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7 Best Himalayan Dog Chew — The Healthiest Chew For Dogs?

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Published on
Wednesday 20 April 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
himalayan dog chew
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If you haven’t heard about Himalayan dog chews, let me update you. Chewing is one of a dog’s favorite activities and it is beneficial for their own dental and mental health. While it obviously brushes their teeth, it also stimulates them mentally, resulting in a balanced dog with a lot less anxiety or stress within it.

And let’s face it, not giving your dog appealing chews will most likely result in him finding his own chews (i.e. sticks, your sofa, shoes, furniture, etc.)

Top Benefits of Healthy Dog Chews

Healthy dog chews have great benefits to your dogs. It’s a good way to prevent your dogs from chewing your shoes or furniture, especially if you introduce it at an early age. Besides this, it’s also safer than using a dog bone for their chewing habits. If you’re still not convinced to give your fur buddies dog chews, here are their best reasons why you should:

Improved Dental Health

Dog chews can help your dogs maintain healthy oral health. Since your dogs will be chewing a lot, it’s a great way to exercise their jaw muscles and remove tartar and plaque off their teeth. It’s also recommended for puppies during their teething age to soothe discomfort.

To prevent any tooth and gum disease of your furry buddies, make sure that their teeth are clean and healthy by giving them dog chews.

Reduced Destructive Chewing

We all know that chewing is a normal instinct to all dogs, whatever breed or size your pets are, it’s certain that they love and need to chew on something.

And to avoid them from chewing your flip flops, shoes, furniture, etc. make sure to give them dog chews or dog dental toys that are made of durable and the same materials.

Gum Relief For Teething Puppies

As mentioned above, puppies that are currently at teething age may experience discomfort and pain. Since their gums are extra tender, you can simply place your dog chew in your freezer before giving them to your fur buddies to add a soothing effect.

This will also help your puppies to maintain their oral health and have a fresher breath since it cleans the crevices around their teeth.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Giving your pets some dog chew will not only improve their physical and oral health, but it can also serve as a reliever for dogs with anxiety. Once you give them a dog chew, it will require mental stimulation and will keep them busy.

Chewing is a great relaxing activity for your dogs. It can divert their attention especially when they feel anxious or stressed. If you notice that your dogs are feeling a little blue, you can give them some dog chews to keep them calm and happy.

What are Himalayan Dog Chews?

Himalayan dog chews arrived over the recent years in the North American and UK markets. These healthier chews for dogs are gaining traction because of a succession of negative feedbacks on rawhides, the cheap dog chews everybody knows.

Just like dog food and dog treats, we are witnessing a rise in quality from the manufacturers of dog chews. They are looking for healthier natural ingredients and try to get rid of toxic, chemically treated products—ie. the ones allegedly used when cleaning the leather to make the rawhide as we all know it.

The Himalayan Dog Chew is very long-lasting. They are made from all-natural ingredients and follow an easy manufacturing process. It is digestible, virtually everlasting, hard but not too hard, low-odor, healthy, and non-staining. Yep, all of that.

To get a ready-to-use Himalayan dog chew, makers boil large quantities of yak and cow milk and allow these to dry for several weeks to create that final hard chew. Some manufacturers will add in some lime juice and salt to enhance flavors for the dogs.

Ingredients of Himalayan Dog Chews
Two simple ingredients, and a lot of drying time. That’s all it takes!

Advantages of Himalayan Dog Chews

Compared to chewing toys and other chewing products for dogs, the Himalayan yak chews have plenty of advantages this includes the following:

  • Has no sharp edges – for your dog’s safety, himalayan dog chew have rounded edges and can prevent any crapes, cuts, and damages when your pets chew them.
  • Mild smell – compared to fish chews, bones, and pig feet, himalayan yak chews have no smelly and overpowering smell which is great for you and your dogs.
  • Completely digestible – himalayan chews for dogs are completely safe to ingest even for puppies since it’s entirely edible. You can also soften it in water depending on your choice. Just make sure to supervise your puppies and adult dogs so they won’t swallow a huge piece that can cause choking.
  • Long-lasting – himalayan yak chews feature a right amount of hardness compared to other dog chews which makes them last longer than other chewing products.
  • Has minimal ingredients – if your dogs are quite sensitive, himalayan yak chews are totally fine. It has no additives and contains a single protein source which is yak milk/cow milk with a little sugar or fat. 

Are Himalayan Chews for Dogs Healthy?

Yak dog chews are a lot healthier than regular rawhides, they only contain two simple kinds of milk and it is the process more than the ingredients that turn it into a hard chew. And to convince you even further, it is a traditional type of cheese eaten by the Himalayan people themselves, so it’s definitely safe for consumption!

Everything your pooch chews on may be potentially harmful and that is for several reasons. They may swallow and choke on small bits, they can break one of their teeth, or often, they may simply have digestive troubles and upset stomachs.

By using such a natural dog chew, you reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring. Dogs must work for days (if not weeks) on the chew’s ends to soften them with their mouth and saliva before they can scrape small bits off it. And even when they do swallow some of it, it is totally fine.

Himalayan dog chews are 100-percent natural with no preservatives. We still recommend you to check each product for the ingredients list as the more famous these chews become, the more manufacturers try to lower costs and add undesired preservatives or additives.

Can puppies have Himalayan dog chews?

Generally, puppies under six months should not be given any treats but once they reach seven months and above, Himalayan dog chews can be given to them. It’s important to give them the right size to prevent choking or damage to their mouths.

himalayan dog chew
Healthy and long-lasting!

You can also soften it by using water, placing it in a freezer for minutes for a soothing effect, or placing it in a microwave for 30-60 seconds for a crunchy texture. 

Do vets recommend Himalayan dog chews?

Yes, Himalayan dog chews are completely safe for dogs’ digestion. Since they have no additives, no chemicals, and have a high protein content, it’s very much recommended for dogs.

It’s 100% natural and has great benefits for your dog’s mental, dental, and physical health. Himalayan yak chews are also long-lasting, have a mild smell, are fully digestible, and won’t stain your carpet. 

Potential Hazards of Himalayan Dog Chew for Puppies

Of course, puppies are excited about almost everything and new to the world. Because of this, they often become too curious and want to try new things. Though Himalayan dog chew is safe for dogs, there are some potential dangers that can happen to your puppies while chewing them.


All chewing products can have choking risks especially if you’ll give the wrong size to your dogs. If you own a puppy or a small breed dog, you must give them smaller chews to prevent choking instances.

You can prevent this by softening the Himalayan dog chew if you think that it’s too hard for your fur buddies. Also, keep an eye on them to make sure that you can quickly help them if they accidentally swallow a huge piece of their chews.


Some dogs have sensitive teeth and can experience tooth breakage when they chew too much. Luckily, Himalayan yak chews aren’t too hard compared to bones – which makes it safer for your dogs.

To lessen any teeth and gum damages, you can limit your dog’s chewing time and give them small portions of dog chews.

Belly Upset

Since Himalayan yak chews are milk-based some dogs may experience stomach problems especially if they consume too many chews at once. Giving them the right amount of Himalayan dog chews per day will prevent any belly upset.

Also, most dogs are lactose intolerant so make sure to give them limited yak chews. Once your dog experiences a stomach problem for days after consuming these chews, bring them to your vet and seek help.

The Best Himalayan Dog Chews Reviewed

These amazing chews are super simple in the way they are manufactured and pretty much all look the same. Yet, there are some brands and products that are much better than others. Why?

  1. The two kinds of milk have to be of quality
  2. There shouldn’t be any preservatives
  3. First ingredients should be yak and cow milk

If there are additional ingredients, they should be common to us humans—salt and lemon juice for example.

7 Best Himalayan Dog Chews

If you want to know about healthy dog chews, we compared and handpicked the top 7 best Himalayan dog chews that are a must-buy for your best buddies.

1. Original Himalayan Dog Chew

Using the exact ancient recipe from the Himalayas, the company from the same name (easy to remember, right?) sells a wide range of these chews for dogs of various sizes (extra small to extra large.)

Dogs love these and it is a bestseller all over the United States. Ingredients are simple, the flavors are clearly here seeing how much dogs chew on these. They tend to last for weeks with regular dogs, perhaps months.

If you have an aggressive or intense chewer, simply use the XL size to have a Himalayan chew that will endure your big dog’s chewing action!

Most manufacturers simply rebrand these original Himalayan Dog Chews and sell them on Amazon so I would recommend sticking with the original.

2. Himalayan Mixed Dog Chew

An all-natural ingredient that’s composed of yak and milk cow, salt, and lime juice, this Himalayan dog chew will guarantee your dog’s health. It has protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to maintain proper nutrients to your pet’s body,

The Himalayan Dog Chew is known to be the original hard smoked cheese chew made by a traditional cheese-making process that’s deeply rooted in rich Nepalese history. It’s gluten-free and has no preservatives or binding ingredients. An ancient recipe for hard cheese snacks that provide your dogs with high-quality eating entertainment.

The best part of purchasing this is that the Himalayan Pet Supply donates one textbook to the Manaram Foundation for every pound of cheese purchased. A great way to give back while keeping your dogs healthy.

3. KATHMANDU’s Authentic Himalayan Yak Chew

Features a long-lasting edible and 100% natural dog treat with no added chemicals and preservatives. The KATHMANDU‘s authentic Himalayan yak chew will keep your dogs happy and occupied whenever you’ll be busy doing errands.

It’s invented by the ancient Himalayan people to use as a protein supplement so it’s completely safe for your fur buddies. This dog chew is also recommended for your dog’s dental hygiene, simply let your dog chew the Himalayan yak chew for 30-60 minutes to remove tartar and plaque build-up and improve your dog’s gum and teeth.

Sourced from the pristine Himalayan foothill and produced by community farmers, this dog chew contains high proteins and low-fat content. Perfect for your dog’s diet and can serve as a healthy alternative to bones and plastic dog chews.

4. Raw Paws Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chews

The Raw Paws aims to make every pet happy by producing the highest-quality nutritious Himalayan yak chews that are fresh, all-natural, and mouth-watering.

Their Himalayan dog chews are fully digestible yak butter dog chew that’s made of 100% yak’s milk that making it lactose and gluten-free. It’s perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs or dogs with kidney issues. It has a crunchy texture that helps clean your dog’s teeth and gums while improving the smell of their breath.

And since it’s larger than other Himalayan chew dogs, it can serve as a calming treat for your fur buddies that will satisfy their instinctive urge. It’s made to last longer than the usual Himalayan dog chews and are completely safe and healthy for your dogs.

5. Yak Snak – All Natural Hard Cheese Himalayan Dog Treats

The Jim Hodges Dog Training Himalayan large dog chews contain two large pieces of all-natural yak Himalayan chews that are perfect for large breed dogs. It’s made of mixed cow and yak milk that has a little pinch of salt and lime juice. It’s also gluten-free, lactose-free, and contains no preservatives and grains.

It’s 100% consumable and can last for minutes up to hours – perfect for medium to heavy chewers. These hard cheese Himalayan dog treats are ethically made in Nepal and are processed and tested in the USA for your dog’s safety. 

This Yak Snak is available in different sizes – small to medium (pack of 4), medium to large (pack of 3), large to extra-large (pack of 2) that’s perfect for all dog breeds.

6. Pawstruck Monster Himalayan Yak Dog Chew

A perfect jumbo treat for your fur buddies! These thick Himalayan dog chews (approx. 7-8 ounces) are recommended for giant breed dogs. It’s a healthy, natural, durable, and long-lasting dog treat that is made in the mountains of the Himalayas by local craftsmen.

The Pawstruck ensured that these Himalayan dog chews are safe and healthy, in fact, it’s tested by independent laboratories in both Nepal and the USA to make sure that their overall quality is consistent.

Also, their drying and baking process produces Himalayan dog chews that have a minimal odor compared to other brands. Though you may smell a slight odor that may seem strange to us, your dogs will totally love it.

7. Devil Dog PetCo Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chew

This premium Himalayan dog chew is a high-quality and long-lasting treat that will keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. It features four major ingredients which are yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice.

The Devil Dog yak cheese chews are handcrafted by Nepalese dairy farmers from the mountains of the Himalayas that are made using an ancient recipe for an amazing source of nutrients. Once you purchase this, you will get 1 large-sized high-quality Himalayan dog chew that’s 5 to 6 inches long and 3.5 oz in weight

And once the yak chew becomes smaller and can be swallowed whole by your dogs, you can place it in a microwave for 45-60 minutes and it will turn into a big cheese puff that they can continue to chew safely. Just make sure that you’ll let it cool for at least 5 minutes before removing it from the microwave.

Himalayan Dog Chew: FAQ

We gathered the top frequently asked questions about healthy Himalayan dog chews, below are the best answers to your inquiries.

Are Himalayan chews good for your dog?

Ye. Since dogs are natural chewers, the Himalayan dog chews can serve as a healthy method to prevent them from chewing your stuff. It’s also good for their oral health since it can clean their teeth and gums. It can also serve as an exercise for their jaws and anxiety reliever.

How long does a Himalayan Dog Chew last?

Generally, yak milk chews can have an expiration date of around 4 years after opening the package. Just make sure that they are kept in a dry environment to preserve their quality. Also, always double-check the expiration dates before giving them to your dogs to prevent any stomach problems.

How long should I let my dog chew on a yak chew?

Just like other dogs chew, it’s best to let your pets consume within at least 10-15 minutes. But this depends if your dog is a heavy chewer or not so it’s best to observe them and keep a close eye on them when giving Himalayan dog chews. Some dogs may take hours before finishing an entire dog chew.

Do Himalayan Yak chews clean teeth?

Yes. Besides the physical and mental benefits, the Himalayan dog chew will surely improve your dog’s oral health in no time. Most owners purchase this to make sure that tartar and plaque on their dog’s teeth will be removed. Also, the Himalayan dog chew will give them a fresher breath. 

How are Himalayan chews made?

Himalayan dog chews are made by following the ancient recipe of Nepalese in the mountains of the Himalayas. Dairy farmers simply boil large quantities of yak and cow milk and allow these to dry for several weeks to create that final hard Himalayan chews.

Just like with any dog chew, never wait until the chew is almost fully consumed to remove it. Small chunks or squares of ANY dog chew can be fatal when swallowed and blocked in the dog’s esophagus. This is because rawhide, antler, or Himalayan dog chews are meant to remain hard for as long as possible so monitor and be sure to give a new one when the dog is about to finish it (two inches or so left.)

Check out the video below for more information about Himalayan Dog Chews: how they are made, how to introduce your dog to these, and the benefits they provide that no other dog chew has to offer!

Head over to Amazon to browse the wide range of products from the Himalayan Corporation.

Please let us know below how your dog loves (or not?) these Himalayan dog chews; we would love to hear!

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