Benebone Review — Flavored Wishbone Chew Toys

Benebone Review — Flavored Wishbone Chew Toys
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Let’s be honest for a second. Benebone or not Benebone chew toys, we always dread that moment when we do have a chew toy review to make. Aren’t they all the same after all?

Well, usually yes. Most chew toys were the same ones until a few years ago when the market started getting stimulated. Indeed, new kids on the block started gaining momentum, such as all-natural Himalayan dog chews or even the everlasting antler dog chews.

Benebone flavored chew toys are new but already so popular. Forget about your bad old rawhide and get the newer, better, sexier, tastier, healthier version with Benebone chews. And let’s see why, right about now.

jumbo benebone review
Fancy a Jumbo Benebone? Dogs love them. (via birdbrainsanddogtales)

How Good Are Benebone Chew Toys?

Like every single dog chew out there, Benebone chews are not perfect for everybody. Yet, to me, they are the best nylon-based chews for dogs so let’s see our Benebone review.

Made in the USA — some people do care about local production and they’ll be glad to know it’s designed in Brooklyn and manufactured in Long Island, New York. Plus, a percentage of each sale goes to support animal welfare, especially dog shelters and rescue centers.

Value for Money — for a $10-15 buying price on Amazon, Benebone chew toys are a bargain. They last, they are safe, they are enjoyed by dogs and definitely seem like a no-brainer upgrade from your regular rawhide.

Shape — both shapes (wishbone and curved) are great at allowing the dog to grab it properly and give it a good bite. The curved version (dental chew) is better to clean your dog’s teeth.

Sizes — plenty of choices here for dogs of all shapes and sizes! Mini, regular and jumbo Benebone will cater from Chihuahuas to Mastiffs!

Long-lasting — besides a few exceptions, these bad boys last for very long weeks (ie. several months.) They get worn out slowly and they definitely hold themselves up well with bigger breeds too.

Flavors — they are classic and it’s more marketing than an actual plus for the dogs themselves. I am obviously not saying dogs don’t have taste but it would be shocking if your dog neglected its chews purely based on the flavor.

Non-edible — unlike Himalayan and Antler chews, Benebone chews are made of nylon principally. Although it is a non-edible chew, nothing will happen to your dog he swallows tiny bits of it. It becomes more problematic when dogs swallow a larger chunk since these not always pass through the digestive system.

Overall, I am happily recommending Benebone chews, at least for a try. See how your dog likes it and then adjust the size if need be. Very strong-jawed dogs may ruin these within days, but many Bully owners are glad to have their Benebone Jumbo.

Benebone Review: full range of chew toys products
Full range of Benebone products: Mini, Normal, and Jumbo Wishbone Chews and the Dental Chew.

Two Shapes: Curved or Wishbone

The Benebone products are varied in tastes, sizes, and purposes. First, you have the Benebone wishbone chews, that come in various sizes to adapt to your particular dog:

  • Benebone Mini — for dogs below 30 pounds, ie. Pomeranians, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas
  • Benebone Regular — for dogs below 70 pounds, ie. Border Collies, Spaniels, Huskies
  • Benebone Jumbo — for dogs heavier than 70 pounds or strong chewers, ie. German Shepherds, Bully and Giant Breeds

These sizes are given as a guideline but you know your dog more than anybody else. If he or she is a massive chewer, you do want to get the size above. Like Benebone says, go for the larger size when in doubt.

Then, you have the Benebone dental chews. These are pretty much the same in terms of manufacturing but they are shaped differently. No more wishbone shape but instead, your dog gets a patented curved design with deep grooves allowing for a good bite. There is also an increased surface so your pooch can bite more and for longer.

In all honestly, pick the shape you prefer between the regular Benebone wishbone and the curved dental chew. Because besides the shape, not much changes.

Three Flavors — Bacon, Chicken & Peanut Butter

All Benebone products (mini, regular, jumbo and dental chews) come in 3 different flavors, and they are all yummy:

  • Benebone Bacon — the most popular of all (even humans would lick that)
  • Benebone Rotisserie Chicken — a classic that tastes like good ol’ chicken
  • Benebone Peanut Butter — for the vegan dogs ha!

Dogs aren’t attached to distinct flavors like we are so I would not make this a big decision. Pick one, and let your dog enjoy it fully.

To conclude, it is a big YES! Benebone chews are clearly worth a try! They are long-lasting, safe, and the shape is just perfect for dogs to grab and bite. The flavors exist more for the owner than for the dog, but we appreciate the different sizes available. The only con is that they are non-edible, just check the state of your Benebone chew every now and then to avoid ingestion.