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Heat Lamps for Dogs – Buying Guide, Reviews, FAQ

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Published on
Monday 25 February 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
heat lamps for dogs
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Heat lamps for dogs are essential items that dog owners should consider for the safety and protection of their furry friends. Heating lamps are convenient alternatives to more long-term and definitive solutions like dog house heaters or insulated winter kennels.

Wintertime can be a tough time for small animals, including dogs. Heat lamps for kennels and coops are needed to keep small animals warm through all seasons. It’s essential for their health and well-being. This is especially true for puppies and other cold-blooded animals that need an additional heating source in their enclosures. They need heat lamps to regulate their own body heat.

Regarding the use of heating lamps for dogs, certain safety measures need to be considered. Firstly, these lightbulbs should never be too close to the pet. This prevents any chances of burning accidents or overheating. Also, the lamp should always be removed if the excess heat results in your furry one looking stressed. But ensure that the temperature is survivable before doing so.

What Are Heat Lamps for Dogs?

Heat lamps are basically infrared bulbs housed within a lamp casing. They’re used for keeping a dog or puppy warm. Ideally, a heating lamp bulb for pets is installed inside a dog house or kennel — it maintains the warmth of the area so that the dog is kept warm, protected, and comfortable.

Dog kennel heating lamps are particularly useful during the winter months. These lamps are also highly beneficial for dogs and puppies who have an extreme sensitivity to cold, or if the pet is recovering from an illness and needs more heat.

Choosing a Kennel Heat Lamp

A dog house heat lamp should be bought with care and you should consider the following aspects and factors:

Amount of heat emitted

The amount of heat emitted is an essential factor to consider when choosing a lamp. A standard 150-watt lamp has the potential to raise the heat in a well-insulated dog kennel to somewhere between 5° to 30° Fahrenheit. The ideal figure will depend on the installation and other conditions of your dog house. A 100-watt lamp is estimated to heat a 4 to 5 cubic foot area.

It’s best to go for brands that produce the lights in different sizes. Heat emissions should be as high as possible. However, it’s important to ensure that the lamp does not emit any light.

kennel heat lamp
Example of a setup for a kennel heat lamp over a dog crate.

Presence of safety features

A dog house lamp should never hurt your pet. Make sure you check for safety features like grid and auto shutoff in the heat lamp you buy. If you are looking for an outdoor heat lamp, you do want to make sure it can remain safe during windy or rainy days.

The grid feature will prevent your dog from coming in contact with the lamp. An auto-shutoff feature means that when the optimal temperature has been reached, the heat lamp will turn off.

With corded heating lights, make sure you mount it high up so it can’t be rolled on, reached or touched by any pet. Additionally, your dog house should be near the power source and all cords should be out of the way. As a preventive measure, test the heat lamp for a few nights before allowing your dog to sleep in his/her kennel with it on.

Cordless vs. Corded

Heating lamps for pets can come cordless or with a cord attached. The cordless heat lamps are safer, however, corded heat lamps are easier to install which makes them more common. To make sure that these cords are safe for your dog, you need to make sure they are kept away from them.

Ideally, you would mount the lamp up high, so any cords are far away from your furry one. Keep all cords covered and protected. This prevents your dog from chewing them and it also provides protection from the weather outside.

Anti-chew cord

No matter how hard you try to keep the cords away from your dog, occasionally you’ll find that it’ll come loose or will shift from where it was first set up. This can tempt your dog to chew the cord and play with it. Some brands of the corded heating lamps for dogs come with an anti-chew cord which eliminates any electrical hazards which would come from chewing. Now, even with these anti-chew cords, you should always keep your cords covered — especially if your dog is an enthusiastic chewer.

When choosing a heat lamp for your dog, you’ll need to evaluate both the actual heat-emitting bulb and the bulb housing separately. Generally, most products come with both of these, but sometimes they will be sold separately. Both parts will need to be replaced accordingly when needed.

Top 5 Best Heat Lamps for Dogs

Here are some of the best heat lamps for dog houses that you can consider buying.

Let’s take a detailed look at them.

1. Ceramic Heat Emitter

This ceramic heat emitter from Zoo Med is one of the best heating lamps that you can consider buying. Available in 60W, 100W and 150W models, this heat emitter will keep your dog warm throughout the day and it lasts for up to 5 years. It’s a perfect source of heat, especially for the high humidity terrariums. Additionally, when you use it with the other products from Zoo Med, it becomes UL/cUL classified. The product accompanies a wire cage clamp of LF-10 and it should be strictly used with a porcelain socket only.

This heat emitter works similarly to a bulb with the exception being that it does not emit light — something which customers generally prefer. It’s easy to set up and install, you just need to screw it in and turn it on. This heater gives off low-wavelength infrared rays, which keep your furry one warm and extremely comfortable.

When all safety guidelines are followed, this emitter is completely safe and poses no health hazards. While the price is a bit higher, the money is justified due to how long-lasting the product is. Bear in mind that this heat emitter is meant for indoor use only and it might dry out the air so keep an eye on the humidity levels.

2. Zilla Premium Reflector Domes

The premium reflector domes from Zilla are some of the most unique and innovatively designed dog kennel heat lamps that you can find out there. The interesting thing about this dome is that it comes with a ceramic fixture that can accept both incandescent heat bulbs and heat emitters of up to 150-watts. The reflective surface is another great feature that helps in driving maximum heat and light towards your pet.

The on/off switch is positioned right beside the fixture for easy use and the package includes a clamp for easy lamp replacement. It’s perfect for use with lighting timers to imitate your pet’s natural cycle. The power cord is about 6-foot, which means that you can keep it out of reach from your furry one. The spring-clip, on the other hand, holds the dome securely in one place.

Measuring in at 8.5”, it’s easy to fit with a variety of lamps and the powder-coated black on the outside and reflective white inside adds to the already long life of the product. The item comes with a 1-year warranty and the reviews show satisfied customers.

3. Zacro Heat Lamp with Thermometer

As a dog kennel lamp heater goes, this one is really powerful. This lamp is a one-of-a-kind product that offers a 24-hour long source of heat for all kinds of dogs, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and hamsters. The striking part of this lamp is definitely the thermometer. The thermal efficiency is as high as 99%. This heat lamp does not emit any light, which makes it safe for your pet and won’t disturb them sleeping.

The ceramic of this heat lamp is solid and has the potential to radiate a good amount of heat. The flat-faced design is yet another loved feature, being that it’s much more efficient than the conical design. The latter design builds up an excess of heat while the former is longer lasting.

This product is loved by customers for its power and robustness. An important thing to note is that this lamp should be used with the ceramic E27 socket only. If used with a plastic E27 socket there’s a higher chance lamp holder melting which can be an electrical hazard.

4. Premier Heat Lamp for Dogs

Popularly referred to as the Prima heat lamp from Premier, this is a great all-round product that provides a great amount of heat while being extremely safe. The best part about the Prima is definitely its hanging system. It’s good to know that this product works for outdoor pets too. The product comes with a vented chimney system that works well in enhancing greater heat displacement. This product is robust as the plastic is reinforced with glass, which automatically has a higher resistance to abnormal temperatures and grouchy animals.

The grid attachment is a well-thought additional feature that keeps your pet from damaging the bulb. The anti-chew spring wire cord is there for the same purpose. Some find the lamp a little too big with its 9″ diameter, 15″ length and 16″ cord. However, it is equally effective for not just puppies but also chicken and ducks that are sick and cold. For safety, make sure you use a standard or infrared heat bulb below 250-watts.

5. Chicken Coop Heater

This one is ideal for small animal houses and perfect for chicken coops in particular. Efficient in heating up the dog house or kennel quickly, this item is efficient and uses only 200-watts of power-saving you a few bucks. The product is extremely safe however, there are no bulbs or lamps to replace.

Mounting and installing this heater is easier than you expect. This ELT certified zero-clearance item has a large on/off switch which can be controlled with your finger thanks to a convenient in-cord switch. The built-in thermostat and low noise emissions are loved by customers.

Heating Lamps for Pets – FAQ

Due to risks of hypothermia and frostbites, dog owners are really concerned about their dogs’ wellbeing during wintertime. We found that owners asked a lot of questions about heating lamps so here we are answering them all concisely.

What’s the safe limit for a dog house heat lamp?

For most dogs, 70° Fahrenheit is the safe limit. Dog house heat lamps are available in various sizes with varying power and potential. A standard 250-watt heat lamp can emit 95°F of heat, which is enough to keep your furry ones warm and protected even in the coldest weather conditions.

However, the temperature needs to be regulated constantly and checked on so that it doesn’t get too hot, which can be uncomfortable for your pooch. A heating lamp with a thermostat is the preferred choice. When using your dog house heat lamp in the first few days, it’s best to keep an eye on the temperature and find out a comfortable benchmark for your dog.

How to install heat lamps in dog houses?

To install a heat lamp in the dog house or kennel, you need a power source close to the dog house as most lamps are electric and corded. You’ll then need a clamp lamp for UL/cUL classification, and also a porcelain incandescent socket. The clamp will ideally have an on/off switch and a cord that runs back to the power socket.

The rest of the installation process is easy and most products will come with an installation guide and instructions, which need to be followed closely. The structural design of the heat lamps may vary depending on the brand — however, the basic installation process remains the same.

Are kennel heat lamps safe?

Yes, heating lamps for dog kennels are safe for your pooch. But you still need to follow some basic safety guidelines. All types of heat lamps (especially the ones with electric cords) must be mounted at a certain height so that they’re out of the reach of your furry one. It’s better if the cord is anti-chew so any health hazards are eliminated.

Can I use an outdoor heat lamp for outside dogs?

Yes, an outdoor heat lamp can be used for outside dogs. These lamps will work equally well in keeping your pet warm. Most outdoor heat lamps are cordless and their heat displacement is effective, which makes them an attractive purchase. As always, safety precautions should be followed. Another solution is to invest in an outdoor heated kennel.

Are there heat lamps for puppies?

Yes, of course, there are heat lamps for puppies. The ceramic heat emitter and the Deluxe heat lamps are models of heat lamps that are suited for puppies and small animals. Dog house heat lamps for puppies give out the required amount of heat but do not emit any light, which can hurt and damage your little one’s eyes. The installation should be carried out with additional care so that there are no electrical hazards.

Heat Lamps for Dogs – Buying Guide, Reviews, FAQ
Heat Lamps for Dogs – Buying Guide, Reviews, FAQ

This list sums up some of the best models of heat lamps for dogs out there. You can make a decision on which lamp suits you best depending on the purpose. Remember to always put safety first and follow the instructions.

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