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8 Best Wooden Dog Chew Toys

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Wednesday 14 October 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best wooden dog chew toys
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Aside from other things that your furry friend used to play with, the best wooden dog chew toys can make an enjoyable playtime to kill boredom. They reduce stress, eliminate inappropriate chewing behavior, and maintain oral health. Nevertheless, is it safe for dogs to chew on wood?

You can dig deeper into this article to know the answer to your question!

8 Best Dog Chew Toys Made From Wood

Before we proceed to the question, let us first introduce you to some of the leading brands of wood chews for dogs. Yet, if we will choose the top-ranking product, we will advise purchasing Zeaxuie Natural Wood Indestructible Dog Chew Toys. It is an all-around chew toy with behavioral and health benefits.

Our Best Pick:

Please continue reading to learn more about it!

Product NameMaterialBenefitsDurabilityRating
Zeaxuie Natural Wood Indestructible Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive ChewersNatural wood pressed under high pressureReduces plaque freshens breath and cleans teethLight to aggressive chewers4.8
Wildfang® Olive Wood – Chewing Stick for DogsOlive wood with natural olive oilsImproves oral health and provides vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids to enhance skin and coatLight to moderate chewers4.7
Gauloise Real Coffee Wood Chew SticksReal coffee woodReleases stress, reduces tension and strengthens oral healthLight to aggressive chewers4.7
Pet Full House WoofWood Dog Chew Sticks100% natural coffee plantNo calories, fats, or sugars, suitable for allergic dogsLight to aggressive chewers4.7
Wildfang® | Chewing Root Made of Coffee Wood for DogsUntreated robust Arabica or Robusta coffee woodEnhances dental care and trains chewing musclesLight to moderate chewers4.6
Ethical Pet Bambone Plus Stick Dog Chew ToyBamboo fiber and nylonSatisfies natural chewing instincts while removing plaque, cleaning teeth, and enhancing oral healthLight to aggressive chewers4.6
Ware Manufacturing Gorilla ChewJava woodDoes not produce unpleasant smell, stains, and splintersLight to moderate chewers4.5
Nylabone Real Wood Stick Strong Dog Stick Chew ToyWood and nylonCleans teeth freshens breath, and is safe to chewLight to moderate chewers4.5
8 Best Wooden Dog Chew Toys

1. Zeaxuie Natural Wood Indestructible Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Zeaxuie Natural Wood Indestructible Dog Chew Toys is a wooden dog chew toy made from natural wood pressed under high-pressure using laminated molding technology. It is durable, making it perfect for aggressive chewers like Pit Bulls, Huskies, and Shepherds. Yet, despite its hardness, it does not destroy your dog’s teeth.

In addition, this product is also comfortable to munch for those with developing teeth. It reduces plaque and tartar, freshens breath, and cleans dog teeth. Moreover, it keeps them entertained to eliminate boredom, release stress, and lessen destructive behavior.

In terms of its flavors and appearance, Zeaxuie Natural Wood Dog Chew Toy has a natural beef flavor that satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instincts. It looks like a real bone, so your furry friend can easily recognize it and get attracted to play with it. The only problem is that it can get smelly at times!


  • Keep dogs busy for a while
  • Remain strong even with aggressive chewers
  • No weird plastic or chemical smell
  • Suitable for puppies that are teething
  • A safer and better alternative than other plastic toys


  • It can be smelly once chewed with saliva.

2. Wildfang® Olive Wood – Chewing Stick for Dogs

If you want a wood chew suitable for fetch games and reducing stress, you can choose Wildfang® Olive Wood – Chewing Stick for Dogs. This product came from olive wood that has undergone quality control to ensure safety. It is 100% natural because it does not contain chemicals and artificial additives. 

Aside from that, Wildfang® Olive Wood – Chewing Stick for Dogs promotes blood circulation in gums. It can also free your dog’s teeth from harmful deposits and train its chewing muscles. Not to mention that it also dissolves tartar and eliminates bad breath.

This product also contains natural olive oil that provides vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids to enhance skin and coat. It is suitable for small to large dogs up to 25 kilograms in weight. 


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • It aids teething and enhances oral health.
  • It does not splinter.
  • Eliminate dog behavior problems while entertaining dogs for a while
  • The quality is worth more than its expensive pricing.


  • It can split into pieces in the long run.

3. Gauloise Real Coffee Wood Chew Sticks

Here comes another real deal: Gauloise Real Coffee Wood Chew Sticks. This wooden dog chew toy is durable and thus suitable for aggressive chewers. It possesses natural, healthy cellulose with calories. Besides, it has natural flavors with no artificial ingredients or animal components to prevent indigestion.

Gauloise Real Coffee Wood Chew Sticks also provide entertainment to release stress, reduce tension, and cope with behavioral disorders. It also cleans and strengthens teeth to enhance oral health.

Nevertheless, even though its product description from online stores says it is less likely to splinter, a few users report that it can still produce tiny pieces of wood. Furthermore, even though it is suitable for dogs with allergy problems, you must not give this product to puppies under three months old.


  • Perfect for teething dogs
  • Durable and last long
  • It keeps your furry friends entertained.
  • It cleans and strengthens dog teeth.
  • Suitable for canines with allergies and digestive problems.


  • You must beware of splinters.
  • It can get messy once your dog chews it.

4. Pet Full House WoofWood Dog Chew Sticks

Pet Full House WoofWood Dog Chew Sticks came from a 100% natural coffee plant. Yet, despite that, this product does not contain caffeine, additives, and artificial ingredients. It is also non-toxic and safer than chewing authentic wood and sticks. 

This wooden dog chew toy is durable and long lasting, making your dog busy and entertained as you do your tasks at home. Its soft and tiny fibers should not worry you because these things are safe for canines to swallow and ingest. Instead, chewing them will provide additional cleaning and dental floss effect on your furry friend’s teeth.

Lastly, Pet Full House WoofWood Dog Chew Sticks have zero calories, sugar, and fat. It strengthens muscles and is suitable for dogs with allergy problems.


  • It cleans plaque for enhanced oral health and entertains dogs to maintain mental health.
  • Durable enough for strong chewers
  • Made with safe, firm coffee wood with no caffeine added
  • With zero calories, fats, and sugar
  • No worries about ingesting its pieces


  • It can shred into pieces after many chews.
  • A few users do not like loose shards because they could be harmful.

5. Wildfang® | Chewing Root Made of Coffee Wood for Dogs

Another top product from Wildfang® is the Chewing Root Made of Coffee Wood for Dogs. It consists of untreated robust Robusta or Arabica coffee wood with no chemicals, caffeine, and artificial additives. Since it is a coffee tree bone, it enhances dental care and trains chewing muscles.

In addition, this oven-dried dog toy is free from splinters. The manufacturers debarked, sanded, rounded off, dusted, and cleaned each piece to ensure it is 100% safe for dogs to munch. Also, it is comfortable to chew and is long-lasting.

The only downfall you can find in this product is that each piece is unique, so there can be inconsistent sizes, shapes, colors, and weights. It is also inadvisable for aggressive chewers because they can pull off their shards and tear them into smaller pieces.


  • It does not splinter easily.
  • It attracts dogs to stop chewing on furniture.
  • With size options to suit your dog’s breed and chewing capabilities
  • It does not create a mess when chewing.
  • Suitable for allergic dogs


  • Dogs can pull off shards or pieces, which can be risky for their health.
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

6. Ethical Pet Bambone Plus Stick Dog Chew Toy

Ethical Pet Bambone Plus Stick Dog Chew Toy has an appearance and texture similar to authentic wood sticks. It is long-lasting, safe, and non-toxic to chew for your furry friend. Also, its genuine bamboo wood fibers give the product a durable synthetic strength.

Aside from that, this product came from natural, renewable, and sustainable resources. It can have either bacon, chicken, or beef flavors that can satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts. Not to mention that it can be suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages!

In terms of its health benefits, Ethical Pet Bambone Plus Stick Dog Chew Toy removes plaque, cleans teeth, and enhances oral health. It also promotes healthier gums and mouth. Lastly, you can worry less about splinters because it does not produce those!


  • It does not create splinters.
  • It smells and tastes like chicken, bacon, or beef.
  • Suitable for dogs of small breeds and sizes.
  • It gets soft but does not easily fall off.


  • It is small for big dogs.
  • Not 100% chew-proof
  • Some users reported their dogs chewed and swallowed chunks of it.

7. Ware Manufacturing Gorilla Chew

Ware Manufacturing Gorilla Chew is a natural dog chew consisting of 100% Java wood. Due to its durable ingredients, this product can last a long time. Furthermore, it does not get smelly and does not stain the carpet even in the long run.

Like the previous products, Gorilla Chew supports dental and gum care. It is safe to chew for dogs of all breeds and ages, but aggressive chewers can pull chunks of wood off, thus creating a messier place than other synthetic wood toys. The notable advantage is that it does not splinter.

In addition, this product offers a wide range of size options for extra small to large pieces. The average size can be six inches in width and five inches in length. Just right to keep your furry friend busy and entertained the entire time! 


  • It keeps dogs busy for hours.
  • Durable and does not splinter
  • Safe even when ingested
  • With pleasant smell


  • The product can come with sharp parts.
  • Every wood is unique, thus creating inconsistent sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • No-return policy

8. Nylabone Real Wood Stick Strong Dog Stick Chew Toy

Here is the Nylabone Real Wood Stick Strong Dog Stick Chew Toy to end our extensive list of wooden dog chew toys. This product is a safer alternative to other genuine wood sticks. Also, its texture helps clean teeth and freshen breath, while its taste satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instincts.

This wooden dog toy is suitable for dogs up to 35 lbs. It is soft yet durable because it consists of both nylon and wood. Moreover, its size will never do you wrong because it is ideal enough not to get swallowed by dogs. 

You can purchase this product with two sizing options: small and large. Nonetheless, you can encounter minor problems, such as it is unsuitable for aggressive chewers and can smell unpleasant once chewed with saliva.


  • It looks like a real wooden stick.
  • It cleans teeth and freshens breath.
  • Available in maple bacon flavor
  • It provides entertainment to your furry friend.


  • It is prone to creating sharp points once the bark gets peeled off.
  • Less attractive because it does not have a wooden scent
  • It can smell disgusting when chewed with saliva.

Why Are Wooden Dog Chew Toys Special?

Wooden chew toys taste, feel, and smell like wood. This means dogs get fooled into thinking they are chewing real wood. So, they chew on and on and on without realizing that it is not wood and rather something we humans made up. Not only does this make our dogs happy, after all, they get to destroy ‘Wood’, but it also protects our furniture. It’s a win-win situation.

Aside from making dogs happier, chew toys also serve another purpose. During their early years, pups undergo teething. It is a process by which pups lose their old teeth and get shiny, new ones. Just like human babies.

Now, during teething pups tend to chew a lot. So, they find things they can put into their mouth. And these things can be your furniture, metal pipes, etc. Therefore, wood chew toys are a good idea as they ensure that both dogs and your house is safe from the disastrous effects of chewing. Alright, ‘disastrous’ maybe a little extreme but you get the point.

wooden toys for dogs
The materials used on wooden chew toys are safe.

Why Do Dogs Need a Wooden Chew Toy?

It is not rare to see a dog chew on authentic wood because that is their nature. Pet owners can also think that giving their furry friends these things to chew on is cheaper than purchasing a wooden dog chew toy. Little did they know, their dogs’ health was already at stake.

Woods from the streets can come from toxic trees, such as yew, apple, black cherry, walnut, Australian pine, and white cedar trees. Once your four-legged friend chews on these things and accidentally ingests their pieces, they can suffer from cyanide poisoning. Moreover, these wood sticks can also contain poisonous chemicals from insecticides and harmful bugs or bacteria.

In addition, wood can also splinter, causing damage to your dog’s mouth, gums, and cheeks. They can also choke and suffer from digestive tract issues from small pieces of wood. 

Considering that, opting for natural wood dog chews will provide natural wood flavors and texture without leading to unwanted consequences. It will also help you clean your dog’s teeth and freshen its breath. 

Furthermore, according to Arhant et al.‘s research on chewing behaviors in dogs, 67% out of 1439 respondents said chewing toys do not cause health problems. Mateo et al. further explained in their article about the efficacy of chewing that chew toys reduce gingivitis, plaque, tartar, and volatile sulfur compound concentration that cause bad breath.

How to Choose The Best Wooden Chew Toy for Dogs

If you are interested in buying wood chews for dogs, you can check the following factors you must consider when selecting the best one. 


You can find wooden chews for dogs that vary in size, color, and texture. If your furry friend has a large breed, you can opt for big pieces of wooden dog chews because they can swallow the smaller ones. On the other hand, small breeds will require small chews to prevent struggling in munching bigger ones.


One of the top priorities when buying a wooden dog toy is its durability. You will not want to purchase a product today and look for another the next day because it has already torn apart. Besides, tough ones will also suit strong and aggressive chewers who like shredding toys. 


Safety relates to durability. If you choose wooden dog bones that easily fall off into smaller pieces, your furry friend can get harmed by the splinters and shards. Also, you must check the labels to see if the product contains additives, artificial ingredients, and other dangerous substances. Otherwise, it will lead to health issues. 

Natural Material

Lastly, checking if wood bones for dogs contain natural materials is crucial to ensure they are safe and non-toxic. As stated, unnecessary ingredients and substances added to wood chews are not advisable because they can produce minor or severe health issues. Moreover, it is also best to choose products that come from renewable and sustainable resources.

wood chew toys safety
Most wood chew toys for dogs are safe.

Wooden Dog Chew Toys: FAQs

We have finally listed a few notable brands and how to choose the best. Nevertheless, you can still wonder about other things you are unaware of, such as what wood is safe for dogs to chew.

So, if you have further inquiries about wooden dog toys, just read the following frequently asked questions below! 

What is the best wood for dogs to chew?

The best wooden dog toy for your furry friend is the Zeaxuie Natural Wood Indestructible Dog Chew Toy. It is perfect for aggressive chewers and puppies that are teething. You can worry less because it is safe, non-toxic, and comfortable to gnaw. Furthermore, it reduces your dog’s destructive chewing behavior and maintains oral health.

Is it okay for dogs to chew on wood?

Yes. Dogs usually choose to chew on wood to satisfy their natural chewing instincts. Still and all, as a pet owner, you have to supervise your furry friend whenever they munch on wooden chew toys. That is because they can swallow shards or get splintered from pieces of wood that fall from the wooden toy. 

What material is best for dog chew toys?

The best material for dog chew toys is firm, hard rubbers because they suit all kinds of chewers. You can opt for rope if your dog is a shredder or durable stuffed toys if they are fond of soft things. Aside from that, you can give your furry friend a wooden dog toy if it is an aggressive chewer or if you want to have a natural chew toy.

Are dog toys made with wood safe?

Yes. Wood chews for dogs are safe, given that they come from non-toxic and natural resources with no artificial ingredients, caffeine, and unhealthy additives. Nonetheless, as always stated above, you will still need to beware of splinters, especially when the brand your dog plays with is not chew-proof. 

Why would a dog chew on wood?

The most common reason why dogs chew on wood is that they have natural chewing instincts. In most cases, they can also do the same when they feel stressed or anxious whenever they get separated from their fur parents. Also, they can do it to kill time and keep themselves entertained throughout the day.

Can eating wood cause diarrhea in dogs?

Dogs will have gastrointestinal issues and diarrhea if they eat dirty wood sticks on the streets. Unfortunately, they can also easily swallow and ingest splinters and shards from wood. Once they do, they can suffer from intestinal blockage. Moreover, these pieces can puncture their mouth, eyes, throat, and abdomen. 

wooden chew toys durability
Wood chew toys for dogs are durable.

Selecting the best wooden chew toys for dogs brings exciting yet safe chewing time for your four-legged friend. You will only need to be careful when choosing one because untrusted products can cause potential risks to your pup’s health and well-being. Fortunately, this article has given you everything you must know!

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