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Top 10 Tips When Buying a Dog Grooming Table

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Published on
Monday 3 June 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
tips buying dog grooming table
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Thinking of buying a dog grooming table? While your furry one appears to be cute and beautiful as always, they need grooming from time to time.

Now, whether you are a professional groomer or an occasional one, grooming your dog right at your home, a dog grooming table is a must-have equipment. Starting from the basic activities like hair cutting or nail trimming to serious grooming tasks, pet grooming tables are indispensable. Your task becomes much easier, convenient, and obviously, faster. Additionally, your dog remains steady and safe so you can clear your worries.

There are different types of grooming tables available out there. Your choice should ideally depend on your specific needs and requirements. The prices also vary a lot depending on whether you choose a standard one or a hydraulic grooming table.

Here are a few tips and factors that you might consider in getting the best one for your pet.

1. Know the Pets You’ll Groom

This is the foremost factor in choosing a dog grooming table. The pet, more specifically the breed and size of the dog that you are going to groom matters. They will play an important role in determining your choice of the table.

Size is of primary importance. You will not find the table used for a Chihuahua suitable in the same way for as large a dog as Great Dane. Apart from the size and the weight of the table, the other safety and restraining features and constraints will be different too.

Interestingly, you might not be a professional groomer and want a foldable grooming table for grooming the furry friend right at your home. Even then, make sure your scope is not very restricted. Grooming is a fun task and you might just start grooming your neighbor’s dog too, who is of a different breed and size altogether. So, staying a little ambitious while buying one helps in the long run.

2. Grooming Tables Matching Your Usage

Grooming tables can be of a few different types and it is necessary that you choose the right category before looking into the individual items. The four main categories are:

  1. mobile and foldable grooming tables,
  2. simple home grooming tables,
  3. electric tables, and
  4. hydraulic tables.

The former two are for the occasional groomers. The latter two are for the professional ones, involving in heavy use of the item.

dog grooming table chart
A little visual comparison of the different dog grooming tables commonly found.

The price of the electric and hydraulic pet grooming tables is typically higher (between $500 and over $1,000). The breed of dog you are about to groom, the usage pattern and frequency along with the preference for mobility are all linked. They play a significant role in the purchase decision. Professional salons find the table to be one of the biggest expenses they have in equipment.

3. Pick an Adequate Restraining System

The best dog grooming tables will always come with adequate grooming table harness, noose, and restraints.

Indeed, such accessories help in allowing your pet to stand up and stay safe and stable. They come with different mechanisms and enable you to execute the grooming activities without any disturbance. They prevent your dog from hurting them by panicking and jumping off as a result.

The harness keeps the large dogs standing up and stable, the nooses are more suited for small to medium-sized dogs. The restraint like the cross-tie system puts a cord around your dog’s neck and is connected to the table arm and tabletop on the other end.

4. Table Tops Should Top Your Priorities

The table top is a crucial part of your entire grooming table so begin your choice with a closer look at it. Size, shape, and texture are all equally important. While the shape and size have everything to do with your kind of pet or breed of dog, the texture should be non-skid at the very least.

A non-skid surface makes sure that your dog has no chances of slipping. A replaceable top should be preferred over a non-replaceable one. This is because, with a replaceable one, you can change it without having to let go off the entire table. This is cost-saving and easier to a great extent.

5. Grooming Table Arms

The grooming table arms are going to be the second most important part of a pet grooming table. These are complementary to the table top. The arms appear in the form of the metallic bars with hooks to be attached to the restraints. There are precisely two types of arms and you need to choose depending on the size of your tabletop, purpose and so on.

On one hand, the H-Bar arms are usually fixed and attached on each side of the pet grooming table. These are suitable for panicked and agitated dogs in particular. These will have at least two hooks for a smooth grooming job. They will, however, not allow you to move around the table while doing your task, in case you have a habit of that.

On the other hand, the regular arms are more welcome options for professional groomers, providing them with a greater degree of space and freedom. These are also foldable, which means that you can use them for specific tasks.

Top Tips When Buying a Dog Grooming Table
Top Tips When Buying a Dog Grooming Table

6. Pick an Ergonomic Pet Grooming Table

An ergonomically designed pet grooming table is one that is mobile and easy to work around for the groomer. It will save you a lot of back pains. Dog grooming is a time-consuming task when done with meticulous care and attention. For the entire time, you will probably be standing so; the table should be easy to move around.

Some of the ergonomic features would include adjustable height, an uninterrupted arm, and so on. For professional tables, you can go for an H-shaped or Z-shaped one. Make sure that there are no cables everywhere, coming in your way of an excellent grooming session.

This ergonomic design of the pet grooming table is preferred for the comfort of both the dog as well as the groomer. While for your pet, it is the safety that matters the most, for you as a groomer, making sure that the process is not hurtful is important. With a well-designed grooming table that has all the necessary features in place, grooming can be really fun and interesting for both you and your furry little creature.

7. Hydraulic Grooming Tables Over The Rest (If You Can Afford It)

If you are quite sure about buying dog grooming tables for professional usage, it is necessary that you go for a hydraulic pet grooming table. The price is definitely higher but the table works way more efficiently than conventional grooming tables.

The hydraulic pump that is one of the main and predominant features of such a table helps in automatically adjusting the tabletop height level. The hydraulic grooming tables are further incorporated with features like non-skid surface, H-arm, and so on. These keep dogs firm in their position, preventing them from falling or running away.

Another factor that justifies the high price of these hydraulic pet grooming tables is their long life and extended durability. Once bought, they will hardly need any replacement in a long time to come and that is why; they are all the more suited for professional groomers. They are sturdier and also extremely compatible. Hence, they will effectively fulfill all the grooming requirements of every breed of dogs, even the really large-sized ones.

key features for grooming tables with hydraulic pumps
Key features in hydraulic grooming tables for pets.

8. Buy Online or in Store?

When you buy something as important as dog grooming tables, it is quite obvious for you to be desirous of checking out the models and perhaps, trying them out a bit. However, online buying should ideally be a more preferred option due to the item’s huge size and weight.

There is no reason to be apprehensive about an online purchase either. You can well check out the model, read the product descriptions online before buying. The item will be delivered to your doorstep along with a user manual. Just make sure reading the reviews about any particular grooming table to get a complete idea about what buyers like and dislike about the product.

Additionally, you won’t find many brick-and-mortar stores able to offer a wide variety of grooming table like Amazon does, for example.

9. Don’t Be Cheap

Dog owners and even professional groomers might often find pet grooming tables rather expensive. Since, these are not directly linked to the health and well-being of a dog, shelling out hundreds of dollars on this seems to be a bit difficult at times too.

However, there is no denying the fact that you cannot perform great grooming works without a great table. Especially if you own every other item on the professional dog groomer’s kit.

Buying a cheap one will only imply consistent expenditure for last-minute replacements for accessories, maintenance oils, etc. It is advisable to avoid the temptation of a cheap price and instead invest in a high-quality item that delivers on all of its promises.

10. Do Not Forget the Warranty

When you buy an expensive dog grooming table that brings sturdiness and durability with it, a warranty is a must and make sure it is available with the item you are buying. For instance, hydraulic grooming tables generally always come with a warranty that works as insurance in case anything goes wrong with your product.

A pet grooming table consists of several technical parts, which are bound to undergo some wear and tear just as you keep using it for grooming your dog. A warranty ensures that you indulge in a safe purchase transaction and make the most of your investment.

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