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10 Best Muzzles For Lurchers

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Tuesday 23 March 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best muzzles for lurchers
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No matter how much we want to deny it, but muzzles for Lurchers are here to stay. They protect your dog from nasty situations like fights. But more importantly, they protect other animals from your Lurcher. Then, should you roll up your cuffs and buy whatever muzzle you find? Absolutely not.

Finding the best muzzles for Lurchers is hard. You won’t believe the trouble we had to face in compiling this list. But compile we did. So, buckle up folks, as we dive face-first into the best muzzles. Some of them will be cheap. Some of them will be expensive. But all of them would be awesome. Let’s jump right in.

What are Lurchers?

Lurchers are a type of mixed-breed dogs that first appeared in England and Ireland. Because they are a mixed-breed, Lurchers are not recognized by major kennel clubs. That is not to say that there isn’t any governing body in the US that doesn’t recognize the breed. If you have a lurcher you can register it with the North American Lurcher and Longdog Association (NALLA).

A Lurcher is a cross between a sighthound dog and a terrier, or a herding dog. In other words, you can breed Lurchers by mating a sighthound with any working dog. The resulting breed inherits the qualities of both the parent breeds.

People used sighthounds to hunt rabbits and other game. Hunters bred Lurchers, adding to the intelligence and the instincts of the sighthound.

what are lurchers
You can breed Lurchers by mating a sighthound with any working dog.

Lurchers and Muzzles

There is no denying that muzzles look scary. This is also why there is a stigma associated with dogs who wear a muzzle. Frankly, there are no bad dogs. And if a dog wears a muzzle, we shouldn’t judge it. Rather we should look at it positively.

Seeing a muzzle, we should appreciate the owner’s concern for their dog.

Why do They Need Muzzles in the First Place?

Lurchers are reactive dogs. It is in their nature. They see other animals and they react. The reaction can range from barking to biting. So, Lurchers need muzzles. Here are some more reasons why you may need to put a muzzle on your Lurcher:

  • Lurchers are notorious for pouncing upon other dogs and even people, especially when agitated. If you don’t want your Lurcher to bite others, you need to use a muzzle
  • If your dog has a weak immune system or is prone to allergies, using a muzzle can be a good way to keep him away from unhygienic stuff.
  • Dogs love to destroy furniture, and Lurchers are no different. A muzzle can keep your dog from going to town on your furniture
  • Muzzles are also useful in keeping your dogs from barking uncontrollably

Types of Muzzles

When it comes to muzzles, not all types are created equal. Some of the most popular (read effective) ones are down below.

types of muzzles
There are different types of muzzles.

Basket Muzzles

As the name suggests, basket muzzles are cage-like and sit on a dog’s face. They are either plastic or metal and are much more durable than other types. These muzzles also have a looser fit and plenty of holes to provide easy airflow.

Because basket muzzles have a loose fit, they are only meant to keep the dogs from biting. Dogs can still bark and pant if they want. In general, dogs bearing basket muzzles are relatively comfortable.

Soft/Leather Muzzle

Think of leather muzzles as straps that you use to keep your dog’s mouth shut. Soft muzzles are a necessity in situations where intense barking and biting is imminent.

The Problem With Regular Muzzles

Aside from the two types we just mentioned, you should stay away from (other) muzzles. Lurchers are strong. So, if you use regular muzzles designed for other dogs, your Lurcher will break it.

That said, choosing a muzzle especially made for a Lurcher solves the problem.

10 Best Muzzles for Lurchers

Comfort, ease of use, and durability are the qualities that every muzzle should possess. Unfortunately, most don’t.

But fret not folks as we have put in the research, to save you time. Here are the 10 best muzzles for Lurchers.

1. KITAINE Dog Muzzle

The Kitaine Dog Muzzle is a basket-style muzzle that makes it easy to feed your dog. The muzzle is natural rubber with nylon straps. Consequently, it is soft, and the padded straps are also comfier than regular basket muzzles.

Aside from being soft, this Lurcher muzzle is also comfier in other ways such as breathing and eating. There are generous holes all over the muzzle that make it easy for you to give a treat to your dogs. Your dogs can also breathe and pant freely.

That said, there are a few downsides to the design. First, the nylon strap is weak which makes it a little questionable for super aggressive dogs. Secondly, the muzzle doesn’t stop barking. If any of these two issues is a deal-breaker, move on. Otherwise, the Kitaine Dog Muzzle is a great option to consider.

2. Baskerville Classic Muzzle

As simple as it gets. The Baskerville Classic Muzzle, justifiably, has a classic design. It is a soft plastic mesh with a leather nose-band.

Baskerville has designed the muzzle to be as open as possible. The result is a muzzle that not only keeps your dog from harming itself and others, but also a muzzle that allows your dog to move his mouth freely.

Add to it the fact that the muzzle is available in 14 different sizes and you can imagine why so many people love it. A solid recommendation from our side.

3. Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle

The Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle has one of the, if not the, most unique muzzle designs on the market. It is perfect for long-snout dogs like Lurchers. This is why the design pays dividends.

First, the muzzle is all nylon mesh. An all-mesh design is a clever idea since it makes the muzzle quite breathable and comfortable. So, not only can your dog pant, but he can also drink while wearing the muzzle. Second, mesh won’t irritate the skin of your dog.

Finally, the Crazy Felix Dog Muzzle does what a muzzle should: Keep the dog away from biting, nipping, licking, and barking. In short, audiences love it and once you buy it, you’ll understand why.

4. Wintchuk Mesh Muzzle

A muzzle come dog face mask, the Wintchuk Mesh Muzzle is a foolproof way to keep your dog in check. The design is all nylon and mesh. Therefore, this muzzle for Lurchers is quite breathable and soft. So, if your dog wants to pant, he can pant.

But don’t let the soft nature of the muzzle confuse you. The Wintchuk Mesh Muzzle is still a muzzle. And it performs like one. Once you use it, your dog won’t be able to bark let alone bite anymore.

Taking all of the qualities into account, it is no wonder that people swear by Wintchuk. It is a pretty sweet deal. Oh, and please measure your dog first. The muzzle is a relatively tight fit, so you don’t want to end up something extra small or large.

5. Fomate Reflective Safety Dog Muzzle

A minimalist muzzle that does the job. The Fomate Dog Muzzle is a strap-style muzzle that keeps your dog from opening his mouth. No mouth opening, no biting, barking, liking, or eating out of the trash.

The design of the muzzle is simple. There is a fabric strap the goes on the snout and a Velcro holds it in place. The design may be simple, but it works quite well. The fabric is also quite soft. So, absolutely no issues when it comes to comfort.

Finally, the outer layer of the muzzle is reflective. This means that whenever light shines on the muzzle, it shines back, indicating the presence of a dog. Reflectivity may not be a must-have feature for most people, but people who walk their dog in the dark appreciate it. All in all, a great muzzle and does the job well. And customers love it.

6. Barkless Soft Basket Silicone Muzzle

The Barkless Basket Muzzle has a tried and tested design. It is the same basket-style muzzle that we have seen from other manufacturers. That said, there are significant differences between the Barkless Basket Muzzle and something like the Baskerville Classic.

First, the muzzle under-discussion is made from silicone. It is flexible, foldable, and durable. Secondly, the muzzle attaches directly to the collar for a more secure fit. Once you fasten it, your dog will have no chance of taking it off.

Finally, being a basket-style muzzle, the Barkless Basket Muzzle makes it comfortable for your dog to breathe, pant, and drink water. In short, it is a solid option for people who dislike strap-style muzzles and want something comfier.

7. LUCKYPAW Dog Muzzle

In a sea of options, sometimes the only thing you need is something that just works. The LuckyPaw Dog Muzzle is one such option.

The reason why it works is its design. The LuckyPaw Dog Muzzle is made from rubber which gives the muzzle its characteristic flexibility. The design also allows the dog to breathe comfortably, pant, and drink.

What the muzzle doesn’t allow, however, is barking, biting, nipping, and licking. With the ability to secure the muzzle with soft, padded straps, the LuckyPaw Dog Muzzle is one of the best dog muzzles for Lurchers.

8. GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle

Goodboy Gentle Muzzle is for people that want to keep their long-snout dogs, like Lurchers, in control without making them uncomfortable.

The Goodboy Gentle Muzzle achieves this by supplementing the nylon construction with neoprene padding. The padding makes the Goodboy strap-style muzzle comfier than the competition.

Comfier doesn’t mean poor performance as the Goodboy Muzzle is a champ when it comes to stopping your dog from barking, biting, and everything in between. And don’t worry, your good boy can still breathe, pant, and drink. Long story short, if you measure the snout of your dog correctly, which you should, you won’t be disappointed.

9. Lepark Basic Dog Muzzle

The Lepark Dog Muzzle is for the times when you need to keep your dog’s mouth shut tight. As such, the muzzle has a tighter fit than usual.

But don’t confuse a tight fit with a suffocating fit. Regardless of how tight the fit is, if you measure the snout correctly, your dog will have plenty of space to breathe and pant.

Next, the muzzle is an all-nylon affair. Nylon results in a soft feeling strap-style muzzle. Finally, customers love the muzzle for its durability and adjustability. We love it for the same reasons.

10. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

The last muzzle on this list is the Baskerville Ultra. And we must say that it’s ‘ultra’ from every angle.

First up, the muzzle is plastic webbing with neoprene lining. The webbing can be heat shaped to fit your dog perfectly. And the lining makes it comfy to wear. Secondly, the Baskerville Ultra allows your dog to pant, drink, and eat without any issues.

Last but not the least, the Ultra does an excellent job in keeping your dog away from nasty situations like biting, nipping, licking, and barking. Customers love it. We endorse it. And we are pretty sure that if you try it, you are going to fall for it.

Muzzles are a somewhat controversial topic. Of course, no one likes to limit the freedom of their dogs. But if you own a Lurcher, the consequences of not doing so can be dire. For instance, Lurchers are notorious for attacking smaller animals like cats, and other dogs. They are also pretty reactive to visual stimuli like a dog walking by. So, the barking can become quite irritable at times.

Keeping all of this in mind, a muzzle for Lurchers is a must. And if I were to choose one for myself, I would go with the Bakerville Classic Muzzle. It is a basket-style muzzle that keeps your dog away from trouble while also giving him plenty of space. Finally, before using a muzzle, make sure you train your dog to accept it. Forcing your dog to wear a muzzle is never a good idea, as it can make your dog mad.

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