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7 Best Dog Gates for Stairs – Mounted, Free-standing, FAQ & Reviews

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Published on
Saturday 26 September 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog gates for stairs
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Dog gates, specifically dog gates for stairs, are built to help you have fewer worries with your dog or even a child around. When you are around dogs and babies, you find yourself speaking baby or animal; the only hitch is the fact that they don’t understand you. Their lack of understanding also applies to day-to-day instructions like don’t go up the stairs; they may hear you, but their priority is a good adventure.

Dogs and babies always try to climb the stairs no matter what you say, leaving you worried for their safety. Dog stair gates keep your dog and baby safe from the dangers of being on the stairs and not being able to hold the rails. A barrier saves them from unfortunate tales of misadventure. Seeing a baby in a text about dog gates is quite confusing, but this is because the protection is two-way, and most dog gates sold are called baby gates.

What are Dog Gates for Stairs?

A dog gate is a safe, not easily chewed, protective barrier that keeps your dog out of where you don’t want it. A dog gate would protect a baby, but a dog can bite a baby gate depending on its strength.

Dog gates for stairs are the solution to ninety-nine pet and child safety problems. Cats create their path, so it’s useless for them. The staircase, no matter how safe you try to make it will always make you worry because you’ve slipped on it before. Due to the love you have for your cuties, you don’t want them falling from there. Your dog doesn’t listen when you say “no stairs,” which is normal. Without a stair gate for dogs, you spend much time worrying and get little done. Here are some benefits of a dog stair gate.

  • Stair gates help protect your dog from staircase accidents
  • If your dog doesn’t sleep with you, the gate keeps the dog in its boundaries
  • Some visitors are scared of dogs, and a gate keeps your dog away from the visitors
  • Dogs are Jumpy creatures and may come down to the kitchen where you are cooking and cause a hazard
  • When leaving an elderly or disabled person at home alone for a while with your dog, a stair gate marks proper boundaries
  • A good dog gate that saves you the time you spend worried about your dog’s safety
dog stair gate
Pet gates keep your dog safe!

Types of Dog Gates for Stairs

The type of dog gate for stairs you get should meet your needs. You can also get an outdoor pet gate if that works better for you. There are many different types or general categories of dog stairs gates.

Fold-Able Dog Gates

Fold-able dog gates are gates that have door panels separated by hinges and are easy to fold. They are best for people who are space-conscious or just need a gate occasionally. The hinged ones are usually free-standing gates, so they are not the best support system.

Retractable Dog Gate for Stairs

Apart from the hinged type of fold-able gate, there is also the retractable safety gate, made from tough pet proof mesh. These pet barriers are held to the stairs by a wall-mount and are able to be retracted. The tall retractable gates are safe for bigger dogs. Retractable barriers are a better type of foldable gate because they have a support system. There is also the creative DIY option of retractable safety gates.

Pressure-Mounted Dog Gate

The pressure mounted gate is a type of dog gate that is attached between two points by a sort of pressure. Screws and a protective rubber hold it in place. It is strong enough for a big dog, but repeated weight can dislodge it and leave black marks on your wall. This type is perfect for rented apartments where the drilling of holes is not accepted.

Free Standing

Freestanding gates have no external support system; they are made from strong wood that keeps them in position. They are ideal for smaller dogs or well-trained dogs that would not push them away. A big dog, on the other hand, can push it and injure itself or damage your house. These are good when you do not have enough space for a regular stair gate.


Wall-mounted gates are those attached directly to the wall. They are strong as they are permanent and difficult to remove. They are perfect when you have a space for it, and since it is attached to the wall, it is difficult to remove. There are two significant variations of wall-mounted gates. The fold-able mesh type is perfect for less permanent, more movable situations, and it is less limiting.

Walk Through Wall Mounted Gate

The walkthrough gate provides excellent support for your dog while making your house accessible to you. It is perfect for your big dog, especially the tall variant. This type could get burdensome easily when you are tired of it because the entrance is usually narrow, and it is difficult to uninstall. There is a pressure mount type of the walkthrough gate.

7 Best Dog Gates for Stairs

After extensive research, we have organized a list of some of the best dog gates for stairs and have made notes on why we believe they are the best.

1. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

Carlson extra wide walk through pet gate is a chew-proof, expandable dog door. This gate can expand to fit openings 29-36″ wide and is 30″. It has an easy walk through 8 by 8 inches door for your smaller pet below. The extra-wide gate is easy to set up and comes with an extension kit to increase the width. For your convenience, it comes with a lockable walkthrough part and a user manual for the installation guide. It is suitable for medium to large dogs.

To fit your preference, it comes with pressure mounted and wall-mounted options for installation. The Carlson gate is made of steel and is thus chew-proof and durable. It has a safety lock, and it is non-toxic, keeping your dog safe. Suitable for doorways, hallway, and bottom of the stairs, and it is also perfect for big obedient dogs. The instructional manual is clear and makes notes for possible setbacks during installation. Comes with a 30 days free return and a three months warranty

Some of the buyers complained about their babies fitting into the pet door. But, one user was able to modify the gate by fixing a vertical bar to reduce the space for his child and cat. A user said his biggest dog was ambitious and flexible enough to fit into the pet gate. Someone else said his big dog destroyed the gate while trying to get through the pet door. Therefore, this pet gate is not safe for ambitious or aggressive dogs, especially with the pressure mount.

2. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

The Regalo easy step extra tall walk-through gate is a 41 inches tall, 29-36.5 inches wide expandable steel gate. With a convenient walk-through design, it has a one-touch release safety lock for you. It has a pressure mount for easy installation and hardware to mount for added security. Medium to large dogs can be held back by this gate. This gate comes in three colors – white, black, and platinum.

Some of the benefits of this gate from the reviews are as follows. The width and height make it good for your dogs and child. The material of this gate is steel, which makes it bite-resistant. Easy to transport due to its lightweight and portability. The walk-through door is convenient and easy to use. It has a 90 days warranty.

About two buyers said that their big breed puppies fit into the space between the stairway and the gate. The pressure mount could weaken after constant assault from an aggressive dog.

3. Regalo Home Accents Extra Wide Walk-Thru Baby Gate

The Regalo extra-wide walk-through gate is another steel Regalo gate that is 30 inches tall. It is expandable to fit areas between 29 to 56 inches and comes with 4, 8, and 12-inch extensions. The gate has a pressure mount feature and comes with hardware for extra security. With a one-touch release safety lock, the walk-through door is accessible to you.

It can contain medium to large dogs. This gate has a 90 days warranty. The pressure mount makes it easy to install and is helpful in a rented apartment. It is portable, lightweight, and easy to transport, and is also chew-proof.

A slight challenge is that the bars are wide enough for a determined dog to get stuck in. A pressure mount gate is that it is not always very secure but, installing the hardware makes it more firm.

4. MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate

Mypet paws portable pet gate is a 23-inches high pet gate that is helpful with training puppies. This gate is easy to install and does not need extra tools or assembly. The Gate fits openings between 26 to 40-inches wide.

The gate has a cute design with paw prints and bones. Users said it is safe for both their children and pets. Its handle is made for a firm and comfortable grip when locking. It is pressure mounted and easy to install. This gate has a one year warranty.

If the gate is incompatible, it may fall easily. The handle may require work to unlatch, so be careful in case of an emergency.

5. Pet Parade Pet Gate

Pet parade folding pet gate is a movable and fold-able “Z” pattern pet gate. It completely extends up to 54-inches in width. The gate can stand alone but may need bracing for extra support.

It is fold-able and easy to use indoors and outdoors. Aesthetics – The gate fits the decor of your house nicely. It does not require wall attachments and fits into any doorway or stairway. The fence flattens up to 18″ by 2.5″ when folded, making it easy to store and transport. This Pet parade gate is durable and secure. One year warranty.

The paint of the wood could be toxic to your pet from chewing it. Some customers complained that the wood is too light for their energetic pups. It is not ideal for bright colored homes – the paint of the wood could stain your walls.

6. Etna 3 Panel Diamond Pet Gate

The Etna 3 panel diamond pet gate is a stylish gate with a diamond-shaped lattice design and a wood finish. It is a freestanding three-fold panel that is set up easily without tools. Stands 19-inches tall and up to 48-inches wide and is easy to fold up for movement and storage.

Its major Pro is the aesthetics, wood construction, and the diamond lattice style. Portability is also its strong point, and it would be easy to transport.

You may need to brace it for better support.

7. Logan Dog Gate

The Logan dog gate is made of a wooden door frame and chew-proof metal spindles with a metal frame. Logan gate is an expandable dog barrier that can be used for stairs, hallways, or doorways. It is a pressure-mounted gate, and it is expandable between 29.5 – 40.5-inches. This gate is a walk through swinging door is self-closing when opening less than 90 degrees.

The gate has good aesthetics and a pleasant, eye-catching design that looks nice with your house decor. It is good for both small and large dogs. The material of the gate is metal and wood for extra strength, and it is chew-proof. Pressure mount design makes this gate easy to install without drilling holes.

Most buyers found the product difficult to set up, but once they figured it out, they were happy with the result.

appearance of the dog gate
The dog gate should be made from materials that your dog can’t easily destroy.

How to Choose the Right Dog Gate for Stairs

Like every vital thing, take care to ensure your dog gate is the best type for your dog. There are various dog breeds and different house arrangements and a variety of gate types. So, here are some factors to consider to purchase the right dog gate.

Your Dog’s Size

Bigger dog stronger dogs will need a sturdy, tall gate. Smaller dogs will not need a gate that is too tall. The priority for a little dog would be to ensure its head doesn’t get stuck in the space on the gate.

However, dogs are individuals and have different temperaments and characteristics. It is essential to understand that a dog’s individuality transcends breed when dog proofing your house. You need to observe your dog’s behavior and abilities to pick the perfect gate for it. If your dog is content staying where it is kept, a dog door will do for ease of access. No matter the size of your dog, if it doesn’t want to be held back, it will continuously assault the gate.

Imagine having an energetic dog like a Husky, German Shepherd, or a Corgi. Despite being different in size, the three are energy bundles and need restraint that fits both their size and energy levels. A Corgi is short, but it needs a safe type of gate that does not injure it when it jumps. A Husky or German Shepherd will try to jump over the gate, so they need something safe and tall. It is vital to note that despite the breed, your dog may be different. Careful analysis is necessary, so your dog gate does not end up being a liability and cause injuries to your dog.

Appearance of the Dog Gate

The appearance of your dog gate needs to fit the profile of your dog. A dog gate needs to be made from a material that your dog can’t easily destroy. Although more expensive, metal is preferred over wood or PVC because dogs can’t chew metal.

The design of the gate could be pressure-mounted, wall-mounted, or free-standing. You should consider the ownership of your house when picking the design. A rented apartment may not have an allowance for drilling holes.

You can get a gate with a door if you have a smaller non-aggressive pet. Also, for aesthetics and uniformity in your house, your dog gate should fit the layout of your home. It is not necessary, but you do not want to have regrets late and take it out on your dog.

Portability of The Gate

A dog gate that is not permanent needs to be portable and easy to carry. If you need your dog gate for trips and play dates, it does not need to be large. Also, if you only need to set up the stair gate at specific times, something compact and easy to store is your best option. A retractable gate fits the portability profile.

Ease of Operation

You are thinking, “why do I need a stair gate that is easy to operate?” The ease of operation is not for the dog; otherwise, the aim of a gate is defeated. Think of a scenario where you are holding a cup of hot tea, and the baby monitor shows your child about to fall from the bed upstairs. In a hurry to get to your child, you also need to pass through your dog gate.

Having a dog gate that is easy for you to use is safe, so you don’t end up causing a big accident. Also, it needs to be accessible to your kids and grandkids. You should avoid a gate you need to step over.

block a dog from stairs
Use a pet gate to block your dog from stairs.

Dog Gates for Stairs – FAQs

After taking a look at the various types of stair gates and the best stair gates, we will complete the article by answering the most asked questions.

How Do You Block a Dog From Stairs?

The best way to block your dog from the stairs is a pet gate. Dogs are adventurous, so merely telling it not to move will not stop it from moving. A pet gate is the safest solution to stop your dog from going up the stairs. However, while getting a stair gate, you need to be sure it works for you and your dog. It is best to get a gate that fits the size of your dog and is non-toxic to your dog.

How Do I Keep My Dog From Going Upstairs Without a Gate?

Here are some creative ways to keep your dog off the stairs without a gate.

  • Place pieces of the pointy side of a plastic carpet runner up on a few steps. This will not cause them pain! The dog will not go too far because they hate the feeling of sharp points on their paws.
  • The vocal training and reward system – use a phrase or signal that stops the dog’s advancement and a reward for walking away.
  • You can use tin foil or anything that makes startling sounds to prevent your dog’s advances.
  • Dogs don’t like sticky textures on their paws, so you can put double-stick tape on the stairs to stop it from going up.

However, if you do not want your dog upstairs or want to keep a section of your house fur-free, it’s best to use a gate, you may not find one that works for your dog and is convenient for you.

How Do I Make a Baby Gate For Stairs?

When making a baby stair take measurements, and work with something easy to handle. You can use easily available material to make a baby gate. For an easy DIY door, here are some materials you will need.

  • Lattice and wood
  • Hook and eye
  • Saw and drill
  • Hinges and screws
  • Cutouts for decoration (not necessary)

And here are the steps:

  1. Safely paint your cutouts, wood, and lattice in a place you don’t mind getting stained
  2. Double-check your measurements and saw the fitting size of wood out
  3. Drill all the necessary holes and attach your lattice to the wood.
  4. You may need to retouch the paint
  5. Attach your cutouts and screw the gate to the stairway

What Are The Best Dog Gates?

The best dog gates are the ones that cater to the individuality of your dog. There are many good dog gates, but if it does not fit your dog’s profile, it is not the best gate for your dog.

A versatile dog gate that could be used on the stairway and around the house is the best option to buy. You can also customize your dog gate based on preference. You should look at the reviews of any product before you buy it to be sure it meets your needs.

However, according to our research, these are the winners

  • Carlson extra wide walk through pet gate
  • Logan dog gate
  • Regalo extra-wide walk-through baby gate
  • Regalo extra-tall walk-through baby gate
  • MyPet paws portable pet gate
  • Etna 3 panel diamond pet gate
  • Pet parade pet gate

There is yet to be a perfect dog stairs gate, but you can always find one that suits your dog’s needs as an individual. It is vital to consider your comfort and ease of access also. Lastly, your gate should be strong enough to avoid recurrent purchases.

the best dog gate
Select a pet gate that suits your dog best!

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