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15 Best Dog Toys For Dogs That Don’t Like Toys

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Published on
Tuesday 31 January 2023
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
15 Best Dog Toys For Dogs That Don't Like Toys
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Over the years, we got used to the idea that dogs like toys. However, that thought is not entirely true. Well, some dogs are just calm while others like to be active on their feet. However, you can also encourage your canine to be active. That’s simple, though. The solution to that is to start buying toys for dogs that don’t like toys. 

15 Best Dog Toys For Dogs That Don’t Like Toys 

When it comes to toys, some pups are just plain picky. So, as pet owners, it’s our job to encourage their interests. Yet, to do that, we need to find interactive dog toys that will suit their needs and lengthen their attention spans.

Our top pick is none other than Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy. This is a wonderful product for dogs that like active outdoor games. It’s bouncy and floatable and ideal for both fetch and swimming activities. Moreover, this is also cost-effective and easy to clean. 

However, if you want other options, keep scrolling below. This article lists excellent stimulating dog toys recommended by most vets and pet owners who own dogs that don’t interact much with regular toys. 

ProductHighlightsTypeMaterialDurability (1-10)Ratings
Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog ToyRough textured surface for better grip. Durable and buoyant in water. Ball toyRubber74.8 
ZippyPaws Woodland Burrow Dog ToysInteractive and perfect to keep boredom away. Built-in squeaker. Plush puzzle toyFabric34.7
Elk Antlers for Dogs100% natural and safe for dogs. Doesn’t contain any rawhide. Bone toyAntler bone54.6
KONG Stuff-A-BallDurable red rubber. Helps clean plaques. Freshens breath.Cube toy and treat dispenserRubber54.6
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll RopePerfect for tug-of-war. Designed this to be puncture-proof. Rope ball toyRubber54.5
5 Best Dog Toys For Dogs That Don’t Like Toys

1. Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

This product is for you if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind and durable dog toy. Chuckit is a worthwhile brand that produces high-quality toys. It’s durable and can withstand powerful dogs’ heavy biting and chewing. This is also bouncy and comes in a high-visibility color for nighttime play sessions. Plus, this is great for outdoor activities such as fetch and pool parties. 

The Chuckit product is a toy for puppies who don’t like toys. However, even the best ones have minor downfalls as well. With that said, some customers reported this ball was too durable. Unfortunately, it has a tough, stony surface, which makes it difficult for dogs to grip it. The worst part is when dogs bite down, they fracture their teeth, which requires their owners to have them undergo surgery. 


  • It’s suitable for various dog sizes. 
  • It has a textured rubber design for powerful chewers. 
  • This is bouncy and perfect for outdoor games. 
  • It’s also lightweight and floatable
  • It has a bright color for better visibility.


  • The rubber smell is too strong. 
  • Some products have a very hard texture. 

2. ZippyPaws Interactive Woodland Friends Burrow Dog Toys

The next item on our list is the ZippyPaws interactive burrow toy. This is undoubtedly a toy designed for dogs that don’t particularly like toys. It’s a highly stimulating model that prevents boredom and eases anxiety. Moreover, unlike toys with a hard shell, this one is made from plush fiber. Plus, this has a unique design; it has stuffed squirrels that dogs can play hide and seek with

This is a fantastic toy that also earned many positive reviews on Amazon. Yet, the same with other plush materials, its durability is at stake. Some customers stated the major disadvantage of this product is its soft material. According to them, fabric and dog teeth don’t get along well. Further, the seams are not that durable and break easily upon single washing. 


  • It has a built-in squeaky speaker.
  • This also has an interactive puzzle that’s stimulating. 
  • Dogs can also use the plush toy as a pillow.
  • It trains dogs’ behavior and instincts. 
  • Each plush log includes 3 mini stuffies. 


  • This isn’t good for aggressive chewers. 
  • It has lots of loose seams. 

3. Elk Antlers for Dogs

As a pet owner, jumping from one toy to another must be tiring. Despite the many variations of chew toys available in the market, a dog’s preference is still a mystery. Moreover, what are you waiting for if you want to know how to get a canine interested in toys? Add this elk antler toy to your cart. 

Unlike other chew toys that were synthetically processed, this one is 100% natural with no artificial flavorings or fillings. Although it came from the top portion of live elk antlers, the fantastic part is that no animals were hurt in making this toy. 

This product is durable and long-lasting. Also, since this is a bone, it also has some minor downfalls. Unfortunately, this can have sharp splinters when dogs chew on it. With that said, those splinters and crumbles may cause mouth injury and even intestinal blockages.


  • It’s a grade-A stick that’s perfect for bullies.
  • This is 100% natural. 
  • It doesn’t have additives, fillings, or artificial flavorings.
  • Good source of vitamins, minerals, and chondroitin.  
  • Helps promote good dental hygiene. 


  • It has sharp splinters that cause injury. 
  • This breaks and crumbles into tiny pieces. 

4. KONG – Stuff-A-Ball – Durable Rubber

Kong is a company that has been around for many years. It produces durable and authentic dog chew products that most vets and pet owners recommend. When it comes to choosing durable toys for pooches that don’t like toys, this Kong trademark doesn’t disappoint. Unlike other toys that are plush, this one has a unique cube design that includes a treat dispenser. This is also highly stimulating, long-lasting, and helps promote fresh breath. 

In addition, this Kong chew toy came from a red rubber scientific formula that endures tough bites of aggressive dogs. Also, this is suitable for different dog sizes. Just add one to two sizes for every powerful chewer, though. However, this is also among the products that have flaws. Well, many customers found their items arrived with flattened edges. Further, the sizing is quite big for small dogs as well. 


  • It has ridges that help clean plaques and tartars. 
  • Combo of toy and treat dispenser. 
  • Comes in various sizes for different dog weights. 
  • It came from natural rubber that’s safe for dogs. 
  • It’s durable and long-lasting. 


  • Some parts of the toy are not molded properly. 
  • The toy is too big for some dogs. 

5. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope with Ball Dog Toy

If your pup is no longer interested in plain ball toys, then you can try buying this one. Jolly Pets toy is not your regular toy. It has a rope attached, so it’s perfect for throwing, tugging, or dragging activities. Dogs like variations, and this one fits the criteria. This is also durable and made from a patented Jollyflex material that is safe for dogs.  

Other than that, this is also bouncy and buoyant. It’s ideal for indoor or outdoor activities and floats fine in the water. It comes in many interactive colors that pet owners can choose from. In addition, this is cost-effective and very easy to clean using just plain soap and water. 

Meanwhile, there are three main disadvantages that you should consider upon buying this product. The first is that the rope is unstable and breaks fast. Next, like any rubber, this one also has a bad odor. Moreover, the last one is that this isn’t fit for aggressive chewers and may even cause intestinal obstruction when dogs ingest broken rubber. 


  • Dogs don’t easily puncture this.
  • It’s bouncy and buoyant so it’s perfect for water games. 
  • This toy is built for vigorous throwing and tugging.
  • It’s suitable for dogs of various sizes. 


  • The rope easily breaks. 
  • It has a strong rubber odor. 
  • Broken parts can cause obstruction.

6. KONG – Aqua – Floating Dog Fetch Toy for Water Play

This one is also another Kong product that most vets and pet owners highly recommend. It ranks 6th in our list and is no other than the Aqua floating toy. If you’re having difficulties finding a suitable toy for your bored pup, then give this one a chance. This has a foam core that’s lightweight and floatable yet durable enough to withstand powerful dog bites. Moreover, it has an extra long rope for the convenience of throwing this toy in far areas. This also has a bright neon red color that is highly visible in far-dark areas. 

By choosing Kong products, you’re also picking one of the most stimulating dog toys on the market. However, this has minor glitches you should know about before buying. Well, although the rubber is sturdy, its rope is quite the opposite. Unfortunately, the rope is brittle and is not ideal for heavy dragging, tugging, or biting. Lastly, ripped rope fabric is dangerous for dogs and may cause obstructions. 


  • It’s a perfect toy for fetch or water sports. 
  • It has a long rope for extra fun. 
  • It’s also good for powerful chewers. 
  • Lightweight and buoyant.
  • Dogs have an easy grip on this.


  • The rope is faulty and breaks easily.
  • Dogs can accidentally ingest rope fabric. 

7. Runda Snuffle Mat for Dogs

If you want more variations in terms of toys for dogs that don’t like toys, then you’re in the right place. Runda is another trustworthy product that’s worthy of your attention and money. Plus, this company has been around since 2015 and has only one goal: to produce high-quality brands for all dog breeds. Unlike the other toys on our list that can be used in fetching and swimming, this one is a snuggle mat. 

Well, that only means one thing: this product has an edge. Among the other dog toys, this is the only one in here that brings comfort to dogs. Moreover, this can also be used as an interactive feeding mat that mimics grass grazing in dogs. In addition, this is easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about stains. 

However, this also has minor pitfalls as well. Some customers complained that this is a bit costly considering its small size. Further, if you have an aggressive dog, it’s better to avoid this since they may rip off the fabric and ingest it. 


  • Ideal for both sleeping and feeding.
  • The snuggle mat is machine washable. 
  • It’s mentally stimulating and interactive for dogs. 
  • It imitates grass grazing instincts in dogs.
  • This is eco-friendly and safe for canines. 


  • It’s a bit pricey for its size. 
  • This isn’t suited for aggressive chewers. 
  • Torn fabric can cause blockage.

8. Ravenox Natural Twisted Cotton Rope

Ravenox cotton rope brings another variety of dog toys to town. This isn’t your usual ball or plush dog toy, instead this is just a simple, but strong, rope for a dog that won’t play with toys. Well, dogs love chasing and surely, this rope can provide that thrill. Not only that, though, this one also has anti-UV properties, which means it doesn’t absorb heat even after long hours of exposure to the sun. 

Moreover, Ravenox company started around 2012. It was founded with one goal in mind, and that’s to provide multi-purpose ropes in America. With that said, this type of rope has many industrial uses. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, and crafts, and even as a dog chew toy. 

However, there are only two things to consider upon buying this product. The first minor issue is the color since it’s quite misleading. Lastly, the rope is not consistent in terms of texture and thickness. 


  • Comes in varieties of colors to choose from. 
  • It’s strong and has a triple twist for extra durability. 
  • This has anti-UV properties. 
  • It came from strong natural cotton fibers. 
  • This can also be used as a craft, decor, or toy. 


  • Colors are not what they seem. 
  • It has inconsistent thickness and texture. 

9. Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys for Teething Puppies

Nylabone company is home for many dog treats, chews, and toys. This is a brand that many pet owners recommend. It comes in various flavors and different unique designs to choose from. Moreover, if you’re still looking for the type of toy for dogs that don’t like toys, then this could be your perfect solution. 

Well, every Nylabone toy comes with a different purpose. There’s one that actively removes plaques and tartars. Plus, there’s also one that acts as a chewing toy for teething puppies. In addition, there’s another option that functions as an edible treat for pets. 

Further, the same with other products, this one also has its fair share of downsides. However, it’s nothing major though. It’s just that some customers complained that the spikey pink and blue variations of this brand tend to get chewed easily even by moderate chewers. 


  • Great toy for teething puppies. 
  • It comes in different flavors and shapes. 
  • This is a 3-in-1 purchase. 
  • It’s also available for different dog sizes. 
  • The raised bumps help remove plaques and tartar. 


  • The blue and pink variations are not durable. 
  • It can cause choking hazards. 

10. Benebone Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

The perfect remedy for dogs that don’t like toys is variety. Like humans, dogs get bored with playing and seeing the same toys over again. They have short attention spans, hence they need toys that are more arousing. With that said, this Benebone sturdy chew toy is a great deal for picky canines. It has a wishbone structure, which is a big plus since not all chew toys come in this unique design. Moreover, even though this is a nylon chew toy, still this is infused with natural chicken, peanut, and even bacon flavoring

Meanwhile, some customers don’t recommend buying this product. Well, it’s no doubt that nylon is a sturdy material that has many industrial uses. However, when it comes to chew toys, this material can be quite hard for a dog’s tooth. Lastly, this may have sharp edges that can injure not only adults but puppies as well. 


  • This has 100% natural bacon, chicken, and peanut flavoring.
  • It comes in many sizes and in a wishbone shape.
  • It’s easy to chew and has a friendly grip. 
  • This is durable and long-lasting. 


  • It can break a dog’s tooth. 
  • This can have sharp pieces.
  • It’s not good for puppies. 

11. Outward Hound Interactive Treat Puzzle Game Dog Toys

Nina Ottoson is another dog chew toy company that is worthy of your time and money. They deliver high-quality products that most vets and pet owners also recommend. Well, among the many pet companies worldwide, what makes them unique? It’s only simple, though. They produce grade-A interactive puzzle feeders

When excited, canines tend to eat fast. Hence, that’s the reason this company created a slow-feeding device for our furry friends. Moreover, this puzzle toy also comes in different difficulty levels depending on your dog’s age, patience, and preference. 

With those features explained, surely this is one of the best toys for dogs who don’t like toys at all. It’s mentally stimulating and also proven to prevent boredom. However, there’s no such thing as perfection in this world. Unfortunately, although this is also a good product, there are some puzzle tiles that keep knocking off. Further, this isn’t ideal for heavy chewers. 


  • It stimulates a positive response from dogs.
  • This also helps reduce anxiety and boredom. 
  • It includes an interactive puzzle feeder.
  • It’s safe and easy to clean with just water and soap. 
  • It comes in different levels and various colors. 


  • The puzzle tiles are not that stable. 
  • It’s not chew-proof. 

12. PetSafe Barnacle Chew Toy

This PetSafe chew toy provides a unique playing and chewing experience for dogs that don’t like toys. As its name implies, this type of dog toy has a different design suitable to rouse the interest of canines. It has three chambers with the company’s trademark called treat meter. Hence, you don’t need to worry about treats not fitting.

Moreover, this interactive feeding device prevents dogs from feeling bored or anxious about their surroundings. Also, this is made of rubber, which is bouncy, and of course, very easy to clean. Just grab some plain soap and water, then you’re good to go. 

On the contrary, there’s only one complaint regarding this product. According to previous customers, this chew toy has a strong rubber scent that won’t disappear even after washing. 


  • It’s a unique barnacle-shaped interactive feeder. 
  • This has three chambers that act as treat dispensers.
  • It’s also bouncy and easy to clean. 
  • The chew toy is durable and long-lasting. 
  • It has a built-in treat meter to ensure treats fit. 


  • It has a strong chemical rubber smell. 

13. WEST PAW Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy

Another way to entertain a dog who doesn’t like toys is to buy him a WEST PAW Qwizl toy. This company was founded in 1996 with a solid aim to become a top-impact producer of high-quality and safe dog products. Well, with that said, you can never go wrong in choosing this brand. 

Aside from that, all WEST PAW products have undergone FDA approval. Thus, this is a safe way of making sure your dogs are happy and contented. This is a combination of toy and treats dispenser which dogs surely love without question. Plus, this is ideal for both land and water fun activities. 

Meanwhile, some pet owners aren’t satisfied with this product. According to them, their orders arrived either in old or already used condition. Also, this chew toy is not entirely indestructible in the jaws of large dogs. 


  • It’s eco-friendly and came from recycled materials. 
  • This is also an interactive treat feeder. 
  • It has an easy-to-grasp surface. 
  • This is bouncy and also floatable. 
  • It’s FDA-approved and easy to clean. 


  • Some products arrived old or used. 
  • It’s not entirely chew-proof. 
  • The rubber chunks can cause blockage. 

14. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Pet Zone is also another company that sells animal-friendly interactive toys. Well, dogs get bored and anxious easily. With that in mind, Pet Zone IQ treat ball comes to the rescue. This doesn’t only serve as a toy for dogs that don’t like toys but also ensures that they achieve a slow eating behavior. That’s because dogs eat fast when they’re excited, and as a result, they choke or hurt their tummies. Moreover, owning this treat ball is a remedy to that problem. 

However, this is made from plastic and, although long-lasting, has some drawbacks. According to some customers, plastic is not durable enough for large, powerful dogs. Also, broken plastic is sharp and can cause injuries when ingested. 


  • This is an interactive slow feeder.
  • Promotes healthy eating and an active mentality. 
  • It also helps extend playtime to avoid boredom. 
  • The difficulty level is adjustable.
  • This is easy to assemble and clean. 


  • It’s not that durable for aggressive chewers. 
  • Broken plastic shells can cause injuries and blockage. 

15. PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal-Dispensing Dog Toy

The last one on our list is this PetSafe jug dispenser dog toy. Well, if you wanted something that can store large amounts of treats, then choose this one. When a dog doesn’t play with toys, then it means those toys are boring him. Hence, you need to act fast and choose something that’s new to his eyes. Fortunately, this jug treat dispenser is a unique product and will most likely catch his attention.

Not only that, but this also has a cool-looking spiky rubber stopper attached in the opening and a rope that tugs treat inside the jar. Moreover, those features are aesthetic to look at and promote healthy teeth and gums by removing plaques and tartars. In general, this is a one-of-a-kind dog toy that easily fits the budget of most pet owners. 

However, there are two factors to consider before buying this product. Pet owners complained that the design appears cool but quite bulky. Also, treats don’t come out easily when tugged, and the rope is quite fragile. 


  • It includes a built-in container for treats. 
  • This also has a rope for tugging purposes. 
  • The jug container has a rubber spike stopper. 
  • It also helps remove plaques and tartars. 
  • This promotes a healthy slow feeding technique. 


  • The design doesn’t allow treats to come out easily. 
  • Rope gets ripped easily as well. 

Why Does My Dog Doesn’t Like Toys? 

We become so used to seeing dogs play with toys. Well, most dogs love to play, but let’s not forget that others are quite different. Canines become distant due to various reasons. Some are like that because of their temperament, others become withdrawn due to the environment, whereas a few dogs won’t play with toys because of medical conditions. 

Social withdrawal is one of the reasons why your dog doesn’t play with toys. According to a study in 2020, canines are most likely to feel fear around their surroundings if they had a poor social upbringing. As a result, they may feel disinterested despite the various toys their owners bring them. 

In addition, there are also times when dogs show a lack of interest because of sickness. Many owners reported their dogs not eating or playing and sometimes even hiding when sick. Another study in 2017 stated that 47.5% of adult dogs are likely to suffer from diseases and become withdrawn and disinterested in their environment. 

Moreover, playtime also depends on a dog’s behavioral status. There are canines that like chewing, tugging, and biting things. In contrast, some are submissive and would prefer to give up playing. Also, submissive dogs lack the confidence to explore their surroundings, which is why some dogs won’t play with toys.

Further, other factors affect dogs’ willingness to play with toys. They are as follows: 

  • Negative reinforcement or punishment
  • They don’t know what toys are
  • Inadequate motivation
  • Dogs have no toy variations
  • Toys are not interesting enough
  • Their gums hurt
  • Toys are sharp or too hard

How to Choose the Best Toy for Dogs That Don’t Like Toys 

Variations of dog toys are available in the market. But, how do you get toys for dogs that don’t like toys in the first place? That is the main question most dog owners ask. To be honest, it’s quite frustrating to jump from one toy to another, for it seems that no toy is good enough to catch a dog’s attention. 

As pet owners, there are a few considerations in buying pet toys. First off, find your dog’s interest when it comes to toys. Do your research or ask the vet what toys will most likely hold a dog’s attention. Also, you can select something that’s brain-stimulating, like puzzles or squeaky toys. 

There’s a study that stated dogs have emotional bonds with their toys. Hence, if their toys are not meaningful enough, then they won’t form those attachments. Plus, for those toys to be significant, buy multipurpose ones, such as plush toys. Well, they’re also interactive, strong enough to withstand dog bites, and at the same, can provide emotional comfort during anxious times.

Also, dogs like it when their senses are stimulated. You can buy a chew toy with built-in flavors. In that way, canines can pick up the new flavorful scent and become interested in it. Further, try introducing him to interactive rope toys for a dog that doesn’t like toys. 

Ordinary toys lack diversity, so dogs don’t prefer to play with them. Instead, buy toys your furry friend can play tug-of-war or fetch with. Plus, to engage your dog deeper, you can also buy treat dispensing toys or even buoyant ones that they can play with the water. 

How to Make Your Dog Love its Toy 

The reason why your dog doesn’t play with toys can be due to his physical and social upbringing. To solve that problem, you can try interactive ways to motivate your dog. Hence, here are some tips on how to get dogs interested in toys. 

Consider Their Vision

A study stated that dogs can have favorite toys. They can imprint their scents on it, so they can easily find it and play with it even in dark areas. Yet, there are also instances that they tend to jump from one to another, making it look like they have no favorites at all.  

Moreover, that condition above is what vets call neophilia. Like humans, dogs also like new things. Hence, don’t panic when your dog doesn’t like old toys. Mix things up to gather their attention. In short, buy toys that are new to their eyes, such as puzzles or treats dispensing ones. 

Choose Toys With Enticing Smell

Dogs use their senses 24/7. Well, that is how they hunt and tend to themselves in the wild. 

Also, a study claimed that dogs like to incorporate the senses of smell and sight when choosing a toy. With that said, pet owners need to buy toys that are pleasant looking and scented. 

Also, research stated that another factor to get a dog interested in toys is to buy scented ones. It turns out canines are motivated to pick up a toy with a lavender or rabbit scent. Further, scented toys are more beneficial than we think. Studies show that dogs display positive behavior, a relaxed physique, and better sleeping patterns after playing with scented toys. 

Consider Their Color Spectrum

Canines have an eye condition called color blindness. They can’t see the colors red or green and even complementary colors with shades of red and green. Moreover, they can only see two colors, blue and yellow. Hence, that’s the reason most dog toys are in shades of blue and yellow. 

Dogs’ ability to see only two colors can be called dichromatic vision. That means our furry friends only have two eye cones that distinguish color. So, to entertain a dog who doesn’t like toys, it’s better to choose a toy that’s within its color range. 

Choose Toys With Sounds

Has your dog been showing disinterest in playing lately? Worry no more since there are toys for dogs who don’t like toys. For starters, it was found that canines like toys with sounds. Well, there’s a scientific explanation for that. The toy squeak reminds dogs of an animal’s squeal when they hunt. 

Moreover, the sound triggers dogs’ predatory instincts. Hence, that’s the reason why they love it so much. It also enhances their mood and keeps them preoccupied for a longer time. 

Opt for Chase Toys

Dogs, like their wolf ancestors, like chasing. Normally, that factor is in their blood. With that said, they may get bored if you don’t encourage their primal behavior. To motivate their senses, owners need to buy chase toys. 

A dog that doesn’t like toys will become motivated once given a ball toy. That’s because canines love balls since it activates their primal prey drive. Moreover, according to research, our domesticated friends like to chase balls or sticks, then bring them to their owners. Well, that signifies their ancient ways of killing prey and bringing it to their dens. 

Show Your Interest

There are lots of toys for dogs that don’t like toys. Yet, even those new toys won’t motivate your dog if you, as an owner, aren’t interested in them. Dogs are social beings. They like to interact with their humans, and most importantly, they like it when their owners get excited about playing with them

It’s only simple, though. Canines feel their humans’ emotions. If humans don’t show that much interest in their dogs’ playtime sessions, then most likely, their dogs will feel bored as well. Further, it’s important to involve yourself in your canine’s daily routines. 

Dog Toys For Dogs That Don’t Like Toys: FAQs 

There are certain factors you need to consider in buying toys. With that said, here are the most frequently asked questions owners have about dogs that don’t like toys. 

Is it normal for a dog to not like toys?

Yes. Some dog doesn’t like toys; as scary as it may appear, that’s normal. When dogs don’t like toys, it’s not always a medical condition to worry about. Sometimes, your dog may have a calm temperament and prefer sleeping rather than playing with toys. 

What to get for a dog that doesn’t like toys?

To get your furry companion’s attention, it’s great to give him stimulating dog toys. Sometimes, an ordinary dog toy may not be enough to motivate his senses. When that happens, try giving him squeaky toys or rope balls with which he can play tug-of-war. 

Why does my dog bring me toys but not want to play?

It is a dog’s instinct to bring gifts to his pack leader. That’s his way of showing his submissiveness to his alpha, which is you, his owner. However, in some cases, it may look like your dog doesn’t like toys, because he needs socialization. Further, he wants you to go after him and engage him to play. 

How do you encourage a dog that doesn’t want to play?

There are toys used to entertain dogs. For starters, there’s a squeaky toy that can encourage their predatorial instincts. Also, there are flavored chew toys that can stimulate their senses. Plus, there are also puzzle toys that will persuade them to play.  

How can I get my dog interested in toys?

You can get your dog interested in playing by being involved in their playtime and also, by giving them stimulating dog toys. Moreover, those toys come in various types. They can be puzzles, plush stuffies, treat dispensers, and even ball and rope toys. 

Choosing toys for dogs that don’t like toys is a tough decision. Even though canines went through domestication, still they’re quite a mystery to humans. Their attention span varies and with that said, owners must stimulate their minds to avoid boredom. However, to be sure you’re buying the best dog toy in the market, do your research first.  

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