15 Best Dog Dental Chew Toys

15 Best Dog Dental Chew Toys
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Confused on how to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene without them getting all fussy? Well, you need a dental chew toy for your dog. Dental dog chew toys, as the name suggests, combine the element of fun with your dog’s oral hygiene. When ignored, your dog’s teeth can create some serious concerns. It starts off with basic dental hygiene issues and leads to more serious health concerns. That being said, no matter how much we care about our furry friend’s teeth, they have a mind of their own. What’s the solution then?

Dog dental chew toys. They provide you with the needed oral care with a touch of fun. While your furry friend chews on their toy, the toy helps clean off the plaque build-up on their teeth. This article will cover everything that you need to know about dental chew toys, so keep reading.

Why Do Dogs Need Dental Chew Toys?

Let’s be frank here, brushing teeth is no dog’s favorite activity. While some may dislike it, there are few that may even detest it to a point where they won’t even let the brush close. So, how can you clean your dog’s teeth without them making a fuss about it?

As every dog loves to chew toys, switch your dog chew toys with the ones made specifically for their oral hygiene. Just like humans, dog’s teeth need cleaning to remove any food particles that may later build plaque, and having your dog play with chew toys is the best way to do that.

The buildup of plaque can result in several other issues like discolored teeth, mouth odor, and many other health issues. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that by the age of 2 almost 80% of dogs develop some sort of dental disease. You might want to invest in contemporary toothpaste and brush, but if your dog is moody, it is best to invest in vet-recommended dog dental chew toys.

How to Choose the Right Dog Dental Chew Toy?

Now that we know the importance of a dog’s oral hygiene, let’s list down on the criteria for choosing the right dog dental chew toys.


Imagine your dog ripping off a cute chew toy that is not only one that your vet recommends, but is your dog’s favorite too. Your furry friend might not be an aggressive chewer but they can still shred a (poor quality) chew toy easily.

Thus, when investing in a chew toy make sure you check for its durability. Especially when buying a non-edible chew toy, make sure to read the fine print. Get a toy that can withstand the wear and tear.

dog dental chew toys
Choose a durable dog chew toy.

And it’s not just about durability but also (more importantly) about your dog’s safety, for your dog may rip off a piece and swallow a chunk. This can cause them to choke. Thus make sure to check for the toy’s sturdiness and keep a close eye on your four-legged pooch.


You would want a chew toy that is best in sync with your dog’s size. Buy a dog chew toy that best fits your dog’s needs. If the toy is too small, your dog might end up choking. While if it is too big, your dog won’t be able to chew on it.

It is good to know that an ideal toy size for your dog is one that they can easily wrap around and put in their mouth.

The market is full of chew toys, you can get them in different shapes and sizes. So it’s crucial that you read into your dog’s needs and then choose a toy that’s best for your dog.


Dog’s love chewing, add a bit of flavor to it and your dog will go bananas. You wouldn’t want to invest in a chew toy only to find your four-legged friend hating the taste.

Though the flavor aspect works best for edible chew toys, there are many inedible chew toys that have tasty flavors too. Make sure to buy a toy that offers flavors that your pooch loves.

Your worry about your dog’s dental care will wear off when you see your dog chewing on its favorite toy infused with their favorite flavor.


It’s not just dental health that we need to worry about, but the overall health as well. Now, while buying chew toys for your pooch, you should not forget the potential hazards that come along, viz. inhaling or swallowing toxic materials via toys.

Make sure you buy a chew toy that is free from toxic materials and is made with BPA free material and is FDA compliant.

Moreover, buy a chew toy that does not have any small parts that your furry friend may choke onto.

dog chew toy safety
Ensure that the toy isn’t a choking hazard.

15 Best Dog Dental Chew Toys

There are various dental chew toys to choose from. It is arguably a very saturated market! Here are the best dental chew toys for dogs and puppies.

1. Arm & Hammer Gorilla Chew Toy

If your dog is an aggressive chewer and loves to rip toys apart then you might want to look into Arm and Hammer gorilla chew toy. Focused specifically on giant breeds, this toy claims to be sturdy but not indestructible (though here’s our list of top indestructible toys for Fido).

This toy that looks like a gorilla by Arm & Hammer is made using rubber. Moreover, it is infused with baking soda which makes it perfect for cleaning teeth. Being sturdy, it does the job of cleaning away all tarter and plaque that may have built up on your pooch’s teeth.

Even though it does not contain any toxic materials you should keep an eye on your dog in case they bite a piece off and swallow it. Many customers have raised concerns regarding the use of baking soda. While it helps clean your dog’s teeth, some dogs tend to dislike its taste, so make sure your dog is not one of them. Nevertheless, it is a product that delivers on its sturdiness and offers you a good value for money.

2. Nylabone DuraChew Chicken-Flavored Chew Toy

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Boredom is one of the biggest reasons why dogs chew, making chew toys great for dental hygiene. DuraChew dental chew toy by Nylabone can withstand aggressive chewing while helping clean dog teeth.

Infused with chicken flavor, these dinosaur shape toys are loved by dogs. DuraChew is made with Nylon and is suitable for adult dogs of the medium breed. It is one of the few toys that fall in the category of vet recommended dog chew toys.

Its long-lasting flavor keeps your dog busy while the cleaning nubs help remove any form of tartar or plaque. It is available in three different shapes: T-REX, Stegosaurus, and Brontosaurus. However, they are shipped randomly. This means you won’t get to decide which dinosaur you get. Irrespective of shape, this chew toy ticks all the boxes of our criteria list.

3. Nylabone Teething Pacifier

A teething puppy is no less than a ticking time bomb. Ready to chew on anything, this age bracket is very hard to pacify. And the only way you can save your sofas, cushions, and sheets is by buying a Nylabone teething pacifier.

The Nylabone pacifier helps stimulate the puppy’s gums and teeth. The nubs, moreover, helps keep their teeth clean. These toys come in bright colors to intrigue and excite puppies so that they at it for a long time. Since there are vets that recommend these, you do not need to worry about any safety hazards.

Made of thermoplastic polymer and infused with bacon flavor, the teething pacifier comes with two chews. This chew toy is for puppies under 25 pounds, only. You shouldn’t buy them for dogs with permanent teeth. If you have multiple dogs in your house, keep a close eye so that none of the older dogs swallow or choke on the tongs.

4. Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

If your pooch a picky eater or throws tantrums when eating, this chew toy will make mealtimes fun for your dog and easier for you. You can fill this ball chew toy with treats. It also comes with an edible chicken-flavored treat for your dog.

Even if your pooch is an aggressive chewer, the Starmark Bento Ball is sturdy enough to withstand their excitement. Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer, it smells like vanilla. This toy is best for adult dogs of large breeds. While your dog chews on the toy it helps clean their teeth and scrapes off any food remains stuck in.

Also, don’t worry about it getting dirty as it is dishwasher safe. While almost every customer loved the product there were a few who had doubts regarding its sturdiness. Nevertheless, this treat bento ball seems worthy of the investment.

5. Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Tuff Bone

Hartz Chew n Clean Tuff Bone is a safe chew toy. It can withhold aggressive chewing and comes in various sizes. Made with Nylon and infused with bacon flavor, Tuff Bone keeps your dog happy and healthy.

The Chew n Clean Tuff Bone is suitable for adults of medium breeds. It is available in various bright colors that help attract your dog’s attention. It is shipped randomly; sadly, you don’t get to decide the color.

Still, the variety of sizes and its patent design make it worthy of the investment. It can be a perfect gift for your pooch. Not only does it help keep your dog busy but it also helps clean their teeth and freshen their breath while they are at it.

6. Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Dental Duo

This one is great if you are looking for a toy that is not only a chew toy but is a treat in itself. Made with Nylon and filled with bacon treats, this dental duo will steal your pooch’s heart.

It is perfect for adult dogs who weigh up to 50 pounds. This dog chew toy cleans tartar from your dog’s teeth while stimulating the gum for stronger teeth. It can be used when your dog is teething and is good for aggressive chewers too.

Since the toy’s center part is edible, there’s a risk of swallowing. But if you keep vigilant, this chew toy is a perfect blend of convenience and reliability. Good on the pockets, this chew toy is a one of a kind.

7. JW Pet Chompion Dog Toy

Every dog loves to chew and play fetch. The JW pet chompion dog toy combines the two. The dumbbell shape of this toy makes it easy to carry around and play fetch. The infused vanilla flavor makes it fun to chew on while the textured nubs help clean teeth.

Since the toy is made from rubber it is sturdy and durable. Suitable for medium-sized breeds, the toy comes in many colors. Sadly you do not get to choose a color.

The constituent materials of this chew toy are non-toxic so it can be used for teething puppies also. But the best part about chompion is that you can use it to play fetch with your dog and have fun without worrying about their dental hygiene.

8. Gnawsome Squeaker Bone Dog Toy

There is no debate, a happy dog is a healthy dog. And what can make your pooch happier than playing with the Snawsome Squeaker bone chew toy? This chew toy is all about oral hygiene and you don’t need to worry about any toxic materials because it is made with food-grade materials only.

Let’s be honest, your pooch may get a little rough when it comes to chewing toys. With this toy, however, you do not need to worry about any wear and tear. Bite tested by a 150-pound dog, it is proven to be durable and sturdy for aggressive chewers.

It is not infused with any flavor but comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The Gnawsome bone toy is ideal for adult dogs and for teething puppies too.

9. Nylabone Dental Chew Bone

Ideal for daily oral care and recommended by vets, dental chew bone by Nylabone is another one of their special dog teeth cleaning toys. It is made with Nylon and infused with chicken flavor which is one of the reasons why this chew toy is one of the highest-rated toys.

Its dental nubs help keep your pooch’s mouth plaque and odor-free. While it is sturdy, it is still soft on the gums of teething puppies. If you have an adult dog, you might want to consider another toy because many customers have reported it to be too soft for adult dogs that broke it into pieces after a few minutes of chewing. On the upside, it is one of the very few made in USA toys.

The dental chew bone comes in different sizes, each one suitable for medium breeds.

10. BeneBone Tough Dog Chew Toy

Your dog can never have enough bones and that is why you need BeneBone tough dog chew toy that is infused with real rotisserie chicken flavor.

It is designed to keep the dog’s grip in mind and the ridges are there to help maintain gum health. Made in the USA, the BeneBone is a super-strong dental chew toy. It is important to note that these toys are manufactured at a place where nuts are processed so they might cause allergic reactions in dogs that are allergic to nuts.

Moreover, while it is almost indestructible, it is still inedible so make sure you keep an eye on your dog during the chewing sessions to prevent any choking. This chew toy is made with Nylon, making it a good fit for adult dogs and aggressive chewers. BeneBone tough dog chew toy is simply worth every penny.

11. KONG Dental Chew Toy

Peanut butter! There is nothing that your pooch would love more than a chewing session filled with peanut butter. That’s exactly why the Kong dental chew toy allows you to fill peanut butter in it. This gives your dog the next level of gnawing fulfillment.

The Kong dental chew toy is a great treat for aggressive chewers because of its rubber making. The toy offers fun designs that keep your dog busy and hygienic throughout the day.

Kong has various other products in this category. This one, however, is unique and offers a tad bit more. Its sturdiness is praised by countless customers. This chew toy may seem expensive, but given the features, it will surely be worth every penny.

12. BulliBone Nylon Chew Toy

The Bullibone chew toy seems to be made keeping the dog’s instinct in mind. However, what really steals the show are the paw pads for extra grip and the beef infused flavor.

The Nylon chew toy is suitable for large breeds and adult dogs. Not only does it satisfy the chewing instinct of your dog it also promotes good gum health. Healthy gums mean healthy teeth. The Bullibone comes in 3 sizes and is manufactured in the USA.

13. Arm & Hammer Ora-Play

The Arm & Hammer Ora-play is a step up from its sister products. This chew toy has baking soda in it that helps clean teeth and whitens them too. Infused with peanut butter, you can pretty much guess from here that your pooch ain’t putting this toy down.

The fact that this is made with Nylon ensures that this toy can easily withstand aggressive chewing. While it does not offer any size or color options, it still has a lot to offer e.g. the nubs help stimulate gums. So if you have a teething pup at home, you can give this chew toy for stronger teeth.

Moreover, the deep cleaning nubs help reach deep inside the mouth and clean all forms of food residue and tartar. The ora-play has received almost no negative review and thus is a safe option to buy for your pooch.

14. TropiClean Fresh Breath Chew Toy

Let’s be honest, while dental chew toys seem promising, your dog still needs other dental care products like toothpaste. And whilst best dog cleaning products may have failed, the TropiClean chew toy stands out.

The shape of this toy is designed such that you can fill it up with oral gel for enhanced cleaning. So, while your dog chews on this rubber toy, the gel would reach the corners of the mouth providing extra cleanliness and fresh breath.

While it is promising, there is a chance that the gel might irritate your pooch. The customers have reviewed this product to live up to its promises thus it will be worth the investment.

15. Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Treat

We have saved the best for the last. The Busy Buddy bristle bone incorporates two unique features: nylon bristles and rubber nubs. Each of these helps remove plaque and tartar buildup in teeth while stimulating gum.

It has 4 treat ring refills that can be filled with your pooch’s favorite treats. Suitable for medium chewers, it is made with precision and care. The addition of treats not only helps reward positive behavior but helps kill boredom in dogs. It not only provides dental hygiene but makes playtime more fun.

While the treats make this toy more fun, it does make it a bit messy. But don’t worry, this chew toy is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily once your dog is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dog’s well being is and should always be a top priority. Worrying will take you nowhere, but our answers to your burning questions regarding your dog’s dental health surely will.

Do dog toothbrush chew toys work?

Dental dog chew toys, as the name suggests are made specifically for dog’s oral hygiene. Dogs can be finicky when it comes to getting their teeth brushed, however, these dental chew toys act as a convenient substitute.

All dogs love to chew, so a dental chew toy is the best gift for your canine buddy.

Dog chew toys help remove plaque. However, to complete your pooch’s dental health you need to follow other hygiene protocols as well.

Is it okay to let your dog play with a chew toy?

Dog chew toys are one of the best toys for your dogs. Not only do they help soothe teething problems in puppies but also help them use their energy in chewing something made specifically for that purpose. For all those wanting to build a healthy chewing habit in dogs, chew toys help them do that.

It is completely okay for your dog to play with a chew toy. However, make sure that your dog’s toy is made with toxic-free BPA material and is FDA-compliant.

Make sure you get a chew toy that does not have any small parts that your dog might choke on.

How to best clean your dog’s teeth?

When eating, food particles get stuck between the teeth which result in plaque. Plaque buildup is one of the major underlying causes of dental issues in dogs. You thus need the best teeth cleaning setup for your dog. While you can simply brush your teeth with a vet-recommended dog toothpaste and brush, this may not be easy. If your dog doesn’t like to get its teeth brushed then you can opt for these substitutes:

– Dog dental chew toys
– Chew treats for dogs
– Dog teeth wipes

Among these substitutes, chew toys are the best ones as they help clean your dog’s teeth naturally thus doing the job with the least amount of damage and maximum level of fun. Moreover, get regular professional dental checkups for your dog. This will help catch any issue before it gets too bad.

What can I give my dog to chew on that is safe?

There are many products in the market that can be given to dogs to chew on. The best option is a dental chew toy. A dental chew toy helps clean your dog’s teeth naturally while they enjoy chewing it.

Since many dogs tend to be aggressive chewers, they may ruin your shoe or couch, it is best to buy them a chew toy, saving your furniture and clothes. Chew toys come in the edible and non-edible form and offer a variety of flavors.

Make sure to buy an FDA compliant chew toy and don’t forget to see that the toy’s size matches your dog’s need.

What is the best dog chew toy?

There are many dog chew toys in the market, among the chew toy category, dental chew toys are the best. Some of the best dog chew toys are built by brands such as Arm & Hammer, Starmark, Nylabone, BeneBone, and Hartz.

dog chew toy priority
Always prioritize your dog’s well being.

Well there you have it! The best dog dental chew toys. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!