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10 Best Muzzles for Rottweilers

Written by Viena
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Published on
Tuesday 5 January 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best muzzles for rottweilers
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Does the word “muzzle” spark up an image of a painful and forceful steel contraption on a dog’s mouth? It’s a common misconception that should be corrected. It’s all about the safety of your canine friend and the humans and other animals that encounter them. Additionally, existing local laws, rules, and regulations might even require your pet to wear one. Rottweiler muzzles are essential tools for your Rottie furry friends.

Rottweilers generally work alongside police officers and also serve as first guide dogs for the visually impaired. They are also reliable companions and fierce protectors of all family members, young and old. That being said, they can sometimes become too anxious or excited in certain situations that need proper attention from the pet parents. In this article, we will be introducing ways on when and how to introduce muzzles as well as give you a list of our top ten best muzzles for Rottweilers.

When to Muzzle Your Rottweiler?

Muzzles have earned an unfair association with aggressive dogs. In actuality, a muzzle is nothing more than a tool for pets. It acts as a passive restraint device used for several reasons, more than just preventing your dogs from attacking or lashing out at everything around. Muzzles are beneficial to all types of dogs and humans for a variety of reasons. However, it is not advisable to use muzzles for big dogs as punishment or curbing problem behavior. Have your beloved Rottie wear its Rottweiler muzzles, especially in these scenarios.

At the Clinic

When going to the clinic to have your pet’s regular check-up, muzzles are a handy thing, especially in the event of an emergency. Frightened Rottweilers are more likely to bite under stress when they are in a clinic. Some dogs tend to be aggressive, too, when encountering new and unfamiliar dogs.

At the Groomers

Muzzles are essential when bringing your Rottie to the groomers. A typical scenario is when your canine pal feels nervous of having its nails trimmed. Usually, the immediate option we would think is to physically restrain the animal while trying to complete the task. However, this method creates too much stress for both the dog and the groomer. One of the best options is to put a muzzle on the animal to lessen the stress for both parties and makes the job a quicker one.

When Your Dog is Injured

Muzzles are used to help medical personnel provide treatment for an animal that is injured and afraid. Generally, when dogs get injured, they have a protective mechanism. They tend to attack those who touch them, fearful that they might get hurt again. Muzzles let veterinarians have better control when trying to treat their furry patients.

When the Law Requires You To

Some regions require dogs to wear muzzles regardless of your pet’s temperament or disposition. Like the Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, large dogs may need to wear their muzzles, especially when in public places or when not on private property.

muzzles for rottweilers
Some places will require your dog to wear a muzzle.

How to Introduce a Muzzle to Your Rottweiler?

As a responsible dog parent, don’t wait to introduce muzzle to your canine pal until necessary. Instead, you can train your dog to feel at ease when wearing a muzzle from an early age. Typically, most dog owners don’t think about introducing a muzzle until after an accident has happened, which shouldn’t always be the case.

When introducing muzzles to your pets, it is essential to use positive reinforcement, such as utilizing treats. Be patient in training your canine pal, as this process could take multiple days. Correct positive support or reinforcement and patience are crucial to associating muzzle use to your Rottie with fun and positivity.


Here are steps on how to introduce the use of muzzles to your furry friend:

  1. Let your pet sniff the muzzle on its own. This method allows your pet to be introduced to the muzzle, depending on its terms. Don’t forget to give rewards when it does, so that it will be associated with a positive experience
  2. Allow the muzzle to touch your dog’s snout. Let it get used to the feel and the idea of you introducing the muzzle to the head
  3. Once your pet gets comfortable with the muzzle’s touch, quickly put it on his head without latching the buckles. After doing so, reward your dog with treats through the muzzle. Make sure to remove it immediately, giving your dog a non-traumatic experience with the muzzle on his snout
  4. Finally, let your pet wear the muzzle with buckles latched for extended periods. It can start wearing it for five seconds and slowly work its way up. Don’t forget to give your dog a treat each time before you remove the muzzle. Do this over and over again until your pet is comfortable wearing the muzzle for a longer time

Some experts recommend filling the muzzle inside with a tasty treat such as spray cheese or peanut butter. This way, you’ll encourage your canine pal to put on the muzzle and will feel at ease with the idea of wearing it.

Types of Dog Muzzles for Rottweilers

When you check online pet shops, you’ll find out that there are different types of muzzles. The type and kind of muzzles for Rottweilers may depend on various circumstances:

Soft Muzzle

The soft Rottweiler muzzle prevents your canine pal from opening their mouth. It isn’t the first choice for most Rottweiler owners, but it does have its advantages. Instead of working on the buckles and straps, you can easily slip the soft muzzle onto your pet and quickly snap it into place.

However, as easy and convenient, this muzzle works, keep in mind that they may not be the best muzzle for long periods of use. Since this type of muzzle doesn’t allow the mouth’s opening, your dog may not be able to pant and may overheat.

Basket Muzzle

The most common type of muzzle for Rottweilers are the basket muzzles, usually made of plastic. The cage-like design of this muzzle looks cruel and intimidating at first glance. But basket muzzles are actually among the most humane choices among the different types.

Unlike the soft muzzle, a plastic basket muzzle let your dog open their mouth, pant, and drink some water. Also, the device is made of plastic, making it easier to “mold’ the muzzle according to your dog’s snout for a more relaxed fit. If you expect your canine pal to wear the muzzle for a more extended period, the plastic Rottweiler plastic basket muzzle maybe your best option.

Leather & Plastic Baskets

Some muzzle types are of a combination of both leather and plastic materials. A leather muzzle can fit against your dog’s snout more closely and is generally more comfortable for Rottweiler to wear because of its soft texture.

10 Best Muzzles for Rottweilers

There are many great products online that would make fantastic muzzles for Rottweilers, and finding the right one can be a matter of finding out the needs of your dog and personal preference. Below is our list of the top 10 best muzzles for Rottweilers that could serve as a great starting point as you begin your search.

1. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

The Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle is your best option for an adjustable and flexible muzzle. It’s suitable for dogs who tend to get too excited or stressed at times. It comes with an adjustable fit for dogs with broad noses. It’s also convenient for small pups as it has a small opening where he can eat your treats while wearing it on. This superb muzzle performs double duty by ensuring the safety of the people and other pets around from bites while also maintaining the welfare and happiness of your Rottie.

This rubber basket design muzzle is dog friendly as it allows your pet to pant, drink, and eat treats freely. It has an ergonomically designed safety strapping to ensure that the muzzle remains securely in place. It also features two additional attachment points to fasten your dog’s regular collar and an optional, removable over-the-head safety dog strap.

2. Collar Direct Leather Basket Muzzle

This carefully handmade Rottweiler leather muzzle would be your best ally when visiting the vet’s clinic or the groomer’s. The Collar Direct Leather Basket Muzzle will help prevent your canine pal from acting out when it feels scared or threatened. It has a lightweight basket design made of breathable full grain genuine leather. Further, it also comes with rivets, metal buckles, and adjustable straps to have the perfect fit on your dog’s snout. It would make your pal comfortable and safe during stressful situations.

To make sure that it’s the ideal fit, measure first the circumference and length of your pet’s snout before purchasing. Measure the circumference around the broadest point of the snout. Also, note the distance between the middle point below the dog’s eye and the tip of its nose.

3. Coastal Pet Products Comfort Muzzle

As the name suggests, the Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Muzzle is your best option for a comfortably fitting muzzle for your furry friend. Its design allows your pet to pant unhindered and to drink water freely.

It comes with a loop and a hook that help provide a secure custom fit. Moreover, it has an elastic material across the top to prevent the muzzle from covering the dog’s eyesight. Lastly, it’s available in multiple sizes to find the best Rottweiler muzzle size for your canine pal.

4. Four Paws Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

There are instances when you are left with no choice but to curb your canine pal’s barking, chewing, and biting. The Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Muzzle would be the best muzzle to help you with that. The material comprises nylon and is entirely a machine washable muzzle.

It is what most pet professionals use as it is difficult for dogs to remove. This muzzle has adjustable minimal buckles and is available in various sizes for the best fit for any breed. Moreover, it’s a dog-friendly muzzle as it allows panting and drinking.

5. Bronze Dog Wire Muzzle for Rottweilers

While the metal wire may be intimidating for dog pet owners, this might be your best option for big dogs like Rottweilers. The Bronze Dog Wire Muzzle is a durable basket dog muzzle. It is made of high-quality and genuine leather with a metal wire basket. It is perfect for preventing dogs from barking, biting, or eating off the ground or furniture.

The basket design of these muzzles for large dogs lets your pet continue to pant and drink and be fed with treats through the metal wire gaps. Moreover, it’s easy to put on and is undoubtedly comfortable for your furry friend.

6. Mayerzon Dog Muzzle

This rubber basket design muzzle is perfect for stopping their pet from barking and preventing their pet from pulling during morning walks. It has an adjustable nylon neck strap allowing you to quickly adjust to the size of your canine pal’s mouth. The material comprises pliable non-toxic rubber, making it extremely durable, tough, yet soft to touch for a comfortable fit.

Moreover, it’s a dog-friendly muzzle as it has a breathable hollow-out design. Your Rottweiler can pant and drink conveniently and even be fed with treats through the wide holes of the basket muzzle. It is the best basket muzzle for Rottweiler because it offers maximum ventilation to prevent your dog from overheating. Lastly, the rubber basket design provides all-around mouth protection that doesn’t discomfort the dog’s mouth or hurt his skin.

7. Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs by GoodBoy

Unleash the GoodBoy in your naughty pup with this Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs. GoodBoy’s Stay-Fit connection design makes it easier to keep your canine pal’s muzzle securely in place. It easily connects it to your dog’s collar, or you may also use the included additional connection collar for added support.

This muzzle makes use of high-quality buckles for adjustments that won’t loosen over time while also ensuring a comfortable fit for your dog. Further, you can secure any excess strap length with a loop fastener and hook to prevent loose ends.

One of the best features of GoodBoy’s muzzle is the soft neoprene padding of the muzzles to keep your canine pal’s snout healthy and happy. This feature eliminates chafing and hot spots. GoodBoy’s muzzle is an excellent choice for curbing your pup’s unwanted chewing, biting, and barking while still allowing your dog to pant, breathe, and drink water.

8. Zeus Alpha TPR Muzzle

The safest way to control your dog‘s chewing, biting, and barking is the Zeus Alpha TPR Muzzle. The alpha dog muzzle is your best choice in situations where your dog feels nervous or stressed, and where additional security may be needed (groomer visits or public dog parks).

You can use your Zeus Alpha’s muzzles for dangerous dogs during walks to help prevent them from foraging and eating harmful items. Moreover, it also serves as an added safety measure during training to prevent your pet from wound licking while recuperating from surgery.

9. SCENEREAL Dog Muzzle

The Scenereal Dog Muzzle comes from reliable diving fabric best for long-term use. You can also adjust the Velcro design to the most fitting size, and the comfortable fabric will not give the dog any sense of restraint. It also comes with a stylish metal D ring and a practical buckle design for comfortable wear.

You can even combine the metal D ring with a leash to make it easier for you to take the dogs out for a walk. For this muzzle, it’s essential that you first measure your dog’s head and snout to ensure a comfortable and easy fit for your furry friend.

10. Leather Cage Basket for Rottweilers

This leather dog muzzles for Rottweilers has high-ventilation, making it very useful for everyday use, like off-leash walking, traveling, visiting a vet, and preventing your pal from eating off the ground. This fantastic leather muzzle allows panting and drinking, providing the ultimate comfort and ensuring the safety for both the dog and the owner. It is lightweight, well-fitting, soft, and comfortable yet durable. Moreover, it also has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.

Understandably, some dog parents are quite apprehensive when it comes to letting their pets wear muzzles. Additionally, it can be downright unsettling at first, but it’s also for the safety of your canine pal and the other pets and humans around him. The best muzzles for Rottweilers are made of safe materials and come in various sizes to ensure the best fit and comfort for your canine pal.

introducing a muzzle
It is important to introduce a muzzle to a dog correctly.

Always remember that it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the indication of using such canine restraints. Rottweiler muzzles can prevent dogs from barking, chewing, or barking, but it doesn’t solve why these behaviors occur. Knowing how to introduce the use of a muzzle is crucial. Ensure that you use positive reinforcement when training your dog to associate muzzle use with fun and positivity.

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