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What are the Best Colors for Dog Toys? (Science-Based!)

Written by Viena
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Published on
Monday 8 February 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
what are the best colors for dog toys
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Compared to humans, our furry companions possess some visual advantages more than imaginable. While our eyes have three cone types to identify plenty of colors, dogs only have two types. The limitation allows them only to distinguish blue and yellow, that’s why it’s vital to pick the best colors for dog toys.

Considering your dog’s vision, it will help you make great choices in giving them their favorite items, such as dog toy colors. Take note that canines would enjoy having yellow and blue dog chew toys rather than red ones. The peculiarity of their vision is also why they tend to get distracted when there’s a flying object. Learn here which toy colors are best for your furry pal. Bit sight is not the entire story! Dogs have a strong sense of smell, too. For instance, wooden chew toys are a dog’s favorite!

Do Colors Matter for Dog Toys?

Even if your tail-wagging friend can only see a limited variety of colors, it’s still important to consider the color when you buy them toys. Colors do matter to humans in almost all aspects of living, and likewise with your dog. An excellent choice for owners is to rely on a favorite hue in deciding what item to pick. Luckily, there have already been various dog toy colors in the market, thanks to the signature color groups they make.

A common misconception that people always perceive is that dogs’ vision is only limited to black and white. That belief often leads to a vast disregard of putting importance on dog color vision. And while dog products are made to please the owners that are also customers, manufacturers also add the dog’s color range factor to the creation process.

Another matter owners should look at is the practicality in choosing the right color for your furry companion. One prime example is the color combination of a toy to the area you and your dog would play. If you’re in a greeny field using blue dog toys, the contrast it’ll create will make your dog recognize it immediately. On the other hand, a yellow trinket would blend in with green, making it hard to find. You can also apply the same standards in different situations.

What are the Best Color Toys for Dog Toys?

When we decide the color of our choice for something, we always pick the one based on preference. While it’s entirely normal for us humans, sticking with the same thinking in selecting the best color for dog toys is a different conversation. Dogs have fewer cones in their eyes compared to humans. Cones are photoreceptor cells that enable any creature to recognize color. Humans carry three cone cells, which allows us to see various colors such as red, green, yellow, and blue wavelengths. Meanwhile, dogs only have two of them, seeing only blue and yellow – meaning they’re red and green-blind.

One thing owners should remember in buying dog stuff is that their canine has a dichromatic color vision. It’s a condition that prevents them from seeing various colors that we humans could see. It’s also the primary reason why they’re limited to seeing some colors. Realizing these factors will make you ask what colors can dogs see for you to choose in buying playthings. Which among the colors will make your dog deal a hard time to see, and which colors will give them uneasiness? And most importantly, what are the best colors for dog toys? It all boils down to this: “What would be the best colors to give your dog a toy?”

In reality, choosing the best dog toy color for your furry companion comes in situational forms. If you and your dog frequently engage outdoors, you have to possess the ability to juggle blue, yellow, purple, or gray colors. Choose which colors have a good contrast on the area you’ll be in and omit choosing those that will result in blended colors.

What are the Worst Color Dog Toys to Buy?

If you’re new to owning a pet dog, chances are you might buy things for them without knowing if there are some restrictions. It happens all the time, especially if no one’s there to guide you somehow or give you some tips. While it may seem okay, it isn’t, especially if it involves their vision from your dog’s perspective.

Having inadequate knowledge and awareness that your dog’s vision is entirely different from humans will lead you to buy the worst dog toy colors. Fortunately, you can put a notice of those items once you’ve finished reading this. Dogs’ natural abilities to survive and adjust to the wild have an adverse effect on their particular visual aptitude. It’s part of the reason why they’re equipped with such a peculiar vision compared to humans. So don’t be surprised if some me items may look fitting to your eyes, but to your dog isn’t.

If you’re able to identify the bad dog toy colors, you’ll have a great chance of picking the best one instantly. Yellow, blue, purple, and grey are the best dog toy colors. The absence of these shades most likely puts them on the ‘worst’ list. Among the worst dog toy colors include green, red, and orange. These are the common colors that they clearly cannot see.

best dog toy colors
Identify the bad and good dog toy colors.

What Color Dog Toys to Buy? – FAQs

Pet owners are sometimes quite not sure how many colors can a dog see. To know more about the importance of choosing the right color, here are some questions and answers to guide you.

How do I know what color toy my dog is most attracted to?

The best thing to do is study what among the visible colors for your dog blends in with the environment you’re going to play in. Experienced dog owners never prefer a red-colored toy to give to their furry companion. Most would go for a dog toy that resembles the shade of blue as it contrasts almost everything outdoors.

What is the easiest color for dogs to see?

Dog toys with contrasting shades of bright colors like white, blue, yellow, and red would be easy to find and fit in many environments. If you want a toy that would be easy to be recognized, you should opt for a multicolored one. The contrasting hues of a multicolored trinket make it a clear-cut stand out, especially in indoor areas.

What material dog toys should I buy for my dogs?

There’s plenty of dog toy options in the market to suffice your pup’s needs. Among the best dog toys, you can buy for your dogs are balls, discs, plush toys, tugs, squeaky toys, and ropes. Getting these kinds of toy materials would instantly satisfy your dog’s need to release their behavioral tendencies healthily.

Do dogs see only black and white?

Dogs aren’t limited to seeing black and white. It’s true that canines don’t see colors up to the extent of a human’s ability, but they still see colors. Our furry companions have a smaller range compared to us. While dogs can’t see colors the way we do, they can still notice the distinctive differences in colors through shade intensity.

What color calms dogs?

There are ways to determine if color affects your tail-wagging friend’s mood and behavior by conducting your own experiment. Try to toss at least two toys with different colors and see which makes your dog feel playful and energetic. Another experiment would be when there’s a noisy sound that makes them anxious and tries to find the soothing color they’d prefer.

Finding the best colors for dog toys seem to be challenging, owing to limitations in their visions. But it’s an important aspect that every dog owner must consider to make their furry companions fulfill enjoyment. Follow these tips to ensure the best results the next time you buy them dog toys.

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