Himalayan Dog Chew — The Healthiest Chew For Dogs?

Himalayan Dog Chew — The Healthiest Chew For Dogs?

If you haven’t heard about Himalayan dog chews, let me update you. Chewing is one of a dog’s favorite activities and it is beneficial for their own dental and mental health. While it obviously brushes their teeth, it also stimulates them mentally, resulting in a balanced dog with a lot less anxiety or stress within it.

And let’s face it, not giving your dog appealing chews will most likely result in him finding his own chews (i.e. sticks, your sofa, shoes, furniture, etc.)

Himalayan dog chews arrived over the recent years in the North American and UK markets. These healthier chews for dogs are gaining traction because of a succession of negative feedbacks on rawhides, the cheap dog chews everybody knows.

Just like dog food and god treats, we are witnessing a rise in quality from the manufacturers of dog chews. They are looking for healthier natural ingredients and try to get rid of toxic, chemically treated products—ie. the ones allegedly used when cleaning the leather to make the rawhide as we all know it.

What Is The Himalayan Dog Chew?

The Himalayan Dog Chew is a very long-lasting dog chew. They are made from all-natural ingredients and follow an easy manufacturing process. It is digestible, virtually everlasting, hard but not too hard, low-odor, healthy and non-staining. Yep, all of that.

To get a ready-to-use Himalayan dog chew, makers boil large quantities of yak and cow milk and allow these to dry for several weeks to create that final hard chew. Some manufacturers will add in some lime juice and salt to enhance flavors for the dogs.

Ingredients of Himalayan Dog Chews
Two simple ingredients, and a lot of drying time. That’s all it takes!

Are Himalayan Chews For Dogs Healthy?

Yak dog chews are a lot healthier than regular rawhides, they only contain two simple kinds of milk and it is the process more than the ingredients that turn it into a hard chew. And to convince you even further, it is a traditional type of cheese eaten by the Himalayan people themselves, so it’s definitely safe for consumption!

himalayan dog chew
Healthy and long-lasting!

Everything your pooch chews on may be potentially harmful and that for several reasons. They may swallow and choke on small bits, they can break one of their teeth, or often, they may simply have digestive troubles and upset stomachs.

By using such a natural dog chew, you reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring. Dogs must work for days (if not weeks) on the chew’s ends to soften them with their mouth and saliva before they can scrap small bits off it. And even when they do swallow some of it, it is totally fine.

Himalayan dog chews are 100-percent natural with no preservatives. We still recommend you to check each product for the ingredients list as the more famous these chews become, the more manufacturers try to lower costs and add undesired preservatives or additives.

The Best Himalayan Dog Chews Reviewed

These amazing chews are super simple in the way they are manufactured and pretty much all look the same. Yet, there are some brands and products that are much better than others. Why?

  1. The two kinds of milk have to be of quality
  2. There shouldn’t be any preservatives
  3. First ingredients should be yak and cow milk

If there are additional ingredients, they should be common to us humans—salt and lemon juice for example.

Original Himalayan Dog Chew

Using the exact ancient recipe from the Himalayas, the company from the same name (easy to remember, right?) sells a wide range of these chews for dogs of various sizes (extra small to extra large.)

Dogs love these and it is a bestseller all over the United States. Ingredients are simple, the flavors are clearly here seeing how much dogs chew on these. They tend to last for weeks with regular dogs, perhaps months.

If you have an aggressive or intense chewer, simply use the XL size to have an Himalayan chew that will endure your big dog’s chewing action!

Most manufacturers simply rebrand these original Himalayan Dog Chews and sell them on Amazon so I would recommend sticking with the original.

I have a 7 month old lab mix puppy. He likes to chew things. I hated spending tons of money on bully sticks, when he would go through them like wet tissue paper. He’s currently chewing one of these. He’s been happily chewing it for about a week straight now. There’s still a good 5 inches left. It hasn’t broken apart, and I haven’t noticed any shards. My only regret is that I didn’t just start giving him these earlier.

Wrap Up (and Warning)

Just like with any dog chew, never wait until the chew is almost fully consumed to remove it. Small chunks or squares of ANY dog chew can be fatal when swallowed and blocked in the dog’s esophagus. This is because rawhide, antler or Himalayan dog chews are meant to remain hard for as long as possible so monitor and be sure to give a new one when the dog is about to finish it (two inches or so left.)

Check out the video below for more information about Himalayan Dog Chews: how they are made, how to introduce your dog to these, and the benefits they provide that no other dog chew has to offer!

Head over to Amazon to browse the wide range of products from the Himalayan Corporation.

Please let us know below how your dog loves (or not?) these Himalayan dog chews; we would love to hear!