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Puppy Blankets – Top Soothing Blankets for Pups

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Published on
Tuesday 11 August 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
puppy blankets
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Are you looking for the best puppy blankets on the market? From keeping your dog warm when it is cold to serving as a comfortable bedding when traveling, they are useful under different circumstances.

In this guide, you are going to discover the top seven blankets for puppies on the market, how to choose the right one along with answers to the most frequently asked questions about this type of product. We are going to bring you insights about what makes a durable dog blanket, how to identify a perfect odor-free blanket, and an excellent choice for puppies that chew a lot. All the answers in one place!

blankets for puppies
Puppy blankets are very useful.

What Are Puppy Blankets?

One of the main differences between dog blankets and puppy blankets is their versatility and that they can fulfill multiple purposes:

  • Protect furniture from your dog
  • Make your dog feel warm when it is cold
  • Serve as a comfortable and warm bedding
  • Make kenneling more comfortable for the puppies
  • Help your dog to feel at ease during car rides
  • Sooth the feeling of depression in dogs (e.g. postpartum)
  • Control the symptoms of and alleviate separation anxiety
  • Calming dogs during stressing situations such as thunderstorms (similar to anxiety vests)
  • Keep your dog calm and in composure when strangers visit your home

To accomplish all of these uses, the blankets are made with special materials that make them dog proof. Therefore they are highly durable and resistant, in addition to combating odors and moisture. Of course, they also need to be comfortable, especially when they are advertised to help combat separation anxiety. Therefore, they use the following materials:

  • Cotton velvet
  • Coral fleece
  • Coral velvet
  • Berber fleece
  • Plush faux lamb wool
  • Snuggly soft terry fabric

In consequence, they are different from your conventional blankets, because they serve multiple purposes and bring extra protection.

Choosing The Right Puppy Blanket

Now that you know what sets puppy blankets apart from conventional blankets, it is time to see how you can choose the ideal one for your pup.


As we have seen in the previous section, some materials are ideal for puppy blankets, and therefore, you should aim to get a blanket that has been fabricated with any of them. As you have seen, the two main choices are the different types of fleece and velvet, because they include key features:

  • They are thick enough to protect your furniture, seats or any other delicate surface from the scratches and bites of your dog
  • Both are comfortable
  • They are heavy enough to calm down your dog under stressful situations
  • Both are easy to clean and do not tend to accumulate odors

Furthermore, they are superior to synthetic materials because they rarely trigger allergies. In conclusion, when selecting a dog blanket, you must read the description of the product and aim to get a blanket that has been fabricated with any of the aforementioned materials.

Ease of Cleanliness

A pup blanket must be easy to clean because they are prone to getting dirty, especially if your dog likes to spend a lot of time outside playing, which is the case for high-energy dogs.

Therefore, ideally, the blanket should have a cover that you can wash easily, while the inside remains clean. A perfect example of this is the Canine Coddler the Original Dog Anti-Anxiety Blanket Wrap because it comes with an easy-to-remove washable cover. Furthermore, the surface of the blanket should be smooth enough that you can remove pet hair and dander easily, especially if you have a high-shedding dog.

In addition, as we said at the beginning, you should get a blanket that is made with the materials we recommend, because it will ensure that it will not retain odors.


The size of the blanket must be in relation to the size and weight of your dog. Therefore, you need to ensure that the blanket that you are about to buy comes in the appropriate size for your pup. The majority of reputable vendors will allow you to see this information easily.

Along with the dimensions of the blanket, you also need to factor in the weight, because if you are buying it for therapeutic purposes, then it should be heavier than your average puppy blanket.

In the case of heavy pup blankets, you should aim for a range between 5 to 7 pounds. It seems to be the sweet spot according to most owners who have used them to treat their dogs that are prone to stress and separation anxiety.


A proper puppy blanket should also be easy to store, so you can bring it with you whenever you need it, be it for a car ride, or when staying somewhere new where you have to take your dog. Therefore, if you want a blanket that is more convenient to carry around and store, then you should look for one that includes any of the following features:

  • It zips on itself for easy storage and carrying
  • Check that it comes with a storage pouch
  • Also, It should be lightweight

Even though this feature is not as important as the rest, it is still relevant when it comes to convenience. Because when it comes to heavy blankets, you will have to sacrifice the ease of storage in exchange for the therapeutic benefits.

Top 7 Soothing Blankets for Puppies

Following the same principles and advice that we have shared with you, we have selected the top seven soothing blankets for puppies on the market. Below, find our complete reviews.

1. Canine Coddler the Original Dog Anti-Anxiety Blanket Wrap

The soothing blanket by Canine Coddler is a patent-pending blanket that applies constant pressure to calm anxiety and stress in dogs. Furthermore, thanks to its heavyweight, it helps dogs to retain composure, and it has proven to be especially helpful for rescue dogs.

It has been designed to bring relief against a wide myriad of stressful situations such as thunderstorms, restless nights, car rides, and when strangers visit your home. Therefore, it is the main highlight of the blanket.

According to reviews, it works like magic, because it has brought instant relief to several dogs that suffer from separation anxiety to complex anxiety disorders. For example, the owner of a nervous and anxious Vizsla comments that the blanket has brought relief to her pet when it listens to loud sounds such as fireworks.

2. INNEXT 2 Pack Puppy Blanket for Pet Cushion

The puppy blanked by INNEXT is cozy and ultra-soft thanks to being made of high-quality coral fleece. It is strong enough to protect your furniture from the bites and scratches of your pet, and in addition, it is suitable for a wide myriad of situations from serving as a bed on the floor to comforting your dog during long car rides.

The main benefit of the blanket is that it is ultra-soft, and hence, very comfortable. Furthermore, it is also thick enough to serve as a warm bed for your dog when the floor is cold.

According to reviews, the blanket is indeed soft and comfortable, and as owners claim, it is especially good for small dogs. Nonetheless, the only con is that it would be too thin for big dogs, and because it is lightweight, it does not bring anxiety-relief benefits.

3. Luciphia Blankets Super Soft Fluffy Premium Fleece Pet Blanket

The soothing blanket for puppies by Luciphia is made with ultra-soft plush and its lightweight makes storage and transportation practical. Furthermore, it is easy to wash and retains its original appearance and texture after each wash. To add even more comfort, it is filled with PP cotton that prevents skin irritation.

The main benefit of the blanket is its low price, soft texture, and ease of cleanliness. Despite being thin and lightweight, it handles machine-washing perfectly. Hence, it is durable and resistant. Another advantage is that it is made with materials that do not cause skin irritation.

According to reviews, the dogs love the blanket as it is comfortable and brings them a soft place to rest. Furthermore, the buyers confirm that it remains instant after each wash and that it is easy to store. The only con would be that, due to its lightweight, it would not work well as an anxiety dog blanket.

4. Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

The dog blanket by Furrybaby is made with high-quality fluffy fleece that brings comfort to your pet, while being thick enough at the same time to protect it from the cold. Furthermore, it is ideal to protect furniture. It handles machine-washing very well, as it does not fade or shade.

The main benefit of the furrybaby blanket is the soft and comfortable texture, along with the optimal thickness to protect your dog from the coldness of the floor and your furniture. Furthermore, it has been specially designed for small dogs.

According to reviews, the blanket is indeed comfortable and fits very well in dog beds. Furthermore, the owners comment that the dogs actually enjoyed using it, and hence, they got used quickly. The only con is that, because it is lightweight, it lacks the anxiety-relieving properties of heavy blankets.

5. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat

The blanket for puppies by Furhaven is a thermal mat cased inside a blanket, which brings your dog the proper temperature and comfort that it needs, especially when it is cold. Furthermore, it is waterproof and easy to clean. Overall, a solid blanket especially for messy dogs.

The main benefits of the blanket are the temperature-regulating system and the comfortable, waterproof surface that is also easy to clean. Therefore, it is a good choice for dogs that tend to shed a lot of hair.

According to reviews, dogs love it especially when it is cold because it really makes them feel warm and comfortable. According to the owner of a shelter dog, it brought them relief since it suffered from anxiety problems. The only con is that it is not suitable for puppies that chew a lot.

6. Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket

The puppy blanket by Comsmart covers multiple purposes from serving as bedding to acting as a warm blanket thanks to being made of double-sided fleece, a warm and soft material. Therefore, it is comfortable and it is ideal for dogs that like to sleep on the floor, as it insulates your pet from the coldness of the floor.

The main strength of the blanket resides in being simple and effective. It acts as a shield when your dog lies on the floor but also serves as an excellent bedding or add-on to the bed of your dog. Furthermore, it works very well when put inside a dog car seat.

According to reviews, it is super soft and dogs love using it from the first moment. Therefore, it accomplishes exactly what it advertises. The only con is that it is not thick or heavy enough to protect your furniture from the scratches and bites of your pup.

7. Custom Catch Personalized Dog Blanket

Custom Catch offers you a personalized blanket that you can receive with the name of your dog written on it, which makes it ideal for a gift. The blanket is made with slick plush fabric and a 300 GSM micromink thin kennel mat to provide optimal comfort and bringing you ease of cleanliness.

The main benefits of the blanket are the ease of cleanliness, since it sheds hair easily, which is excellent for hair dogs. Furthermore, its surface makes it easy to clean, and in addition, it is suitable for machine-washing. In terms of comfort, it gets the job done.

According to reviews, the dogs love the blanket because it is soft and plushy. The quality is excellent according to owners, and it is ideal for small dogs. The only con is that it is lightweight, and hence, it cannot deliver the anxiety-relieving benefits of heavy soothing blankets. Other than that, it is one of the best soothing blankets for small dogs on the market.

Puppy Blankets – FAQS

During our research, we found that dog owners tend to have many questions about puppy blankets in common. Hence, we grouped them to answer them in a concise manner. Below, all the help you need.

What is the Best Material for a Dog Blanket?

The best material is one that is resistant, easy to wash, resistant to odors, offers insulation properties, and is comfortable at the same time. Hence, the materials that meet such standards are:

  • Cotton velvet
  • Coral fleece
  • Coral velvet
  • Berber fleece
  • Plush faux lamb wool
  • Snuggly soft terry fabric

They guarantee comfort, safety, and protection for your puppy. Furthermore, most puppies are not allergic to them, so it takes another possible problem out of the equation. We recommend you to avoid cheap or synthetic materials, as they can cause skin problems in some dogs. Furthermore, they may not be strong enough to protect your furniture against the scratches and bites of your pup.

material of puppy blankets
Puppy blankets made with synthetic materials may cause skin irritation.

Are Blankets Safe for Puppies?

As long as the blanket is made with safe materials such as velvet, cotton, fleece, lamb wool, or terry fabric, it will not damage your dog. However, in case you are buying a heavy blanket, you need to ensure that it is appropriate for your pup. Fortunately, most blankets of such type come in a range of 5 to 10 pounds.

In the case of puppies, we recommend you to opt for a lightweight blanket or that weighs a maximum of 5-6 pounds so that your pet can use it comfortably and safely. However, when your puppy uses it for the first time, ensure to monitor it, to see if your pup likes it and truly feels comfortable and at ease.

What is the Best Dog Calming Bed?

According to dog owners, the best dog calming bed on the market is the PupRug™ Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed because it is comfortable, soft, and ideal for puppies of any kind. Especially those that suffer from orthopedic diseases such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia. Therefore it is worth considering orthopedic dog beds.

Nonetheless, the best way to make a dog calming bed even better is to accompany it with a soothing blanket, especially when it is cold or if you also need to comfort your dog during stressful situations such as thunderstorms. The combination we have shared with you will bring your dog maximum comfort and relief.

Do Anxiety Blankets for Dogs Work?

Anxiety blankets benefit dogs and help to alleviate anxiety. The weight and the materials it is made to determine the effectiveness of a dog anxiety blanket. Therefore, if you want to alleviate anxiety disorders, separation anxiety symptoms, and panic attacks, then you have to go with a blanket that weighs at least five pounds.

Nonetheless, the ideal weight will go in function with how big your dog is. The bigger your pet, the heavier the blanket will have to be so that it can bring the benefits that your dog needs. They work especially well in situations like car rides, thunderstorms, when strangers visit your home, and restless nights.

dog anxiety blanket
Weighted blankets are great for dogs with anxiety.

Puppy blankets can bring comfort to your new family member as well as minimize anxiety. Their multi-purpose existence truly benefits any puppy and they are worth a look at for your home and new dog!

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