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15 Best Dog Grooming Scissors – Shears, Chunkers, Straight-Cutting & Curved

↯ Key takeaway points

  • There are different types of dog grooming scissors, including thinning shears, chunkers, rounded-tip shears, straight-cutting scissors, and curved scissors.
  • Thinning shears are used for creating smoother and blended looks, while chunkers are for modeling heavy curls.
  • Rounded-tip shears are ideal for trimming delicate areas like the face, while straight-cutting scissors are common for general trimming.
  • Grooming scissors should be chosen based on factors like dog breed, coat thickness, and desired haircut.
  • Consider the size, weight, blade type, and blade material when purchasing grooming scissors.
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Published on
Saturday 20 June 2020
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Monday 6 November 2023
best dog grooming scissors
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Are you looking for the best grooming scissors for your dogs? Worry no more because we will help you find the best dog grooming scissors that can help you shape or trim your dog’s hair.

Without further ado, here’s a list of useful yet affordable grooming shears for your furry friends.

What Are The Different Types of Dog Grooming Scissors?

Dog grooming scissors come in different types, and each kind of shear has a specific purpose. With countless options out there, how would you know the right dog trimming shears for your pet, and when to use them? There are some factors to consider, which we will discuss in a while. For now, let’s take a look at each dog grooming scissor-type, and which style you should get.

Thinning Shears (Blending Shears)

This type of shear is primarily for creating smoother and more blended looks of your dog’s coat. One side of the shear has the standard scissor blade, while the other has a comb. Thinning shears are helpful when it comes to flattening the root of the hair. You can also use it to blend a trimmed face and make it more natural. Cutting out small mats, removing bulk and thick coats, and making patterns are some of its other purposes. Pomeranians and Golden Retrievers are good candidates to use thinning shears.


This type is primarily for modeling heavy curls at a faster speed and greater efficiency. It looks like thinning shears, except that chunkers have t-shaped combs with about 6 to 10 large teeth and equal spacing in between them. However, you have to be careful because, when misused, it may result in the removal of too much coat. Beginners can still use chunkers, but regular practice is beneficial for greater accuracy. These dog shears are great for breeds like Chow Chows, Rough Collies, and Shelties.

Rounded-Tip Shears

These dog shears are suitable for trimming those hard-to-reach and delicate areas, especially on your dog’s face. It works like a regular pair of scissors, except that the specially designed rounded tips add more safety when trimming the coat. The rounded tips prevent damages to pets, especially around the eyes, ear hair, lip line, and hair on foot and claw. These dog grooming scissors are lightweight, but they still have sharp blades manufactured according to professional pet groomer standards. Rounded-tip shears are ideal for any dog breed.

Straight-Cutting Scissors

These dog grooming scissors are most common to use for trimming your dog’s hair. The 8-inch shears are best on curly coats like those Poodles and Bichons. On the other hand, 6 to 7-inch straight-cutting scissors are suitable for small dog breeds like Shih Tzus. Meanwhile, those shears around 4 inches are ideal for high precision when cutting the hair around the feet and legs, the eyes, or to cut only the tips of the ears.

Curved Scissors

Just like the looks and functions of straight-cutting shears, curved scissors also come in different lengths from 4 to 10 inches. It looks like straight scissors, except that they have curved edges. Some find it easier to use these shears due to better angles that can cut hair faster.

What Are The Features to Look For Dog Grooming Scissors?

types of dog grooming scissors
Choose the best grooming scissors based on your dog’s needs.

When it comes to buying grooming scissors for dogs, here are some factors to consider when purchasing the most effective dog grooming scissors. Save more money in saving the right shear for your dog.


It is not a requirement to buy all kinds of dog shears if you are not a professional groomer, but you can pick something that’s most relevant to your dog breed if you’re saving some money. The thickness of your dog’s coat, the level of curliness, and the kind of haircut are some essential factors to consider. If it requires precision and pattern cuts, for example, curved grooming scissors are the best option.


Shorter grooming scissors are best to use for small dogs, while longer shears are ideal to use for trimming large dog breeds. For most beginners, 8-inch shears are perfect to use. On the other hand, 9 to 10 inches are suitable for cutting a considerable amount of your dog’s hair. Meanwhile, 6 to 7 inches are best to use for small dogs like Shih Tzus and Poodles. Finally, 4-inch grooming scissors for dogs will give you the best precision. They are best to use on hard-to-reach and tight areas, especially on the dog’s face.


It’s best to choose something that is easy for you to hold. The most popular weight of grooming shears is between 4 to 6 ounces. You have to make sure that it is not too exhausting for your hands, and not too light to hold whenever you use the shear. Remember, accuracy and precision are essential when cutting your dog’s coat. Therefore, you must pick a dog grooming scissors that you’re comfortable to use.


Select a pair of scissors with high-quality blades to cut the hair of the dog regardless of thickness and length without tugging or pulling. Moreover, you have to make sure that it is not too dangerous to use on your pets. Stainless steel or titanium-coated blades are great options because these materials are durable enough for grooming, and it’s easy to maintain the sharpness.

Blade Material

Stainless steel and titanium-coated blades are the two most popular shear blades. Japanese Hitachi Stainless Steel is the leader when it comes to producing excellent cutting tools, and dog grooming scissors are no exemptions.

Titanium-coated shears, on the other hand, are less durable. These are just unique colors applied on the steel surface of the grooming scissors and have no positive impact on the tool – aside from looks. Keep it in mind that titanium-coated shears won’t last forever, unlike stainless steel. Exposure to harsh chemicals and lack of proper maintenance can shorten its lifespan.

Blade Tip

Bullnose (rounded tips), standard edge, and broader blades are the three kinds of blade tips for dog grooming shears. The first type is best to use on delicate parts of the dog. Meanwhile, standard edges are suitable for trimming different dog breeds. Finally, broader blades have more extended tips that makes it best to use on heavier and coarser coats.

Blade Type

Dog grooming shears come in three common blade types – convex, semi-convex, and beveled edge. Curved edge creates smoother and more precise cutting results. Semi-convex shears have narrower beveled edges, which make them sharper and more durable. Beveled edge blades are the cheapest. It can still cut through thick coats, but it is not suitable for more advanced grooming techniques.

15 Best Dog Grooming Scissors

We all know that a visit to a groomer can be expensive, especially for dogs with thick coats and are bigger in size. So, here are our top picks for the best dog grooming scissors that will help you save more money from going to expensive groomers. Best of all, dog grooming at home means more quality time spent with your furry friend.

1. Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools

The 8-inch Andis Premium Curved Shears have dimensions of 4.8 x 11.9 x 5.4 inches that can help you trim the hair smoothly. Its weight is only 4.8 ounces, so your hands won’t feel exhausted even after prolonged use. Moreover, the ergonomic offset handles will also support your hands and provide superior control even for all-day use. Curved shears provides support when it comes to finishing the chest, rib cage, and the head.

For maintenance and maximizing comfortability, this pair of dog grooming scissors also come with soft-grip finger inserts and oil.

2. Kenchii Scorpion Straight Pro

No products found.

The Kenchii Scorpion Straight Pro is an entry-level shear that features a Japanese Stainless Steel blade. It also has a standard durable edge for everyday use. Moreover, the shear has strong corrosion resistance, so it won’t rust even when wet.

The 8-inch dog grooming scissors also come with a butterfly handle. However, some feedback says that the handles don’t fit snugly on their fingers and that the actual blade was from China. Meanwhile, others thought that the dog grooming scissors is a bit of heavy use over time.

3. RUBOLD Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set

The Rubold Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set offers both quantity and quality at a price that any pet owner or groomer can afford. It includes all kinds of grooming shears with some bonuses like grooming comb, cleaning cloth, and even a stylish case.

The set contains 6-inch straight scissors with a round tip, 6-inch thinning scissors, and 7-inch curved shears. Whether you are a professional groomer, a beginner, or just a dog parent – owning a dog grooming kit comes in handy. In addition, it also has adjustable screws so that you can fine-tune the tightness of the edge with ease.

4. Kingstar Titanium Professional Grooming Scissors for Dogs

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If you want to be the best groomer for your dog, you need to get a set of complete tools. Fortunately, the Kingstar Titanium Grooming Scissors Set gives it to you with style. The black titanium blades are so sharp made from good quality 6CR stainless steel.

The Kingstar Grooming Scissors Set comes with one each of straight scissors, thinning scissors, up-curved scissors, and down-curved scissors. There’s an adjusted key that comes with the kit so that you can adjust the tightness of the scissors. Moreover, it has one zipper case with cleaning cloth to secure and protect the tools.

be the best dog groomer for your dog
Getting a complete set will help you groom your dog in the best way.

5. Gimars Titanium Coated Scissors Kit

Gimars Titanium Coated Scissors Kit consists of all-around shears with some extra grooming accessories for both indoor and outdoor use. The set includes 6.7-inch thinning shears, 7.3-inch curved shears, and other 7.3-inch straight scissors. The blade of each scissor comes with titanium-coated 3CR Stainless Steel blades that cut smoothly without pulling the hair. Each shear features finger loops that fit perfectly on any hand. There are removable plastic finger rings that add more comfort in holding and using the shears aside from making it more beautiful. Other grooming accessories also come with the grooming kit like an extra comb, cleaning cloth, and a zippered leather pouch for storage.

6. Professional Thinning Scissors with Toothed Blade

Put the finishing touches on your dog’s hair naturally and smoothly with this professional thinning scissors. The blending shears are from premium quality fine Japanese Stainless Steel with 28 teeth on the serrated comb blade. The 6-inch thinning scissors only weigh 1.28 ounces, so it’s effortless and light to carry without exhausting your hands. Both right and left-handed people can use this pair of professional thinning scissors. In addition, it also has comfortable molded durable ABS plastic handles with an extra finger rest to ensure a comfortable grip even for long grooming sessions.

7. Dream Reach Curved Grooming Scissors

The 6.5- inch Pet Grooming Chunking Scissor manufactured by Dream Reach offers 62 HRC hardness. It also features a curved blade from Japan 440c Stainless Steel that makes it perfect for cutting the coat of your dog effortlessly. This material ensures the sharpness, hardness, and smoothness for every cut even for extended grooming sessions. Dream Reach curved grooming scissors have symmetrical handles that add more comfort and control whenever you use it for grooming. On the other hand, the convex edges offer smooth cut while the Cryogenically tempered material will keep the top-notch performance of the curved scissors for years.

8. Moontay Professional Scissors Set for Grooming Dogs

Groom your dog in style with these cool shears from Moontay Scissor Set. It includes one each of thinning shears, curved scissors, and straight scissors all in 7 inches. The set also has a pet comb to complete your grooming. Moreover, each kind of shear features ice tempering hand-forged convex blades from high-end Japanese 440c Carbon Stainless Steel. It also has a uniquely colored titanium-based coating for more hardness and durability.

Every part offers perfection from the blades to the ergonomic offset handles. It provides incredibly comfortable grips to minimize discomfort. Moreover, the handles have molded finger rest designed especially for thinning and trimming your dog’s hair. The muffler between the handles makes it more quiet growing for the sensitive hearing of your pet.

9. Professional Dog Chunkers

This 8-inch professional dog chunker shears almost have similar looks with Monday’s professional scissors set. The blade material is from premium Japan 440c steel with 62 HRC. In other words, this pair of shears offer a sharp blade for fast cutting. Both professional groomers and dog parents can use it comfortably. Moreover, the combination of balanced design and high-quality features makes this chunker an incredible shear for long-term use. The engineering structure of its design also allows a firm grip for better control and more comfort in using it.

10. Kenchii Rose Deluxe Grooming Shears

Deluxe in looks, and superior in performance. Kenchii Rosé 8-inch scissors offer both excellent and efficient performance for dog grooming shears. This shear is from level 2 Japanese molybdenum materials enrobed with rose gold titanium, which makes it excellent even for daily grooming. Moreover, the semi-convex and micro-serrated edge slippage while enhancing the cutting performance. The offset handles come with fixed molded finger rest for more stability, better control, and more comfort in using it. At a very reasonable price, you can give the most beautiful looks and seamless grooming experience for your dogs.

11. 42-Tooth Thinning Shear for Dogs

From its name, this 6.5-inch thinner shears composes of 42 sharp teeth so that you can effectively pattern the hair of your dog. The material of the blade is from premium 440c Japanese Stainless Steel, so expect a seamless and smooth cutting experience. Apart from the deluxe feature, the shiny polished finish with gold accent screw and removable comfort rings also stands out. It also has adjustable screws so that you can easily remove the blades for cleaning and maintenance.

12. Simple Pet Grooming Scissors

It may look like an ordinary pair of shears at first, but these dog grooming shears can exceed your expectations. The set consists of two pairs of scissors – one longer pair with smooth blades that are perfect for trimming and another smaller shears with micro-serrated blades for more delicate cutting. The shears also have rounded safety tips, so no need to worry about accidental poking of your dog’s sensitive skin and other parts of the body.

When it comes to the blades, you’ll get the most excellent quality surgical stainless steel blades, excellent cutting even on the thickest fur and tightest angles. There’s also a cushioned handle and extra more excellent rest to ensure maximum comfort while grooming. Who needs a set if you can groom your pets with these simple pet grooming scissors?

13. iSeaFly Dog Grooming Kit

This dog grooming kit consists of one each of 6.5-inch thinning shear, 6.5-inch curved scissors, 5.5-inch straight scissors, and other 4.5-inch straight scissors for more hard-to-reach areas. For complete grooming, it also comes with a pet comb, cleaning cloth, and a stylish black leather case for storage. When you buy this kit, you’ll have everything that you need to groom your dog.

All dog shears have razor-sharp edges made from heavy-duty stainless steel construction to ensure durability and functionality. Moreover, all shears have round-tips for safety. The silicone pads on the handles of every dog grooming scissors prevent accidental clamping of the fingers. There’s also a muffler in between the cutting blades for a more quiet cutting process.

14. Dog Rounded-Tip Shears

It is a 5-inch dog grooming shear with rounded tips, which is suitable for grooming sensitive parts of the dog like the ears, paws, nose & claw areas. It features soft-grip finger holes with built-in finger rests so that you’ll feel more comfortable trimming the coat. This feature also adds more control and avoids any unwanted cut on your dog’s hair. If you are a beginner, the 5-inch dog grooming shear is easy to use. So, finishing and perfecting the coat length on your dog would come naturally.

15. Hashimoto Lightweight Curved Scissors

Hashimoto Lightweight 6.5-inch Curved Scissors features Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel blade that ensures sharpness, hardness, smooth and durability. The brand Hashimoto carefully crafted these shears by hand to pass a strict quality control and provide high standards for every groomer and pet owner.

Moreover, the convex edges provide smooth cuts, while the Cryogenically tempered material keeps them at peak performance for a long time. The symmetrical craned handle allows better control while adding more comfort when using the dog grooming scissors. The need to sharpen the blades sooner than later is one of the common issues among customers as well as the snugly fit finger holes.

price of dog grooming scissors
Some dog grooming scissors can get expensive.

Dog Grooming Scissors – FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about dog grooming scissors.

How to groom a dog at home with scissors?

Preparation is the key in grooming your dogs at home, even only with scissors. Bathing, drying, full brushing, and combing are essential regardless of the kind of coat. After washing your dog, use a towel to dry the dog breed. Then, you need to comb your hair straightly as possible to cut it evenly.

As you cut along, make sure that you are following some imaginary lines in your head. Check if your cut is straight from time to time. Every cut, comb slightly and check the result. Once done, don’t forget to blow dry your dog’s hair. The process may take a while, but it’s the best action taken, especially if you have dogs with curly or thick hair.

Should I invest in a dog grooming scissors kit or buy them separately?

If you have a dog with a thick coat or curly and wavy hair, it is wise to invest in a dog grooming scissors kit. Another reason to buy a dog grooming scissors kit is that you can save more money. Some sellers put discounts on their grooming kits.

On the other hand, you can buy the shears separately if the dog breed doesn’t grow much hair like Labradors, Pugs, and Bulldogs. These dogs are easy to maintain, though they may shed a lot. Regular cutting of hair is not as always as other breeds, but it’s good to have a pair or two of some grooming shears.

Is it safe to use human scissors on dogs?

It is not advisable to use human scissors on dogs, especially for grooming.

First, it is because a pair of human scissors may be too sharp for the dog’s skin. One error and the dog breed may get hurt. Second, most human scissors are too thick. It means that it would be a struggle to cut through thick fur without pulling. Third, human scissors lack safety features for dogs like rounded blade tips.

Take note that different dog breeds have various sensitivity. You have to be aware that dog breeds may look tough when they bark, but they also have more sensitive skin.

What are thinning scissors used for dog grooming?

Thinning scissors are all-around shears that you can use on your dog for any general body trimming, doing straight cuts, and some neat final touches. This tool comes in three kinds – thinner, blenders, and chunkers. Moreover, there are teeth on one side of the shear, and a sharp blade to cut off the hair of your dog.

For example, you can use thinning shears to trim down the hair of your Shih Tzu, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, and other dog breeds that have thick or curly coats. This pair of dog grooming scissors are lightweight to use so that you can hold it comfortably with ease.

How to sharpen dog grooming scissors?

It is easy to sharpen dog grooming scissors with a professional sharpener tool available in the market today. It is an electric tool that is useful in honing the blades of your shears. Take note that you always have to clean the edges of your dog grooming shears with alcohol and clean cloth before placing it on the pad of the sharpener tool.

You can also use other honing tools. However, make sure to use the right grit depending on the thickness and sharpness of the scissors. Remember, the key to perfect sharpening is to place the blades of the shears on the right angle. Apply just the right amount of pressure whenever required.

What are the best brands of Japanese grooming scissors?

Kenchii, Kings Star, Purple Dragon, Sharf, and Lilys Pet are some of the best and trusted brands of Japanese grooming scissors. These brands have been in the grooming industry for several years now, so you can be sure that they only deliver top-notch shears to help you groom your dogs. When it comes to choosing the best brand, it’s all about preference and style.

Why are some dog grooming scissors so expensive?

A pair of good quality dog grooming scissors are expensive because you can use it for a long time – that’s for sure if you buy high-quality shears. The materials used and the process of creating these shears are also contributing factors.

Regardless of the amount, always make sure to invest in the best quality dog grooming scissors. It would save you more buckets than purchasing low-quality shears and end up buying more.

When should I use round-tipped grooming scissors?

The best time to use round-tipped grooming scissors is when you’re cutting the hair on your dog’s face. This type of shears is for protecting the eyes and ears from accidentally pushing the sharp tip of the scissors in case the dog suddenly moves. You can use it for trimming and blending as well. Round-tip shears are perfect for beginners and when cutting the dog’s coat, especially those small dog breeds.

Dog grooming is one of those activities that you can do to spend time with your dog. You improve your grooming skills. At the same time, your dog will learn how to behave well around these sharp shears. However, you have to make sure to get the highest quality dog grooming scissors to ensure maximum precision. Choose the right kind of shear according to the specific needs of the dog breed.

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