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Professional Dog Grooming Kits — a Comprehensive Guide

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Published on
Friday 27 July 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
professional dog grooming kits
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Professional dog grooming kits are comprised of all the tools and pieces of equipment that a pet groomer will need in order to do all sorts of dog grooming works. For example, thinning shears and scissors, dog clippers, nail clippers, a set of brushes, etc.

Depending on the groomer’s specialty and expertise, one will invest in premium grooming products or go with a cost-effective pet grooming kit for infrequent use. The key items included in your grooming kit should receive the most of your budget in order to provide professional work and finish to your pets.

Dog Clippers

No professional dog grooming kit would be complete without the best professional dog grooming clippers. Dog hair trimmers are the standard tools used to clip dog’s fur and keep them looking well-groomed and maintained. It’s important that dog groomers choose their clippers wisely, as there are many on the market and not all of them may accommodate each dog’s needs. In fact, knowing exactly which ones to buy for your particular pet breed is key.

The main proponent in buying dog clippers for your pet grooming kit is examining the motor. The best dog clippers are the ones with great working motors. A professional motor should comprise a fairly low vibration, based on its rotations per minute, as well as a low volume. The idea is to obtain a nice balance between speed and power, as opposed to noise and heat. When making a selection, choose quiet dog clippers that make the least amount of noise possible. The clipper you choose should be able to cut through coarse fur smoothly and produce minimal vibration.

Many clippers on the market are designed to fit certain dog breeds so it helps to look into that. You can benefit from reading your dog’s breed standard for appropriate grooming techniques to match your particular dog. You can also observe how other grooming professionals are handling their specified breeds.

Furthermore, you want to select pet clippers which are securely retained with a comfortable grip and weight. However, in terms of weight, you want something manageable but not too lightweight because the lighter clippers are, the more your wrist and dog will feel the vibrations. When choosing blades for your clippers, opt for those that come with their own unique proprietary blades. If you’re not on a budget, ceramic blades are recommended. You also don’t want to favor cordless as opposed to corded clippers as the battery drains fast and you are constantly needing to recharge it. It may be convenient for short times, however, in the long run, you need a dog clipper that will provide heavy-duty housing and a constant stream of power that only a corded dog clipper will give you.

Dog Clipper Blades & Combs

Having the right blades for your dog clippers is very crucial and should not be overlooked. Different blades are designed to fit different types of dogs and personal needs. From the size and shape of the blade to the material and design, finding the right blade is not an easy task, so make sure you know what you’re buying. First, you need to consider the brand manufacturer’s propriety blade system. These brands only allow blades to be used from their registry or partners.

Blades tend to fall in two categories: ceramic (remains cooler longer) or stainless steel (remains sharper longer). However, other metals such as titanium, silver, carbon, and chrome also fall in line with these blades, but for professional use, titanium and silver are recommended. For the occasional use, any should do.

Choosing the right clipper blades for your clipper is an important piece to your pet grooming kit. In fact, maintain the blade is just as important as the blades themselves. You will have to choose between a fine-tooth blade or a skip tooth blade. Fine-tooth blades should always be stocked, regardless. This is characterized by the spacing between teeth. You can spot a fine-tooth blade clipper by the letter F following its blade number. These blades don’t work on thick, dirty hair, but rather give a pleasant, polished look to your dog.

Another interesting aspect of the blade is its edging, which is simply the coating of the part that does the cutting. Generally, you can choose from ultra-edge blades which are infused with carbon and are great for cutting through tougher coats. You also have ceramic edge blades which are ideal for longer session periods, or you can opt for the show edge blades which are the top choice for show dogs as they give a more precise and pristine finishing look. Lastly, you must choose from the numbers and lengths of cuts your blades will perform, each with its specified measurement for cutting.

Set of Brushes

The right set of brushes is definitely an important part of your professional dog grooming kit as it sets the tone for your dog’s overall appearance. But more than physical attractiveness, regular brushing prevents shedding by loosening the dead hair follicles of your dog’s coat. It also encourages shine and moisture as the brushing helps spread the natural oils on the scalp. Brushes come in all types of sizes and shapes and they all provide their unique style. This is often a personal preference, but generally, you want to choose a brush that will accommodate your dog’s coat type and length.

Of course, there are many types of brushes sold on the pet market, having one that works as a 2 in 1 is convenient because it gives the groomer an extra leverage during their routine. That’s why specialized brushes such as the Oster 2-in-1 Combo Brush is a top choice for today’s professionals due to its double-sided feature that acts as a dead hair remover on one side, and a dander and dirt remover on the other.

Brushes generally come in 5 distinctive types, all serving various facets of your dog’s coat. A slicker brush is your general, all-around brush as it can easily be used by all groomers for any type of dog coat. The head is either flat or curved containing thin wired pins to assist in detangling and loose fur removal. Similarly, the pin brush seems to resemble the slicker brush, but is tipped with rubber or plastic and is designed for silkier, longer coats. Dogs who have wiry or short coats will benefit from the bristle brush which removes debris, or the undercoat rake which resembles the pin type but contains longer pins and is great for heavy coats. And there’s also the horse-shoe shaped shedding blade for easier fur removal.

Scissors & Thinners

Depending on your dog breed and type of fur he has, you need to use the recommended scissor tools to best complement your dog’s physical appeal. Some scissors may work for some but be hazardous to your dog; that’s why it’s imperative you know how to use these different apparatuses. In fact, it’s best to have them all available to you whenever you may need them as both scissors and thinners will be required.

Grooming scissors come in two distinct types:

  1. straight, and
  2. curved.

While straight scissors are the most often used and will be the main choice for most jobs, avoid using any that surpass the 7 ½ inch mark as they should only be handled by top professionals who can work easily with them. Curved scissors, however, are optimum tools to get to those hard to reach places such as feet and back thighs as their natural shape seems to rim the lining of your dog’s muscular structure. These may be used by novices and professionals alike and will always come in handy to keep them near.

A thinning shear, on the other hand, is similar to a scissor but its main focus is centered on fixing particular grooming mistakes you may have made with the normal scissors such as chunks and mats that are otherwise more difficult to cut through. While these shears are equipped with teeth to easily space out the hairs, a groomer is able to achieve a more controlled and natural-looking trim in their sessions. The shears require a constant open and close movement for it to work, just be careful when trimming too close to the skin.

De-shedding Tool

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A sufficient and reliable de-shedding tool, or also commonly referred to as simply a dog hair remover, works more than just the simple task of brushing down your dog’s coat. These de-shedding tools are specifically designed to remove unwanted hair from your dog’s coat that has caused quite a nuisance for both you and your pet. These tools are built to brush off the excess hair. It’s a fact, some dogs just really need to be de-matted and their coats need to be lightened down a bit. Ordinary brushes just don’t get the job done. You can purchase some of these products that contain stainless steel teeth with a curve lining to get deeper into the coat.

The best of these de-shedding tools can get rid of up to 90% of your dog’s excess hair as it will be impossible to find any that will work 100%. One of the main reasons professionals and personal groomers would choose to purchase these gadgets as opposed to their ordinary cutting tools is so that their dogs can remain cool during the hotter days. Houses and cars are cleaner and it becomes easier to breathe as you don’t have constant hairs flying or sticking to your clothes. In addition, these de-shedders eliminate the extra added energy to your work by providing an easier alternative to your constant hair cleaning. Your pets are guaranteed to look better and feel cleaner after a session with one of these handy devices.

Nail Grinders

The ideal grooming kit for dog owners will always contain a set of handy and convenient dog nail clippers. Your dog’s nail routine should never be ignored or go unnoticed. Not following through on a consistent nail cutting routine can hinder your dog’s physical health by increasing the chances of injury and pain due to their nails being too long. It’s a good idea to become familiarized with the different types of nail clippers for dogs so you avoid any mishaps and assure your dog’s grooming routine is complete. To achieve a full grooming practice, professional groomers should have both nail clippers for the bulk trimming, and grinders to finish the nail and give it a great look.

One set of nail clippers called the scissor clippers, or also referred to as Miller’s Forge Trimmers, is generally more inclined to achieve the best look with the larger dog breeds. The bigger dogs have super thick nails, thus, requiring more heavy-duty tools. These clippers work and perform as scissors do. You can get good quality, stainless-steel scissor clippers from Safari products as they tend to make great clippers.

Unlike the scissor action you get with the previous clippers, guillotine clippers work with the guillotine action of placing your dog’s nail in the available hole and squeezing the tool while the blade cuts through the tip. However, these clippers are aimed solely for cutting the tips and ends of your dog’s nails; you will need a good-quality grinder to finish the task. Grinders work great for thicker nails. This usually takes longer and it may at first frighten your dog with the vibration so establish a routine in which he gets comfortable with the noise

Forced-Air Dryers

Keeping your dog dry is important but keeping him safe is even more crucial. That’s why investing in a high-quality forced-air dryer will be well worth it in the end. You can add a great forced-air dryer to your professional dog grooming kit with some top noted brands such as XPOWER, MetroVac, B-Air, and Flying Pig. Your particular grooming kit for dog owners needs a hairdryer with superb power but won’t adversely affect your dog. In truth, hot air is actually really bad for the dog’s skin. The forced-air dryers blow cold air at very high pressures, eventually ridding your dog’s coat of the water. Just be extra careful in the face and other sensitive body areas.

The ultra-high velocity dryers are extremely fast and efficient to get the job done. And the best part is, they are quiet. They are able to create this effect by using superficial drying by alternating their reverse vacuum motors. However, for thicker coats, these reverse vacuum motors are maintained and worked together in a timely fashion. The cold air is then blown through the nozzle to force the water to dissipate from the dog’s body. This is done without using the hot air method as most other dryers are accustomed to doing.

While grooming your pet, you need to be careful in not blow drying sensitive areas such as the genitals, eyes, and ears. In these cases, it’s best to handle these parts manually. Providing a considerable advantage to your everyday grooming use, these hair dryers contain the added benefits of high pressure and durability to the silencing mechanism that other dryers risk scaring their dogs and again, no heat. The only downside is the price but considering the advantages, it’s a well worth investment.

Bathing Station

Shopping for that perfect bathing station can be an interesting experience, but because of the numerous and wonderful canine bathtubs on the market today, it’s not proven to be an easy task. Bathtubs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and even different materials. They are originally designed to cater to the needs of either a professional groomer or a more casual user. The goal of bathing your dog is to strive for a stress-free environment in which the results obtained are cleanliness but without the hassle. Therefore, you want something that will accommodate your personal needs, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, and make bath time more manageable. Consider your dog’s size, as some bathtubs are specifically created for the larger breeds.

To avoid indoor messiness, you can opt for an outdoor “shower” by purchasing a special nozzle hose for your dog that is equipped with adjustable water pressure. If you prefer tubs, you have the option of outside tubs that are made of steel and can withstand year-round weather temperatures. Or you can go for the many outside, collapsible and foldable pool baths made of tough PVC material that allows for easy draining and refilling. These are made to be slip-free, just make sure you trim your dog’s nails before using one of these.

Many dog owners, however, prefer to do their dog bathing standing up as opposed to bending over or kneeling on the ground. There are a variety of options for the stand-up tubs, called booster baths, and are found in a variety of colors and shapes. Some of these are made of plastic and come with the hose as well as a holed entrance/exit for your animal. Others can be found with removable shelves. For more serious and professional dog grooming, look for the high-grade, fixed stations that are fit to last and won’t move. These are more than just tubs, but rather, complete working stations all with their unique features such as walk-up ramps, spray hoses, hot and cold-water faucets, and even their own shampoo rack. Fixed stations are always the best bet for a professional groomer.

Dog Grooming Table

With all the previously mentioned dog grooming tools and accessories, it wouldn’t make sense not to have a dog grooming table to accompany them. That’s why having a good-quality grooming table is one of the most essential products a dog groomer will ever have to consider purchasing. Therefore, take the time to study the various tables on the market and make your choice accordingly. The key to having the right table is to keep your pet safe and from escaping during the grooming routine.

Grooming tables are usually quite pricey so if you’re on a budget you can create your own DIY table or use a foldable table. However, considering their prices, these are well worth the investment because you will have to do all your grooming work on your table and the higher-priced tables are generally very long-lasting and versatile. These tables are usually raised to your desired level and come with arms, anchors and nooses to keep the dog standing up and stable according to its specified size and weight.

Dog grooming tables come in three categories:

  1. hydraulic,
  2. electric, and
  3. foldable.

Hydraulic grooming tables tend to have a good selection of tabletops to choose from, perhaps not so much for height. Hydraulic tables use a foot level mechanism and air hydraulics to lift the table and adjust its height, lowering it to allow larger dogs to jump on. Electric grooming tables are used by electric power and are usually activated by a push of a button. The foldable tables contain legs that fold up and collapse for easy storage and can be found in different sizes and heights. Professional groomers should always opt for the hydraulic tables; however, they can be quite expensive. In that case, electric tables are more affordable. If you’re a home groomer and travel a lot then obviously go for the foldable.

Cabinet for Products

Lastly, no professional dog grooming kit is substantially replete without a place to store all your handy tools and products. For obvious reasons, having a cabinet in your personal or professional space is essential. It’s not a good idea to have your products lying around in random places. You just never know who can find them and get into them. This can cause a lot of harm to loved ones and your pets. Having your own designated cabinet will also keep you much more organized. You can even have separate cabinets that are assorted by “type of product” so that they are not all congested into one. The key here is to keep organized, keep your place clean, and most importantly, safe! These cabinets must always remain locked to avoid lethal accidents.

There really is no reason to go out and purchase a set of cabinets for your home or office. That’s not the idea. If you do the grooming at home, then pick a working place in your home that will be designated specifically for your work practice and choose a cabinet that will only be used for work products. If you’re working in a professional setting, then you more than likely will have an array of cabinets to choose from. Another recommendation is to keep your cabinets labeled for easy locating.

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