Antler Dog Chews: Safe, Healthy & Everlasting Chews For Dogs!

Antler Dog Chews: Safe, Healthy & Everlasting Chews For Dogs!

Antler dog chews or stag bars are a hot topic in the dog world these days. They revolutionized chews for dogs as we’ve known them up until now (ie. rawhide, Nylabones, bully stix, etc.)

Finding the perfect dog chew is a hard mission paved with numerous trials and errors. I know, we’ve all been there… They have to be healthy, safe, super long-lasting, and definitely can’t splinter or block your dog’s esophagus.

Well, don’t search anymore; we’ve found what you need!

What Are Antler Dog Chews?

Antler dog chews are chunks of one of an adult deer or elk’s branched horns, usually a male one (called a stag). Antlers originally start as cartilage and turn quickly into tough bones; they keep on growing annually. Once the antlers reached their maturity, they simply fall off, commonly in autumn.

The antler dog chew is particularly tasty thanks to the dry marrow that dogs smell and taste after gnawing on the chew for a while.

Do Antler Chews Splinter?

Antler dog chews do not splinter because they are uncooked bones. They wear down as your dog works the ends but I’ve so far never heard of a bad experienced with these. An antler chew doesn’t chip either—they truly are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

As per healthiness, stagbars contain important minerals but this is not really why dog owners love them. The real benefit is mental stimulation: they are amazing to excite your dog’s brain and keep them active. That way, they actually get rid of excess anxiety or stress while gnawing on a safe and long-lasting dog chew.

antler dog chew
Antler dog chews are enjoyable to all dogs!… Especially that dry marrow! (credits:

How Long Do Stagbars Last?

An antler chew for dogs virtually lasts forever! This is probably the only dog chew that lasts for so long. And I am not bullshitting you, I’ve had some of these and they all were looking very much the same six months down the line.

The reason behind that is simple: it is a tough bone that doesn’t wear down or chip easily at all. Evolution provided deers and elks with these to fight, defend themselves and thrive in wilderness.

Are They Produced Ethically?

Many people are worried the companies behind deer and elk antler chews deal with wild hunters who simply kill these animals for their horns. People do it for elephants, so I understand the worries.

But rest assured, these horns are too cheap for these bad guys to make enough profit. You yield a lot more from a living deer, than from a dead one. It’s a lot more profitable to keep a stag alive and annually pick their fallen horns up. Manufacturers simply gather these antlers, cut them into decent-sized chunks, then clean them properly and package for distribution.


But to sum the following parts up, antler dog chews:

  • are all-natural chews
  • are odour-free
  • are extremely tasty (dry marrow!)
  • are compatible with a raw diet
  • contain important minerals
  • contain nearly no fat at all
  • don’t splinter whatsoever
  • don’t stain or stick floors and carpets
  • don’t chip off or cause blockages

Rawhide causes upset stomachs and is allegedly cleaned using chemicals before compression. Bully sticks are high in fats. Most Nylabones contain nylon and are not all-natural dog chews.

The antler chew for dogs is the best chew available on the market, sharing the top positions with ruff roots and Himalayan dog chews.

The price is a little higher than your average rawhide bone but it lasts so much longer (months…) and is a lot healthier. There is no added ingredients with weird names here, nor there is a recipe. It’s a natural raw bone that has been cleaned and packaged, that’s it!

Just get one antler dog chew if you haven’t tried these yet, and you will forget about rawhides, nylabones and bully sticks!

WARNING: dog chews are usually very hard but try to not be too hard to avoid breaking dogs’ teeth; make sure you pick the right size of chew, regardless of the type of chew you buy!