10 Best Wooden Dog Chew Toys

10 Best Wooden Dog Chew Toys

Dogs prefer wooden chew toys because they prefer chewing on wood. This seems odd, right? Why would a dog prefer wood over, say, plastic? There are many reasons, but we can confirm that they love it. This is exactly why they transform into beavers when they are in the vicinity of wooden furniture.

But hey, if this brings them joy and happiness then we have no right to stop them from chewing, do we? However, we do have to stop them from chewing furniture. And this is where the best wooden dog chew toys come in the picture.

Why Are Wooden Dog Chew Toys Special?

Wooden chew toys taste, feel, and smell like wood. This means dogs get fooled into thinking they are chewing real wood. So, they chew on and on and on without realizing that it is not wood and rather something we humans made up. Not only does this make our dogs happy, after all, they get to destroy ‘Wood’, but it also protects our furniture. It’s a win-win situation.

Aside from making dogs happier, chew toys also serve another purpose. During their early years, pups undergo teething. It is a process by which pups lose their old teeth and get shiny, new ones. Just like human babies.

Now, during teething pups tend to chew a lot. So, they find things they can put into their mouth. And these things can be your furniture, metal pipes, etc. Therefore, wood chew toys are a good idea as they ensure that both dogs and your house is safe from the disastrous effects of chewing. Alright, ‘disastrous’ maybe a little extreme but you get the point.

wooden toys for dogs
The materials used on wooden chew toys are safe.

Top 10 Best Wooden Dog Chew Toys

Let us first look at some of the qualities of the best wooden dog chew toys:

  • They are durable
  • They don’t splinter
  • Dogs like to chew on them
  • They are manufactured using safe materials

Now here are the best wooden chew toys on the market.

1. Nylabone Strong Chew Stick

If you have a dog that likes to chew on soft things but you don’t want to buy new chew toys repeatedly then Nylabone Strong Chew Stick is for you. It is not only softer than other comparable products but also durable.

First up, the Nylabone Strong Chew Stick is made of nylon and wood. Granted, it is a peculiar combination but it works. Nylon provides the necessary durability to the toy. And the wood provides the texture that dogs crave. Both of these together ensure that dog likes the toy but can’t chew it to oblivion anytime soon. Moreover, the toy comes with bacon and maple flavors which add to the appeal of chew toy.

Additionally, the wooden chew toy from Nylaboen comes in two sizes. The smaller size is for smaller breeds like poodles while the larger one is for larger breeds. And the sizes perfect in a sense that your dog won’t be able to swallow the toy. Finally, there is only one minor complaint that we have: It isn’t particularly sturdy if your dog is a destroyer of woods. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about here.

2. Pet Qwerks Barkbone

Pet Qwerks Barkbone, or Barkbone, is a toy meant for dogs that go easy on wood. Dogs who like to chew but not destroy will quickly take to this toy. Or so we hope.

The key feature of the Barkbone is its wood and polymer construction. Where wood provides the texture, the polymer keeps it from splintering. It is an ingenious combination. And to top it all off, it has a slightly gritty texture. Gritty enough to clean the gums and teeth but not enough to damage them.

On the flavor side of things and we have mint flavoring. But if you don’t like the mint flavor, you can also place some treats on the toy itself. There are small holes on either side of the toy which can be used for this purpose. Once again we have to emphasize that this chew toy is not for heavy chewers. So, if your dog is an aggressive chewer and you end up buying it, expect to pay for a replacement pretty soon.

3. Petstages Toys Tough Wood Alternative

The Petstages Dog Chew Toys are pretty well known for their quality. And their Wood-Alternative Chewing Sticks prove why. Firstly, they are quite durable as they are a combination of real wood and synthetic materials. The advantages of using wood with synthetic material are:

  • Real wood smell that attracts the dogs
  • Synthetic material keeps the toy from splintering

So, the choice of materials is pretty good. What’s better, however, is that even though there are synthetic materials here, the toy is safe. It is non-toxic and doesn’t use any chemicals that can hurt your pooch.

Lastly, it comes in three sizes. So, you have options according to the size of your dog. Now, the only complaint we have with this toy is that it isn’t the most durable. Therefore, aggressive chewers will tear through it quite quickly.

4. Ware Gorilla Chew

Ware Gorilla Chew is plain wood. That’s it. So, if you were expecting some wood alternatives then it is not for you. However, if your dog is a serial chewer and destroys every chew toy, give him Gorilla Chew. This stump of wood will keep him busy for hours.

Furthermore, although it is wood, it does not splinter, for the most part. Few splinters mean there is little chance of your pup swallowing wood pieces.

In short, the simplicity of the Ware Gorilla Chew toys is its biggest weapon. It is wood. It is super durable and yet won’t damage the teeth of your dog. And it doesn’t splinter. What’s not to like about it?

5. Pet Qwerks Real Wood Antler

People use elk and deer antlers as chew toys for dogs. But a downside to using harvested antlers is that they are sharp and pointy. So, they can hurt your dog’s mouth. This is where Pet Qwerks REAL WOOD Antler makes its case.

As the name implies, the chew toy is a combination of real wood and an organic polymer. The combination ensures that the toy is sturdy and appealing to dogs. On a similar note, Pet Qwerks has used smoked cheese flavoring on their toy to take the appeal up a notch. Whether your dog likes the flavor or not, no one can say. But chew toy is well made from every angle.

That said, this toy is not suitable for aggressive chewers. It is too soft for such dogs. Other than that, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this chew toy. It is a superb chew toy to keep your pooch occupied!

6. SunGrow Wooden Bone Chew Toy for Dogs

It is no secret that dogs love bones. And one of the factors as to why is the shape. The shape of the bone makes it quite easy for a dog to carry it around and chew. So, SunGrow made an excellent decision when they decided to give their wood chew toy, the shape of a bone.

The wooden chew toy is all wood. Therefore, there is no synthetic polymer or any other material. And therefore, it is not toxic. So, that is one thing less to worry about. Next up is the texture. And it is as you would expect. Because it is wood, it doesn’t have an overly gritty texture nor is it super hard. We would advise that you only use this toy for young pups.

The lack of a super gritty texture means that your dog’s teeth will get the benefits of chewing without the harmful effects. In short, if you have a dog that likes to chew but doesn’t destroy, then choose the SunGrow Wooden Bone Chew Toy.

7. Outward Hound Petstages Ruffwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy

Aside from the Gorilla Chew, we don’t think any chew toy can compete with the toughness of the Ruffwood. It is, as you would expect, one hell of a wooden chew toy.

Starting with the materials, the combination of wood with synthetic materials proves to be a winning formula. The chew is not only sturdy, but dogs also love it. And this is what every dog owner wants. A toy that can keep the pup busy for hours.

Additionally, the Ruffwood is also good for your dog’s teeth. As chewing is an instinctive behavior for dogs, they will get their fix one way or another. The Ruffwood ensures that your dog gets its chewing fix in addition to healthy teeth. Finally, if it weren’t for the occasional splinters caused by an aggressive chewer, this would be our top pick.

8. Benebone Maplestick/Bacon Stick

Benebone knows a thing or two about making chew toys. Their Maplestick is proof of that.

This wooden chew toy has been made using real wood and nylon. Natural maple wood gives this toy its flavor and texture. While the use of nylon is responsible for its characteristic toughness. So, like real wood dogs will love it. And unlike real wood sticks, it isn’t easy to chew through. Furthermore, the design of the toy is functional. The shape of the toy makes it easy for dogs to carry it around.

Finally, the toy comes in 3 sizes. Small, medium, and large. So, you have options depending upon the size of your dog. Oh, and you can also get these sticks in a bacon flavor. The more the merrier. Overall, it is a great chew, especially for aggressive chewers.

9. Dogwood Durable Real Wood Dog Chew Toy

Dogwood, as the name suggests, is hardened real wood. That means the toy is all wood that has been treated to make sure it doesn’t splinter.

The benefits of real wood are that dogs love the texture and taste. But real wood splinters which can cause significant injuries to the mouth and insides of a dog. Consequently, Dogwood preserves all the benefits of real wood without the risk of splintering. Therefore, not only is the toy quite durable, but dogs also love it.

To wrap it all up, the chew comes in 4 different sizes. So, no matter the size of your dog you can find a suitable Dogwood Chew Toy.

10. Knorzi Organic Chewing Wood

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If all you want is a wooden chew that is real wood, and you don’t want a Ware Gorilla Chew then Knorzi might be perfect for you.

As the name suggests, it is organic wood. Grapevine wood to be more precise. And it hasn’t been hardened nor has it been combined with synthetic materials. It is just plain wood that is naturally durable and splinter resistant. Moreover, because it is real wood, dogs will love the flavor. Not all of the dogs, mind you. Dogs are picky eaters after all. But the majority of the dogs will love it.

Finally, the only real complaint we have with this chew is that it is a bit sour. So, if your dog has a history of rejecting mildly sour things, then the chew toy might not be for you.

wood chew toys safety
Most wood chew toys for dogs are safe.

About Wooden Dog Chew Toys

If there is still something you want to know about wood chew toys for dogs, then take a look at the following FAQs. Maybe you’ll find some of the answers you are looking for.

Are wood chew toys safe for dogs?

Wood chew toys are usually safe for dogs. With that said, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before choosing one.

Make sure you get the toy from a reputable seller. Ensure the coloring is not toxic for dogs. Be sure to check the durability of the toy. If it is soft and brittle, then skip it as it can break into pieces that your dog can swallow. Check the toy to make sure the size is not too big or too small. Too big and the dog will have difficulty playing with. Too small and the dog will swallow it.

Other than that, most wood chew toys are quite safe for dogs. Just be mindful and you’ll be fine.

What are the best dog chew toys?

The Gorilla Chew Toy is the best chew toy available online. It is large, does not smell or stain, and made from wood. Plus, it doesn’t splinter. It is as perfect as a wood chew toy can be.

However, there is no ‘One’ best dog chew toy on the market. Every toy has its strengths and weaknesses. And the majority of these strengths and weaknesses are subjective.

That said, you can’t go wrong with the dog chew toys reviewed above. All of the above toys are stellar products. And therefore, you will find something that your dog loves.

Are gorilla wood chews safe for dogs?

Gorilla Wood Chews are quite safe for dogs. They are all-natural wood, which means there is no danger of any toxic synthetic chemical or coloring. Plus, the company hardens the wood which means it won’t splinter. Because splinters are the major concern when it comes to wood, Gorilla is incredibly safe.

Are wooden dog chew toys durable?

Wooden dog chew toys are quite durable. The durability of these toys is due to the materials manufacturers use. Some manufacturers use real wood while others go with synthetic ones. Whatever the case may be companies make sure their wood chew toys can last a while. For instance, take a look at the Gorilla Wood Chew. It looks like a solid stump of wood… and it is. So, you can’t go wrong with wooden dog chew toys. You can also check out our list of the best indestructible dog toys if you’re into that sort of stuff.

wooden chew toys durability
Wood chew toys for dogs are durable.

Wooden dog toys offer an alternative toy type from many on the market. Check out some of our reviews and see if they suit your dog!