and secure the snood according to the dog’s personal comfort. It features a contrast reflective piping to ensure your pet stays visible at night. This dog neck and ear warmer measures a length of 9.5 inches, fits 11 to 15 inches in neck size and 9 to 13 inches in head circumference. The anti-pill fabric makes this best dog snood machine washable and buyers are guaranteed repairs or replacements on all their products. Users of the Summit Snood enjoy the convenience of not having to buy separate items for the ears and head coverage as this snood does it all. Windy days are no longer a problem for many dog owners.

4. Midlee Infinity Knit Scarf for Dogs

This infinity scarf provides a modern look to your dog’s apparel. Many of the best dog snoods come in a variety of materials. The dog neck warmer designed by Midlee is cream colored and made with knitting and provides an all-around wrap for your dog’s neck. You can wrap it around his neck and it stays secure as opposed to other scarves that need tying. Infinity scarves allow you to suit your pet’s personal comfort. This dog snood fits dogs with 20-inch necks or smaller. So easy to come off and on, especially during the holidays, these dog neck warmers make great accessories for family and pet photos all while keeping him perfectly snug and warm.

Made from comfortable, warm, and soft acrylic yarn, the best dog snood by Midlee provides dog owners with an ever compatible dog scarf that is machine-washable. Just ensure to hang dry these scarves. Users who have bought the Midlee dog neck warmer say it’s a classic look all around. One has even fit an 80-pound lab and a boxer.

5. Blueberry Pet Dog Scarf

Some of the top dog snoods are those that bring in the cheer during the festive seasons. The dog scarf by Blueberry Pet warms up your dog during the cold but also boasts fashionable winter holiday patterns. These range from snowflakes to reindeers! Each design is actually inspired and matches particular products on sale. For instance, a men’s and women’s sweater, a throw blanket, and some Christmas-themed collars which are sold. But do not get it wrong, though: these dog scarves keep your beloved pet very warm!

This large dog neck warmer is big enough to fit the neck up to 19.5 inches while measuring out 33.5 inches long lying flat. Made with soft acrylic material, you can easily wrap the scarf around your dog’s head and tie it underneath to keep it from falling off. It comes with ultra-charming puff balls at each end. The scarf is definitely one of the best dog neck warmers on the market today as it is completely machine-washable on a gentle cycle with cold water. Just make sure you add similar colored items in the wash.

Depending on how cold your environment gets, and how harsh rain and snow hit your zone, you may want to invest in a more holistic solution. Perhaps getting an insulated dog house, along with a heating system, warming lamp, or even a cheaper heating pad. Finally, switching your dog’s food during winter will help to keep him or her healthy.

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  1. Harper Simmons

    These are great reviews! I would definitely recommend Zoo Snoods. I have 2 dogs, one’s a Staffy and the other one’s a Maltipoo, and they both love it! My Maltipoo loves it so much, she won’t leave home without it. They’re also very functional, especially during the colder months. It keeps them warm, and they look cute so that’s a plus :) Really great brand!

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