15 Best Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

15 Best Indestructible Dog Chew Toys
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All dogs big or small have the innate need to chew on anything they can get their paws on. According to experts, this behavior stems from how they behave like pack animals. Chewing and smelling are ways for dogs to understand their surroundings better. Therefore, dogs that are not provided with the opportunity to chew or use indestructible dog chew toys may suffer from physical and behavioral complications later on.

Puppies and adult dogs should be provided with the best indestructible dog chew toys. These toys serve as a way to entertain dogs and to help keep their teeth in good shape. Indestructible dog chew toys are available in different shapes and sizes, but you should select a safe and easy to clean toy for your pet.

What are Indestructible Dog Chew Toys?

Dog indestructible chew toys are safe dog toys that dogs and puppies can chew on. These are made from durable and reliable materials that won’t easily crack or break as your pet uses it every day. The term “indestructible” may not be entirely accurate as no toy is durable for a dog.

A dog has a powerful bite, even small breeds like Chihuahuas can produce powerful bites that can eventually destroy or ruin any kind of toy. However, some dog toy brands guarantee their toys’ value by offering limited or lifetime warranties for their toys and are willing to replace a damaged toy. Dog chew toys are essential to dogs. Vets recommend using this kind of toy to keep the jaws of dogs secure and their teeth and gums healthy. A chew toy also trains your dog from chewing other items in your homes like footwear, furniture, carpets, mats, and more. Dogs who are not allowed to chew on indestructible toys tend to develop destructive behaviors.

Just like any human, dogs can also become bored. And when dogs become bored, they develop unwanted behaviors like chewing and biting. A chew toy can help distract them from chewing and biting. Since these toys are durable, these become a challenge to dogs and help alleviate their boredom and other undesirable behaviors.

Indestructible Dog Chew Toys Buying Guide

As a first time buyer of a dog durable chew toy for your pet, you will surely be amazed at the variety of products available. From chew balls to ropes, chew bones to donuts, there’s a toy that’s right for your pet. Further, if you have a budget in mind, you’ll be happy to know that there are affordable indestructible chew dog toys available. But before you purchase any kind of chew toy, consider this guide.

rubber dog toys durability
Rubber toys are great for almost every dog!


The very first thing you might need to consider is how durable the toy is, and usually, durability is measured by the type of material the toy is made from, how it was made, and actual reviews or tests done. Hard plastic toys seem to be suitable for dogs but not for large dogs with a firm bite. Rubber toys are perfect for almost all dogs, but this should be well-made with no small parts that your dog can bite off and swallow.

Some toys may look durable, but after a few days or weeks of play, they may show signs of cracking or breaking. If you notice this in your big dog’s chew toys, remove them. It may be time to replace the chew toy.

Check out dog owner reviews for the toy to find out how durable it is. Sometimes this is the best way to check claims made by the manufacturer. Shopping sites like Amazon offer good reviews and rates of products as well.


Any peculiar odor from the toy may be due to the material that it’s made from. Sometimes, a dog may not like a toy because it smells funny or has an overpowering natural smell like rubber. Rubberized chew toys tend to have powerful odors. When buying chew toys, choose an odorless chew toy as much as possible.


The size of the chew toy must match the size of your dog. A small lap dog will love to play with small toys while large dogs need more massive and robust chew toys as they may accidentally swallow small toys. Meanwhile, some chew toys are great for both small and big dogs like ropes and Frisbees.

If you’re unsure what size of dog chew toy is best for your pet, consider this tip. The toy must be easy for your pet to carry in its mouth. It should be comfortable to hold, and your pet should lift the toy easy to take it wherever it pleases. If the toy is too heavy or too big to carry for your pet, consider a smaller one.

Meanwhile, if the toy is too small and you can hardly see it when your dog carries it in his mouth, it’s too short. Your pet will likely swallow it during play, so consider a bigger toy.


Some manufacturers use additives to make chew toys more appealing to pet owners but may not be suitable for your pet. A typical example is painting a chew toy bright colors; this is dangerous to pets as paint can easily chip off and be eaten by your dog. Also, dogs won’t be able to distinguish colors keenly as other animals, and thus, there’s no need for brightly-colored toys.

Toy manufacturers also add small bells, ribbons, and beads to toys that are too dangerous for pet dogs. Even small dogs can easily rip apart chew toys and swallow these little items. You should never buy these kinds of toys; these are very dangerous to dogs of all ages and sizes.

You must also consider a chew toy that’s easy to clean. Indestructible chew balls and tug toys are easy to clean with ordinary dish soap and water. Plush toys are not recommended as these can be easily ripped apart even by small dogs. But if your pet loves its plush toy and wants to snuggle with it at night, don’t take this away.

choosing  dog chew  toys
Choose easy to clean dog chew toys.

15 Best Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

Here are the top 15 best quality durable dog chew toys now available in the market. Find the best one that will fit your kind of dog.

1. Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball

The Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball is a chew toy that can hold a piece of treat inside. This way, your pet will keep playing with it until he can successfully remove the treat inside. It is made from a solid material that’s free from vinyl, latex, or phthalates, and therefore, it’s safe for your pet.

This toy is available in different sizes so you can find the best size that will fit your pet. There is a toy for large dogs (over 40 pounds), medium-sized dogs (under 40 pounds) and small dogs (those below 15 pounds).

You must use this sizing technique, especially if your pet is a heavy-chewer. This indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers is dishwasher safe and is very durable. It can help reduce anxiety as well as boredom.

2. Ruff Dawg Indestructible Tough Dawg Nut

The DAWGNUT is an extra-large donut-shaped dog chew toy from Ruff Dawg. This manufacturer is one of the most trusted brands in chew toys, and it’s also US-made, so it’s guaranteed high quality. It is made from sturdy plastic but does not have any weird smell that your dog may find strange.

The Ruff Dawg DAWGNUT is indeed durable, and this comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can also use this as indestructible dog toys for Pit Bulls, which has a lifetime guarantee for playing fetch or tag as you can tie this with a sturdy rope to play with your pet. This chew toy has a simple design, and thus, it’s easy to clean and maintain than other toys.

Finally, it is available in different colors; however, you can’t choose a color when you order.

3. Nylabone DuraChew Textured Ring

The Nylabone ring toy is a large textured ring that will surely satisfy your pet’s need to chew. It is made from very durable and indestructible nylon that will do well with tough chewers and big dogs.

This chew toy is made from hard yet safe materials that will help promote dental health too. The ring has multiple ridges and small nubs that can help prevent plaque and stop the buildup of tartar in dog’s teeth. We recommend this for large dogs, especially for those 50 pounds and over. It also comes with an irresistible flavor that tastes like your pet’s favorite food or dog treat.

This chew toy is also easy to clean. Just wash in warm soapy water, dry up, and it’s ready to chew once more.

4. Starmark Everlasting Tough Treat Ball

The Everlasting Treat Bento Ball is another product by Starmark. It is made from a natural material that’s many times stronger than rubber. Further, it is ideal for dogs that have sharp bites, strong chewers, and large dogs.

This durable dog chew toy has a space in the middle for a piece of treat. Your dog will have fun taking the treat out. You can use smaller dog treats, and it even comes with one gift upon purchase.

This toy is easy to clean and maintain using ordinary soap and water. It is also safe for all types, size, and breed of dog as it’s free from latex, phthalates, and vinyl. Your pet can chew on this non-toxic bento ball for many hours.

5. JW Pet Ruffians Chicken Squeaky Dog Toy

The JW Pet chicken chew toy is a squeaky toy that your pet will love to play with repeatedly. It is made from a solid rubber that has a rough and bouncy texture. The unique shape allows your pet to hold the toy easily with his mouth.

Your dog will love to play with indestructible squeaky dog toys. The sound the toy makes can be exciting for a pet dog. But no matter how rough and how often your pet plays with this pet chicken, it won’t chip, crack, or break apart. It is even infused with vanilla extract, so your pet will love to chew on it for hours.

This chicken chew toy is also easy to clean; just wash it in warm water using regular dish soap.

6. Ruff Dawg Indestructible Chew Ball

Ruff Dawg has done it again with the BallXL. It is a large 3.5-inch diameter bouncing ball ideal for large to medium-sized dogs or dogs 40 pounds and over. It is made from solid rubber, ideal for playing fetch or retrieving. Since it’s made from rubber, it’s gentle on your pet’s teeth and gums.

This indestructible dog ball is made in the USA and is also FDA-approved. It’s free from latex, phthalates, and BPA and is entirely recyclable. It comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee because it will never break, chip, or deform.

It will float in water and is available in assorted neon colors. Dogs who love to swim will love to play with this toy in the pool.

7. GoughNuts TuG Dog Toy MaXX

The Goughnuts Tug Toy looks like a double ring toy designed to let you play tag with your pet. It is an interactive dog chew toy that’s 11 inches long and 6 inches wide with a 1.5-inch midsection.

These products can be used as simple safe chew toys for dogs or let your pet bite one ring, and you can pull on the other one to play tag. You may also tie the other end with a rope, as this is very strong to resist strong pulling forces. It is indestructible and may be used by medium to large dogs.

You’ll find this easy to clean with just soap and warm water. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, truly a good value for your money.

8. Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler

The Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler is available in small, medium, and large sizes so you can choose the best size to fit your kind of dog. It is a ring chew toy with a section in the middle that can hold several treats or small bits of food.

Let your pet dog work for his food by playing with this dog chew toy. It is made from a durable material that can withstand large dogs, powerful biters, and aggressive chewers. Moreover, it is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

It follows strict guidelines for safety and is free from latex, vinyl, and phthalates, which can harm your pet. You can also wash this with warm soapy water, rinse and it’s ready to reuse.

9. Mammoth Braided Tug

The Mammoth Braided Tug with Tennis Ball is a toy made from solid premium materials. It is for dogs of all sizes. Further, the fibers of natural rope can floss your pet’s teeth and gums. It is robust, safe, and lasting ideal for games and playing fetch.

This indestructible dog toy for pit bulls is safe while helping young dogs with teething and is also a good toy for powerful chewers. It is washable, too. Just toss it inside the washing machine to wash. You may also handwash this toy using warm soapy water.

This braided tug rope may break or tear apart when used regularly, so please check its fibers periodically and replace them if you see signs of wear and tear.

10. Aizara Indestructible Chew Bone

This chew toy has a healthy natural rubber bone that’s perfect for puppies and adult dogs. It is made from a very durable soft rubber that will last even for powerful chewers. It will not just entertain your pet but will also help keep his teeth and gums very strong and super clean.

This toy can also serve as a way to reduce anxiety in dogs and to reduce frustration. It is a safe toy made from a material that’s BPA and phthalate-free. It can float and bounce and thus will work best as a fetching toy.

Finally, this toy has been tested by many types of aggressive dog breeds and strong chewers and has passed with flying colors.

11. Buck Bone Organics Elk Antler Dog Chews

Buck Bone Organics is made from natural grade A wild elk antlers. It is a premium natural animal antler that has the best weight, shape, and density. Further, it is an eco-friendly dog chew toy that has been delicately inspected, sourced, and sanded for your pet’s safety.

It is a natural chew toy that will never leave any mess and will never emit any odor. Also, it is free from chemicals, contaminants, and anything that can endanger your pet. Antler chew toys may also be linked to dog teeth whitening. And, it even comes with a special resealable pouch to keep this toy safe and clean when not in use.

You can select from different sizes: small, medium, large, jumbo, and 1-pound sizes ideal for larger dogs or dog breeds that are heavy chewers.

12. Starmark Everlasting Bento Ball

The Starmark Everlasting Bento Ball with a free dental treatment is a dog chew toy made for robust dogs. It is one of the fun and effective ways to help your dog maintain clean a whole set of teeth. Moreover, it is made from an indestructible material, which is very durable than rubber. It is latex, phthalates, and vinyl-free; therefore, it’s safe for your pet.

The treat-ball chew toy system will encourage large dogs to play and help reduce anxiety, boredom, and other unwanted behaviors. You can use the Everlasting brand of treats or use your brand of dog treats as long as these can fit inside the middle section.

It is also easy to clean; just wash with warm soapy water, dry it off, and you’re done. Always check this daily for any chipping or wear.

13. Ruff Dawg Indestructible Big Dawg Barbell Chew Toy

The Big Dawg Barbell is a very tough chew toy that comes in regular and extra-large sizes. It is made from a solid rubber that can be used even for fierce chewing dogs. It is ideal for fetching or for tug of war as you can tie a rope on this toy.

This toy is available in very bright neon colors so you can easily spot it in your yard or home. It will never chip, break off, or tear even when your pet uses this every day.

Further, it is also easy to clean as you can simply wash the dirt off using soap and water.

14. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone

The West Paw Zogoflex Hurley is a very durable dog bone toy made for very aggressive chewing dogs. It is made from recyclable, safe, and non-toxic material that is easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it floats in water too, and therefore it’s a good chew and a fetch toy for dogs who love to swim.

It is a USA-made product, which means it’s guaranteed safe and high quality. Accordingly, it is phthalates and BPA-free and is also FDA compliant, and thus, your pet will stay safe while playing with this colorful and versatile toy.

To clean, just toss it inside the dishwasher because it’s dishwasher safe. You can also wash it in warm soapy water, dry it up and it’s ready to use again.

15. Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew

The Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy has a textured finish that can help your pet maintain healthy, growing teeth. It’s for puppies and young dogs to clean teeth and help stop the spread of tartar and plaque. It also satisfies your pet’s need to chew as your pet can chew on this all day.

This dinosaur bone chew is for large dogs that are 50 pounds or heavier because it’s very durable. It also comes with delicious chicken taste and flavor that your pet will like.

This toy is made from the USA, and thus, guarantees high quality and safety.

dog toys that are indestructible
There isn’t a toy that is completely indestructible.

Indestructible Dog Chew Toys – FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about indestructible dog chew toys that pet owners usually ask online.

What is the most durable dog chew toys?

There are many kinds of durable chew toys, and the best types are chew ropes or tug ropes. Lines made of solid diamond braid rope will stand countless hours of play and chewing.

Also, the way tug and chew ropes make a lot of difference from using only a single piece of string as a chew toy. These toys are usually braided or tied in a very tight manner to make the toy more reliable and durable.

Are there any dog toys that are indestructible?

The term “indestructible” is a marketing strategy to differentiate a simple, easy to wreck toy from a robust and durable chew toy. There is no indestructible toy as all toys will eventually suffer from wear and tear, especially when your pet plays with it every day.

Most chew toys labeled as immortal will experience some form of chipping or ripping after some time. Therefore, it’s essential to inspect your pet’s chew toy daily for any signs of cracking, tearing, or damage.

What is the best toy for a dog who chews?

The best kind of toy for a dog who loves to chew is a hard rubber toy. This type of toy is not too hard for your pet’s teeth and gums and promotes a healthy and firm bite. Also, this type of toy won’t break or chip compared to hard plastic toys. Chew toys from hard plastic can crack, and small bits can injure your pet’s mouth and throat.

There are many types of hard rubber toys. There are chew toys in the shape of bones, balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, donuts, sticks, and cute animal shapes. Puppies chew more than adult dogs and are more likely to get in trouble because of their uncontrollable chewing! To avoid unwanted behaviors, you must provide safe chew toys made from softer to moderately hard chew toys. This type of chew toy is best for puppies with weaker jaws, delicate teeth, and softer bites. But as your pet grows older, switch to hard rubber toys and discard all soft toys.

Are hard chew toys suitable for dogs?

Hard chew toys are not suitable for dogs of any age as these can break apart, tear, or parts of it may chip off and could be swallowed by your pet. Hard chew toys from hard plastic, wood, or metal can break apart after time, and bits can dislodge in your pet’s mouth or throat.

Even large dogs or adult dogs should not be given hard chew toys as these can damage their teeth and gums. Dogs are unaware of how strong their bites can be, and usually, they end up getting hurt when they play with hard toys. If you spot your pet munching on a branch, stick, or a rock, distract it. Use his favorite toy, food, or a treat, so he’ll let go of the item, and you can retrieve it safely. And if your pet is allowed to roam in your yard, remove all hard things he can chew on. Offer softer toys instead.

So there you have it, 15 of the best indestructible dog chew toys. You’ll find these online or from a local pet store. If you want to do your pet a favor, then get one or two, or better yet, why not try them all?