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6 Best Dog Blankets — Waterproof, Fleece and Warm?

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Published on
Monday 13 March 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Blankets
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Dogs love to snuggle somewhere comfortable and warm; nothing beats the best dog blankets available online and offline for that level of coziness. Offering a feeling of relaxation and comfort to your dog will have huge health benefits by favoring both higher body temperature and a better quality of sleep.

With dog blankets, there are two schools of thoughts:

  • using a home rag — cheaper but less adapted to pets (urine accidents and chewers)
  • buying a dog blanket — a cheap item with a lot of perks (waterproof, warmth, durability)

Now, don’t get me wrong, thinking of buying a comfortable and warm blanket for your pet is not a requirement but it is a welcomed comfort. Trust me, your dog will thank you through a lot of lounging and tail wagging. We also have an article for dog car seats!

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Picking the best dog blanket for your pooch is not the most difficult purchase you’ll have to make, but there are important features to consider when choosing a blanket for dogs:

  1. Water resistance — for outdoor use or for a puppy? make sure you get a waterproof blanket!
  2. Material — it’s about finding the balance between comfort, cost, and durability!
  3. Thickness — do you need a dog blanket for added warmth or as padding in your dog’s crate?
  4. Durability — some are chew resistant but a real blanket gets damaged, it’s part of the charm!
  5. Size — are you after a puppy blanket or a giant-sized blanket? the bigger the better!

Most dog owners feel like dogs don’t need extra perks; after all, dogs can sleep on the floor and not complain. True, but if you ever offered your dog some toys, you surely have witnessed a dog’s sense of ownership. Dogs love to have things of their own, gather them, play with them, sleep next to them, you get the gist!

Obviously, the look matters but this is very personal so let’s dive into our reviews of the top 6 best dog blankets in 2021:

Top 6 Best Dog Blankets in 2021

Our picks for best blankets for pets are based on the value you get for your money. I’ve sorted the winners by category to make it easier for you to decide, depending on your needs (large dog, puppy, waterproof, luxury, etc.)

Let’s go!

1. EXPAWLORER Pet Blanket

— Best Cheap Dog Blanket

For those after a very simple dog blanket that is simply soft and big enough, you can get yourself the EXPAWLORER model. Made with soft plush material, dimensions are 30*20 inches for the small model or 41*31 inches for the large one. Pink, brown and purple are the three colors available.

It’s a very basic blanket and has not much to write home about but for a tenner, it does the job.

2. PAWZ Road Pet Blanket

— Best Fleece Dog Blanket

Coming in three colors (blue, grey, pink) and three sizes (small, medium and large), this super comfortable dog blanket is a perfect pick for any adult dog. Although it’s not water-resistant, it compensates by being super easy to clean (obviously machine-washable.)

The plush fleece texture is double-sided and not easy to pill which makes it a good companion for years to come. The material is extremely soft and offers minimal padding but definitely attracts dogs thanks to its velvety feel.

Overall the best dog fleece blanket out there but remember, it’s neither ultra-resistant nor waterproof; so it’s a superb pick for trained dogs.

3. Heavy Duty Waterproof Blanket

— Waterproof Dog Blanket

If you don’t want to spend $100 on a luxury waterproof blanket, you can opt for a cheaper choice that offers a relatively good waterproofing. The Rivers West Heavy Duty Waterproof Blanket is windproof on top of being water-resistant and offers added warmth.

I have a senior Tibetan Terrier who is now leaking in her sleep. I use this blanket on my bed and when she urinates, it simply pools and beads up on the blanket’s surface. I can easily wipe it off with a towel till morning and then I put it and the towel in the washing machine. I’ve washed it so many times and it’s still very much waterproof!

William J.

Easy storage and carrying are allowed thanks to its self-closing carry strap; making it a top choice as a dog car blanket for those of you who are living on the go. It is machine washable so any stains or dirt can be cleared very simply.

4. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

— Pet Blanket For Large Dogs

PetFusion is very famous for large dog beds and dog booster seats but they managed to surprise us with a high-quality dog blanket coming in small, medium and large sizes. The dimensions of the large size are 53 x 41″ which should suffice for any large breed, even giant.

Soft and cozy, this pet blanket is made using only premium materials in order to be pill-resistant, dense and comfortable. The double-layer is reversible and uses a micro plush texture to give your dog a sense of complete security.

It’s definitely not the cheapest model out there but for large dogs, you do want to invest an extra ten dollars and get a long-lasting durable dog blanket.

5. Mambe Dog Blanket Company

— Luxury Blanket

Expensive, indeed. However, it is the luxury and waterproof dog blanket we recommend — most other self-defined waterproof blankets are pure rip-off that cannot even resist a drooling dog! Choose between two sizes and a dozen patterns or plain colors, and receive a high-quality dog blanket that resists drooling, licking and incontinent dogs.

Guaranteed for life and made in the United States, this waterproof blanket for dogs is machine-washable and manufactured using only premium textile materials. It is built to last for years using the Polartec® Classic 200 Fleece technology.

This is not your regular throw but a luxury dog blanket that offers durability and level of comfort that is simply impossible to get at a lower price.

6. Sherpa Pet Blanket

— Good Value For Money

If you are looking for a good old dog blanket that does the job and lasts for a long time, this is a great pick and it comes at a very decent price. The size is rather generous at a 48″ x 42″ which will suffice most dogs, even the largest. It is a thick blanket made from a high-quality ultra-soft plush material.

The complainers think this is a flimsy blanket which is sort of true but unless your dog is a warrior or excessive chewer, it should resist just fine. It’s definitely not waterproof and does not feel as luxurious as some models above but it’s also priced at a fraction.

This Sherpa Pet Blanket is a great compromise overall unless you own an avid chewer. It also looks good on a sofa, and that’s a plus, ha!

Our reviews of these best dog blankets are categorized to help you go right to what you need but they are all overall good enough for the average dog owner. Blankets for dogs tend to either last forever or don’t make it past the end of the month, but like everything else, you get what you pay for!

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