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12 Best Dog Collars For Training

Written by Viena
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Published on
Tuesday 3 November 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog collars for training
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Best dog collars for training are multi-purpose devices that help you teach your unruly dog to be obedient. Accompanied by proper training tactics, shock collars are not only successful but also safe for your furry friend. Its adjustable settings ensure that shock, vibration, and sound are moderate only to elicit the desired response without hurting or shocking your pet.

Your dog depends on you to train them. And, this is why it is essential to have the best training dog collars for the job to teach your dog to obey and take better care of your dog’s wellbeing. This article will show you how you and your pup can improve the training experience using training collars.

What’s Different in Dog Training Collars?

Dog training collars are devices for effectively and efficiently teaching obedience and tricks, as well as correcting temperament issues. It features different training modes like beeping sound, vibration, and shock. Continue reading to know more about the benefits of using shock collars or e-collars for dog training.

Discourages jumping or digging

Dogs can develop obsessive behavior like digging when they are bored or interested in something. They are sometimes also prone to jumping when they are overly excited. With the use of a training dog collar, you can quickly disrupt their focus. Sending a sudden vibration and sound interrupts their bad behavior and encourages them to remember their training.

Stops excessive barking

Your pets could bark for different reasons. It is their way to communicate if something caught their interest, or when they sense danger or feel excited. The only problem is if barking becomes too loud and too frequent. It can be a sign of anxiety or obsessive behavior, which, when not addressed, can worsen. Dog shock collars can help deter this action. Shock collars or bark limiters help to train them to reduce their barking.

Averts negative behaviors

Destructive behaviors are not only damaging to your furniture, yard, and other properties but also harmful to the health of your pet. To help correct behaviors like chewing, biting, or nipping, you can start by using the audible mode on your training dog collar. It can be uncomfortable or distracting for but won’t harm them, which is why it is a useful tool.

How To Choose Training Dog Collars?

Not sure how to pick the best collar that suits your dogs? Don’t worry, here is a short guide of things that are necessary to consider when purchasing dog collars.

dog collars for training
Always check the fit of the training dog collar.

Neck Size

When buying other types of collar for your dog, you should always consider the fit. The collar should fit securely but not too tightly as to cause discomfort. A dog training collar has two contact prongs that deliver a static shock when triggered by a remote. For this feature to be useful, it has to be in contact with your dog’s skin. Thick and long coats can get in the way of the prongs, so besides moving the hair out of the way, your collar should also be a good fit.

Constricting collars can damage the skin on the neck area of your dog. Luckily, most dog shock collars cater to different sizes of dogs. Most straps are adjustable to provide excellent fit, no matter the size of your dog. The correct way to measure is by wrapping a measuring tape around the dog’s neck between the collar bone and ears. Add two inches to make sure that it won’t strangle them or slip over their head.


For dog collars, nylon and leather are the best and most durable materials. Nylon collars are one of the most well-used materials for dog collars. This material is inexpensive, comfortable, easy to use, and can prevent pulling. Furthermore, nylon can come in different colors, patterns, and designs. Also, they are soft but durable. It is comfortable for your pup to use for more extended periods.

Leather, on the other hand, is more sturdy and far more superior in quality and price compare to other materials. If your pooch has allergies or sensitive skin, it is best to use leather collars for them. Besides, this natural material is easy to clean. It just needs a regular wipe to remove dirt that can irritate the skin around the neck area. Lastly, leather collars are breathable. It helps minimize or manage the smell that emanates when worn for too long.


Dogs can be susceptible to developing an allergic reaction to some substances like metal, rubber, wool, artificial dies, other chemicals, as well as plastics. Check your pet’s neck area regularly to search for signs of redness, irritation, or sores. Cleaning their necks regularly using damp cloth can help remove dirt and bacteria. If the collar is chaffing their skin, it can develop a rash and become infected when neglected.

Although rare, some pups can have a distressing acute allergic reaction. Like humans, they can undergo anaphylactic shock as a response to specific allergens. If not treated, they can also be deadly to your pets.

Breed Of Dog

Aside from accounting the neck size and material of the collar, you should also consider their type of breed. Small breed dogs have much tinier and more sensitive necks. Nylon and leather are ideal for them as these materials are light and breathable. Look for a half-inch collar with a quick-release buckle for much comfortable and easy use.

For medium-sized dogs such as German Shepherds, Collies, and Huskies, look for thick bridle leather collars. These are very active breeds and can quickly wear out thinner dog collars. Bridle leather is soft for comfort yet highly durable.

Powerful and giant breeds need dog collars made with sturdy and heavy leather or synthetic materials, or a thick leather and nylon. Dog breeds, including Great Danes and English Mastiffs, are protective and very strong. They can either easily breakthrough or get strangled by narrow dog collars.

training dog collar breed of dog
Consider the breed of your dog when choosing a training collar.

12 Best Dog Collars For Training

Enhance your dog’s obedience and skills, and deter bad behavior using excellent training techniques and a dog training collar. As the owner and primary caregiver, you only want the best for your pet. This list should help your search for the best shock or training collars much easier.

1. Pet Resolve Remote Dog Training Collar

This Remote-Controlled Dog Training Collar was engineered by Pet Resolve and helps you train up to three dogs in displaying desirable behavior. Have access to 10 levels of continuous or momentary vibrations and beeps. These offer a wide range of training options is available to dog owners who want to use different methods at different times (e.g., daily training, emergencies). Transform your relationship with your dogs, for the better, with a proven remote training collar for dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

This training collar is durable and long-lasting, and allows you to train your pet in any weather – rain or shine! This product boasts a high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery that gets fully charged up in a couple of hours, and lasts approximately two days with frequent usage, or between five and seven days with less frequent usage. If you’re in the dark, you can use the night light mode which works amazingly well during wintertime training sessions.

If your dog is a heavy barker, the current updated version offers a no-bark mode that buzzes when barking is detected. Such a mode is particularly ideal for pets living in apartments. This is a modern product with many options and buttons on the remote. It may need some getting used to though once grasped, it’s a wonderful product to help train even the most stubborn dogs in a very safe manner.

2. E-Collar Technologies Mini Remote Dog Training Collar

If you do not want to hurt your dog when using shock collars, then this product is best for you. It uses blunt stimulus. What it does is that it ensures your dog receives a reprimand for their actions without causing too much stress to them and yourself. It is the best training collar for stubborn dogs because it has a hundred different levels of stimulation to better tailor to your dog’s size and temperament.

Once you have found a suitable intensity, you can use the lock and set feature for easy use. Besides that, the boost button allows you to increase stimulation up to 60, to keep your stubborn dog better under control. Also, it comes with two sets of stainless contact points to provide a more reliable connection. Finally, it gives a great half a mile range, waterproof, and comes with a cut to fit collar that fits all dog sizes.

Unfortunately, you have to make sure that you charge the batteries regularly so it wouldn’t stop working mid training. Low power can affect the connection between the receiver and transmitter, as well as lessen the effect of the stimuli. So, check the batteries has a full charge before leaving.

3. Aetertek Generic Small Breeds Dog Training Collar

Keep your small to medium size trouble maker from getting into mischief using this training collar. It has ten levels for sounds, vibration, and shock modes. The strap included is adjustable from two to nine inches and fit six to 50-pound dogs.

What we love about this dog collar is that the 400-yard range allows your dog to roam and play. Secondly, the receiver is water-resistant. And, the transmitter can quickly change controls between two collar receivers.

The remote controller and receiver are both powered with rechargeable batteries. However, it has a short battery life, which is reasonable as its purpose is only during training. To avoid draining the batteries quickly, use the shock mode sparingly.

4. SportDOG Remote Training Dog Collar

Now, this hunting dog training collar is best suited for teaching your sporting dog. It is excellent for both hunting and in-field training as it is easy to operate without needing to lose sight and focus on your pup. The 500-yard range, waterproof, and completely submersible collars are perfect for the outdoors.

You can quickly switch from vibration, tone, and 21 levels of static stimulation. Operating it requires only using a dial and a push of a button. Additionally, it enables you to communicate with up to three collar receivers.

This training collar is perfect for calling your dog to give up chase or pursuit and calling them back to you. On the other hand, be cautious not to overuse the battery as it can drain pretty quickly. You want to prevent running out of juice while your dog is out of sight and completely distracted.

5. DogCare Shock Dog Training Collar

A useful tool for pet training, this shock collar helps improve your communication with your dog. You can select between three instructions modes, including beep, vibration, and 100 static levels. The nine channels enable you to control a maximum of nine dog collars using one transmitter.

Moreover, its range of 330 yards and long battery life gives you and your dog comfort and freedom when outdoors. The security keypad lock, helps you avoid accidentally shocking your dog. This collar fits all size of dogs that weighs between 15 to 100 pounds.

Although it is waterproof, you can’t let your pup wear this collar when bathing or swimming. Remember that it is not fully submersible. Ideally, you can only use it for outdoor activities like hiking or playing in the park and not swimming or bathing.

6. Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar

Can’t stop your dog from chewing, barking, biting, or digging? What you need is the best dog shock collar. It helps you teach your dog to quit their bad behavior in increments, starting with a beep for beginners, followed by a vibrate, and a gentle shock for intense situations.

This 330-yard range device allows you to communicate with your dog without excessively stimulating. Besides that, it is also rainproof, which is perfect for training in your backyard or at the dog park. The collar size conveniently fits dogs that weigh eight pounds or more.

Keep in mind that putting on shock collars only be during training. Most importantly, don’t connect any lead or leash on the plastic and nylon collar. Also, doing this helps your dog relax during downtime and avoid irritating their sensitive skin.

7. PetSpy xPro Remote Dog Training Collar

Getting your dog to pay attention during obedience or behavior training can be tough sometimes, especially when they are older. Despite your dog’s age or temperament, giving your dog proper training and having the right tools can significantly improve both of your lives. For instance, purchasing large dog collars with a tone, vibrate, and shock options are convenient in making them concentrate on your lessons.

This dog training collar has sixteen adjustable audible tone, vibration, and shock levels. You can use it both for activities indoors and outdoors because it is waterproof and has a thousand-yard range. Plus, it is straightforward to operate and can fit any dogs more massive than ten pounds.

Even with an additional longer contact points, it is still ineffective on long-haired or thick-coated dogs. You must take care that the prongs are in direct contact with the skin for it to work. Regardless, the beeping sound and vibration should be enough to get their attention.

8. iPets Pet619s Remote Dog Training Collar

Teaching your dog basic obedience training can be challenging without proper guidance. And, this is where a training collar comes in handy. Even beginners can do this. To help your pup differentiate between reward and reprimand without treats is easy. What you’ll do is use the tone feature on your collar for the positive feedback and gentle vibration to correct their behavior.

All this work becomes more comfortable using this dog training collar. It has dedicated buttons for a beep, vibrate, and shock mode for easy use. You can quickly communicate the appropriate response with your dog.

It has a 220-yard range. However, an obstacle or object in the way can shorten its reach. Before going out, make sure that the transmitter and receiver have a full battery, so it works as intended.

9. PetSpy Static Remote Dog Training Collar

Help keep your dog under control even when off the leash using a dog training collar. You and your pup can enjoy an intensive activity like biking or hiking without any line tethering and impeding your movements. Besides, you can also use it to teach your basic or new tricks quickly.

This collar enables you to actively correct or motivates your dog from a distance of up to 1200 feet. Choose between three training modes, which includes 16 levels of shock, eight levels of vibration, and an audible sound. It is waterproof and compatible with any breeds that weigh ten to 140 pounds.

In some cases, the nylons straps can quickly wear down depending on the duration of use and how active your pet is. Always bear in mind that wearing shock collars should be limited during training. Having it on for more extended periods can put unwanted stress on your dog.

10. Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar

Problematic behaviors may not be a big issue when they were small but become worrisome when they become much older. For example, like barking, jumping, digging, and leash pulling is harder to train out of your dog when you don’t correct them starting from the beginning. You can help your pooch understand that you don’t like them misbehaving with proper training and the right devices.

Dog training collars like this provides beginners and professional trainers alike, a way to make a stubborn dog obedient. Using a remote transmitter, you can either set the collar to beep, vibrate or mildly shock them during training. It is waterproof and has an adjustable neckband that can fit from six to 25 inches. Also, you can customize the stimulation from 100 levels of static shock and vibrate.

Leaving the collar on your pup for more than 12 hours runs the risk of damaging their skin. Therefore, it is advisable to reposition the collar every one to two hours. Most importantly, wash the dog’s neck area regularly, watch out for signs of rash, and make sure the collar isn’t too tight.

11. Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training Collar

While spending time to teach your dog to quit excessive barking may be successful. Chances are, they could still be misbehaving when you are not around. Take matters into your hand and use a dog collar that would regularly and consistently remind them to behave.

This automatic device can easily differentiate obsessive barking from other noises and sounds and corrects it. Other bark limiters can cause false correction due to environmental sounds like scratching, vocalization, good bark, bark to warn you of danger, or barks from nearby dogs. What it does is count the number of barks by reading the frequency and vibration on your dog’s throat for high accuracy.

It is the best shock collar for large dogs that wouldn’t stop barking even after training. But, you need to observe how they would initially to the shock to see if the collar is compatible with them. It is not a replacement for training, rather a supplement. The level of static shock intensifies as the dog keeps barking, so some may react horribly and end up scaring them instead of helping them to stop.

12. PetSpy M86 Advanced Dog Training Collar

The fastest way to train your dog obedience and fix their behavioral issues is with consistent training and correction tools. For instance, teaching your dog tricks and submission using training dog collars conditions them to pay attention to your lesson. It helps them focus and quickly pick up your cues without much effort.

Send the signals to your pup loud and clear through three training modes, namely, shock, vibration, and beep sounds. It should be adjustable, depending on your needs like this training collar. Moreover, it is also waterproof, comes with a battery-saving feature, and is suitable for dogs weighing ten pounds and up.

To help make sure that your dog understands your command and the stimuli they receive from the collar, you must be consistent with their training. First, let them get used to wearing the collar during training sessions. Second, give the same response for every scenario. Lastly, avoid overstimulation or overcorrection by repeatedly sending shocks or vibrations.

dog training collars are helpful
Dog training collars are great training tools.

About Dog Training Collars

If you are thinking about using a shock collar for your dog, you might have some questions on your mind. We have gathered here a few answers to the most common questions that you may be interested to know about dog training collars.

How do you train a dog using a training collar?

To train your dog using a training collar, you must first understand that it is only a supplementary tool and not a way to punish your dog. Introduce them to the device by letting them become comfortable using it for a few days during training. Next, you create a system that determines if they would receive either a sound or a vibration depending on their behavior. It helps them interpret your cues better if you are constant with your training and signals.

Then, fix a regular schedule with your sessions. New tricks and exercise are better absorbed by your pup, using repetition. However, avoid overcorrection and overworking your dog as it can only make them become frustrated and stressed. Your goal should be firm with your commands, but don’t be forceful.

Are shock collars suitable for training dogs?

Shock collars are best for training dogs to stop misbehaviors like barking, jumping, bolting, and such. Opt for a gentle nudge using sound or vibrate more often to admonish their negative actions. With your training, they can pick up your signal no matter how subtle it is. Trust your dog will listen to you.

Have more patience while working with your dog and make sure you know all the basics, pros, and cons of using a shock collar for your dog. Consequently, you should only reserve shocks only for emergencies or dire situations so as not to instill fear or make them more destructive. Receiving a shock can only cause them to cringe or become antagonistic to the collar and your training.

What is the best dog training collar?

Best dog collars for training should have features that may help like sound, vibrate, and static shock. Most importantly, adjustable levels for each mode are a great option, but your dog only needs the gentlest nudge or signal to get their attention and tell them what you want. Some collars also have security and safety features that prevent accidental shocking or overstimulation.

If you are training multiple dogs, look for products that have a multi-channel transmitter for easy and convenient use. Furthermore, make sure that the collar is comfortable and pet safe. It is important always to read and follow all the instructions for the proper use and operation of the collar. You can also look for waterproof collars so you and your dog can enjoy swimming or training outdoors without ruining the device.

Do vibration collars work for dog training?

Vibration collars are effective during training because it only causes mild discomfort to your dog instead of hurting them. Dogs are sensitive and will instantly react if your cues are clear and concise. With proper training, your dog can quickly break their focus, even mid chase or hunt.

The collar signals them to stop whatever their doing and follow the instruction from their owners. They can swiftly switch back their attention to you with just a bit of prompt from a vibrating collar — no need for punishments. The vibration collar gives them sufficient warning to stop misbehaving.

Dog training collars are helpful and practical training tools for professional trainers and beginners alike. Keep in mind that these devices are a tool and not a substitute for training. There are tons of collars for dog training that features numerous options and functions. But, the most significant and most important thing you have to take into consideration when choosing a collar is your pup’s safety, comfort, and care.

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